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Announcement :: Environment
The sciences of self-annihilation by the demagnitization of the magnetospere
31 Dec 2004
Modified: 03:54:36 PM
A document containing information about global warming and how it effects the earths magnetic field which will result in the extinction of all spiecies on this planet.
The sciences of self-annihilation by the demagnetization of the magnetosphere. By Joseph T Lynskey

The issue of global warming has not made an impact on most peoples lives. In some cases this is either because they are unaware of the grim consequences that await us or they simply do not believe it will ever effect them in their life time.
As you may know, the release of gasses like carbon monoxide (CO4) and carbon dioxide (CO2) are due to the every day use of combustion engines and other combustion technologies. The gasses carbon dioxide (CO2), methane (CH4), water vapor (H2O), ozone (O3), dinitrogen oxide (N2O) and chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) naturaly keep the earth warm at regulated temperatures. This is called the green house effect. The layer of ozone blocks out most of the suns ultraviolet radiation, while some passes through. The natural layer of green house gasses, which acts somewhat like a transparent parabolic reflector, reflect and contain these rays within the atmosphere, which intern heats it up. This is nessesary for animals to exsist. The exhaust from combustion has excelerated the build up of green house gasses. By doing this we are adding too much of these gasses to the green house effect which is causing an unnatural global warming. The release of carbon monoxide is destroying the ozone layer which is allowing more of the suns rays to enter into the atmosphere. This is excelerating the global warming.
The fact is, the polar ice caps and other glacial regions are melting. Some scientists predict that the polar ice caps alone, will be completely melted within the next 50 years. Believe it or not, flooding, extreme weather conditions, droughts, rises in disease and the drying of fresh water systems that are caused by this are the least of our worries.
The earths magnetic field (magnetosphere) protects us from dangerous and highly destructive solar radiation storms also known as solar flares. Some scientists have been measuring the magnetic field for years and have discovered that it is depleting. At the rate of which its depleting, it will be completely gone within the next 70 years. Although they believe this could be the result of a natural periodical pole shift, they don't know why this happenig.
As you may know, magnets have a field of energy around and within them. This is called magnetism. The atoms which make up these magnets each have their own magnetic field. When these energies (i.e. magnetic currents and vorticies) of each atom align, they complete a circut. These currents, now as a whole formation, becomes stronger. These magnetic energies (or currents) travel in a layered compact ring formation. The polarity is created by the attracting and repeling foces of the positive and negative magnetic energies.
A magnetic current is a constantly winding votex of these positively and negatively charged magnetic energies. The currents themselves are smaller than atoms but are compacted together and become stronger as a whole. These currents travel in this layered compact ring formation. Each layer consists of a unique magnetic energy which rearage themselves in a spectrum. The currents travel in one direction in the outer layers of the ring and travel in a compact spiral (or vortex) in the inner layers of the ring. The polarity (of the ring) is created by the stabalization of the positive or negative currents which form this shape. One pole, is an intake of negative magnetic energies while the other pole is an output of positive magnetic energies. Negative static magnetic energies are pulled from surrounding areas from one pole into the inner vortex. There, they gradually convert to positive magnetic energies. Some of these positive energies are dispersed back into the surrounding areas and some are circulated back around the ring to the other pole. While circulating, these energies gradually convert back to negative. The level of positive and negative energies are equil at the equator. On a planetary level, this can create a gyroscopic effect with orbiting objects depending on the strengths of the two feilds. Notice the rings of Saturn.
Magnetic attraction accurs when the opposite poles or currents of two magnets are connected and complete a circut. The two magnetic fields, now as a whole, are stronger than before. Magnetic levitation accurs when the circulating currents of the same type of positive or negative charge propel (i.e. deflect) one another. Magnetization occurs when a formation of vorticies or currents complete a circut within another magnetic object thus rerouting the voticies of that object. This is what happeneds when you rub two magnetic objects together in one direction. Demagnetization occurs when the currents rerout on a sub atomic level and become weaker as a single unit. These weaker currents are deflected (i.e. ricochetted) by other magnetic currents (of the same charge) and become static. This is what happeneds when you rub two magnetic objects together in random directions.
All energies work in a spectrum. These spectrums are within spectrums which somewhat resembles a spectrum pyramid. The highest levels of the pyramid are the smallest of energic mechinisms. The lowest levels of the pyramid are the most complex of energic mechinisms. One energy effects the other which effects another. All energies are mechinisms which consist of smaller energies. Matter (i.e. atoms) consists of trapped and condensed multi-layered bubles of energy with inner-orbiting particles of energy trapped within each layer. Each energy plays its role in the mechinism, the infitite universe.
It can be proven that magnetism deflects heat and vice versa. For example, sun spots are created by an out burst of the suns magnetic currents. The temperature of a sun spot is much lower than the suns normal surface temperature. Depending on the levels of magnetic or heat energies, determains how one will overpower the other. Because the earths magnetic currents are concentrated greatest at its two poles, they overcome and force the heat away from them. Therefore, it is colder at the earths poles than at its equator.
