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Commentary :: Environment : Globalization : Media : Organizing : Politics : Technology
Solstice Shadow - A short Story of Hope
24 Dec 2004
Last night I took advantage of the opportunity to fully experience a date in the future that has been in my human counterpart's mind a lot lately -- the date that the great Cycle of the Maya is completed, December 23, 2012.
By Jeeni Criscenzo (as told to her by her shadow)

During the day, shadows are pretty much stuck to their 3D counterparts. We are just two-dimensional afterthoughts in a Length by Width by Depth reality. In my case, that means being underfoot every day with a human female who is currently manifested in the earth year of 2004. You probably think that shadows simply disappear after sunset, but in fact, as soon as the sun goes down (relatively speaking of course), we slip into our one-dimensional state - time.

Last night was the Winter Solstice -- a big favorite with shadows because we get to spend so much time out there in time. Last night I took advantage of the opportunity to fully experience a date in the future that has been in my human counterpart's mind a lot lately -- the date that the great Cycle of the Maya is completed, December 23, 2012. Since that's only eight years ahead of where I was starting, I was able to travel there very quickly and, while I was there, I could recall a pretty clear "memory" of the things that had occurred leading up to that date.

My only limitation in time travel is that my memory and observations are limited to the past or future experiences of my human counterpart. Moving into time before or after my human's current manifestation is very risky because I would have to sever the energy-tether I share with my human. I've heard stories of shadows who have actually tried this and found their way back safely, but I'm not nearly as adventurous as my human so I pretty much turn back whenever I feel my tether tugging. I'm happy to report that when I reached 2012 last night, there wasn't the slightest indication of tension on my tether, so my human's lifespan probably reaches well beyond that point. She should be happy to hear that.

I know that these days my human, and many others, are feeling very anxious about the future and from what I witnessed last night, you should be prepared for an increase in your anxiety level over the next few years. But don't despair. What I saw in 2012 was so full of promise that I had to hurry back in time to tell my human about it while she was still asleep. Dream talk is the only way we shadows can communicate. We tell our humans things while they are sleeping and then during the day, while our humans are sitting on us and walking on us, and totally ignoring us, we get to hear them say those things we put into their minds as if they had thought of it all by themselves. Needless to say there's not much glory in being a shadow, so it's a good thing we don't have any ego issues.

So what did I see last night, looking back from the perspective of eight years from now? There's no way to soft-soap this so I'm just going to blurt it out: you humans have a rough road ahead of you! Things are going to seem like they are going downhill fast, although in reality most of the problems you'll be facing have been building up for many years. Most humans have just been too preoccupied to notice. Take the state of democracy in America. It's already gone but it will take another couple of years for most Americans to realize it. Heck, I'll bet that most of you still think that you had a fair election in 2004. I can assure you that by 2006 so many of you will have come to the realization that your vote hasn't actually counted in the past decade, that hardly anyone will even bother voting. Of course, the neo-cons will take that as a mandate too.

There are quite a few other illusions that you'll be catching on to in the next few years. For one, that idea that the media is liberal. Not true. Actually studies have already clearly disproved that notion but, as one might expect, the studies never made it to the news. The news is going to get so far removed from reality that most people will just stop watching TV news or reading the newspaper or even listening to NPR. Instead, they will turn to independent news sources. That won't be easy though since slowly, but surely, independent voices will start to disappear from the radio and on newsstands. The Internet will be the only source for alternative news despite government efforts to control it. In fact, that's where the good news comes in, but I'm getting ahead of myself.

It's going to get increasingly harder for Americans to counter the spin their government will be giving them via the media. Those who speak out publicly will seem to vanish into thin air. One day you just won't hear from them any more. You'll say to your friends, "I wonder whatever happened to so-and-so?" But no one will know. Those who get too close to poking holes in the official story, will suddenly decide to commit suicide, or experience a terrible accident. You might hear rumors of detention centers filled with thousands of terrorists who are being tortured to get information that will save all of us from a terrible attack. Sadly, at least in the beginning, few people will ask where all of these terrorists came from. Because the answer will be as close as your missing next door neighbor. But one day, someone you know for certain is not a terrorist, will suddenly be gone, and you'll join the growing multitudes who believe in conspiracy theories.

