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Commentary :: Human Rights
for all mankind...
11 Feb 2005
The EVIL anti-Christ "un-accountable to American law cos hees
duh president" demon bush Jr., has ordered the commitment of
mass murder in our names, while his enemy bush bitch cult
following in the corporate news establishments, have refused
our communities to publicly address the DOCUMENTED evidence
made public by the FBI.
for all mankind...

The EVIL anti-Christ "un-accountable to American law cos hees
duh president" demon bush Jr., has ordered the commitment of
mass murder in our names, while his enemy bush bitch cult
following in the corporate news establishments, have refused
our communities to publicly address the DOCUMENTED evidence
made public by the FBI. Alleging, General Ahmad, bush's
business partner, was "secretly" responsible for a wire
transfer of 100,000.00 to 9/11's "ring leader" Mohamed Atta,
and in addition, that the demon anti-Christ, Our Mr. bush Jr,,
had a top secret CRIMINAL war plan in place, worked on with
condoleeza rice, and implemented in part by General Ahmad, to
criminally invade Afghanistan signed September 9th, 2001,
provided to and reported on by Jim at MSNBC. All centered on
not apprehending bin Laden, (prior, during, or after) as a
prerequisite to guarantee invasion. (, to secure a liquefied
natural gas pipeline for pension thievers Enron.) THEREBY,
forbidding the apprehension of the true culprits through
following the crime scene leads at the real murder scene. See,
with a talk radio program we could take calls and help any
others who have some difficulty in understanding the logic of
reason, as super simple thinking.

So, as many know, the bush regime is FOR REAL pushing still to
have me incarcerated for speaking these truths, truths that
stand irrespective of my personal opinion, or spin doctoring.
Will you, as a complete stranger, but a fellow lover to life,
help my cause by requesting also, I be allowed to face publicly
my accusers on the, censorship for bushite tyranny radio
networks Coast to Coast, or CBC national radio here in Canada?
Before, god forbid, a couple, once self confessed bushite
"police officers" of tyranny, (death squads against school
kids, happy funders of heroin pushers, and who in silence, work
getting un-informed soldier teen/bushite sacrificed as the bad
guys for Bush's thieving. Done all to gloriously please the
fabulously wealthy, safe at home from the clutches of power,
neo-con "Cabal" of enemy traitors.) get lost in the
translation. The fascist corporate interests are likely not
going to factually report on my trial, but attempt to demonize
me with their falsehoods and betraytals against our
communities, that is now presently on going without your voice
also heard raised yet for objection. A trial, where the
evidence that factually establishes bush guilt for treason
against all the American People will be sought as immaterial.
What the evil enemy as godless bushite dogma blindly hope for
is, a silently feared coercion through suggestive threat
against Our entire Justice system, leaving the court to have
quoting perhaps, only one or two lines written by myself out of
context from "The Trial and Conviction of Our Mr. bush Jr" to
a jury, while disallowing the documented facts, surrounding my
allegations to be refused as my defense. [the criminal leads
end at the bush administration's door step with bush's own
signature, but bush, as Presidente', can't be arrested under
American law, only impeached by the majority of already bought
out and sold whole repuglicons.] Counting that our community of
peers will have not a inkling what is contained in the very
first paragraph of "The Trial...". You my friend alone, you
alone, could help US change all that. I, as a single person am
trying to stand on the principle, that ANY individual, that is
accused of a capital offense without evidence, is UNIVERSALLY
INNOCENT, as they would be tomorrow, today, and way back in
Hammurabi's day also. And that by reason, the false accuser,
is the number one suspect to start with. The enemy bushite
MURDERERS try to confuse this extremely simple matter with the
powers of hypnosis, or suggestion through the dictate of "our"
television and radio cult broadcasts that promote tyranny by
fascist censorship.

The nature of hypnosis shouldn't be feared, but learned from to
gain a better understanding of the true human condition.
Something a bushite hates like our public education systems, is
where we through improved communications, halt their criminal
transgressions against our better selves.

In the warrant to take all my writings, and computer stuffs,
(to begin on their fishing expedition to protect the war monger
demon anti-Christ,) it was argued, that the information
contained within their possession should remain TOP SECRET.
The document has now been made available for my defense, and
here is the reason it was argued THREE YEARS AGO, to not have
the charges publicly heard.

/ / FROM TIME TO TIME, the NSIS section receives threats from
members of the public who after investigation, turn out to be
suffering from mental illness. On occasion, proceedings under
the Mental Health Act as opposed to the Criminal Code may be
more appropriate. In cases of a mental illness, the publicity
and sensationalism of an incident such as this one may turn out
to be negative to mentally ill persons. \ \

Yeah but, what about DEFENDING the FBI's findings "copper"? Is
it that anyone who stands up for Justice in America, who asks
loudly for a public platform in OUR media market place, should
only be considered, top secretly, mentally ill to think they
have a right to contribute on an equal basis, among the oh so
lauded, intellectual power breaking crime pushers of our World?
(The woman hating child killers, like naive bushite nazi demon
liar Mattis wear badges too don't you know?) Are we crazies to
want to defend our rights to be free of murderous tyranny? Are
they secretly saying on behalf of the bushite: to speak out in
praise of the good investigative work the FBI sometimes does,
is a bad thing for their future top secret "investigations" on
Our behalf? Or is it because, if we believe in doing what
needs to be done to protect Humanity from tyranny, would truly
mean, evil bushite wouldn't be able to rob further from dying
sacrificed as the undefended America?, and soon, wisdom by
communication through science and reason would rule our better
stays? Would it surely drive me insane to have our public
acknowledge our good deeds that work to have freedom really
reign indivisibly through Justice supreme? Anyway, Jeeze, I'm
already crazy.

The national security branches of all our governments need a
major overhaul in protocols. (officers who are involved in
uncovering a criminal conspiracy, a conspiracy involving the
murder of thousands of now dead Americans, should receive the
full support of every police unit this world over as a
protective measure for fellow officers. After all, George W.
Bush is an American cop killer too.)

