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News ::
Letter from Heaven
29 Sep 2001
So you thought that your leaders were stupider than ours, did you? Well our leaders have self-explanatory letters from the terrorists and much more. I get letters better than that though.
My Daddy said that even if my letter was written in the clouds, it still probably carries more truth and "punch" than all the newspapers on earth. You must keep in mind that these sweet lawless people are terrified that their heads will serve as the "..Head of a Terrorist" Id=66464 and end up as a Haloween decoration on someone's lawn, for they have brought the "Dwelling of Violence" Id=44378 down on their own heads. So you have to be ready to record any of these falsehoods that these lawless Holy wannabes start presenting as facts, since they are probably breaking one law or another by contending that hearsay and innuendoes are facts. This letter from the heavens says to take a good look at what they have and haven't done since this 9/11 disaster and what they did in response to similar tragedies in the past.

The standard procedure for the communication glitch that is the mainstream media is to allow for various agencies of the Federal Government to block all "avenues" that might lead to the truth before they reveal the grand piece of evidence that will villify their selected culprit(s) beyond a shadow of doubt. Gannet News Service's report of the discovery of incriminating letters from the terrorists "popping up" is their grand piece of evidence. Never mind what the content of these letters are, most people wouldn't know Arabic from Greek. Never mind if these alleged hijackers were out back smoking crack when these crashes took place. Never mind if there is no evidence that they were on those planes. Never mind if there have been no reports on the communications of these doomed planes with the flight towers. Never mind about the histories of the people who were flying those planes. And never mind what their foolproof plan is for the whole scenario. The appropriate thing is to record all of their fabrications and keep their "Delusions of War" Id=64528 focused on that bin Laden dude over there by that "whitewashed wall"(Ez. 13:14). If you let their attention stray, they will probably dream up ways to murder millions of our soldiers. The "Persian Gulf War...." Id=36001 was no damn delusion to me, and those empty body bags made it a reality. I'm just sorry that I had not yet begun to write via computer in order to alert the homecoming soldiers to the fact that the Gulf War Syndrome was probably petroleum poisoning brought on by the burning oil wells and that vigorous excercise along with copious pure water and lemon juice were probably the best way to limit physiological damage from the petroleum. Instead I relied on paper communications with my contacts in the military, and my letters were probably intercepted so that the afflicted could be trifled with. The glitches that enable buffoons to thrive seem to operate on every level of society.

You see these glitches in operation on every IMC site that has become little more than a messageboard for mindless drivel of incoherent illiterates who force every worthy article off the front page and/or render them inaccessible and/or remove them from the listings. When I was relying on the post office to carry my letters to the people, it just got worse and worse from 1992 on. I was mailing an article every month to 30 or more newspapers, among them were; The Jackson Advocate, The Portland Scanner, The Atlanta Tribune, Houston Sun, Florida Star Times, The Miami Times, The New Haven Advocate, Seattle Medium, Charlestown Patriot and Somerville Chronicle, Boston Phoenix, Dallas Post Tribune, Brown Daily Herald, Avenue News (Balt.), South End News (Bost.), San Diego Voice, Central Star (LA), Charleston Black Times, Virginia Gazette, Independent Fla. Alligator, Staten Island Register, Knoxville News Sentinel, News Herald (Nashville), Challenger (Buff.), Charleston Gazette, Tri-State Defender, and Daily Universe (Utah). Although all of these places seemed to react positively to my writings, it became apparent after a while that my letters were being intercepted by interlopers. Bush Daddy claims that the Storm Troopers and others of their ilk would arrange for the release of the contents of my writings to selected people, telling them not to tell anyone about them, then they would move on them when they talked about them. By the time that I published articles like "Dead Men Laughing" and "Catch the King" ( which contained the hymn, "One for Bush") in May and June 1998, it seemed like none of my letters were even making it out of the county. The Jackson Advocate seemed to be the only paper that received most of them. When they abducted me and locked me up for fifteen months, it allowed them to take their stupidity to new heights, for that created the ultimate communication glitch.