I don't want to depress you, but for a while things are going to get pretty bad world-wide on several fronts, and that's going to make a lot of people feel helpless at first. The Bush administration has already prepared for that scenario with a plan to require all Americans to be tested for mental illness. If an individual is determined to be unstable, the appropriate psychiatric drug will be prescribed. If their depression is due to believing in conspiracy theories, poof, they will disappear. We can't have too many discontented people spreading unrest in the populace. This will actually be phase 2 of a psycho-ops program that started with testing school kids. I'm not making this up, the law is already in the works. Parents who don't want their kids being tested because they might just reveal that their parents are criticizing the government, will be accused of neglect and could have their kids taken away. This program will turn out to be the first red flag for many Americans who were taught since childhood that they live in a free country.

The war in Iraq is going to continue to drain America's financial resources along with killing and maiming her finest young men and women. But concerns that our military is being overextended won't deter the administration from provoking further wars in the Middle East. Iran, Syria, Lebanon, and even Saudi Arabia will be systematically demonized and sucked into the American War on Terror. If there are signs that the American people are questioning the wisdom of endless war, another terrorist attack will occur to reinforce the hysteria-based state of fear that worked so well in getting approval for going into Afghanistan and Iraq. As before, anyone who comes out publicly against the wars will be accused of being unpatriotic and if they persist, will conveniently disappear. Eventually it will be impossible to remove everyone who questions the official spin and a growing undercurrent of cynicism will foster the breeding ground of revolution. America will soon have her own insurgents, although most of them will stick to non-violent resistance.

Of course, America's volunteer army will not be sufficient to maintain ongoing warfare and a draft will need to be instituted in 2005, although it won't be called a draft. Some other terminology will be used to spin a strategic plan to control who is conscripted into the military. Surprisingly, the targeted group will be middle class college graduates desperate for a job. Unemployed intelligentsia are the biggest threat to the neo-con agenda, especially programmers and those who can circumvent government controls of the Internet and information technology. Sending those kids off to war will be the best way to nip that problem in the bud. Anyone lucky enough to come back alive will suffer from exposure to depleted uranium and their chances of breeding a new generation of intelligent Americans will be nullified. Soldiers and their families will abandon their blind faith in America's leadership in droves as they begin to question the value of their sacrifices. They will eagerly embrace alternative ideas for resolving conflicts that do not require war and its consequences. The seeds of peace will come from the blood of America's soldiers.

Natural disasters will happen with increasing regularity and ferocity throughout the world. Vast populations will perish from hurricanes, floods, drought and fires unlike anything anyone has ever witnessed before. Resources to aid communities hit by these disasters will dwindle because of their diversion to the on-going wars in the Middle East. These catastrophic events will bring out the best and the worst in people. Initially most evangelicals will look at these events as a sign that the End Times are happening and ignore the science that identifies humans as responsible for global warming. But after a couple of years of increasing hardship the BIG REALIZATION will hit as more and more devout Christians begin to question why they have been left behind to suffer instead of being raptured up to heaven as they'd been promised. Reluctantly at first, these sincere people will seek out new spiritual leaders who can reassure them of their place in the universe. At first many hucksters will rise up to fill their need, but one by one they will all be shown to be deceitful hypocrites.

Millions of disillusioned religious people will be left without direction. Like vessels emptied of every drop of hope, they will be readied for the Earth's new beginning. Their compassion for others will draw them together and the judgments that had once been used to divide them will disappear. As individuals, and small groups, rather than organized religious factions, they will return to the core teachings of the New Testament about peace, love and forgiveness, to carry them through the turmoil of their lives. But their righteous self-assurance that their religion is the only true way to God will be shattered. Exclusive attitudes will be looked upon as archaic as all of humanity is seen as belonging to one family, magnificent in its diversity.

Most Americans, as well as people throughout the world, will experience a significant downturn in their personal finances in the coming years as the US economy plunges toward collapse. With credit cards maxed out and wages falling, families' purchasing power will screech to a halt. As jobs become scarce, employees will find themselves agreeing to lower wages and no benefits just so they can survive. The rates of bankruptcies will skyrocket. Hundreds of thousands of families who had re-financed their homes at inflated rates will be left with no option but to walk away from their homes as the market becomes flooded with foreclosures and the price of real estate sinks far below the outstanding debt on most properties. Families that never imagined they would be poor will have to learn how to survive with nothing as their resources disappear.

As the realization that the American dream of being wealthy if you work hard is destroyed, millions of Americans will be forced to question their support for a political party that has no compassion for the less fortunate. Social programs that they once deplored will not be there for them when they need it. They will be at the mercy of the kindness of the very people they once snubbed - the liberals. An anger will fester in these former wealthy wannabes as they come to realize that they were deceived on all fronts. But as they slip further away from their comfortable lifestyles, many of these people will begin to see that they had been wasting their lives looking for a satisfaction that couldn't be found in monetary success. Freed of the stress of keeping up appearances, they will pull closer together with family and friends. The words of spiritual teachers they had once heard will come back to them with new insight. They too will be ready for Earth's new beginning.