Before my site "Wizard's World Wide Works of Wonder" was taken
down, I had the center piece (still available in other places)
"Stand Together or Don't" as a full page spread with graphics
and everything. "Stand Together..." is an essay that only asks
that our standing criminal code in Canada be enforced, when it
comes to the documented thieving of our communities as
committed with the notoriously miss reported workings of the
"cheating at play" VLT machine. I also had "Johnny's Last
Stand" take a prominent position at the web page, along with
"The Alien's Take". So get this: another argument made for
the warrant to confiscate my personal belongings and leave the
FBI out to die, was attributed to only a single Cnst., who
blanketed my entire site in reference as "anti-government".
That statement was the only statement made by the officer in
regards to her summation of my writing skills, and was made in
argument to a Judge to obtain the Warrant, just before the site
fell, so I'm now, suspecting, was likely responsible for
complaining it should be shut down by maybe.. badge waving?)
Strangely (unknown to me until just recently) as it would
happen, this same individual I had contacted over the course of
several months regarding the VLTs, (on how the DOCUMENTED crime
is perpetrated, and on our communities TRUE monetary losses
(maths)) was the same who, top secretly claimed, my writing on
Justice was "anti-government." See, I offered to come down to
the station and assist with the maths if need be, (remember
we're talking the thieving of literally billions and billions
of dollars each year from mostly the poorest segments of our
societies) to offer assistance in any way I could. (Or, to be
told "fool, your mistaken".) But each and every time, I was
denied access to have implemented, the protections of the
criminal code here in Canada, (that usually makes our country
greater than all others,) without a given reason why. [An
aside: bushite irrationally hate science and reason because
we're intelligent, while I, can't help but respect life by
learning something from just about anyone.]

Here is what it further said in the warrant, that up until now
was considered top secret. (without the warrant staying
secret, the darkness can't stand the light of scrutiny, and I
would be freed from the restraints of a bogus warrant to go on
shouting for TRUE Justice by DEMANDING the arrest, trial, and
subsequent execution of those responsible for the crimes of
nine/eleven - bush, rumsfeld, Ahmad, and condoleezza rice.
With cheney and myers running a close second.)


Count # 1: Between the 1st day of November A.D., 2001 and the
31st day of January A.D., 2002, both dates being inclusive, at
or near the City of Winnipeg in the province of Manitoba, JOHN
DOE aka "Johnny Wizard" did unlawfully threaten to commit the
offence of murder, contrary to section 424 of the criminal

Count # 2: Between the 1st day of November A.D. 2001 and the
31st day of January A.D. 2002, both dates being inclusive, at
or near the City of Winnipeg in the Province of Manitoba, JOHN
DOE aka "Johnny Wizard" did unlawfully threaten to commit the
offence of murder, contrary to section 235 of the Criminal code
against an internationally protected person, contrary to
section 424 of the criminal Code.




AND UPON being satisfied that the ends of justice would
most probably be subverted by access to and disclosure of
information filed in the Information to Obtain the Search
Warrant filed in support of the application to prohibit
access and disclosure;

[Good guy police officers might get the public recognition they
deserve in other words right?]

the Search Warrant;

AND UPON being satisfied that access to and disclosure to
information filed in support of the Search Warrant
referred to above might be used for an improper

[getting back stolen VLT revenues you mean?]

AND UPON being satisfied that it would be in the best
interests of the administration of justice that access to
and disclosure of information filed in support of the
application for the Search Warrant referred to above
should be prohibited to the public;

[What?, don't want US public to know bush, rumsfeld, and condi
committed nine/eleven with General Ahmad? Well, now I can see
why all the hush hush.]

AND UPON being satisfied that access to and disclosure of
information filed 'in support of the Search Warrant
referred to above might well pose a substantial threat to
the interests of effective law enforcement;

[following crimes scene leads at real murder scenes not good
enough for our police agencies? - US people backing up
ourselves with as something worth reckoning a better future

AND UPON being satisfied that access to and disclosure of
information filed in support of the Search Warrant
referred to above would compromise the nature and extent
of an ongoing investigation;

[Well, it's only been years now. Let US ask you, have YOU
called the news desks of CBC or CNN, about bush's prior plan
also? Are sandwich boards, posters, and placards, a police
union willing to truly get behind as the untold Justice
struggle for our suffering Humanity?]

AND UPON being satisfied that access to and disclosure of
information filed in support of the Search Warrant
referred to above could conceivably compromise the health
interests of a person;

[What about the health concerns of the hundreds of thousands of
innocent people bush has since ordered murdered, along with the
millions of others who will suffer the consequences of
radio-active contaminations for the next few eons? National
news coverage is not what I fear, I fear that no one on this
lonely planet cares to hear the cries of my Humanity for mercy,
or holds love for God as worth fighting for.


So, what now? Please don't leave ourselves undefended from the
criminal dictums of the demon anti-Christ, Our Mr. bush Jr.
Demon bush is not America, America is America. Look, we arrest
those responsible, and we carry on, by firstly reversing almost
every thing G.W. the traitor implemented. Look, when Clinton
implemented change, he was able to turn the country around
pretty quick. Just bring back some progressive ideas. Dump
the Patriot Act, and those that voted for it, and truly bring
back the Constitution with a respect granted to all Peoples
regardless of nationality. Christian Palestinians are humans
like US too don't you know? While fixing the neo-con war mess
should start by making all co-habitants equal under the
principles of fair judicial due process, meaning: freeing the
innocent held captive, and arresting for war crimes among other
things: bush and rumsfeld, myers and cheney, Allawi and Doud,
Tommy Franks, Steven Russell, Saudi wahhabi Buford Blount,
woman haters Sicko Sattler and mad dog Mattis, Batiste, Miller
- along with all the rest of the rapists and torturers, and
then, we.. seek out all the stolen assets taken in America's
stolen name. Big job. But we can do it! God is on our side.

