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News :: Human Rights
New Revelation on 911
30 Mar 2005
Fire fighter in NY tells what happened at ground zero, he was there!
Rescue Worker Drops New 9/11 Revelations

Alex Jones Radio Show transcript | March 30 2005

Sgt. Matthew Tartaglia was a rescue worker at 9/11. He joined Alex to discuss how rescuers were prevented from doing their jobs properly, were not protected from harmful asbestos, and how explosives, possibly tactical nukes, brought down the towers.

Thanks to Total911Info and Liberty Forum for the transcript.

Interview of Sgt. Matthew Tartaglia
Alex Jones Radio Show
March 24, 2005
(in progress)

AJ: critical incident stress management counselor and debriefer at Ground Zero. He did not wear a mask at the site because he had to talk. Now he has been super sick, up to 3-years: respiratory problems, teeth falling out, etc. And a lot of friends have gotten sick as well and died. And we have all the major New Scientist reports about the asbestos, the lung scans, all of it. Bush blocked the 90 plus million in funding for these men and women who were out there on the site – the police, the firemen, the rescuers. But that’s not the only reason he’s coming on with us today. He knows some other interesting things there at Ground Zero. Sergeant, thanks for coming on with us.

MT: Hey Alex, how you doing?

AJ: I’m doing okay despite all of the horrible things that are going on; we are trying to expose it.

MT: I hear you. First of all I want to say thank you for what you do. It’s a hard line that you’re towing. You are in the line of fire; and as we say in the field, you are on the front line. You are a forward observer and you are bringing back the intel. And you are standing up and saying it. And very few people are willing to die on their feet as opposed to living on their knees. And with that, I just want to say to Dan [a previous caller],I hope you are not one of these government people calling to waste the time of someone trying to disclose information because we are accustomed to what you’re doing. And we will get around you; we will keep getting around you.

AJ: Tell us a little bit about yourself, Matthew.

MT: Alright, I’m less than 40-years old. I’m just going on 39. And I’ve been in public service, emergency services, for since I’ve been 20-years old, almost. I’ve worked. I was emancipated at age 14 so I saw the world from a different point of view, if you will. I didn’t go to high school. I didn’t have that luxury. And it turned out to be a blessing and a benefit for me because I didn’t fall for the training which I think takes place in high school – to take the popular people, the rich people and make them the prom king and queen. As is what happens here in grand ole’ America and some other places. I have always been outspoken. It has always gotten me into the hot seat. And sometimes, to tell you the truth while I was sitting here waiting, I know what I’m going to be talking about. My heart was thundering in my chest because I’m angry, I’m hurt. I’m disappointed and, of course, if I have a brain in my head, I’m a little nervous. Because King George got on and said, “If you support the terrorist theories or the conspiracy theories, you’re one of them.” And you know what we do to them.

AJ: Yeah, he said that if you talk about outrageous conspiracy theories surrounding 9/11, you’re with the terrorists.

MT: That’s right. And you know what we do to them. That’s his own words.

AJ: We are going to expose the real terrorists. Now you sent me a mountain of documents – the awards you got for being at Ground Zero from the governor. All of it, your whole history – sterling record. Describe what happened on 9/11 and let’s go through the discrepancies of the official story. Other rescue workers have reported that they found the data recorders. The FBI said keep your mouths shut. The place was pulverized. They admit there was asbestos. You guys haven’t been given treatment. You also told us that – we don’t have to talk about this – but that the fire department was basically looting out there. No one wants to hear that. Getting into the ATMs and the gold and the rest of it. Let’s just go through all of it.

MT: Do it one at a time. Let’s start with just post-911, just like the students were pointing up in the sky and telling their teachers and their parents that those buildings weren’t going to be there. I, too, and many other people who entered it, knew that this date was a dangerous date because of certain things in the past. These [?] people love to do things in an allegoric fashion. They love to do things right under your nose and you talk about this in some of your films, I seen….

AJ: For those who just joined us, we have MSNBC, New York Daily News – students, all these people said those won’t be there next week. Odigo admits that they instant messaged their people to get out of the building. So number one, what you said is documented.

MT: Yeah, it is absolutely documented. Not to mention the fact that anybody who was awake at all from the neck up will know that had people not been warned, 30,000 plus people would be dead today. They wanted more people dead. They are disappointed. Don’t you think for a second that they are not disappointed.

AJ: But normally on a Tuesday morning, you would have had about 30,000 people, they said.

