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Announcement :: Technology
Source of bandwith attacks on various IMCs
23 Mar 2005
Many IMCs have had massive badnwith used due to misconfigurations and malice by online "vigilante" groups.

here is a likely sounce of one of them.
Allow me to clear some things first:

You, the reader, and you alone are responsible for what you do with this information. I do not want you to sink to the level of harassment, pursuit or threats. There are consequences for doing so, both legal and in acting like a lowlife.

There is no guarantee on the complete accuracy of this information. Mistakes can and will be made and I am not above making them.

I am not a leftist. I think Chavez is a totalitarian, Castro is a murderer and Guevara was a Military dunderhead who just makes for good T-shirts on rich, white, kids.

I am not a rightist or pro-war. I think the Neo-cons and Bush JR. are the worst thing to happen to my country in my lifetime.

I am not nor do I know Stephen DeVoy or support him. I think he or the entity using his name is deluded.

I am not "Kobe" or "a Kobe" nor do I support them. I think they are petty and child-like.

What I do believe is in free speech. I also work in network security and I believe that just because something is mis configured so that it allows exploitation, doesn't give one the right to exploit that weakness. It appears this and other IMCs were misconfigured to allow that and it appears that Kobe or people associated with Kobe were responsible for this.

I think it sucks that the IMC people who ran these sites had to pay the bandwidth costs out of their pocket due to malice on part of others, so I decided to come forward with some information I gathered here and there (not out of goodness, but I had hoped someone would be willing to give me money for it someday) and hope this may help with any current or future investigations made by IMCs who have suffered bandwidth charges.

What Kobehq is not.

1.Kobe is not George Bullock of Microsoft.

This was an early claim by DeVoy based upon old DNS records of and It likely came from the name that was used then as a registrant and the number of msn “bots” that index websites. All accounts of George Bullock of Microsoft portray him as a helpful, friendly guy who is also a musician. DeVoy and anyone who jumped on the “its George Bullock!” bandwagon owe this man apology. (more proof of this offered later)

2.Kobe is not Gustavo Espada, Cycorp, Josiah Hagen, Doug Lenat, Mary Shepard etc. etc.

These appear to be people that DeVoy or the IMC poster claiming to be DeVoy have a vendetta against and have been integrated into the harassment by Kobe. If there is a link, it is superficial or coincidental and I have not found it.

3. It is unlikely that Kobe is part of the FBI or CIA.

The CIA connection comes from the Gustavo Espada delusion as far as I can figure out. While the FBI connection comes from Kobe itself. Kobe has made claims that they were behind the arrest of Sherman Austin of Raise The Fist. Agent John Pi (who investigated Raise The Fist) never mentioned them or him. A FOIA request would probably confirm this.

What is odd though is a poster at by the name of Kobehq claimed the FBI came to investigate an incident involving someone trying to upload child-pornography to their web server (see my warning above about such foolishness) and he gave them two hard drives on Saturday February 12, 2005.

I don't know why a group working so closely would have hard drives of a user in Virginia (I think) seized because of supposed child pornography uploaded to a server in California. It could all be made up too.

What Kobehq is: is run by a person who refers to himself as Kobe SBM. He claims to be "half black" and I have found no reason to doubt this. He also works at a company that I believe to be called Aeroarc at 22433 South Vermont, Torrance, CA 90502. He also runs a web hosting company called Pyramideon. Pyramideon has had various addresses in the Los Angeles area ranging from 311 N. Robertson Blvd to Rolling Hills Estates California. I found it odd that a web hosting company would have no real contact information besides an e-mail. To me that said "Professional Spammer" but I think that guess was wrong. Even dumber, it appears that the address and contact information are obfuscated especially due to the activity of (which cannot be good for business). Both and are located at the IP address of as well as 16 other websites.

They are:

Note the fake IMC type addresses? Note also the unfulfilled dreams of paintball fighting and extreme fighting? I guess is like "Fight Club" but with out the soap.

