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Commentary :: International
Did Israel Attack the United States with Chertoff's Aid?
16 Feb 2005
It is a little known, but historical fact that Israel has attacked the United States several times. Yet, we now know that our New Homeland Security Chief helped Israel to do so.
In 1954, Israeli agents working in Egypt planted bombs in several buildings, including a United States diplomatic facility, and left evidence behind implicating Arabs as the culprits. The ruse would have worked, had not one of the bombs detonated prematurely, allowing the Egyptians to capture and identify one of the bombers, which in turn led to the round up of an Israeli spy ring.

Some of the spies were from Israel, while others were recruited from the local Jewish population. Israel responded to the scandal with claims in the media that there was no spy ring, that it was all a hoax perpetrated by "anti-Semites". But as the public trial progressed, it was evident that Israel had indeed been behind the bombing. Eventually, Israeli's Defense Minister Pinhas Lavon was brought down by the scandal, although it appears that he was himself the victim of a frame-up by the real authors of the bombing project, code named "Operation Susannah."

On June 8, 1967, thirty-four fine young American boys died while defending the U.S.S. Liberty against a sustained air and sea attack by the armed forces of the State of Israel. Yes, during the Six Day War between Israel and the Arab States, the American intelligence ship USS Liberty was attacked for 75 minutes in international waters by Israeli aircraft and torpedo boats. Thirty-four men died and 172 were wounded.

The U.S.S. Liberty was damaged beyond repair and scrapped.

Survivors and many key government officials including Secretary of State Dean Rusk and former Joint Chief of Staffs Chairman, Admiral Thomas Moorer say it was a deliberate act of war.

On June 15, 1986, The United States attacked Muammar Khadaffi. But according to Victor Ostrovsky, a Mossad defector now living in Canada, Ronald Reagan was tricked into bombing Libya by means of a radio transmitter smuggled into Tripoli by the Mossad, which broadcast messages designed to fool the United States into thinking Libya was about to launch a massive terror attack on the west. On the basis of this fake evidence, the US bombed Libya, killing Khadaffi's daughter. Is Victor Ostrovsky correct?

More recently, the FBI, CIA, Secret Service and DEA found the most significant foreign espionage ring ever discovered in the history of the United States. It was a huge spy ring of hundreds of Israelis who penetrated the highest echelons of American intelligence agencies and the American military as reported by Carl Cameron on Fox News Network's Brit Hume Show, December 12, 2002. In a corresponding broadcast on MSNBC, titled U.S. Busts Israeli Spy Ring, March 5, 2002, it was reported that approximately 200 Israeli agents were apprehended for attempting to penetrate the Justice Department, the U.S. judiciary system, several military bases, the FBI, the DEA, the INS and the CIA.

And it was our new Homeland Security Chief, Michael Chertoff, hand-picked by President Bush, who set them free without being charged. Why? Was it because Michael Chertoff's American patriotisms are subordinate to Zionist sympathies?

It is true, if I may respectfully say so, that many Jews appear to hold such ancient allegiances. And, it is also true that Jews salute the Israeli flag; I've discovered this upon conducting secondary research (writings found in the library) and primary research (in-person interviews with Jews who are American citizens who regularly salute the Israeli flag).

Does Micheal Chertoff salute the Israeli flag?

Nevertheless, for many months, members of this Israeli spy ring shadowed half of the September 11th hijackers as well as their leader, Mohammed Atta. In fact, five of these Israeli spies were so carefully watching Mohammed Atta that they actually resided on the same street where he lived in Hollywood, Florida. It is also known that Israeli intelligence penetrated the entire telephone network of the United States. And, in a brazen act of treason, an Israeli company was given the contract to conduct official wiretaps of all U.S. Government surveillance. Yes, as amazing as it seems, an Israeli company directly funded by the Israeli government and with ties to Mossad, Israel's spy agency the motto of which is "Winning Wars Through Deception", was given the contract to provide all the surveillance and wiretaps conducted by the United States Government. This gave Israel the technical ability to wiretap virtually any telephone in the United States including phone lines of U.S. law enforcement officers. Indeed, records reveal that a powerful Israeli drug organization in the United States escaped prosecution because of this Israeli control of our phone systems because the Israelis tapped the telephone conversations of the law enforcement personnel who were investigating them. This was also reported by Carl Cameron on the Fox News Network during the Brit Hume Show that aired December12, 1002.

What is more, during the September 11th attack, five men were caught standing on their van with binoculars focused on the World Trade Center while their companions videoed and enthusiastically celebrated the tragedy. They were apprehended by the FBI, discovered to be Israeli agents in possession of false passports, large sums of cash and a number of box cutters. The FBI held them for months during which time each and every one failed lie detector tests. After their release by Michael Chertoff, our new Homeland Security Chief, they fled to Israel.

