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J. David Galland's......."The Storm of Retribution to Come"
24 Sep 2001
J. David Galland offers a final analysis prior to launch. He minimizes the overblown assertions of Afghanistan's, and Osama bin Laden's, military capability. Afghanistan's national leadership, and bin Laden's doctrine, are incestuous! They are about to be vaporized in both existence and theme by worldwide solidarity and justified malice.

"The Storm of Retribution To Come"
By: J. David Galland
September 24, 2001

Approximately ten days from today, the final execution of the plan which will be, “the beginning of the end”, for Osama bin Laden, and his consorts of the most vicious character, will come knocking as a heavy handed redeemer. I can further assure the reader, that this wide ranging culling, of the most dangerous man on earth, will not be an autonomous action. There will be implications and a high price paid by other despotic maniacs amongst us, on this less than perfect planet known as earth.

Soldiers from Great Britain will serve as the tip of the spear. They shall be at the forefront of a complex international coalition of forces, shoulder to shoulder with The United States and all its incredible might.

Within the past twenty-four hours, well informed sources, which I am proudly, a party to, have revealed that the noose is closing around the neck of Osama bin Laden, and his gang of renown. Notwithstanding the possibility that “bin’s” head could very well wind up on the elevated end of a wooden pole, held aloft by one of his dedicated followers of present day. This is a distinct possibility, however in the absence of such an indigenous form of retribution, Western Forces are prepared to devastate Afghanistan, in a quest for justice, as the modern world has never witnessed. U. S. attack airplanes, bombers, air intelligence platforms, and acquisition aircraft have been arriving in neighboring Uzbekistan. I can assure you that they are not out for a weekend jaunt.

Informed sources within the military, in The United States and in Great Britain, indicated that military and civilian investigative bodies are focusing their probes into bin Laden and his shadowy organizational structure. His support, and long-standing venue, is rooted in the Northern and the Western portions of Afghanistan. There are a handful of known terrorist camps around Jalalabad, which will certainly be the focal point of the coming military storm that gathers intensity at a break-neck pace. This past weekend, numerous officials have revealed, through various nuances and verbal implications, that the 'final stages' of planning are underway. Any person, who may have experience with, or a comprehension of reactive military counter offensive operations, could have safely assumed this fact.

The military action would be opened, with both strategic and tactical attacks, from the air. Afghanistan, and its embraced splinter terrorist groups, is virtually powerless against air attack. Their, some twenty to twenty-five, ZSU-23-4’s, lack acquisition radar and are relics from the Russian military debacle. Since their radars don’t work, save the weight of useless components, they have been removed in order to increase the basic load of ammunition; always in short supply. Therefore, the famed Russian ZSU-23-4’s may be good on point targets, such as troops in the open, but they are close to worthless in their designated role of air defense. The number of SA-13 missiles, in the possession of the West’s target, are also virtually worthless as their acquisition and guidance systems are barely functioning. The fact that the country has less than fifty missiles constitutes yet another “threat diminishing fact”. Armor vehicles are basically what the Russians did not want when they left the area, T54’s and T55’s, and some of them are operable. Afghanistan even boasts a small, and sometimes functioning, inventory of about sixty PT-76, amphibious tanks, a completely insignificant capability in Afghanistan. Even the North Vietnamese lost faith in these vehicles in the mid 1970’s, and opted for the improved T55 tanks, which, without hydraulics, are exhausting to drive, and my experience bears that fact out.

Tony Blair has ordered the Ministry of Defense forces to agree, only to plans that keep civilian casualties “to a minimum”. This order may rule out carpet bombing by Great Britain, however they do not have the fleet of B1 and B52 bombers that employ carpet bombing, as an affirmative doctrine to kill the adversary. The amount of tonnage, equipment, and forces that was destroyed, attributable to B52 carpet bombing missions of the “Igloo White” and “Arc Light” interdiction programs, during the Vietnam war, was incredible! However national resolve, against America’s lack thereof, allowed an eventual victory for the forces of North Vietnam, B52’s notwithstanding.

It was quite apparent, on September 11, 2001, that if the perpetrators of the attack on the United States had a carpet bombing capability, they would have certainly used it. This is painfully evident by their murderous, barbaric, callousness in the extinguishing of humanity; thousands of the world’s residents. Most of whom were innocent civilians! I feel confident that if America’s leaders view carpet bombing as a means to an end, then they are fueling the B52’s now, for their 50,000 foot above the earth missions. The collateral damage of civilian casualties in Afghanistan is a side-bar consideration when pursuing the vermin that attacked the United States.

