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The New War-ld Order
20 Sep 2001
New War-ld
The New War-ld Order -
America's New War
The Samizdat Chronicles, Part II

"Everywhere I go I see flags. I read of a crowd of workers at the World Trade Center spontaneously chanting "USA, USA, USA, USA" in unison when Bush visited. And I thought: this Bush man will lead these Unthinking American Sheeple to their uncomprehending deaths. And most astonishingly of all: in their thousands they will go willingly, never understanding how they are manipulated and led to the slaughter.".. Richard Sauder
[Editor's Note: Thank God that people who are still in possession of their minds can see that this Rush To War is a SET UP. The goal of starting this war is to justify other 'retaliatory' acts of 'terrorism' from those evil 'terrorists' which will surely include lethal attacks that will kill untold millions of Americans in the months and years to come. This IS the game plan of the NWO to reduce the American population and to weaken its citizens who are not inclined to go along with the NWO enslavement agenda. When these other 'terrorists' acts occur, martial law will be declared and then the fun will really begin. Signing a petition for the Illuminati bloodliner holding the office of the president is not going to accomplish much. Organizing "No More War" rallies and jumping down the throats of congressmen who want to go to war will help. Try to convince your neighbor of this deception and tell their, no, scream at their politicians "NO WAR". We are staring into the abyss of death and the final hours of the American Republic. If we must lose our life, our freedom, and our country-at least DON'T LOSE IT AS A DUPED FOOL...Ken Adachi]

By Richard Sauder, PhD< dr_samizdat (at)>
Sept. 16, 2001

I suppose it was inevitable that the New World Order would turn out to actually be the "New War-ld Order". And that George Bush, Jr. would promote himself to be War-ld Leader.

Lord help us.

I want to underscore at the outset that it goes without saying that the assault on the World Trade Center was horrific. As I watched the plane slam into the tower, people jumping to their death from hundreds of feet up, and then both of the towers crumbling, I found myself saying, "How bizarre." And then, "My God. Thousands of people just died." I was rendered speechless. The event was so far out of my experience that I watched it in numb disbelief.

The numbness persists. But in this novocaine-like numbness several thoughts have kept coming to the fore of my mind. Let me set them out for you. I ask that you reflect on them soberly. I believe you may see some truth in what I say -- perhaps a great deal more truth than in the so-called "official" pronouncements you hear and see in the major news media outlets these last few days.

1) This was an extremely sophisticated operation. More than one observer has mentioned its almost military efficiency--as if it had the backing of a well-oiled intelligence machine behind it. My question: was a well-oiled intelligence machine behind it? Are we seeing a massive intelligence operation, with considerable resources behind it? Are we really to believe that one man in a turban on the other side of the planet is the major driving force behind this? Or might the source of this very sophisticated conspiracy lie much closer to home, right in the United States itself? As I recall, bin Laden got his start as an indirect (or was it direct?) CIA-asset, as a mujahadin warrior fighting against the Soviet Army during their abortive 10-year invasion of Afghanistan. Question: is bin Laden still a CIA-asset today? Does the CIA use him and his followers as a mercenary force on "cut-out" operations where they need "plausible deniability"? Like say, for a massive, staged-for-TV terrorist operation on American soil? Don't lash out at me for posing the question. THINK.

2) I have read that the plane that struck the Pentagon first flew toward/near/over the White House, before veering away and over the Potomac to the Pentagon. The White House has defenses for PRECISELY this type of event. Why were they not activated? Was the plane expected? Or did it receive other, um, flight instructions en route? THINK.

3) The White House issued a statement saying that there was "credible evidence" that the hijackers had access to secret codes and information concerning the presidential jet, Air Force One, such that George Bush, Jr. fled first to Louisiana and then to Nebraska, before returning to Washington, DC at the end of the day. If this statement is true, then that presupposes that this attack may have roots that extend into the most secret levels of the Executive branch of the United States government. Those codes are very closely held. I don't have them and neither do you. Yet we have been led to believe by the Bush White House that the hijackers somehow may have had them. How is this possible? Could the conspiracy extend into the Federal Government itself? (It occurs to me that the White House's assertion that the hijackers had access to TOP SECRET codes might also be false, in order to make George Jr.'s day on the run appear less, shall we say, cowardly, and more, er, presidential. If so that would then call the truthfulness of other statements and pronouncements made that same day into question. So -- we are ineluctably faced either with deceit and lies by the White House, or with a conspiracy that may reach very deep indeed into the United States government itself-- or maybe both!) THINK.