MT: That’s right, or more. I’ve been in New York many, many times as a worker, as a visitor and I have yet to see that not be the truth. So already something is wrong. In addition to which, some of the guys who I spoke to there, they know the building was pulled – just like 7 was pulled. I don’t care how many planes you fly into those World Trade Centers, if the planes themselves took it down, they would have fallen sideways – not down in an implosion type style. Not to mention, the reports from talking to people as a counselor, who told me things they didn’t even realize they were saying. They were in such a state of shock, they just said, “Well, you know, I saw this, this, this, and this,” and they are caught up in their trauma. And I’m listening to it and thinking to myself, “My God, this is a conspiracy. This is a real Pearl Harbor, modern day.”

AJ: Well, I want to go over that. So, describe what you saw when you first got to Ground Zero.

MT: The first thing that you noticed on the first day there – if you went there out of turn, you were arrested, for the most part. One of the men on our team was arrested for going, what they call, out of turn. If you were there, you were invited. If you worked in a sensitive area, you were an invited group. We were invited. We were told that we were to stand down until Friday. Well, myself and a couple of my teammates were coming back , we hate that because we were sick to our stomachs. We were rescue people and we know that every moment counts for rescue. By the time that Tuesday night had occurred, it was a recovery effort. I mean anybody who knows anything about rescue knows that’s a fact. There is no way that a human being could live through that. None. Fire engines were crushed in half, sir. But when we got there, we had to be very careful about our help, who we said we were, how we assisted for those first couple of hours because you did run the risk of being arrested. Then, when you were allowed there, I recall being on the pile and working and you could hear nothing but generators. Alex, there was nothing but generators and crying. No matter what they showed you on that television, it was nothing compared to when we turned the corner and you were in the thick of it.

AJ: Well, I want to hear the details of an eyewitness. You got some of the biggest awards and citations from the rescue efforts. We’ll be right back. Stay with us.


AJ: I’ve got hundreds of interviews at Ground Zero of people who were saying that they were particularly themselves told not to go into work but then they say, “But you can’t put me on tape. I’ve been threatened.” I did put a lot of people on the tape though who were told or talked to others who were told. But MSNBC said they were out to prove “disprove an urban legend” about warnings and found out it was true. And we have that article in the film. But you’ve got to get “Martial Law,” folks. I want you to get it, make copies, spread the word, expose the killers, the true culprits of September 11th. The toll free number to get the new film is 1-888-253-3139.


Going back to Sgt. Matthew, Sergeant, again you sent me so many documents, so much information. You were so highly decorated, the things you did there. We’ve talked to other rescue workers here on the broadcast in the past, as well. And I’ve talked to firefighters who said they saw the bombs going off. And they’ll tell me, “Alex, I’m sorry, I’ve been threatened. I can’t come on your show. We’ve been told to shut up.” So many people. You are going to be with us into the next hour and later we’ll take calls. There is so much to talk about that you witnessed. There’s the whole facet of the toxic waste and how you guys weren’t given treatment.

MT: I have a little list here. I should be able to follow it. And, okay..

AJ: Run down the list first and then we’ll go through the list.

MT: Okay, from what I sent you – about the Red Cross and some of the systems that were out there to help you. That’s basically fundamentally flawed. They will tell you what’s wrong but they will not help you. The only way they will help you is if you start talking about conspiracies. Then they are all about helping you. There’s no money for people who lost their jobs like I did. I was on call until the end.

AJ: That’s what I’ve said, they are only a government agency there to pay people off.

MT: Yes, they are, or kill you. I worked for American Tower Corporation. They said, “We’ll keep your job open.” It didn’t happen – to myself and another person. As we traveled back, one of the things that I noticed always, as we traveled from New York to Pennsylvania, the further we got from New York, the colder the climate became towards the workers at Ground Zero, when we got to Pennsylvania. People are very distant from the workers from up there. As for the folks at the Port Authority, who I worked with hand-and-hand mostly, they lost more people proportionally than anyone did. And yet they were not allowed to be on the site for days. They actually came to our little pavilion, at the Port Authority headquarters and they said, “Look, if we don’t get on that site today or tomorrow, we are going to sneak on there with FDNY clothes and we’re going to shoot them and then they’ll know where they stand.” So, it was a very hostile circumstance between the New York Fire Department and the Port Authority.

AJ: Well I know they even banned photography at the site.

