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Delusions of War?
16 Sep 2001
Modified: 18 Sep 2001
Alas! A War to get the guy who "knocked these buildings down". There he goes over there by that "wall".
My Daddy said now that War has been declared, the communication glitches of the mainstream media will be working at full steam. We have Bush Daddy's kid assuming the role of the knight in shining armor, the saviour of the oppressed. We have photos of the two of them holding hands in Barry's "Babylon". Or were they shaking hands on a job, "well done"? Were they confirming their pact with the devil? Were they the kinder gentler meek ones out to inherit the earth (Matt. 5:5; Ps. 37:11)? On campus there are calls for "peace" and the use of creative nonviolence. I informed the students that the peace sign with the circle and three lines is probably a satanic symbol; plus the hand sign for "peace" in reality represents the horns of the devil. And it is true that peace will come when the devil stops his nonsense of masquerading as an "angel of light"(2 Cor. 11:14). As for using creative nonviolence, I intend to repost my "Good is Bad, Bad is Good; Creative NonViolence" Id=33468 article, explaining better how the lawless ones have taken God's plan, which is more or less creative nonviolence, and tried to use it to form their own kingdom on earth by assuming a meekness that conceals their diabolical schemes and practices.

Now Barry's "Babylon" is at war again, and unlike the "Persian Gulf War Delusions.." Id=36001, I couldn't have had anything to do with it, for they forced me out of that town long ago. Don't tell anyone that God's "terrible swift sword" could also be a computer keyboard. While Barry's "Babylon" is probably assuring Jerusalem that they would do no such thing as bomb Jerusalem (See "Do Something! Quick!" Id=62855), there have been reports of Osama bin Laden hanging out at a "whitewashed wall" in a holy city somewhere (Ez. 13:14). The media will probably assure all to "be happy! no problem!" for our military has 99% accuracy if they decide to move on that wall; but getting them to admit if that accuracy pertains to hits or misses is another story. Meanwhile the military of Barry's "Babylon" has probably concluded that the prophecies of Nostrodamus were taken from the "Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion" even if the Protocols weren't published when Nostradamus revealed his fabrications in the 1500s; thus our leaders have probably taken to studying John Lennon's "How I Won the War", which can't be beat for military strategy. What more can you expect of an "eagle" with one of its wings torn off (Dan.7:4)? And don't forget that Bush Daddy has been given power to rule, dead or alive, until God's words are fulfilled, for this curse came on the land when they succeeded in suppressing the news of Elijah's birth (Rev. 17:17; Hosea 10:3,15; Malachi 4:4; Id=29190).

"The curse of an evil deed is that it must always continue to engender evil" Schiller; thus we must learn to read between the lines filtering out any lies that come our way. Were these towers in NYC about to be condemnned? Did they ever recover from the first bombing years ago? Was the exoskelton of those buildings permanently damaged by the first bombing? Although I have seen no TV shots or read any reports on it, I wonder if anyone has addressed why those towers fell down like that. This is what I think happened. The exoskelton around the level of the crashes was overloaded as the weight of falling derbis increased, making the entire exoskelton collapse like an escalator stairway that breaks and ends up at the bottom of the track. As a result of this collapse, the exoskelton pulled sections of the supporting columns as they broke under the weight of the collapse. Why did it seem like some people got the word to evacuate while others didn't? From the looks of those staggering away from the towers, I would say that maybe they were intentionally not given notice because they were intended victims. Never mind if the alleged hijackers were never photographed entering these planes that hit the towers or the content of the communications with these jets is never revealed; "No Body is Going to Do Nothing About..." Id=41739 anything that they dream up about the whole scenario. Why I bet they already have pictures of Osama bin Laden lurking about that holy city for the next stage of their game.

Meanwhile Jerusalem, seeking to thwart the fulfillment of Jeremiah 9:11 that the lawless ones probably embraced when they chosed 9/11 as their day of action, has probably been looking for the one honest man in Jerusalem that can bring about God's pardon of Jerusalem (Jer. 5:1). They probably would have been better off heeding Jeremiah 8:11 and starting their cry for "peace" on August 11th, for whoever embraces their evilness will "not know peace" (Is. 59:1-8).
"Babylon! Who can oppose the Beast?" This "Beast" is sweet people who can do no wrong, so no one can oppose them? Except for themselves of course, and the "Dwelling of Violence" Id=44378 will ensure that they will not know peace. Well pardon me if our leaders are stupider than yours; but they know that the only way to peace is through this Osama bin Laden dude at the wall over there. Even though this "eagle" only has one wing, they are ready to fight their way to peace. "Blessed are the peacemakers.."(Matt. 5:9). No delusions allowed here.

Respectfully yours, Robert Meade "Bobby" "Israel" Deaf Messenger

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18 Sep 2001
Dear Readers: I have been including the following postscripts with later posts of this article:

PS: 9/17- If Osama bin Laden is the "abomination of desolation" spoken of by the prophet Daniel, standing where he ought not (over by that wall?); those on the rooftops are supposed to not go down into the house (Mark 13:14-15; Dan. 7:8). I don't know if they are supposed to wait for the rapture or jump off the roof; but surely they will appreciate this information.
PPS: 9/18- Now I learn that a warrior died in those towers. A warrior who could move people against all odds when there was no hope. Let not the niggardly aspirations of the Storm Troopers or others of their ilk suppress accounts of the valor of those who were willing to do it or die. Let their wisdom and valor shine like the sun forever and ever (Dan. 12:3). ""Not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit", said the Lord Almighty"(Zech. 4:6).

That's all for now. Respectfully, Bob
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