I was reading about "Jew Boy..." and I thought, perhaps some
may misunderstand my position on Mr. Felton. When I said,
"And in light of our desperate challenges today of defeating
the enemies of Humanity as specific unjust individuals in
"hiding", an ignorantly stupid thing to say." I was coming from
a position that I felt, Greg's own superbly good and strong,
intellectual arguments on the bigoted demonization of the
innocent, would find himself! at fault with, by not looking
for another's view regarding the label of "Zionist". Perhaps I
was being too picky, but then, generally speaking, disputing
the indefinable public's perception of the Holocaust is a
loser抯 argument. Arguments, that generally, refuse to
realize, soldiers like today's bushite, would as mindless
droids, line innocent humans up next to a ditch, and shoot them
all dead for no real reason in particular. [Nazis took film
footage early on, then banned it, because it looked so
completely insane.] Just like rumsfeld抯 blitzkrieg, or when
enemy bushite thieves dropped thousands and thousands of land
mine cluster duds in Iraqi school districts, threw grenades
into Iraqi homes indiscriminately before entering with guns
blaring, and true Americans, like Germans of yester year, still
don't have it together as a freedom force worth reckoning with,
to immediately destroy, the known of bushite with American law
for criminally implementing the sadomasochistic torture of
completely innocent people, and in some cases, tortured to
death because maybe they finally then admitted, they were in
cahoots with whomever as the "terrorist". Thereby, according
to America's new Justice speaker, Gonzales, no longer was a
human with rights to begin with anyway. A publicly expressed
contempt for US innocent, done in by the disfunctioning
sub-human bushite traitors sitting in our office. I'm sure
some might understand who the greatly knowledgeable Greg Felton
was referring to when stating "Zionists", but just think of the
Arab "Semite". Ariel Sharon will steal the definition to
victimize innocent Jews with for the American tax payer to foot
the bill as, but when an Iraqi Semite, new to English newscasts
tells you he's a bonafide Semite really, can he therefore be
completely wrong about his true identity? Or how about this:
do you think, the persons never shown for public media
interview as accepting to receive stolen property like
completely furnished houses called those of "Jewish
Settlements", contain anything but, bigots masked as religious
observers? How else could they possibly live with themselves?
Amongst US true believing Jews? What of Hillel do we fail to
recognize in not condemning the brutalizing of the innocent in
our own names left forsaken? A well entertained teen, growing
up in dum-dum America, or here in Canada for that matter, will
likely have little understanding of Palestinian Jews or
"Zionism", (like we don't regarding regressive tax systems,)
but for like a proud Catholic in Ireland, it's something stupid
he's suppose to stand up and destroy himself about while in a
drunken stupor turning orange regarding some ancient Roman
history or earlier biblical teachings not ever comprehended
entirely... But then, I thought, gee, I was the one being
ignorantly stupid, because in that space where we were
communicating during the recorded interview, we had just
finished making the correlation of mutual racism/bigotry
expressed between Hitler and Ariel Sharon. Sharon/Hitler
steals/stole an innocent person's home, then throws/threw them
into concentration camps to be victimized further because
they抮e said to be inferior to the war funded as ungodly
criminals, by the ignorant and stupider than ever American tax
payers, again. [See "Trading with the Enemy"] And it was there
where, Greg brought forward, that too, they are some of the
very same Ideologs, of both scenes, who want always to divide
the masses by intolerance, through racism or bigotry, to get
ourselves to die at war with our/their ignorance, while the
true 'hidden' instigators, (non-descript billionaire weapons
dealing private bankers usually,) bask on some beach somewhere
in our stolen luxuries, not having to lift a finger to command
a full course dinner. That is why bushite are currently
working to even further destroy America's public educational
system which is already the very weakest of our developed
world, and why it is preached on television in America
non-stop, invest in deregulating the world market so you too,
can rip someone off with slave labor conditions to compete your
good for nothing son/father with. One out of three workers,
officially, in America earn ten dollars or less an hour. And
repuglicons hired near homeless people at 75 dollars a day in
Ohio to walk around carrying we vote repuglicon signs during
the mock election. An informed populace, is a group of people
growing tired of being taken for victims, who might wise up and
stand for real Justice through the Freedoms of understanding.
Can you imagine US speaking internationally? I can. If only
You'll help me gain a platform to debate the facistic
censorship deniers. The Coast to Coast radio netwrok don't
want no Americans talking about why Americans are being asked
to die for the bounty of, bad guy bushite war profiteering.
The wealthy celebs don't have to risk their own lives, just the
lives of other Americans denied a voice for representation.
So, asking once or twice, and then fading away to give up ain't
gonna do it. Coast to Coast only allows an intelectual one
time a month to speak for maybe few seconds. That should
change to weekly. And Americans should DEMAND America's
serious political issues work to be addressed in an open forum
like talk radio provides. I am open for challenging
interviews. But again, bushite don't like free excange of
ideas within our communities, for it puts their Satanic cult
leader in a disfavorable light, who then wouldn't so easily,
get away with committing mass murder in America, or allowing
America's greatest pension thieves, to escape un-accounted.

So, I've been working on questions..

Do you not as an officer of our laws, require evidence to
substantiate allegations of criminal impropriety against
members of our community?

Would not allegations of murder substantiated without evidence,
be false? And would not therefore, the slaughter of innocents,
blamed for terrorism without a shred of evidence being known
universally, be acts of mass murder committed against US
interests? Or for the true believers, terrorism inflicted
against G-d? (And, is this not why defining "Terrorism" was
forbidden in the recent "Terrorism" conference in Saudi

To persecute an individual nation without a reason
substantiated by evidence, would be then the persecution of our
forsaken God as the innocent of US individually? Like Christ
on a cross somewhere you'd be then right?

Come on, please, help yourself out man. This is Your world too
you know,

King Johnny Wizard

"I share the belief of many of my contemporaries that the
spiritual crisis pervading all spheres of Western industrial
society can be remedied only by a change in our world view. We
shall have to shift from the materialistic, dualistic belief
that people and their environment are separate, toward a new
conciousness of an all-encompassing reality, which embraces the
experiencing ego, a reality in which people feel their oneness
with animate nature and all of creation."