Some of the other addresses seem to be from people that are known personally. Some seem connected in a "Black Businessmen" type group, this is my reason for guessing that SBM is indeed "half black" . Kobe are not racist, but they are bigots.

Oddly on the IP address next to this one is an exclusive one that contains A whois search reveals the mysterious George Bullock that first appeared in at 311 N. Robertson ages ago:

22433 South Vermont
Torrance, CA 90502

Domain Name: AEROARC.COM

Administrative Contact, Technical Contact:
Bullock, George (RVGSKEEIFI) george (at) AEROARC.COM
22433 South Vermont
Torrance, CA 90502
3103810130 x205 fax: (310) 381-0173

Record expires on 11-May-2005.
Record created on 11-May-1998.
Database last updated on 22-Mar-2005 23:46:28 EST.

Domain servers in listed order:


What Kobehq does.

As far as I can tell, they started arguing against Islam on the BBS found at (run by an Iranian American gentleman also at 311 N. Robertson). Then the tactics changed from shutting down forums to flooding them with obscenities. They would claim to be "fighting terrorism" but in such a way that they will see no combat at all in Pakatia or Baluchistan. While the United States threatens with such weapons as the MOAB..a bomb so big it has to be slid out of the back of a C-130 on palates the Kobes must threaten discussion boards with a MOAP...some automated forum posting tool.

Another thing they do is is upload large files from sites they disapprove of (like Indymedia sites)

Something called "Operation Poop Shoot" really got them going..

Anyway, you can see that at least according to them, the escalated their activity to cost IMC groups money.

They also shut down that DeVoy person or person claiming to be be DeVoy quite a bit..But he seems to like the attention.

What is funny about these guys is I think they are all in their mid 40's to mid 50's.

Please remember my disclaimer above.

This work is in the public domain
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Great article!
23 Mar 2005
Bet you don't understand one tenth of what you post as evidence.

Ask DC-IMC about their historic attempts to mirror their site...............

LMAO, they really messed up!
Hello Wurm
23 Mar 2005
Ask who about what?

I don't doubt some people are fuck-ups, But I got logs from a proxy in Singapore you might like.
Cool, I like logs
23 Mar 2005
You show me your log and I will show you mine.

I will give you 25 cents!
23 Mar 2005
"not out of goodness, but I had hoped someone would be willing to give me money for it someday"

OK 50 cents and that is my final offer!
The post is disinformation.
23 Mar 2005
This post was made to distract readers from the facts. The facts are that the CIA and the DIA (defense intelligence agency) under the orders of Rumsfeld, are waging cyber warfare against IndyMedia centers and anarchists with websites. They targeted Sherman Austin and sent him to jail. The targeted DeVoy with PsyOps and drove him mad until he figured the whole thing out. They have targeted Kirsten Anderberg.

The contractors working with the CIA and the DIA on this operation are Cycorp (partner of DARPA), TAG (Technology Advancement Group, asset of the NSA), Cryptek (Asset of the NSA), Syntek (British Cyber Warfare Firm with office in DC), and a hand full of small contractors not worth mentioning.

Gustavo Espada is part of KOBE and part of the CIA. The evidence is solid and his involvement is documented.

DeVoy is not KOBE and KOBE is not DeVoy. Attempts to equate the two are PsyOps. DeVoy was targeted by the project because he has inside knowledge of the project from his employment at Cycorp.

George Bullock is probably not associated with KOBE in any way. His name was usurped by KOBE in an act of identity theft.
I admit it may not be completely accurate
23 Mar 2005
But it is not disinformation.

If you apply Occam's Razor to this whole mess you can see what is more likely, even if still not the whole story:

An owner of a web-hosting company runs and hosts other websites at the address and claims to "shut down websites" with a "BWAHAHAHAHA" thrown in for good measure. And claims to work for an "Aerospace" company when he is not playing with ohter middle-aged kids online. Those are his claims. The evidence to both those is two websites on two different IP addreses owned by the same group. We have aerospace company and And since no real contact information is ever given for we can assume that the places that do host with them are done so by personal contact with the owner. That makes sense.