Global warming is causing the depletion of the earths magnetic feild by an excess of heat overpowering the magnetic currents at the poles and forcing them to change course. The more the magnetic field weakens, the less able it will be to deflect solar flares, the suns rays, and other radiation. If the magnetic field disappeared completely, there will be nothing to keep it rotating on its polarity axis. The United States alone consumes over 252 billion gallons of oil a year, and is increasing. At this rate, theoredicaly, the first solar flares could start to penetrate the earths atmosphere within the next 15-50 years. Since the 1850s, due to the Industrial Revolution, the burning of coal and other fossil fuels has caused an excelerating global warming which has lead to this chain reaction.
Dispite the commonly known myth that the earths magnetic feild is generated by a loop reaction (i.e. geomagnetic dynamo) which involves the earths inner molten core, it is unlikely. First of all, what created the magnetic feild which started this reaction in the first place? The earths magnetic feild might have been formed gradually during an era when the earths global temperature was cool enough. This era could have been in the early days of the earths creation when the earth was instantaniously being bombarded by asteroids (notice how a peice of steel can become temporaraly magnetized by it being pummeled against a hard surface). The earths magnetic feild possibly grew in strength (by the currents grouping together) as more asteroids collided with it. Also, this magnetic feild would have to have been strong enough in order to have stayed dormant while the earths surface eventually became molten. Now this leaves three possibilities: eather the core itself is a solid cylinder surrounded by a molten metalic ring, the entire core is molten because both the magnetism and heat are strong enough not to overpower the other, or some kind of combination of the two. Seeing that molten metals will definitely deflect magnetic energy and the magnetic energy traveling through a solid metalic substance will create electricity which has its own magnetic feild, the new electro-magnetic feild itself would most likely become violently deflected back into the feild (inner vortex) which started this process. Therefore, if the earths magnetic feild dissapeared, so would the so called 'geomagnetic dynamo'.
Another fact we have to look at is the fact that the south pole is colder than the north pole. Antarctica is a solid land continent. Unlike the north pole, Antarctica's land mass attracts magnetic energies. Therefore, the warming process in the south pole is going to be a lot slower than the north pole. Because of the fact that the depletion will be uneven, and the fact of the vionent interaction between heat (i.e. the heat being solar flares which have just started to enter the atmosphere) and magnetism, theoredicaly, the existing magnetic currents might group together and whiplash across the globe. As a result, the continental plates will shift, causing global earth quakes, global catastrophic lightning storms will emerge, wind storms of every kind imaginable will accur (not to mention rain), and I would expect anyone (if they still exist) to witness hail storms with hail that could range in size from the size of base balls to the size of small boulders.
Through time more of the suns rays will escape the deflection of the ever-growing-weaker ozone layer. They will start to cook anything in their path. As the solar flares enter the atmosphere, they will instantly vaporize anything in their path. When a solar flare occurs, the amount of energy released is the equivelant of millions of 100-megaton hydrogen bombs. The temperature of a solar flare can be as high as 100 million degrees Kelvin. A solar flare would reach us within a matter of minutes. Unless we do something about this, we should expect total distruction. Any animal life will instantly vaporize. Any plant life will instantly vaporize. The earths atmosphere will eventually be stripped of all its gasses. The oceans will boil and combust. Nothing will survive.

Although one might assume that the best way to prevent this is to cease all uses of combustion engines, they are wrong! This would lead to the biggest economic disaster in the history of mankind, which would result in never being able to fix our problem. People would not be able to work or transport products over long distances. Businesses would start to shut down. The prices of most products would rise to the point where only the rich could afford them. Then more businesses would start to shut down. Death tolls would accelerate because of the lack of certain necessity items. The entire global stock market would crash. The entire planet would be driven into poverty.
We could gradually convert all vehicles to electric or other non-polluting systems but that also would not work. First of all, we would still have global warming to worry about. Second of all, it would take too long to fully convert. By the time we have actually achieved this, some of the planet would have already been destroyed.
The other alternative would be to develop a filter that would clean engine exhaust. Although charcoal is a natural filter for carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and other gasses, it is not efficient enough to filter the large amounts created on a daily basis. Instead, a mechanical filter would need to be developed. To do this we would need to understand how these gasses are created.
When a combustion takes place, carbon and oxygen bind to form either carbon monoxide (CO4) or carbon dioxide (CO2). In order to reverse this, the carbon would need to be separated from the oxygen. A strong enough current of electricity generated by a tesla coil would be nessesary to acheive this. To accomodate for the large amounts of electricity needed to power the tesla coil, a hydrogen fuel cell (water power) is nessesary.