MT: They would tackle you and take your camera away. I watched people be tackled. I’ve been officially press for a while but I’ve done some press work – you know like writing a little article - and I have never, ever, ever seen anything like that.

AJ: And then they hauled the steel off to China.

MT: Right, they did that for a reason, they did that for a reason………

AJ: Well, let’s go over what you witnessed. Again, there is so much. Let’s talk about all of it when we get back. We are about to start the third hour. And then later we’ll take calls as well – at 800-259-9231. Don’t forget that the new film “Martial Law” is out. We’ll be right back.


AJ: Third hour, Thursday, the 24th day of March, 05. We’re talking to Sgt. Matthew Tartaglia, highly decorated rescue worker and counselor, as well. A debriefer there at the World Trade Center disaster site. And it’s a laundry list of things that he’s an eyewitness to. And everything he’s a witness to, we have already confirmed with multiple other sources. Most of it even the mainsteam media but forgotten but it’s good to have an eyewitness on to discuss this. From the data recorders being found, how the buildings were turned into dust to different elements of the government robbing and looting things out of the buildings, the ATMs, to the rescue workers, firemen, police, Port Authority workers not getting medical treatment for the asbestos. We are going to cover it all. Where should we start, Sergeant?

MT: I think we should just keep going from the beginning. When we first got there, we were told where we could go and where we couldn’t go. There were different places that you were not to go to. One of the things you were not to go to and they claimed it was for safety was down in the garages, the parking garages. They were very flooded. There were a lot of problems like that. All the apartments around there were all sealed off. A lot of things were very much sealed off. However, at the same time, right from the beginning, one of the things that I noticed was there was looting everywhere. People were stealing clothes that were meant for us. The rescue people – when our clothes got so contaminated, we were told not to bring our clothes off that site. Don’t wear anything on the site you’re not prepared to leave there because it’s contaminated.

We went through an OSHA training on how to use our breathers. But I didn’t wear a breather and neither did any of my counselors because how can you talk through a muffled, double-filtered respirator? You can’t. The damage that you would see there. Number one, I want to just move to one thing that is my pet peeve, that drives me absolutely insane, if you don’t mind for one second , and that is that they claim that they found these passports of the hijackers. There wasn’t one piece of glass on the ground that was whole. I would like to know how it is possible that a plane that supposedly incinerated steel that is supposed to handle 4000 and 5000 degree Fahrenheit burning for days on end, a passport that was on that plane survived, in that kind of a ball of fire? I’d like to know how it happened. I’d like to know how all the convenient things were found but nothing, quote, unquote, inconvenient was found. I’d like to know how it is possible that they knew that a ring that was contaminated with all this, that they got the DNA off of it. Anybody who has ever followed DNA sampling knows that you need a pretty clean source of DNA to know who it is. Well, we found body parts. It wasn’t like something you would see in some crazy horror film, it looked like a rag, it looked like something you never wanted to see in your life - ever.

AJ: I want to repeat all of this. Because yeah, they said they found a ring that was the hijacker’s. They found not one but two passports.

MT: And they were side by side.

AJ: Later it turns out that they were fakes and the government just dropped the story. It’s like that magic bullet that shot through two people and steel and wasn’t even deformed and hit Kennedy.

MT: Right, it’s the magic bullet. There are several of those. There’s a lot of people been shot by that same magic bullet manufacturer.

AJ: For those who don’t know, if you shoot a bullet into water, it deforms.

MT: Exactly.

AJ: If you shoot a bone with a bullet, it blows into pieces.

MT: It breaks into fragments, most of the time ..

AJ: Not that one that went through two people and four bones.

MT: That’s an amazing bullet.

AJ: Well, it’s just like this passport. It’s made out of kryptonite.

MT: I guess so. It must be the most powerful substance on earth. We should be looking at that, too. You know, maybe to protect our planes and our buildings maybe we could paint the walls with that – or wallpaper and next time we won’t have any problems but one of the other...

AJ: We’ve got to break. Let’s come back and go over the passport and over more of this, over the looting. I want details of the looting. And then we’ll talk about how you’ve gotten sick and what’s happened to members of your team. And take some phone calls. We’ll be right back, talking to an eyewitness. He was there, folks – highly decorated. So Matthew stay with us. We shall return after this quick break.