-Dr. Albert Hoffman


I Stand Corrected

Okay, I'm sorry, I was wrong. After reviewing
communications with my home planet, it seems I may have
goofed on location. I wanted to go to Earth, but it
seems we suffered a data mix up, and, well, this
civilization isn't nowhere near, here where I thought I
was. Oops. And.... a.... another slight mix up has
me mistaken on another as well too, with an out of date
computer malfunction, a glitch, set me back a hundred
years, those idiots, and, a, hells bells, I, was...
also suppose to praise the Republicans. Doh. Sorry
bout dat. Bush, I lied, my fault, I'm an idiot.
Please, I hope you can except me for being wrong like I
was, an, maybe next time I come back, I'll do it right
the way I should. Your not so bad, and I know you
would want to do the right thing, if you knew how, like
I wish I could be certain for myself sometimes. Maybe
at some point we could be friends. Hm, it would seem
you people haven't begun evolving just yet though. My
mistake again. I suppose that explains allot about my
vanishing thrills of excitement about prospects, and
our unanticipated exhaustion without explanation. I
thought you people would be smart enough to catch on as
humans, with me being, you know, Jesus or Satan,
Mithras, an immortal child of God, stand in maker of
the universe and all that. So, hmm, I guess I'll be
leaving shortly, to head out to my original
destination, a developing planet I do understand to be
years ahead older than your own, who already kinda have
an inkling about not destroying life, and really have
made themselves as the living, a must see destination.
I was destined to a planet system revolving around who
you would refer to as Bernards, being originally from
deep within the supercluster you have labeled Perseus,
as humans too, interestingly through God. It's a small
universe after all. My transportation device is of a
free energy nature, something much like you have
already available, but refuse to implement. God knows
why you don't, I mean doesn't. Know I mean. Ah.. No
matter where you are in the universe though, as you may
discover before destroying yourselves, if your
conscious, and sufficiently intelligent through life to
recognize yourselves as a living part of the universes,
you would come to the same conclusion, no matter where
you do your thinking. They are us equally, and this is
true, no matter where your from, stand, or hold. This
concept represents the death of ego, but not really
because your still the same, you just learn more about
how to get around as best we can. The same as it ever
was. We, an intergalactic federation, commandeers
originally under the apices of the great, we never
needed a world war, Sir Admiral General D. Wesley,
who's responsibilities dictated, we recognized to be
our own through his genius. After being the forerunner
of the foundations beginnings, we gave us all an award,
and helped many find themselves, comfortably in a state
of semi-retirement of which us all, our truly grateful.
We in total, so far, are the S.D.S.G., Super Duped
Spacegirl Group, consisting of more than twenty
thousand, distinct, well connected civilizations,
(fiber optics is very popular as well as free solar
powers) who through good times, have naturally become
friends, in this amazing, got a have a care for
yourself because we understand just how fantastic you
all really is for benefits, and there are many. The
Universe is compassion, love and understanding, but
because we are of life, and as growed ups we can also,
which includes me occasionally, be greedy, hateful, and
stupid. But I guess for yourselves, because life is
free, you've deemed it therefore, worthless, for the
shortening time you believe you are here to take from
yourselves. Survival of the fittest, we as the
intelligent universe have surmised, and by you deeming
yourselves consciously as obsoletes for profit
politically, I guess is for the best, if you really
can't figure out why you would. Hmm.. You mammals are
dumb. So, I would now suggest all previous writing
I've done as incorrect, and highly implausible on this
matrix set. Private bankers in their private market on
this planet, are clearly the best informed top
secretly, Greenspan is who stands over and against our
nature with his private plan is betterer, controls the
world, and is in with the winners, because they own all
you as money to hide from their manufactured fears of
your adding abilities, because your really scared of
yourself right, and that is what you are all about as
them. Continue on as you were, pay no attention, it's
just us losers here, take advantage of yourselves,
continuing to treat the public like your, oops, I mean
their corporations tell we, who you are. Continue to
allow the corporations to destroy your living economy
and your souls with the VLTs, while they convince you
to think your stronger for robbing the defenseless
illegally, like this isn't you here along this reading
rainbow. Be blind to the loss of 3 trillion dollars
off the market, stolen in my mind, while private
bankers continue to take out your interests, leveraged
with our properties over a currency that doesn't exist,
sending the nation into a depression, then a war to
kill all the poor stupid people. Through who, as they
say, "nobody", protects your laws, and your fears of
being as stupid as they all are, finding yourself
isolated in their noisy universe, as we are alone
apart, of all that is here silently. Clowns to the
left, jokers to the right, stuck here in the middle
with a little story that never has been told outright.
I love love love love, the sweet things in life!
Growing improbable, but still possible. Rock on Art
Bell! Okay now, let it ride. Hey boo-boo.

"The power to destroy a planet is insignificant when
compared to the power of the Force."

- Darth Vader

"If the American dream is for Americans only, it will
remain our dream and never be our destiny."

- Rene de Visme Williamson

(More like a nightmare of destruction and death through
fear by illiteracy.)

"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere."

- Martin Luther King, Jr.

"What happens if you go back to the bargaining table
and the U.S. says we want more?"

- P. Murphy
(A U.S. corporate trade your life for death negotiator)

"Profit means money. Money has no heart, no soul, no
conscience, no homeland."

- Frank Stronach, Magna International Inc., a man with
no heart or soul on his way to hell, announcing plans
to move operations to Mexico, because the government
has been made weaker by corruption to protect
themselves as human, where labour can get as low as
only $4 a twelve hour day for children, and where our
competitor's average wage rate pay in manufacturing was
$1.90, then. However, over the last decade during this
NAFTA attack, against every living human being, wages
have fallen a further 50%. Hitler's dream coming
through as republican commi swine! Petooie.

"I do not believe that this generation of Americans is
willing to resign itself to going to bed each night by
the light of a Communist moon..."

- Lyndon B. Johnson

"As Peter C. Newman puts it, "Americans are obsessed
with their self-imposed burden of saving the world for
democracy." Yet on a list of eighteen leading countries
providing assistance to developing nations, as a
percentage of the GNP the United States was

(As well as being the last in education and health care.
Thanks Dad, thanks allot.)

An excerpt from the world wide best seller, "The
Betrayal Of Canada" written by one of our most beloved
authors, Mel Hurtig, published by Stoddart, recognized
as one of Canada's finest, has ourselves left
completely alone by all private lifeless news
corporations as living human beings. Gods, if you

"I call that a bargain, the best I ever had."

- The Who

"Everyone is in the best seat."

-John Cage

"Please don't lie to me, unless you're absolutely sure
Ill never find out the truth."

- Ashleigh Brilliant

"The real geniuses simply have their bright ideas
closer together."

- Lichtenburg

A free of charge 17.33% increase: American right wing
cowards also hide themselves as the world's biggest
terrorist organization. They make us support military
dictatorships with our capital and weapons against our
wills, like the oppressors of the great Chinese people,
or not demanding life term prison sentences of the
current Dutch-Shell's board of murdering directors, and
have the gaul to slander our hero, Castro, humanitarian
of the millennia. The man the entire city of New York
gave a party for, way back when they were actually
educated, and could read in their spare time, in
between working only one job, closer to earning a
living wage. But Americans aren't suppose to remember
that, to keep em' dumb. Like "The U.S." routinely
says, Castro's commitment to education and health of
people is not worth talking about, enof sed, get back
to work part time full time with no free time to care,
except of course for war against ourselves as the
losers everytime. One thing leads to another. So just
what am I trying to say? I've been to heavens and
hells and back, and... well... it ain't so bad, and
kinda fun. One and one and one is three dressed up
like a nine, that, well, could be a five, and, then
well, I know you like you know me, and one thing I can
tell you, is we must be free, to do our own things.
All mighty then!

My apologies,

J. Wizard - Demoted to 4th rank Scout

唣 ?





/ / On January 27th, President Bush, in an interview with the
Times, assured the world that 搕orture is never acceptable, nor
do we hand over people to countries that do torture.?[...]

Arar, it turned out, had been sent to Syria on orders from the
U.S. government, under a secretive program known as
揺xtraordinary rendition.?This program had been devised as a
means of extraditing terrorism suspects from one foreign state
to another for interrogation and prosecution. \ \

Am I the only person who sees something seriously wrong with
the picture bush's trying to say he is not of? Would not bush
call for the arrest of Ashcroft? Miller? If not, why? For,
he states he is at least aware of handing innocent people over
to foreign nations to be tortured by satanic lying enemy
traitors to God and Humanity..

