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"Wipe that #$%&-eating Look Off Your Face!"
02 Oct 2001
Modified: 05 Oct 2001
Why I saw a coprophagist today? How do you feel about that?
Hopefully you have all read "Coprophagia Rules?" Id=32589 (if not, see below) and the recently published Comment, "Jim Morrison Connection?"; so that you understand what the coprophagic look is all about. What? Who? Huh? Sounds like you need to do your reading.

You all know that the Bible reveals that the look on their faces will betray the lawless Israelite wannabes that infest the land (Isaiah 3:9); and it has recently been revealed that this look is the coprophagic look which used to be described in its more direct profane version; #$%&-eating look. I'm sure a lot of you remember hearing something like: "What did you say? Don't give me any of that? And wipe that #$%&-eating look off your face!" But word of that look quickly disappeared from the public refrain as this message took on a more sinister design. The lawless powers-that-be just couldn't have their compatriots walking around with that look on their faces if they expected people to listen to them. Thus the brain-damaged coprophagists were taught to dress for success and rely on self-esteem to conceal their progressive loss of intelligence. They were taught to set their faces in a look of stern conviction that they were in the right no matter if they knew what they were talking about or not. They have learned to act perturbed if anyone questions them about anything, making the questioner feel stupid for asking; thus in this way the coprophagist prevents people from asking any hard questions which they obviously couldn't answer. Once someone cracks this fabricated "facade" of superior intelligence; that #$%&-eating look returns to their faces. Be sure to take a picture of it.

The sinister designs of this PR of lawlessness has served a lot of unreal purposes because society has been set up to support these designs. Short gruff answers are probably all parents can get when they go looking for their children who have disappeared. Communication glitches have been intentionally established so that those in power can never be called upon to address puny concerns such as life and death. Coprophagists seem to believe that their coprophagia somehow justifies their chemical-throwing practices; furthermore their "opiate" of feces puts them in a state similar to a deep sleep, so that inhumane acts have no effect on them whatsoever. Alas! A day of atonement! The Love Festivals of Hooterville! Surely God will be pleased. See the "Love Festivals of Hooterville" Id=29190. Respectfully yours, Robert Meade "Bobby" "Israel" Deaf Messenger

Coprophagia Rules?" Saturday 07 Apr 2001
author: Robert Meade "Bobby" "Israel" Deaf Messenger Id=32589

This article was posted at Id=26983; and I have found it to be inaccessible since 4/4/01 when I posted a Comment. Since I have referenced it in "Supreme "Narky" of the United States" Id=31749; I am resubmitting it here.

My Daddy said that when George Herbert Walker Bush, the lawless Jacob revealed that he had been eating
feces most of his life, that was the hidden factor that unifies all of his lawless ones. This practice is called
coprophagia, and there has been a concerted effort in the recent past to promote it as a somewhat acceptable practice rather than as a depraved condition. When I did my internship at an institution for the moderately retarded, I wrote: "The question is not: "Why can't Johnny read?"; but rather: "Why is Johnny's favorite activity the digging, sniffing, smearing, and eating of his own feces?" I have since figured out that the staff was probably fostering this practice to discourage me from pursuing a career in health care. This was obvious because there was a prevalence of unstained hands among the clients who had begun to display coprophagic activities while the long term coprophagists had stains on their hands that could not be washed out. The lawless Jacob and other coprophagists in his tribe apparently avoid staining their hands via the use of plastic gloves which they wash and carry in their pockets. Around 1990 in Washington, DC; I witnessed an increase in public displays of coprophagia and excretions, even in the parks of downtown during rush hour. As a
consequence of my two false arrests, my abduction, and my 15 months of unlawful hospitalization (98-99), it became clear that coprophagists were given preferential treatment and/or placed in positions of power.(Gen. 6:12 Mic. 1:5; Luke 12:2; Is. 5:18-21; 2 Peter 2:13-14; Is. 5-7)

