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News :: Education
Usa militar side from the report to cnn Vietnam /jhoan Irak for Dennis and Jimmy ....
22 Mar 2005
Modified: 04:44:35 AM
The peace commentary trought same happening
The work troug the 1968 and today about the Usa defence
The importat Busch action and decision and a real not faileed side for all Unates militars and they Innocens trought CNN / adventure for LIfe
We as much curriculum trought my work and when I maked my mission for war in Vetnam with me the cnn Camera that was Northon along him work with the Cnn camer tel this along the mission command fly the " eh !!! jho/an if you trouck the red signal we go back to the Zone A that for me in the Camera for CNN it's like my vision and will be Irak ...""Nixson was the important Usa President and my memory was for Jimmy Carter that from my position work trought the Vietnam was my preference for life ...certly when the American yung peopol work along for to make one hight resolution for distruction those comunists and those enemies was for to take the freedom and after cerlty the peace .... Natural for my position I dont kieke same pacifist choise because the war is important for stop same danger side for my Nation the Unates States in fact much prisioner for militar side in Vietnam in the zone A 1 and AM was impossibol to cames back and when we was prisoners the Washinghton action and my Usa political adressement was important without error in fact the future make the demostration .. natural the peace is important but the peopol trought those nations with all decisions trought a quotidien life cant to make a real stop for same event like the 11 september were the Bush side is important and the Unates president decision and choise is exact like ecery president in the Unates States in fact saddam Husseim is a real danger like all comunist resolution trought the world in fact the Nigeria or the Tunis or Lybia after the War of Golfo when Ronal regan maked cerlty a perfect resolution for those side in the world were same political support the didacture unfortunatly only for report to cnn ... and so the war in the world cant to stop only from an Unates Militar action that stop one support for dictatorship and they position an action are much importat for stop the terrorists action ... it's easy the war began when the poepol support the terrorist and so the 11 september ...Tween Tower natural the Unates defence job is hight and perfect without error were the enemy is a real danger because trought the peopol each militar person is the peopol and is important to make same differece trought same decision a militart that as support trought the story the Saddam Husseim action were every saddam Husseim action is a criminal action will be never innocent in fact they after the 11 september waiting the enemy? an Usa enemy never the Unates militars are not enemies and so unfortunatly only for Jhoan gex 42 they the pakistan and iran or isdrel militar a criminal action fin front the Usa militar if the way was free for Unates not problem and the war action as still same reglement ..... So not shoot for Usa prisoner or french or england or unates and cerlty those riminals that maked a support under Saddam Husseim cant began another work " no defence infront of those Usa persones " . Dennis tell that justly is not Vietnam ...... but cerlty for Conclusion is like Vietnam same Usa militar was innocent and the video prisoenrs to show the real violence under those land and those peopol that support only a terrorist way ad action unfortunalty only for Jhoan gex 42 .... It' easy like Vietnam to tell about the peace with same happening that to show still in the Italy was a bad face troght the peopol from a criminal support trought same information that sametime make unfortunalty conclusion were the peopol serch one innocent side for those that have much guilt .... and along those peopol happening the mustrunding was hight and I think thatcerlty the peace is a word so easy for those peopol that dont as capacity for to understant the real politiacl adressement along 34 years old were the Europen nation trought those political adressement maked a real support for Saddam Husseim and for makes danger unfortunatly for my Nation the Unates and along those european choise each Nation still italy to show it's limit for exempel the Italy peopol as guilt sametime along 34 year old were the politialc position make a support unfortunalty for Unates States celrty in Italy is important only for Jhoan gex 42 that all go well without terror but for to make an evitative side the peopol trought the way must serch only the Unates States defence .... an never a support for comunist way like Vietnam or those bab criminal way ....and so the peopol living and the world to show only this the real face like the Jhoan ' brother Dennis and the report to cnn James Lewees " the living room "unfortunatly only for Jhoan gex 42 the peace for symbol for identyphication is James Leewis with all Unates Militarts that are much much innocent like my report life from Vietnam ... trought he adress 42 and the bathroom .....The firsht step start from Unates Statates of America because the firsht ennemy of my nation are these all comunist fascist and all peopol that support with every choise all dictatorship ...and so Italy never cant to makes the first step because sametime sameone trough the peopol and they profession figure support unfortunatly Saddam Husseim ....I'm certly that there are much peopol in Italy that dont like Saddam Husseim and never support comunist or fascist and understant the real importantce of the American Unates action ......Saemtime the job journalist makes danger along a war information for exemple for to be prisoner is not important to go in Irak ....for exemple I'm report to Cnn/Usa in Italy and my president Bush dont make me the ticket for Irak because there are not difference unfortunatly only for Jhoan gex 42 fact I'm not free I'm like James and Dennis and Nicholson that I know very well prisoner in Italy star from 1971 .... and the perfect side began from 1992 just along the italy place my freedom will be in Unates states ..... the gorgraphic systhem when I was in vietnam play choise and natural the space serch it's identiphication .. for work imprtant when we take same information to serch a right langage for never support those criminals waies .... still whensameone like Dennis or James are undesequestrate and the peopol when I listen the italina channel maked a bad choise important to shoot the Usa millitar person like Dennis and James ? for cnn /Usa Jhoan no never but for sameoene trought the Italy nation and trought the radio italian posision they dont understant the real important of everies actions only from an Unates States militars .... ad so natural the peace for Jappan is important only after Hiroshima o Kawasaki and those pacifist that spaek not well about the Unates choise I think that they dont understand the Pearl Arbur attack .....natural after the peace was important and today we american serch lucky for Jappan ..... natual ..... But each action from the Unates militars to show sametime un human consequence ..... the unates defencen in Irak or Iran .... is for to change the statment for serch a real side only from a unates adressement ..... so natural the demiage is strong and hight only for my Nation unates States ...... for the report to cnn journalist was impossibol the freedom still for Nicholson unfortunatly only for Jhoan gex 42 .... natural James as much valor and never died trought the cnn / report life because under a prisoner never tell same important information when the enemy serch one's agan same criminal way for make danger for Unates state ....Natural the Unates defence in Irak is important and the low ia a legal low when cames from Unates ..... and the Unates president still celrty for James Lewees is important and right like for Jhoan gex 42 still if we died ..... but for the italy the eroic side is principal an economic choise ..... with discussion and for to serch one'a agan comunist or those bad politial decision or for to make danger only for report to cnn Jhaon Usa /// natural we unates are strongs and still the Unates peopol cant to serch they important decision that are so right and exactly ......Cerlty the peace is important but is possibol only if never the peopol support danger for Unates or for other Nation like Spanish French and italy ..... those is importants not same bad happening that making confusion trough an information were sametime the true as only one built Washinghton ......One particol that for every Usa militar soldier and they action trought the story ..... from Vetnam .... and still today .....from usual like repor to Jhoan geX 42 report to CNN / Usa ......good job Unates efence trought the world .....the peace is the eagle on your Usa fly ....

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