The CIA spending their time going after a relative nobody while collaborating with former employers and current harrassers is plain silly. It makes no sense at all. I enjoy reading it because ti makes me laugh.
What's wrong with paintball?
23 Mar 2005
"Some seem connected in a "Black Businessmen" type group,"

--Good Idea. I hope it is black conservatives. Nothing makes white college liberal socialism seem lamer and more obsolete than black and hispanic people who are too busy to join their organization because they are making too much money running a small (or large business).

Fight Forward!
Re: Source of bandwith attacks on various IMCs
24 Mar 2005
DIsinformation? how's the paranoia working out for you? This is the first time in a long time that someone has shown research and an attempt at documentation for allegations. No, I'm wrong, it's the CIA. I think they're putting flouride in the water for mind control, and to keep some fools' teeth in their mouths so that they can continue to speak non-sensicle babble and cry like three year olds when they don't get their way. try the Haldol, it takes the edge off the delusions.
Re: Source of bandwith attacks on various IMCs
24 Mar 2005
Cool, does this mean that me and the dozen or so other people (from Boston IMC, NEFAC, etc.) smeared as "double-agents" get our apologies yet?
Re: Source of bandwith attacks on various IMCs
24 Mar 2005
Kudos to the original poster for doing original research, providing his data to support his inferences and for recognizing the tentative nature of all inductive reasoning.

I recently ran across a Web site belonging to an English guy who had done some looking into the Devoy/KOBE thing as well as a somewhat similar case involving someone who was being obsessively defamed on UNSENET. He developed some of the same information in the OP, but apparently concluded that trying to sort through all the sock puppets, obfuscation and lets-play-detectives nonsense isn''t really worth it. I can't say I fault him for that.

As for the claims that the Devoy Web sites were taken down by the feds, I'd take them with a stiff dose of salt. The Devoy-entity's Web sites have routinely contained paranoid allegations against various individuals which would qualify to violate the AUP of pretty much any hosting company. All that would likely be required to get the sites pulled would be enough complaints to the host's abuse address.

And as for the Devoy sock puppet, like Uncle Silas, "it ain't any use for him to put in his oar, I wouldn't believe him under oath".

People who seize on political pretexts to act out the conseqences of their bad toilet training on the Internet we have always with us. When they descend to unauthorized intrusions into others' computers or to trying to suppress dialogue they don't approve of they deserve a proper smacking.
24 Mar 2005
Kobe SBM posted a comment congradulating me on my homework and would only say about 50% was correct.

But it must have been deleted.

To MaRK:

I am guessing the answer is no. People who make their own reality rarely ever appologize for creating it...but I bet you knew that already.
Fake_Feeb, thank you.
24 Mar 2005
Finally an "indypendent" analysis of the facts.

You are correct, Matt deleted some comments from this thread. Why he did not just delete the whole thing only he knows.

The basic truth remains however, many people and organizations have been unjustly smeared with no way of legal redress.

Your article may finally bring closure, I hope it does.
Re: Source of bandwith attacks on various IMCs
25 Mar 2005
The reason I deleted those comments is because KOBE is a persona non grata on this site--all comments by them will be deleted. I'm not sure why you think I would automatically delete the original post. If it starts some sort of flamewar that threatens to take over the entire newswire, like the original conflict between KOBE and DeVoy did, then we would take such measures to preserve the integrity of the newswire. But this seems like it might be useful information.
Re: Source of bandwith attacks on various IMCs
25 Mar 2005
I have documentation of of the computer store in the area here in California from which the kobe's work from. 2 year ago about I opene a forum at kobe claims to own the place but there a no posts. I can put th documentation on there to not flame here. F kones. IMC is great in my area to. Thank You