Although there is little research on coprophagia among humans, it is evident that since the 1980s health care
was trying to portray it as an accepted abnormality rather than a symptom of dementia, even though Oxford English Dictionary still reads: "Among demented patients in advanced stages of their illness, (coprophagia) is not rare..." It seems like one of the trends for promoting coprophagia has been to give incontinent patients a taste of their own feces when changing their diapers, initiating a practice that the patient will continue on his or her own probably indefinitely. Since the lawless Jacob also revealed that the alleged doctor, the Supreme One is also a coprophagist; I suspect that when the alleged doctor revealed to me that he had previous bouts of amnesia, he was really describing a symptom of coprophagia. Although there is abundant research on the effects of coprophagia among canines, it affects them little; thus I've been forced to draw my own conclusions about the effects of coprophagia among humans. Coprophagia seems to act as an "opiate" by dulling ones mental prowess; however the entrenched aversion and the irreversible effects of the ingestion of the bile duct toxins of feces makes it an abomination. In addition to impairing the function of the brain, the ingestion of feces seems to promote blindness, jaundice, reprehensible body odors, and liver and kidney failure. (It probably also causes black rot of the teeth at gum level.) I have found references associating coprophagia with Satanism, human sexuality, and the religious practice of eating the feces of a sexually-revered person; but there is no mention of coprophagia in the modern Bible. Perhaps the lying pen of the scribes has concealed the true nature of the sexual immorality and sacrifices of the Moabites in
Shittim in Chap. 25 of the Book of Numbers; thus was born a word that literally means feces. In spite of such taboos, it seems like coprophagia rules. It is a sad sorry sight to behold if the professed superior knowledge of coprophagists has prevailed over the chemically-induced stupidity of a dumbed-down America; nevertheless these lawless ones became Israel, when they moved to destroy Israel, the Holy Nation. (Amos 6:8; Ps. 12:8; Is. 29:9-10; Jer. 30: 12-13; Jer. 8:8; Num. 25:1-3; Rev. 2:14-15; Mal. 2:3; Lev. 19:26; Jer.11:11; Tim. 3:9-10; Titus 1:10-16; Ps. 83:2-6; Prov. 1:18)

After four approximately 1,000 word anonymous contacts with the Defense Intelligence Agency in January, I realized that they, like the CIA, The Secret Service, and many others, were at the beck and call of the Supreme One; thus the military has apparently been misled to support the "Silent Murder Epidemic", which I revealed to the DIA. After this I stumbled on Indy Media; resulting in the posting of "Modus Operandi of Lawlessness - Update" Id=24988; "Silent Murder Epidemic - Buffalo Version" Id=24603; and "Justice New York Style" Id=25099 on In short I revealed that of our five fallen presidents; one is (Bill Clinton rules; probably because Secret Service mistakenly declared a State of Emergency two days before inauguration); one is to come (Reagan won the election hands down): and one is to be the eighth (George Herbert Walker Bush as I have revealed his destiny as the Great Dead King of Israel). Since a lot of the lawless ones have apparently been smoking a diluted crack mixture that is mostly paraffin, there has been a call for hair sample tests to confirm this; plus the bile duct toxins of coprophagists are probably also detectable in hair samples. These tests will confirm that these lawless Israelite wannabes are qualified to become servants of God via the seal of "Bill". As usual they don't even have to ask Bill's permission.(Rev. 17:10-11; Hosea 10:3,15; Mic. 2:11-12; 1;16; Is. 3:24; Rev. 17:16; Is. 3:9; Ez. 8:9-10; Rev. 7:2-4).
Meade copyright 2/6/01

That's how I usually write an article with the ten or more Biblical references per paragraph.