Once these gasses pass into a chamber and become separated, the oxygen would need to be filtered from the carbon. Keep in mind, in order to successfuly filter these gasses, all filter components would need to have a cotrolled vacuum. On one side of the chamber, microscopic holes only big enough for oxygen to pass is necessary. On another side, microscopic holes only big enough for carbon to pass is nessesary. Since there are only holes big enough for carbon and oxygen to pass, the molecules themselves will stay within that chamber until separated. The direction which the atoms flow can be controlled by the ionization of the atoms. The oxygen can be released into the air through a system of butterfly valve controlled chambers, but the carbon needs to be condensed to prevent it from re-binding with oxygen. The carbon would be lead into another chamber which is submerged in liquid nitrogen. There, due to sub-zero temperatures, the carbon will condense and stick to the sides of that chamber. Since some of the oxygen will pass through the carbon filter and re-bind with carbon, another series of butterfly valve controlled chambers should lead back to the separation chamber. The system of chambers and gasses should be contolled and monitered by a computer.
Althogh the carbon solidifying chamber can be reused, it will need to be replaced on a weekly basis. The liquid nitrogen would need to be replenished and the carbon buildup on the inside of the chamber would need to be removed. Since this design concept is theoretical, it will indefinitely have flaws. Research and development should begin immediately. When a finished working model is completed, they should become upgraded into all vehicles around the world as soon as possible. Strict world wide laws would be nessesary to enforce the use and replacement of these filters. Enormously high fines and a close monitering of the usage of these filters should be considered. A tax would need to be in act to accomidate for the lower incomes who cannot afford the filtration system upgrades. The cost of research and development would not be a problem. These filters and replacements would be so profitable that it would pay for itself in no time. These filters will also need to be modified to fit anything from chimneys and smoke stacks to the ventilation shafts of kitchens and industrial complexes.
Another problem we have is the exsisting green house gas levels in the earths atmosphere. To filter this we would need to develop airplanes with mounted filtration systems which would make routine flights around the Earth. There is an unmanned, solar powered, 50ft flying wing called Hilios, which would be perfect for this task. We would have to be careful not to filter to much of the green house gasses out of the atmosphere because a certain level is important. Another thing we have to be careful of is the fact that doing this too quick will lower the temerature too quickly. Although this is good for slowing down global warming, too much of a temperature change at one time could result in one or more of the following events: earthquakes, tsunamies, hurricanes, tornados, volcanic eruptions, lightning storms, droughts, floods, extinctions, etc.
One major threat that needs to be looked over is nuclear explosives. These weapons could speed up the demagnetization process enormously. Regardless of location, a mass nuclear strike might deplete the magnetic field enough to dramatically decrease the time in which we have to prevent this. At that point, it won't matter who has the upper hand, we will all lose in the long run. Are Humans intelligent enough to avoid this?
We may also have to look at the problem of the existing 'off couse' current formations. These currents are leading energy into a ricocheting crossfire. Although stopping the process of global warming will most likely give ample time for the off course currents to reroute back to their natural course, we cannot rule out the possibility of them not doing this. We need to constantly moniter the magnetic feild to be certain of these occurrences. In the future, if this problem persists, one possible solution might be to be to scatter trillions of deteriorate-proof coated iron ball bearings all over the sea floor at the north pole. Theoredically, with enough iron, doing so would complete a circut with the earths inner vortex, from the north pole to the south pole, which might re-rout the earths stray currents. This new iron plate might help to slow down or stop any future depletions. If we choose to do this, which should only be used as a last resort, should be done gradually over a long period of time (unless we have no other choice) because we do not want any sudden weather changes which could lead to the extinctions of some species. Also, we do not want to have too much iron or an uneven attraction at either pole. If the magnetic field were to become too strong, it could result in the entire planet freezing over. When that happeneds, there would be nothing to keep the currents from traveling out of the planet in all directions. Thus again becoming demagnetized. The point is, we need to do a lot of research before actually attempting any of these things.
Wealth and novelty are harmless. It is the greed that will destroy us. One might say, "I don't care, I'm not going to live that long, so why should I worry about that?" What would you think if fifty years ago your parents and grandparents did not care about saving your life simply because 'they might not live that long'? You would think that they were a bit selfish, wouldn't you? Than why reproduce? Why have children if the whole Human race is going to be extinct within the next one hundred years? The fact is, this is already happening. Its happening sooner than you would like to believe. You might suffer and die because of this. Your children or grandchildren might suffer and die because of this. The question is, are we going to take action to prevent this, or do we not care?

This work is in the public domain
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Re: The sciences of self-annihilation by the demagnitization of the magnetospere
07 Feb 2006
ur freakin kiddin me... this is soooo long... whise reallly gonna read it
Re: The sciences of self-annihilation by the demagnitization of the magnetospere
07 Feb 2006
In a nutshell.......... more X-Files nonsense.