Now, what would cause these Israeli spies to cheer upon seeing what was a nightmare for others? To hear about the attack of September 11th or to see it televised put most of us in mild shock. But they saw it in person and from only a few miles. Yet, for them, it caused glee. Why? Why would government agents of our closest ally to whom we have freely given $90 billion, far more than any other country, along with unqualified friendship and unqualified protection find joy in our darkest hour?

There can be no question that their behavior was inspired by specific and pertinent knowledge attached to the event. To be sure, they must have known who was responsible and who would benefit. They certainly appeared to be celebrating a victory. Apparently, they believed that the September 11th attack would be good for Israel, for it would make their enemies our enemies; we would become allies to them in their war against the Arab world, particularly, their greatest threat, Iraq; and as a byproduct of our war mentality, it would be easier for Israel to prosecute its war against Palestine. I feel it is fatuously obvious this was the cause of their celebration atop that van.

It is also more than a little peculiar that no Israelis died in the World Trade Center attack. Although the President, in his State of the Union Address shortly after September 11th, stated that 130 Israelis died in the attack, he was incorrect. For not a single Israeli citizen died in the World Trade Center. This in spite of the fact that, on the morning after the attack, the Jerusalem Post reported 4,000 Israelis were believed to be in the area of the World Trade Center. Please see the September 11, 2001 Jerusalem Post article titled, Thousands of Israelis Missing Near WTC, Pentagon. Then on September 22, 2002, The New York Times later reduced the 130 casualties to one single casualty in an article by Eric Lipton titled, Estimates of Toll May Be Too High. Presently, most reports state that no Israelis, whatsoever, died on that awful day.

No Israeli casualties in the World Trade Center would be simply impossible, it seems, unless the Israeli Government received prior warning of the attack and, in turn, relayed the warning to some of the Israelis at the World Trade Center. Ten days after Bush's State of the Union Speech, the FBI confirmed that warning messages of the impending attack were, in fact, received by an Israeli firm, Odigo, at its offices located in both Israel and in the World Trade Center. The article titled, Odigo Says Workers Were Warned of Attack, written by Yuval Dror was published in the September 29th, 2001 edition of Ha'aretz, one of Israel's most prominent newspapers.

The evidence appears to be unambiguous. Israel must have known of the World Trade Center attack well in advance, and then in a startlingly act of murderous betrayal warned its nationals while letting Americans die horrific deaths. Yes, apparently Israel cold-heartedly stood by as Americans died while it could have easily warned them. But then, evidently, that is what Israel wanted. As mentioned before, Israel wanted the September11th tragedy for it would garner American support for Ariel Sharon's agenda against Islamic nations, especially Palestine, Iraq and Iran. That is why the Israeli spies were rejoicing at our countrymen's death on September 11th.

Is this a formula? Is September 11th related to the Iraqi War as is the Lusitania to World War I and Pearl Harbor to World War II? To be sure, many historians now believe the sinking of the Lusitania and the attack of Pearl Harbor were staged with Roosevelt's and Churchill's knowledge.

Was September 11th another case of an Israeli terror attack upon the United States like the Lavon Affiar and the attack of the U.S.S. Liberty?

Of course, the Israelis are using our money, our weapons and the lives of our young men to achieve their agenda. Ten thousand of our finest people have been maimed for life and well over one thousand have died in Iraq. Yet, unlike Israel, Iraq has, paradoxically, never committed an act of war or terror against the United States.

And, Michael Chertoff is keeping watch over us. Or is he just watching us?

This work is in the public domain


Re: Did Israel Attack the United States with Chertoff's Aid?
16 Feb 2005
Yes, Israel did attack the United States with Chertoff's aid!

The Israeli attack of United States diplomatic offices known as the Lavon Affair and the Israeli attack of the USS Liberty are historical facts. Search it on the Internet, if you have any doubts!

The Israelis apparently set up the United States to attack Lbya in 1986. And just yesterday, I believe Israel bombed Lebanon. It's simply their formula that we've seen over and over again.
Re: Did Israel Attack the United States with Chertoff's Aid?
16 Feb 2005
With such murky, incomplete evidence I admire your boldness in suggesting that nobody can doubt your conclusions. I mean, to your credibility you did have some corroboration by worthy sources such as Fox News. but above all the most compelling aspect of your argument is when you pointed out that Chertoff is Jewish and apparently, according to your primary research,
"it is also true that Jews salute the Israeli flag".
Ididn't even know that outside K-12 students and people in the military that flag saluting of any kind was so popular. I think that quote was revealing.