With war in the offing, a dozen British warships traveled through the Suez canal yesterday. This, of course, to strengthen Britain's presence in the Middle East. This may well be the largest military mobilization, bi-laterally, that has occurred since World War II. The United States has also indicated that a third aircraft carrier, and its escort ship armada, will soon arrive in the gulf. This establishes an incredible military force which is capable of immeasurable destruction, on a sustained level which has never been seen. As well, America’s “death from above” strategic bombers are arriving and being readied at numerous land based launch points.

This past weekend, the President of The United States chaired a National Security Council meeting. The purpose of which was to finalize plans for a military strike. Air attacks could begin at any point, however, likely in the latter part of this coming week, unless the quarry is served up to stand justice.

The United States and Great Britain are quite convinced that bin Laden is still within Afghanistan. Some reports have surrounded the ongoing mystery of this shadowy murderer however those which allude to him fleeing to China or Chechnya have been ruled out. Prime Minister Tony Blair’s official spokesman has declared that Great Britain, and the United States, not only know that bin Laden is still in Afghanistan, but their clandestine intelligence sources, amongst the population, have even revealed the location of the Prince of Terror. The British assertions, aforementioned, were recapitulated in the words of the Secretary of State of The United States, General Colin Powell. General Powell declared, and rightfully so, that there was a “presumption” that suspect number one, was indeed, still in the country that harbors and condones him.

It is believed that bin Laden is ingratiated within his network of camps in the north-west of Afghanistan. Camps at Darunta, Bhesud, Jaji- Maydan, Khost and Tani are rather well known to the CIA, and would be prime targets for strategic and tactical interdiction. In fact, right now, they top the list of both categories of targets, for air assets, and they serve as Priority Intelligence Requirements (PIR) for all forces, U. S. and British, who may well be personally searching and neutralizing these camps in coming weeks.

The United States is quite determined, and so convicted to proceed intelligently, with military action. This, of course, justified worldwide in view of the New York and Washington, D. C. slaughters and destruction. It is crystal clear that The United States and Great Britain, as well as numerous other ancillary countries and supporters, stand shoulder to shoulder, firm against wanton murder and destruction to freedom, its goals, ideals, and its comfort.

The value of freedom, freedom for countries, its citizens, its welcomed guests, and its allies is a dangerous concept to challenge. In our lives, we will likely never again be the observers of such a backlash toward an affirmative threat against freedom and its value. The defining action, as to how defensible and how worthy of defense, freedom is, shall very soon become painfully clear to some, and refreshingly uplifting to others. Count me among those who will soon gladly see justice done for this unspeakable abomination.

J. David Galland is the Founder and President of "Bound & Overwatch - The Military Observer", a 100% Non-Profit organization that serves as the advocate for soldiers and their families, as well as for veterans. Bound & Overwatch -The Military Observer concentrates on military corruption, and unsound defense policies tainted from inception, which do not affect the national interests of the United States and its National Security. Mr. Galland advocates a strong defense and unyielding support for our military forces via stalwart defense policies and robust funding.

Mr. Galland is a veteran of The United States Army, with over thirty-two years military service. Since 1969, Mr. Galland has served The United States in Military Intelligence. He is a distinguished, 1969 graduate of the U. S. Army Intelligence Center & School, Fort Holabird, Maryland and is a combat veteran of Vietnam, Grenada, and Panama, also of hazardous duty positions in Ulster, Northern Ireland, Zagreb, Sarajevo, in the Former Yugoslavia, as well as various missions in Croatia and Bosnia. Mr. Galland has spent most of his military career outside the normal command channels in classified assignments as an Area Intelligence Technician, Case Officer, and Desk Action Officer. He is an internationally respected Defense Analyst, Author & Columnist, and Subject Matter Expert on Intelligence Tradecraft in the HUMINT discipline.

As well, he is an authority of the former East German Staatssicherheitsdienst (Stasi). Mr. Galland is a contributing columnist to "The Reagan Information Exchange", Colonel David H. Hackworth's "Defending America", column and website, as well as "PRAVDA" (English Version) The Voice of The West in Russia. Mr. Galland is a contributing columnist and analyst to The British Broadcasting Company, (BBC); also to his credit, he is a guest columnist for “The Center for Peace in The Balkans” of Toronto, Canada, and "", as well he is published worldwide, via “The Houston Independent Media Center. Also, J. David Galland recently became the Deputy Editor of "Defense Watch", the successor organization to "Soldiers For The Truth",
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