From posted Comments after the 3/8 posting:

My Daddy said that when George Herbert Walker Bush confirmed what I had heard about Jim Morrison eating
feces on stage in Miami or thereabouts in 1969; that incident had probably been suppressed by the coprophagists to conceal from their compatriots how toxic this practice could be. I heard that Jim boasted that no one could gross him out; and someone jumped on the stage and defecated, then Jim picked it up and took a bite out of it. I've heard that 3 oz. is a fatal dose; thus Jim probably realized instantly that the end had come. The people around him had probably tricked him, saying that this was the way to impress the crowd and that no harm would come of it; but it probably killed him, for no amount of drugs or alcohol could do what that did to him. Even though I thought that the covenant with death of the lawless ones mentioned in the Bible was defined by their chemical-throwing proclivities; I now realize that it is probably based on their coprophagia. That is, if they eat their feces a little bit at a time, their brains will be damaged in increments, and they won't die from it. (Have since heard that Jim was pulled off stage and surrounded by a hostile crowd that more or less compelled him to do that and that they wouldn't let him spit it out). God bless Jim Morrison.

My Daddy said that when my friend, Bill said that coprophagia was a medical condition, common in children;
that had to be from a recent book. Thus I told Bill that was what they wanted him to think. I further suspect that
the ingestion of the bile duct toxins of feces at an early ages causes more severe impairment of intelligence
than the same at a later age. On the other hand, the lawless Jacob said that the coprophagists say that feces
is "power food" only if you don't sniff it before you eat it and that they concentrate on getting children started on
the coprophagic habit. Thus the IQs probably keep getting lower and lower. If they get you to accept that coprophagia is a medical condition, then they will probably try to get coprophagists special status; i.e. handicapped, "touched in the head", something like that. Hopefully you have been befuddling their "superior intelligence" and getting pictures of that coprophagic look on their faces. Those are the pictures that I want to see on Indy Media. "Wipe That #$%& Look Off Your Face" Id=30108; unless of course you don't have one.

"Morons America Style" (english)
by Robert Meade "Bobby" "Israel" Deaf Messenger 11:45am Thu Jun 14 '01 (Modified on 5:37pm Thu Jun 14 '01)
address: 402 North Geneva St. #4 Ithaca, NY 14851 phone: na notavailable

As you browse these pages and the level of cognitive function goes up and down like "a barometer on Judgment Day"; have no fear, I am here.

My Daddy said that Bush Daddy Making Morons a la "Coprophagic Rule.." Id=32589 just scrapes the surface of what ails America. Of course you all know how the "Supreme "Narky".." Id=31749 and the "Storm Troopers of America" Ids=26581, 27166, & 27490 have used "..Creative NonViolence" Id=33468 to stage a "Concealed Holocaust" Id=35206 while not understanding that they were making themselves into "Messiahs.." Id=43985 and bringing "...Violence" Id=44378 back on their own heads; but one has to wonder: How did this come to be a nation ruled by morons?

I have written of how Bush Daddy bragged about getting an invalid diploma and going to graduation to impress upon people that he had graduated and how alleged doctor "Narky" is probably illiterate, having bought his medical license; but these cases seem to involve organized corruption on the highest level. These lawless ones have always said that I didn't graduate because I didn't go to graduation. It was not required, so I just took off for Canada when I had finished exams and secured my degree. Even though I have a diploma and a degree, these morons keep saying that I didn't graduate. I never attached much importance to this until I realized that attending graduation plays a big role in their professed "superior intelligence". (Since I first wrote this article, it has become clear that Skull and Bones was probably the only thing that Bush Daddy and his kid attended at Yale University. Furthermore if a hick goes to an Ivy League school, I doubt if they come out talking like a hick.)

Sure they have been taught to dress for success and assume grandiose self=esteem; but their having duped people into thinking that they have advanced degrees is what places them in positions of power. Most of them seem to have attended the schools that they claim to have graduated from; but more often than not, they flunked out or quit before they graduated. It seems like their game was to go to graduation with a pack of similar flunkies then slap each other on the back congratulating each other for having graduated, with graduation meaning that they have survived intact whatever time they had spent at the school. It seems like thirty or more years ago, schools stopped publishing records of "living alumni"; thus all these people had to do to claim there degrees was produce some fabricated proof of having graduated or studied somewhere. (School stickers on their car windows seem to serve in some cases.)