> > > > > > > Believe
> > > > > > >
> > > > > > > "Kennedy said a recent report by the congressional
> > > > > > > budget office showed that only about $2.5 billion of the
> > > > > > > $4 billion being spent monthly on the war can be
> > > > > > > accounted for by the Bush administration."


Feel free to forward this post for publication consideration.

I wrote the letter following "Jew Boy..." the day a single
complaint arrived to the radio station, with the threat that
the ADL would soon be contacted. The letter was provided in
advance of the next day, of the time scheduled for the
complainant to return for a recording of the questionable
broadcast. The station manager refused to give the complainant
my letter, and insured me that I would no longer be allowed to
produce a show for our community. Is this fair to our Jewish
brothers and sisters? Is this fair to You?

Paris "And then what if you saw, all of the things thats wrong,
would you stand tall and strong? Or would you turn and walk away?"



Jew Boy Johnny and the anti-Semites

- or -

"The Zionist Conspiracy"

Monday, January 31st, around 3 pm, I called the station manager to ask
how my afternoon recorded broadcast went, and to discuss the new
week's tentative guest spot with an update regarding the falsely
maligned, Mr. And Mrs. Benderman. The station manager informed me
my phone number had been misplaced, and was managing with stress
trying to put together an apology letter to a single individual, who
came into the station, while the interview was still running, to
demand action be taken regarding the anti-Semitic broadcast that he
was certainly going to report to the ADL about. I told her the Felton
interview itself was about bigotry through the demonization of the
innocent, what the Jews of world war II suffered through, and, that I
was a huge defender of religious Jewish teaching. I told her, to
offer the individual a chance to publicly speak regarding the issue,
with me, or by himself regarding Felton, to try getting specifically
to what has got him so much, by himself, upset about allowing my voice
heard defending Jewish rights within our community. She told me that
she would likely, none the less, have to let me go to appease the sole
complainant, for what if a lawsuit should result? I told her to
consider her options, reminded her that it was only one single
individual who hadn't even heard the show's context, and that the
broadcast in every other way had been going well, doing good. She
told me she was very busy, and said goodbye. Then a short while
later, phoned me back to ask if I would write a letter, and have it at
the station next day before the complainant arrived for his copy of
the broadcast. I said sure, said it would be a great challenge, and
proceeded immediately to do just that. The next day, I contacted the
station to ask if my arrived letter was forwarded to the individual,
and was informed no, he didn't receive it. It wasn't the apology the
station was looking for, and my show was now officially terminated. I
told her it was very unfair to me, to not allow him to read my formal
response, and that I couldn't in good conscience, back down from
defending my rights to be heard on this issue, or to allow us, as our
public, to hear the complainant's actual complaint about my, freedom
for all broadcast. She said she would try to get the letter to him,
but that the show was over. Case closed.

Stand up for Jews, and look at where it gets you, Jeeze.

Let us not put aside, the station manager's legitimate concerns. Who
has the money or the time for a frivolous lawsuit? Why do expensive
independent research, when the Bush Administration can hand us all the
free news they want us to have directly without any costly questions?
Saddam wouldn't let the inspectors in, right? Why risk standing up
for someone else's rights, when doing so, will get the (anti)
Jewish-Defamation League calling you an anti-Semite (Semite=Arab) for
communicating some understanding with Felton? Felton, is bizarrely
quirky as interesting, for his recent book is about the demonization
of the innocent, (you know? Nazi gas chambers and ovens?) and as
such, we can learn from, as too, we can teach. If he'll listen.
Ariel Sharon is not Jewish my friend, NOT JEWISH!!!

Open the gates, it's getting late.



Greg Felton : "The fear is necessary for two reasons. And the
principle reason has nothing to do with Iraq. it has to do
with the government itself. The bush government is criminal.
[...] The problem is: how do you keep people from paying
attention to this? You keep them focused on an external enemy.
[..] so they forment this fascistic hatred of a definable group
of people. So, the war on terrorism so called, is not much a
way for the United States to protect itself against it's enemy,
it is a way for it to create enemies, to justify the kind of
repressive measures that would otherwise be intolerable in
peace time."

To whom it may concern,

regarding the January 31st broadcasted interview with Greg Felton.

May I, on behalf of only myself, ask that you pardon my
failures in judgment, in not allowing what I should have gave:
an immediate re-dress regarding, 'who is the Zionist label?',
or 'What Holocaust are you referring to?', during the broadcast
of January 31st. (bet you we can't get two Christians that
agree on everything.) However, I can offer perhaps a show
centralized on a chance to exercise your personal views, be
they pro or con on where you think we should go from here, or
whatever may have you regarding said interview. Or, if you
would like, you may wish to do only, or else include, a written
work that I promise, will reach as far as the original
broadcast. So, actually, this could be a prime moment to have
a dialog regarding racism, bigotry, and intolerance. I
confess, I may be unaware, and still have much to learn, when
it comes to communicating well with all others. But, I know
I'm getting better, and I'll tell you, the Justice-Freedom
thing, sure seems to be our ultimate calling.

I was not so surprised that the broadcast interview with Greg
Felton would be considered controversial, (as every show I've
ever done always has), although I wasn't prepared to hear
criticism against the show as being defamatory to a group, or
groups of people. As certainly that was not my intent, but
however was the difficult subject addressed within the
interview. The fundamental teachings of Law, as it pertains to
justice and freedom, along with every legitimized religion, is
that all free people should be thought of as equals to each
other in vigilant protection. And by doing so, one would be
serving G-d's interests. (Even if a G-d doesn't exist - an
Atheist too, could become a proponent by understanding Jihad).
Thereby insuring\realizing that a just intelligent life force
rules our chaotic timeless universe in service ultimately to
ourselves individually. Giving us in the Torah of Moses, ``all
people are created in God's image'' teaching all peoples are
Sacred. And as such, would be so in God's interests to defend
as the innocent. While in eternal pursuit of happiness and
prosperity for all through just means.

Under Greg's definition as being a "Zionist" conspiracy,
negates the failure of himself personally to recognize the
public connotation is too vague, and that Hitler's Nazi
Germany, like Bush's America, is politically expressing an
inability to represent ourselves with respect as truly worthy
of fair deliberations amongst ourselves. Sacred, every-one.
(Or as in, to rise to the defense of those we know to be
irrationally victimized as the godly and innocent, victimized
in our un-addressed names.)

Greg "This is why the Holocaust is such a very dangerous thing
to talk about because, it's not really understood. It's
preached at us like a sermon. We're suppose to accept at face
value what we're told about it, as if to, criticize it, is some
how disrespectful. Much of what we know about the Holocaust
has been propagated by the Zionists, and can be shown quite

I replied shortly later "One thing about the whole situation is
that innocent people were targeted for murder. End of story.
That's what the war was. All wars are like that."