I really can't see why they focused on me to such an extent, for they never seemed to have a problem making their lies stick. The Storm Troopers always seem to be on hand to ensure that whatever the mainstream media puts forth as truth is the last word on everything. The Warren Commission's conclusions about their disposal of this guy who they called the "Jesus Freak Kid" JFK was probably the result of the quick elimination of anyone who tried to uncover the truth. The suppression of the news about the birth of Elijah (Malachi 4:4) in Wheaton, Illinois in November 1995 is the most unreal thing to ever be covered up on earth, even surpassing that of the suppression of what made the Persian Gulf War come out the way that it did. You must recognize that the suppression of such news always continues to produce more evil. They never stop moving on those who promote the truth. A lot of those whom I had met in DC were probably targetted because they had made known what I did to set the Persian Gulf War off. Never have the lawless ones allowed anyone to bring attention to the class that I had met from Pennsylvania that perished on the US Air Flight that was blown to bits over Long Island. Never have they allowed anyone to bring attention to the true reason why "Columbine.." Id=????? students were tartgetted; and in that case there has actually been efforts to eulogize the murderers. Even if Sarah Hajney and Jennifer Bolduc were butchered by 27 people in Cortland County in October 1996, the lawless ones can still instantly silence anyone who moves to prove it. You are probably never going to hear about the warriors, working at WTC who died there, for they are probaby going to focus totally on the firefighters and police who died, even if they were set up to enter those buildings. Unless you go to Italy IMC Id=22349 you are probably never going to hear about the 4,000 Jewish employees in WTC absent on the day of the attack. According to the plans set forth in the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, you are never going to get any news from the mainstream media that has not been decided on beforehand whether it is true or not. Those who are living this lie are sworn to never read anything that has not been approved beforehand by the lawless ones (Is. 29:12).

When Bush Daddy's kid gave a speech last week, a friend of mine told me that it compared with the best speeches of Churchill and FDR. Did they get booed or something like that? I was told that BD's kid didn't read the speech at all. When I was told that he kept turning his head during the speech, I figured out that he was probably teleprompted, meaning that they were probably reciting the words to him from a speaker on his shoulder or something like that. Lucky thing that there was no big words in it, huh? The media tried to glorify the speech for a few days before they gave up on it. Somebody must have shown them BD's kid's grade school report card. It seems like nobody can get proof that either one of them ever attended anything other than the Skull and Bones at Yale University either. Free Press International was running a piece on the Skull and Bones and the Bush family at Yale last week, and it seems like they were trying to portray Skull and Bones as a girl scout troup; nevertheless that is probably the only thing that you are ever going to read about Skull and Bones. It would be nice to get BD's kid to agree to take on the guy who challenged him to an IQ test for the ambassadorship to Colombia in the Comment section after "Wipe that @#$% Look Off Your Face" Id=30103; but you can be sure that they would be out in force fabricating the end results of that. Bush Daddy says that they've been giving his kid stuff to read too, and he always has to ask what it is about. It's just not worth pursuing such hypocrisy if they have managed to conceal their stupidity for this long.

Just ignore their stupidity and their fabrications until these devils stop masquerading as "angels of light" (2 Cor. 11:14). They will keep it up even as people track their every lawless move and record every lie that they embrace. They will remain "Trapped in the Devil's Bargain" Id=65960 even after they turn back from forcing their lawlessness on others. Even if the "Heads of the Terrorists" Id=66464 don't end up decorating the streets for Halloween, they will probably turn back when they realize that they have brought their own evilness on their own heads. The hunters will have become the hunted (Is. 49:25). Hasta luego, adios.

To access via Id#s, access any article, change the Id=# in the address bar, and press "Enter".

Respectfully yours, Robert Meade "Bobby" "Israel" Deaf Messenger
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