AJ: Alright, we are talking to one of the rescue heroes, who was highly decorated for the work he did in the weeks after 9/11. Just everything he is saying checks out with the publicly available information that we have. Sgt. Matthew Tartaglia. And Sergeant, again continuing with this, so you are there on Ground Zero, you’re looking at this total devastation and they are claiming that they found one of the hijacker’s rings, said there was blood on it. They found two of the hijacker’s passports. It later turned out they were fake. The government manufactured that but we have a government that pays for hundreds of millions of dollars a year in fake newscasts. Okay, they pay off the reporters.

MT: And they won an election that way too; let’s don’t forget that.

AJ: Well this is what they do over and over again. So, you are there and then you described how from day one, they are not letting you guys get into rescue people.

MT: Right. Alex, from that evening on, it was a recovery effort. They kept on telling people it’s a rescue effort, it’s a rescue effort and that’s about M-O-N-E-Y and nothing else. Money, money, money, send us your money. We’ve got things to take care of; we’ve got people to feed. There was food rotting on docks. There was so much food there. The only thing they did not turn away was money. There were……..

AJ: Well I remember when the Red Cross kept saying, give us blood, give us blood, because most people won't give blood, they’ll give money. It’s the psychology. And it’s turned out that just thousands and thousands of gallons of blood was rotting. It was a joke. And, of course, I told people, don’t give your money to the Red Cross. They’ll give it to gun control, they’ll give it to other groups. And they kept half the money. And then I saw articles where they would only go offer families money to shut up. And then you just said that.

MT: To go away and shut up. If you want money, you need to be a pain in the peta, you know what I mean? Pain in the arse. And you needed to be it seriously, because there is plenty of shut up money but honorable money? There’s none of that. I need some help? There’s none of that. My teeth are falling out? There’s none of that. I’d like to talk to somebody? That’s what insurance is for. And when we were helping the emergency workers, you know they were 12 hours on; 12 hours off. If you spoke to civilians, you actually were reprimanded by not being allowed to go back to the pile per hour, per occurrence. So if you talked to four people, they wouldn’t say anything to you on the pile. But when you got back, to come back and got ready at the Port Authority, got showered, dressed and ready to return, they’d say, “Tartaglia, you have to hold up a second, we need to talk to you for a second.” And then you would have nonsensical conversations for two or three hours. And then………..

AJ: So it was all run basically as an intelligence operation.

MT: That’s right

AJ: Now we know that by day two, they arrested anybody with cameras. They said no over-flights, no cameras. Why would say that? What did you see happening?

MT: One of the reasons that I can tell you – and I’m sure this is why they took the cameras away. First of all they didn’t take cameras away from everybody. They took them away from people they couldn’t control.

AJ: Yeah, FEMA was allowed to have cameras.

MT: FEMA was allowed to have cameras. The police, the Port Authority, certain people who I was attached with were allowed to have cameras. And I had a camera also. After my second full day there, I just decided that it was stupid to pull that camera out unless I saw something that absolutely that could not be passed up. Mostly what you saw was evidence of an implosion. Mostly what you saw was that there are cameras everywhere and it’s more of what they say they couldn’t catch on camera had to be caught on camera if it was on. And I had no reason to believe that those cameras were not working before or on that day. I know for a fact, I believe you saw my certificate there. They are from FEMA, several of them. I am a FEMA trained person and FEMA certified. That means that if there’s a situation in my area, even sick and laying down, semi-retired or whatever I’m doing. If I have the most experience, I am the OIC officer in charge, until someone can relieve me, who has more training. That’s the law. There is a secret government. I’m sorry, it’s not a secret anymore. But it is a government that is set-up and there is a fear-based, martial law solution and that’s what it’s all about. It’s all about fear. But moving on…..

AJ: Well I want to go back to the cameras. Just like with the Pentagon, they go and they grab them at gas stations and hotels.

MT: That’s right

AJ: Same thing here. There were all of those businesses in other buildings and they counted it up and it was like 300 cameras training at the towers but they declared national security on those tapes. And people would try to sue to get them. What are they trying to hide?

MT: I think that they are trying to hide what – there was a film there that was extremely hush-hush. And a lot of people are going to take offense at what I’m going to say. To those people, I’m sorry. There is a film that shows firefighters breaking into an ATM machine. They stole over $470,000 in cash money. They didn’t do anything to them. Why, because America wouldn’t understand, unquote. They let them get away with unreal stuff. There were rules and regulations only FDNY did not have to follow it. And it’s my experience, in my life and in my line of things that I’ve done, that the only people who are in charge are the ones who have carte blanche to go wherever and do whatever they wish. I believe that the NY knew ahead of time. They may have been duped just like the military into believing that it was a training exercise and that’s why so many of them were talking openly at first. But, the Secret Service was there on a regular basis. They did not hide who they were in any way, shape, or form. But they would discretely speak with you and I saw grown men, who I’ve seen and who I’ve known to be in gun fights and all kinds of different things, turn pale as a ghost and speak not of what they were told.