4) Are we looking at some kind of coup d'etat in progress? Look at the two major targets that were hit: the nerve center of the American military (The Pentagon) and the nerve center of the American economy (Lower Manhattan). You know, in many other countries, if the national military headquarters and major financial centers were massively bombed at the same time it would be instantly understood that there was possibly a coup d'etat underway, with rival factions within the military and the business elite vying for control. But not in the USA. Nope. This is the land of the "lone-nut-conspiracy". Where any complex matter, no matter how intricate and sophisticated it may be gets reduced to "one lone nut". It usually takes only a matter of hours. And, yep, sure enough: one lone nut. Osama bin Laden. But not just any lone nut, this bin Laden character. No, he happens to have had indirect (or were/are they direct?) ties to the CIA. Hmmm. Let's see, Lee Harvey Oswald also had ties to the CIA. You don't suppose that could just be a coincidence, now do you? THINK.

5) One day when I was doing my graduate studies one of my professors who worked for the CIA told me, "Earlier in my career, I used to help overthrow governments." I am sure he told the truth. This is what the CIA has been doing for decades. In Guatemala, Iran, Chile,... the list continues. You know how the old saying goes: "Practice makes perfect." THINK.

6) Usually when a coup d'etat (or attempted coup d'etat) occurs you will see certain kinds of actions take place. Daily life will be disrupted. There will be troops and armored personnel carriers in the Capital city immediately afterward. This happened in Washington, DC. There will be a security crack-down with increased police surveillance and arbitrary arrest and detention. Sure enough, just yesterday, I read that the FBI has increased its surveillance of the internet, and that the U.S. Senate has voted to increase federal telephone tapping authority. Also, the news has been full of stories of people being arrested and detained here and there around the country-- usually men of Middle Eastern, Muslim or Arab ancestry or origin. (One is reminded somewhat of the scapegoating of Jews in the Third Reich.) There will also be restrictions on free movement. We also have seen this in the present confusion, with restrictions on air travel and the searches and arrest of passengers on Amtrak. All of this is done in the name of greater security and safety. But what if the foxes are within the flock, and not without? What is occurring has a very strange feel to it. THINK.

7) Everywhere I go I see flags. I read of a crowd of workers at the World Trade Center spontaneously chanting "USA, USA, USA, USA" in unison when Bush visited. And I thought: this Bush man will lead these Unthinking American Sheeple to their uncomprehending deaths. And most astonishingly of all: in their thousands they will go willingly, never understanding how they are manipulated and led to the slaughter. THINK.

8) It reminds me that one of the techniques the CIA-mind controllers used in the MK-Ultra mind control program was called "psychic driving". It turns out that if you induce massive emotional trauma into the human psyche that it makes it highly suggestible and mentally programmable. That is, you shatter the normal psyche with emotional trauma and while it is in a vulnerable, shattered condition you insert the new mental program you want the person to embody and carry out. When the psyche recovers from the trauma, when the psyche establishes a new emotional equilibrium, it is, however, radically changed: it has incorporated the new thoughts, the new way of thinking and acting that the mind controller resented to it when it was shattered. When it reconstitutes itself it incorporates the mind control program as part of its emotional/psychological/mental constitution. I suggest that we are seeing a massive mind control operation to insert a WAR program into the hearts and souls of Americans and as much of the rest of the world as possible. THINK.

9) For all of the foregoing reasons and more I want to say just as plainly and publicly as I can that I am OPPOSED to this coming war. It cannot possibly have a good result. To avenge 5,000 victims (or 20,000?) America may very well kill even more, perhaps a great deal more, many of whom will be just as innocent as the victims of last week's attacks. I have read that the Pentagon will employ its entire arsenal in the coming conflict. That is sobering. That would include everything, up to and including, nuclear weapons. If the USA uses nuclear weapons, can anyone reading this doubt that those against whom they are used will strike back in return? And if an American city is nuked-- what then? Does the Pentagon then nuke back in return? And if so, do those who are nuked, nuke America yet again? And so forth;. where would it end? THINK.