Greg's mistake I believe, centered in his Zionist labeling
through an apparent bigotry expressed, and as such, was too
narrowly defining the larger established history of the
Holocaust, as being the struggle of the human species in
halting, the demonization and then subjugation of the innocent
millions, Jewish or otherwise. Perhaps it was strangely on his
part a testimony to a real struggle we all have when it comes
to identifying ourselves to others. Considering it is the
exact subject matter he wrestles with in his book writing,
regarding our corporate media's perception of ignoring an
innocent people's concern or cries. That said however, for
Greg to blankly criticize Greg's false construct of what is
publicly understood about the Holocaust, is to deny that much
for sorrow and suffering took place against the whole of
Humanity, especially, of those who held the practiced Jewish
faith. To think the nazi regime would have the gas chambers
and the ovens, while the whole of humanity were not strong
enough to communicate the unjustness of it all to the German
people while it was happening. I have read of a recent
documentary that provides film footage of nazi soldiers
committing the worst war crimes imaginable to god loving Jews,
interspersed with film from the same dated period where, the
German people were living civilized lives, left unaware of the
atrocities that were being committed against God in their
names. Same as America and Canada today, with Fallujah抯
300,000 People being, the undeniable example. Or, are you too,
a convinced denier of that which is fully documented?
(Needless and irrational was the indiscriminate murder of the
people of Fallujah, but for to have more American soldiers
sacrificed in a conflict created by an unjust as immoral
totalitarian dictate.) The Holocaust deniers are those the same
of today, who refuse our Humanity to nationally communicate
those screams of mercy, or for justice regarding the People of
Iraq to be served in our true interests as legitimate. More
than ten million Russians died fighting the evil eugenic
scourge of the "superior" nazi regime, and like those in
Poland, Britain and France, as elsewhere testified our
established history, (albeit only later), the sadistic ungodly
as lawless barbarity that Nazism inflicted upon the general
masses, went largely undeterred from our "informative"
television and radio broadcasts. The same, almost word for
word, and action for action, can be found in Rumsfeld's
"blitzkrieg". Bush's freedom by tyranny doctrine. Or the
criminally sanctioned unchallenged news pronouncements of a
Mark Kimmit, Buford Blount, Steven Russell, Mattis, Allawi or
Sattler, when it pertains to accepting without our objection,
to the victimizing of Iraqis collectively as an indiscriminate
act of criminality, like murder. As like in the policies of
Ariel Sharon, where an innocent, haven't committed an accused
crime in their life Christian Palestinian, is denied the earned
home they worked and paid for, on a parcel of land shared up
until recent times for countless millennia. My personal
struggle has been to inform the public on the "forgotten"
importance of established evidence, being the only requirement
to convince ourselves on who is a bigot, tyrant, a criminal, or
a murderer. Will you not therefore, as a fellow humanitarian
of this shared world, speak against those you know of, who
victimize the innocent to thieve from? Sure you would, if you
knew as much for certain about God and this universe, or the
under reported, freed to go General Ahmad, funding the
mastermind ring leader Mohammad Atta of Bush's 9/11 game. But
will together our Humanity ever learn? Well, my plan is to
search for guests to speak with, that I'll try not to offend
early on. Greg knows, like the Pope knows, as every legitimate
police officer worth their grain of salt knows, as so too does
include a great many Jewish Jews, George W. Bush used
absolutely no evidence to substantiate his therefore, false
accusations in our names against bin Laden, while then ardently
with Cheney, worked to close outstanding criminal
investigations regarding their extremely suspicious behavior.
All according to his official publicly documented plan. And
speaking the news as thus, does not make anyone anti-Semitic,
anti-American, or anti-Human, but pro-Jewish, pro-Christian,
pro-Muslim, pro-Justice pro-Freedom, almost wholely human like
even. Not of a long gone as lost and forgotten religious
dogma, but for now as it always has been found, a mutual
respect for all life as we find ourselves being part of. Or,
so we would for Atheists, argue in all likelihood to get to the
same reasoned to be, just political decision, to this or any
another life and death matters matter.

Because the unjustified criminal war actions of George W. Bush
are our shared documented history, others, with an ulterior
agenda to propagate their weakness through bigotry or racism,
will arbitrarily blame a subjective grouping of people, instead
of demanding by godly individual might, the arrest of specific
individuals who are actually responsible according to the
established as public evidence. So, now who's fault is that?
We live in difficult times. To admit weaknesses regarding our
corporate news control content decisions, is to seek a better
world for our lives through stronger open communications.

I believe the defense of the Jewish faith is found in the
indivisible properties of Creation, and who's central belief is
made simpler than any other. Hillel was asked: Rabbi, who is
a Jew truly? Hillel answered, "What is hateful to you do not
do to your neighbor. That is the whole Torah. The rest is
commentary -- go and learn it." So my challenge in defense of
the Jewish faith during the interview, was that those who
practice criminal misdeeds, are therefore found by the official
definition taught by Hillel, to be not practicing the "Golden
Rule" of the Jewish Faith. (as so pronounced by the religion's
recognized ancient oratator.) By calling alleged criminal
actions, the conduct of an entire people, faith, or branch
thereof, is to fall into the fascist minutia of bigotry, or
racism, held by those who judge us "others" unfairly. After
re-hearing the interview, I did find the allegations made by
Greg, regarding the Holocaust being blanketed by falsehoods,
generally, a failure on his part to recognize the true horror
of what that war wrought. And in light of our desperate
challenges today of defeating the enemies of Humanity as
specific unjust individuals in "hiding", an ignorantly stupid
thing to say. While I, perhaps wasn't thinking along those
conceived lines, where at that time, I had just left the
thought of: the struggles of the Jewish faith, are the same
struggles all young adults go through by naturally establishing
our associative identities. Who are you I truly ask? How many
news channels even allow us as Humanity to know about the
absent reason for the bombing of the Jews of Samara? The Jews
of Fallujah? The torturing of completely innocent People to
death, as in Guantanamo? Or still unaddressed publicly: the
willful lawless criminality implemented by the, therefore
tyrannical Bush Administration in suffering God's Iraq? (See
missing ``Development Fund of Iraq'', or private mercenaries
discipling for Bush as deemed un-accountable to every conceived
``natural'' law? [see the entire Bible for the judgment call
on that one...] or, Bush's declarative, he magically owns
everything in stolen Iraq now, [where did it go?] and I can't
say anything because he signed his John to 13303 some time
back, but as still is left unreported in Your dying world?)