They have many preoccupations that keep their fabrications from ever being brought into the light. They make it so they never have to demonstrate cognitive function and brush off or "rub out" anyone who tries to get them to do so. In addition to "Deceit, Delusions, and Depraved Dementia" Id=31133 and "Wiping that #$%& Look Off.." Id=30108 their faces; they concentrate on targetting people for the most minor infractions that you can imagine. They especially concentrate on people who are smarter than them and have demonstrated that they won't tolerate stupidity.

What one needs to do is ask them questions that require thought for answers or have them put anything that they've addressed in writing in front of witnesses. Expose their stupidity. Request proof of their professed education. Call the schools that they claim to have graduated from and request certified written proof. The time has come for fools to be called noble no more. It's just a game to them, but it won't seem that way when things start going against them. They are all pompous bluster, and they couldn't explain their thought for the day if they had to. You care about these morons, don't you? Aren't you afraid that they will hurt themselves if they fall off their "horse"? This practice prevails everywhere; but the true graduates who have supported them will not keep it up once they realize that it doesn't pay to support stupidity. Hasta luego, adios.

Respectfully yours, Robert Meade "Bobby" "Israel" Deaf Messenger

To access via Id#s, access any article, change the Id=# in the address bar, and press "Enter".

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To "ML" & Bush Daddy Tribe
04 Oct 2001
To "ML" and Bush Daddy Tribe:
Dear Readers; "ML" has a history of making impertinent comments on my articles; articles that he obviously hasn't read. He professes to be on a number of IMC Collectives. He is very pro-Semite; but he won't admit whether or not he is Jewish. I have asked him questions a number of times on Urbana-Champaign IMC; but he never answers them. He obviously hasn't read this article, and he probably won't read this comment. He claims that I am spamming when I am continuously being blocked; many times by interlopers using a supercomputer. I will post code notices to this computer below; but it won't do any good because there is no talking to such people. On a number of occasions these code notices have appeared after I hit the "publish" button. As for my spamming, a number of posters post their articles on numerous sites probably because has been rendered worthless by nonsensical postings. Let this character define spamming, and why he thinks that he has the right to condemn something that he obviously hasn't read. In conclusion I say that "ML" has probably been eating "power food" or maybe he sniffed it. Bob
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See also:
Bobby: Spamming and Whining
05 Oct 2001
Bobby is incorrect. I've never claimed to be a member of any IMC collective, except of the Urbana-Champaign IMC. What is going on is that I've compiled lists of his two latest spamming episodes and posted them as comments to his inane articles on a number of IMCs. He doesn't like the fact that his massive misuse of IMC Newswires has been exposed.

I believe it is totally irrelevant what my religious views are. His are certainly unique, to say the least. The point is that IMCs should not be used for spamming his irrational, megalomaniacal sermons to IMC readers, who are looking for news.

My posting of the evidence of his continuing violations of IMC use policies is meant as information only to other IMCs, in case they are interested in acting to hide his racist views. His continuing obsessions with the racist, anti-semitic tract "Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion" is particularly disturbing, since this was one of the books that Hitler used to justify the Holocaust. Bobby is free to believe and say what he wants, but I believe that IMCs should carefully consider whether they intend for him to use their resources to promote what has been acknowledged by rational people to be a fabrication of the Czar's secret police.

His obsession with the details of corprophagia is another recurring theme that seems mainly to give him an excuse for crapping on every IMC he has time to reach. He blames his problems using the Internet on some mysterious "interlopers" because he is apparently too irrational and paranoid to figure out that the Internet is a far from perfect medium.

People can decide how they will deal with him. I am just the messenger, but, unlike Bobby, I have no intention of spamming the world, just calling attention to a problem and supplying the evidence to base action on.