The vehicle for change will come from an unexpected source. After so many years of being mocked for their disengagement from the mainstream, it will be those who have the skills to program computers who will ultimately subvert the grip of the powerful empire builders. Because, even with all of their power and money, the puppet masters lack the ability to actually implement their own plans. For that, computer programmers are necessary and some of the most gifted of these men and women happen to share a common contempt for arrogance. Some of these programmers will actually be employed by the puppet masters - they will be the fortunate few who have jobs. But they will be willing to risk everything to defeat the employers they distain. What's more, they will feel a kinship with the thousands of colleagues who lost their jobs to outsourcing to India and China. Together they will use their talents to hatch a plan to take down the neo-cons.

Using the Internet, people throughout the world will organize, plan and communicate. Every effort governments make to control the Internet will unexplainably fail, although no one will ever prove why. The cooperation of the computer geeks of the world will prove that differences can be resolved through peaceful means. Race will cease to be a factor in their digital world. Even physical appearance will become inconsequential. Ideas will be exchanged with respect. Technology for alternative energy sources, that had long been suppressed, will be shared and developed. New spiritual concepts will be explored. And it will all happen just under the radar of the government watchdogs, thanks to enlightened computer nerds.

Just before the US pseudo-elections of 2008, a plan will be hatched that will unite the millions of people of the world in a common cause. Programmers who had previously hacked into government systems, uncovered evidence that would prove without a doubt that the neo-cons in the Bush administration had orchestrated the attacks of 9/11. They'll blast the incriminating evidence throughout the world using mainstream media's government-controlled websites. That day will be remembered as the official beginning of the revolution.

On Election Day 2008, tens of thousands of activists will commandeer American polling places, bringing with them new voting machines that use open-source code that was developed in a joint effort by teams of international programmers. The machines will have a paper back-up that can be used for a recount, and will use IRC voting technology that makes it possible for voters to select first, second and third choices so that a vote for a third party candidate won't work as a vote for the candidate least aligned with their views.

During the previous months, thousands of independent candidates for everything from local commissioners to US president campaigned over the Internet for little or no cost. Their names will be listed on the voting machines right along with the major party candidates. For the first time in decades, American citizens will have the opportunity to actually elect decent, independent candidates who haven't sold out to the corporations. And they will vote in droves. Independent candidates will win across the board, right up to US president and vice president!

At first the major parties will threatened to contest the results of the election because they hadn't approved the machines or the process. But this time the people of America will be united in their determination to have the leaders they chose. They will take to the streets by the millions in big cities and small towns. The local police will refuse to interfere. And the military commanders will take their cue from the people. They will inform the White House that they no longer recognize the sitting president as their Commander in Chief. The elected president and vice president will be inaugurated and immediately begin to clean house, starting with criminal trials against every member of the Bush administration.

Over the following four years there will be a lot of problems to be solved. The US economy will be in shambles and deals will have to be brokered with Saudi Arabia and China to renegotiate the US debt. Corporations that had been bilking the government for over a decade will be fined and in many cases dismantled or taken over by the employees. Weather-related disasters will continue to wreak havoc around the world, but beleaguered insurance companies will join in a commitment to finance an all-out effort to replace fossil fuels.

Among the first things that will be done by Congress and the Senate will be to pass legislation throwing out the parts of the Patriot Act and other laws that had ravaged the US Constitution. US troops will be pulled out of all Middle Eastern countries and replaced with teams of skilled diplomatic negotiators and international peace keepers. The same fair voting machines that had been used in the US election will be provided to any country that requests them, along with advisors to oversee the process. US scientists and diplomats will join with other countries to work out an improved version of the Kyoto protocols and lead the way in its implementation.

By 2012 there will be a compete redistribution of wealth happening throughout the world. International criminal courts will break the stranglehold of the few super wealthy interests that had controlled every aspect of life on earth for generations. Ordinary people will find their voice and their power and will cooperate to develop organizing principles that recognize the rights and value of every human being. They will still have a long way to go, but I could tell, during those precious moments I spent there in 2012, that humanity was on the precipice of a glorious new future.

Well, it's getting light out. Time for me to go back to being a 2-D shadow again. I hope this little insight into the future will reassure you that you are not powerless. The difficulties of the future hold the promise for a bright new tomorrow. Happy Solstice!

Jeeni's Shadow
©2004 Jeeni Criscenzo

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