10) I am deeply troubled by the anti-Arab, anti-Muslim hysteria of recent days. I have read of attacks against mosques and harassment of Arabs and Muslims in the streets. Remember the NAZIs' Kristallnacht? Where the German people went on a rampage against Jews and their synagogues in the run-up to World War II? Must we behave like the NAZIs did? I would suggest that such behavior is profoundly un-American. Let me say that over the years I have known several Arabs and Muslims. They were my friends and associates, and I liked them. I even studied Arabic for one year. I submit that we need greater understanding of the Arabic and Muslim worlds -- not less. Perhaps if we understood more, we would hate less. THINK.

11) Chickens coming home to roost. See Point 5 above. The CIA and the Pentagon have violently intervened, directly and indirectly, all over the world, time and time again. The aggregate civilian casualties run to the MILLIONS. Here is just a partial list: Guatemala, Panama, Chile, Colombia, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Haiti, Grenada, Cuba, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Iraq, Iran, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Angola, Liberia, Serbia, Kosovo,etc. and the list keeps on going and going. If America thought it could just send in the Marines, send in the CIA-covert operations guys and assassination teams and stomp on the peasantry here -- and there -- and everywhere -- and no one would ever strike back-- well, that simple-minded delusion may have just ended with a very big bang in New York.

12) And would the CIA and others, like the ultra-rich Bush family and its Big Oil cronies and World Bank friends, who want to impose a fascist global order, play off violent factions in the Arab and Muslim world against the civilian population in America in order to annihilate the first, while further enslaving the second? DUH! -- Do yah think maybe?

13) Enslaving the population of America. In the headlines recently:

A) Increased telephone wire tapping by the FBI.

B) Increased surveillance of the internet and e-mail by the FBI's CARNIVORE program.

C) Prominent arrests and detentions of travelers on trains and planes-- some are released; others are held. Will you be next? Are you sure about that?

D) Politicians talking about giving up some of the freedoms we have become used to in order to have greater security-- presumably things like the 4th Amendment-- the right to be secure from police intrusion, harassment, and surveillance within the sphere of our personal lives and homes?

E) Increased use of biometric identification by banks, airports and government bureaucracies-- retina scans, palm print scans, digitized photo data banks used by crowd-scanning cameras.

F) Massive surveillance of global electronic communications by the NSA's ECHELON program.

Right. Society itself is now a huge open air prison and we are all inmates in the "Federal Penitentiary". Don't lash out at me for stating the plain facts. Just please THINK.
In conclusion:

I listened to George Bush, Jr. on the radio. He talked about "ridding the world of evil". And in the instant that he said those words I understood the depths of the danger that we all face, because I understood that this man has a huge messiah complex. He has a classic "big man-little man" psychological profile and he's out to save the world from "evil". And that is dangerous, very dangerous indeed. Because he and other political and military figures have plainly said that they will unleash the massive force of the Pentagon's huge arsenal in a global campaign against terrorism that will be wide ranging and long term. The better to defend America's cherished "freedom" and protect America against further harm. The war will be prosecuted relentlessly, at home and abroad. Who precisely are the "enemies"? Well, we haven't exactly been told that just yet.

But "they" are out there and also right "here" in America!-- dangerous, amorphous, hard to identify, slippery, cunning. Perhaps even your next door neighbor! Gasp! (Will the federal cops start kicking in doors at 3:00am like the Gestapo used to do during the Third Reich-- to apprehend alleged "enemies" of the state in their pajamas?) So the U.S. government has made something like a declaration of war -- open-ended, ongoing, with an initial $40 billion slush fund to wage it. And the war has already started-- there is already an adversary, even if no one can yet say with precision just who the "enemy" is.

I believe there is every possibility that in George Bush, Jr.'s crusade to "rid the world of evil" that he just may end up unleashing even more evil, both overseas and in the United States of America. So I am OPPOSED to this "New War-ld Order".

Finally, there is the piddling little matter that when "Jr." was faced with his first Presidential crisis his first instinct was to run and fast and as far as his official airplane could carry him...he ran first to Louisiana...and then he ran some more to Nebraska...and then he came slinking home at the end of the day. Translation: when the sloppy stuff hits the fan, he and other (so-called) "leaders" will scurry to their underground bunkers and surround themselves with their Praetorian guards and leave you to face the violence all alone with your bare hands. Your (so-called) government hard at work.

Please THINK.
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