Publicly question our reality, by taking the station up on
doing an interview with me, along with your own impressions of
our world. Or, if you prefer, you can do a solo written piece,
or a recorded statement for the station. I look forward to
finding common ground with your concerns. I hope I have got
you wondering more, about what trying to save our world from
injustice and slavery, in whatever way we can is all about for
me really. In these words I can say, I apologize to you, for a
resulted perception, that wasn't with better words, my true
intent towards us people together.

I will, after some small revisions of this paper, include it as
well as the broadcast package. So I do thank you for bringing
up your important view, that otherwise, would have gone farther
without this opportunity, that I offer as a starting point for
deliberation, or argument regarding my foolishness. Thanks for
speaking, and I hope I have met most of your concerns with a
positive light on where I'm trying to come from.



The Benderman Cause

I felt compelled to support the Benderman's cause in
any way I could, so I am providing America some
arguments that I would use in a court of law to
defend your freedoms. If America would so desire,
I would also be prepared to make a recorded
statement from here in Canada. (I have been
denied access into the U.S..) My positions of
rational argument are naturally based upon our
established facts, and as such, are something few
Americans are afforded the luxury of through
corporate channels. I hope my forcefulness on these
issues does not fear you to doubt I have the best of
intentions when it comes to serving the interests
indivisibly inherent within the American
Constitution. God, I believe is just, and as such, the
ungodly war actions of George W. Bush dictate are
criminal in the worst degree, being a harbinger of
suffering and misery against all of Humanity as
US being the innocent. The innocent in our entirety,
is my "God" that I love with all I can will. I am
compelled as a living human being to defend America
to the last bush supporter praised if need be. I fight
the enemy of God and Humanity with reason,
understanding, Akeido, and a conviction that our
justice system must prevail for me to be truly myself

"He explained to "60 Minutes," "I was told in basic
training that, if I'm given an illegal or immoral order,
it is my duty to disobey it. And I feel that invading
and occupying Iraq is an illegal and immoral thing to

The war was declared "illegal" by the U.N..
Why? Because Saddam wasn't found in breach
of the internationally agreed upon resolution 1441,
(Saddam did EVERYTHING POSSIBLE that was
asked of Iraq by the bush administration, and then
some Mr. Bush refused to even take him up on.
Like national Iraqi television broadcasts.) despite
the lies quoted by corporate news America. There
was no need for the conflict to begin with as was
so reported internationally on march 7th, 2003. U.N.
inspectors had complete unrestricted access to go
anywhere without delay, and known stock piles of WMD
were burned, so could not possibly be
completely accounted for by evidential findings
due to the fact that they were destroyed beyond
recognition. American soldiers were put in harms
way to be sacrificed for no better good, but for to
allow as has happened, the misappropriation, or as
some have alleged, the criminal theft of Iraqi
resources, including monies of the Iraqi Development
Funds through Presidential decree 13303. Which
include the unappropriated, desperately needed,
humanitarian aid provisions still denied innocent
Iraqis, such as potable drinking water and food
stuffs. Democratic principles are DENIED the
Iraqis by the neo-con military forces, such as holding
all individuals equally accountable to a rule of law.
The outlawing of torture, or the outlawing of false
imprisonment has not been professed as the action of
the neo-con "liberating" force. Mercenaries are not
obliged to obey any laws for example. And, "Dr.
Germ", and "Dr. Anthrax" are held solely for the
fact that they know of the scientific hazards of
depleted uranium, and may have warned the
uninformed sacrificing American GI, if not held
illegally against their wills by the enemy.
Commanders such as irrational war criminal
Sattler, forbade all men and boys between 15 to 50
from leaving the city of Fallujah, while refusing to
negotiate with anyone, (because as so was openly
confessed, Sattler had no evidence that Zaqari was
in Fallujah) then leveled the city to kill all it's
inhabitants, estimated at that time near 300,000
people. Using a napalm type WMD, cluster dud
land mine munitions, and as reported, nine two
thousand pound bombs in a city 3 1/2 km by 4 km.
Serving for a military not strong enough collectively
to prosecute such lawless criminal barbarity, is
serving for a military not principled in the American
virtues of freedom and democracy. In truth,
serving for such ungodly criminal command is a
cowardly act of treason. George W. Bush is an
enemy of our Humanity.

Copy and distribute this personal challenge freely.


I know we're all expected to be selfish, in helping out those others
who cry out for our help, but I beg you, I can't do this alone. My
show did make a positive difference. I need your help in asking I
face my accuser, and politely, with reason, using communication,
and understanding, bring about a better world.

World Productions.


Can I Get a Witness?

"It is now argued that because demon bush is President,
it therefor doesn't matter where the actual crimes scene
evidence for the murder of thousands in America leads to
according to the FBI, for George Walker Bush (666) in
above all the laws of the universe. Despite! the
reason they obtained the warrant, was to charge me for
"threatening the life of an international person", they
instead decided not to as saboteurs of liberation. They
argued after the warrant gave them my personal
possesions, [...]"

Don't miss the rest of the inside scoop to the up
coming public Johnny Wizard trial, cradled within this
last testimony of a King left forsaken by all of America
as unworthy of public discussions in our media.


> "..the newspapers don't tell you about it,
> why do you think that is soldier grunt,
> nazi whore, dying slave?"


> Word of Advice

> Dream-Job

Seriously Folks

Napoleon Bonaparte wrote forming governments are forged
only through the public witness of shared mutual
experiences, simple, yet, the bushite strategy
implemented continually on behalf of the enemy forces in
Iraq have been to divide the nation's people with
different "legal" definitions, while speaking for
typical bushite bigotry, by then offering distinctions
of human value between US some from "others". Not
freedom, nor democracy. [Remember: Evil is dumb]

Example: Allawi forbade surviving Iraqi doctors and
nurses from medically treating any of the estimated
200,000+ innocent victims from Falluja [IRAQI vicinity].

Example 2: DYING two-bit bushite war with "foreign"
soldiers paid especially more than a thousand dollars a
day as self confessed RACISTS, and THEREFOR, left
"officially" too weak as, "pissing post illiterates" to
go after real terrorists who torture the innocent, or
real thieves, that have stolen BILLIONS from the Iraqi
Development Fund. Done all to sacrifice life's purpose
for no better good to the ANTI-CHRIST EVIL bush "cabal"
of lying neo-con Christ haters. Allthewhile stating the
objective worth dying young America as bushite for is
"Democracy" in Iraq. But, isn't a founding principle of
any democracy to outlaw thefts, sexual assault, murder?
Again, bushite kills bushite for a stolen nickel that
they just as soon, stole from anybody. If you can
believe it. We need YOU to make some effort to engage
American talk mediae. Perhaps it's only YOU, who hasn't
yet heard a responsibility to this once greatly revered
world of wisdom, of the enchanted, and mystical, or of
the tyrannical as hell bound for suffering and sorrow.
,in which you share allegiance too my friend.

Being caring and compassionate for the victimized
innocent not only feels good, but it is a choice we
would make at being alive to help US survive. To not
speak against the bushite war crimes against YOUR
Humanity, is to not speak in defense of our ancient
dying God no longer found worthy of you Peoples humble
respect. Currently corrupted bushite want my voice of
truth silenced by censorship with false imprisonment,
and those who advocate such hatred for myself and our
humanity, speak no public word or disagreement on my
allegations of high treason by Our Mr. bush Jr.. While
I want to openly debate the, "censorship for tyranny",
corporate talk radio bushite bitches on their furthering
commitment to not allow objections regarding their
contempt for true justice and freedom in America. But
if you singly decide not to support my cause, like
corporate news control encourages, We will be left
forsaken, again. God is Just to the core, like Johnny
Wizard tries to be, while bushite liars lie, cheat, and
steal from America as ourselves measured unworthy for
deliberation to gain true understanding. The Coast to
Coast radio network in America disallows America learn
for why American soldiers are currently sacrificing
their LIVES irrationally. Why? Because there is no
legitimate reason, while bushite pretend in YOUR name,
that there must be another reason but for to rob our
humanity in George Bush Jr.'s name. For if there truly
wasn't another reason, not so then blind, stupid, and
cowardly American soldiers wouldn't be too happy about
the wealthy corporatist bushite commentators silencing
America's dying cries by bushite enemy command. Now
would they? Remember: wealthy blind and stupid bushite
kills/gets killed, poor blind and stupid bushite for a
stolen nickel - a nickel in all likelihood, they rifled
as thieves from some pensioner, that just as soon, would
be their own "grand" parents. Or Yours as someone elses

Phil Donahue had the highest rating, number one money
making news commentary show on NBC as it was canceled.
Why? Too good as enlightening and INFORMATIVE. Then
there was the recently canceled Crossfire. Or how about
Barry Zwicker on VisionTV as Canada's greatest broadcast
before it too was canceled. Why? Too good as
enlightening and INFORMATIVE. VisionTV, a "religious"
channel now likely forbids anyone to suggest that God
would be good as just, and REALLY INTELLIGENT.
Forbidden knowledge we are the corporate bushite insist
with Your stolen rights. Why so? Because Americans
might learn of what it is to be a true Christian, and
therefor stop to have arrested else immediately executed
for high treason regarding 9/11: the enemies of Johnny,
Justice, God and Humanity, the evil doers George W.
Bush, Rumsfeld, and Condolezza Rice. Alone with Myers
and Cheney for good measure. Then, those responsible for
the needless bombing of Samarra and Fallujah.

Under EVIL bushite tyranny, We are criminally fighting
for needlessly dying as bushite here, but corporate
newsCASTers don't find "our" costs worth getting a
discussion group going, after all, American soldiers who
die for the bush regime, as the kept in the dark, will
less likely be going after the real bad guys for 9/11
then right? Corporate America refuse US just basic
rights of legitimacy to at least address the absent war
reason issue from time to time - Jeeze. But no. As
bushite, they're prepared to not inform the bushite
soldier that depleted uranium is radio-active, that the
stolen American Enron pension money is sitting in the
Cayman Islands, or that the war itself has no
justification. See, the bushite war is a TRUE CRIME
against all Peoples of Humanity, for the war against
Iraq has no reason available to explain enemy military
action, but for to die thieving from ourselves as the
bad guys. The Enemies of Freedom. Why we have Law.
God is Just, and evil is just the slavish ignoramuses
who censor our Words of empowerment for freedom through
Justice represented indivisible as Eternal. We rule.

Therefor, George Walker Bush is guilty of treason to US
all, not only including your one and only King Johnny
Wizard as Heaven's afar, but also the not going anywhere
but yet still sacrificing ungloriously as the stupidly
blind as almost completely incoherent,. devote bushite
nazi dumfuk soldier grunt enemy vermins.

Will you not help these words reach a larger audience?
I ask you to consider your helping me can do good for
your real world too. Perhaps it is ONLY the single
individual that hasn't yet understood, this once greatly
revered world of the Word is of which you share
allegiance too.

Speaking for a just battle of freedom for all humanity,
is a right you could exercise in brightest intentions of
a muted God who sure could use your help right about now
man. Our family is in so a desperation for needed
support. I am fearing your fears have got you
believing, you have no dying right to speak against Mr.
bush Jr. for the crimes he has committed in Your name,
but You do. Think of it this way: anybody who stays
silently connected secretly to the crimes of
nine-eleven, can not be trusted as a sacrificing bushite
thief by the enemy bush administration. [Secretly
speaking in all strict certainty.]

The warrant that allowed the confiscation of my computer
equipment, was to prove that I was the one and same who
demanded true justice for our humanity by following the
crimes scene leads for nine/eleven, arresting those
responsible, or killing the escaping culprits, bush,
rumsfeld, and condolezza rice by the hand of our guns.
(Why do you think Police officers carry guns after all?)
It is now argued that because demon bush is President,
it therefor doesn't matter where the actual crimes scene
evidence for the murder of thousands in America leads to
according to the FBI, for George Walker Bush (666) in
above all the laws of the universe. Despite! the
reason they obtained the warrant, was to charge me for
"threatening the life of an international person", they
instead decided not to as saboteurs of liberation. They
argued after the warrant gave them my personal
possesions, (hundreds and hundreds of video tapes, ALL
MY WRITING, computers, disks, along with approximately
50,000 tasteful images.) That the reason for the warrant
being originally issued, no longer, if ever, was
justified. For if they were calling for justice, the
demon bush, and his co-conspirators might get caught by
America, and pay the ultimate price for their treason by
death sentence. After two self confessed PRO-BUSHITE
(support death squads against Afghanistan school girls,
and propping up the heroin trade by arming women slave
traders) "officers of the law" reviewed my images, they
now contend, that several can be argued to be illegal in
an almost fixed to win proceeding. (No more than a
small few pictures of beautiful girls in different
states of undress - "Home Lolita" I think.)

The charges they offered to the prosecution to argue for
a "life term prison sentence" (almost jokingly it was
quacked) were complete fiction, of which the crown
offered me "a deal". Plead guilty for being a shamed
ostracized sex offender, [I'D HUNT CHILD KILLER ENEMY
THE AMMO] and maybe, the Judge won't argue for a long
term prison sentence for another charge that has
absolutely nothing for substantiation. Substantiated,
that will surely do nothing but testify to their
attempts at demonizing my better name. Nothing doing
darkness, the court of Law, is Our court, and I intend
to make my case heard among my peers. Here

This work is in the public domain
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