AJ: Now, let’s talk about the flight data recorders. It’s been in major publications, it’s been in the Philadelphia Daily News, two search and rescue individuals, one of them very highly decorated like yourself, said that they physically, that three of the data recorders had been found - two data recorder and one voice recorder. There’s two per plane.

MT: Right

AJ: That three of them had been found. They were loaded on four-wheelers and then the FBI said shut your mouth. What do you know about that?

MT: I believe that, first of all my understanding about those recorders, when they were found, they were in pretty good shape for what they had supposedly been through.

AJ: Yeah, that’s what they said.

MT: Number two, one of the big problems was, is that they were trying to say that they found those boxes on three different occasions. Not just three boxes, but three different occasions, all of the boxes were found. So, in my opinion about that is that they are trying to disqualify what these highly decorated and honest people said. We found the box. The reason why they are trying to disqualify them is because they wanted to have the boxes longer so they could, “edit what they needed out for national security.” I guess that must have been the remote control buttons going off and on – because I can’t imagine what would be national security to not let us know and have a little sense of peace, what really happened.

AJ: They ordered the FAA to shred all the tapes.

MT: Absolutely. That’s against the law. I thought that I would like to know why when I fly my Cessna, if I'm just [ ] off path a little bit, I have a radio call, “Cessna 098 November, where are you going?” Where are you going? You mean to tell me that they lost some people for all that time? You mean to tell me that a supersonic jet that can go three times mach speed couldn’t get to those people? Something is wrong, to high heaven, and there’s no way what they said is true - from anything that you say to me, Alex, because there is so much stuff and sometimes you can’t even remember all of it.

AJ: Before we take some calls, let’s get back into more of the 9/11 cover-up. Let’s talk about, they admit those buildings the pillars were coated in asbestos.

MT: Yes they were.

AJ: And which is another reason they couldn’t burn or melt, folks. But that place was pulverized, turned into dust, and then Bush says support the firefighters and rescue workers. But then he blocked the 90 plus million for medical treatment.

MT: Right. And you know what, when you burn metal at that rate – anybody who knows anything about being there, there were a hose running non-stop on that fire and that’s because the metal was burning at the heat of magnesium in there. And it was so hot, what they were trying to do was not put out the fire, but mist the damn particulate. There are, I have now been told..

AJ: Listen Sergeant, I know you’re upset but we have a lot of children listening, let’s be real careful here.

MT: I’m sorry.

AJ: No, I know this is very upsetting to you, I understand. I apologize for..

MT: Thank you for pointing that out; I appreciate that. The particulates that were in the air had to be watered down [ ] There were only certain parts of the site that you could not legally leave without going through decontamination.

AJ: Jet fuel is cold burning. And these people are standing in the holes of the buildings after the…

MT: That’s not possible. That’s not possible.

AJ: Exactly. So, how did we get then these white hot fires that were still burning weeks later?

MT: Some people call them subatomic nuclear controlled explosions. Some people call them tactical nukes.

AJ: Well the question is, we have the thermal photos. How do you weeks later have stuff burning in molten down in there?

MT: There’s only one way. There had to be a combination of some very high powerful stuff and when that stuff all closed in on itself, it just burned and burned. Because it was burning. I mean that is not a lie or something like that, that smoke came out and it burned like crazy. It was unreal, that fire.

AJ: I want to talk about the health problems you and others have had. It’s admitted, they call it the WTC cough.

MT: Yeah

AJ: A lot of people have died from it and the government says, shut up - you’re not getting anything.

MT: If you don’t know what you’re talking about; you’re crazy.

AJ: And the Red Cross is going to keep the money for themselves.


AJ: We’re talking to Sgt. Matthew Tartaglia. I’m Alex Jones, your host. We’re going to your calls: David and Mark and Chris and Richard and Harvey and everybody else here in just a few minutes. Continuing with the health problems. Again, it is admitted that the rescue workers and New Yorkers, period, but especially rescue workers, breathed all this asbestos and other chemicals. And there were treatments for all of this but Bush, personally, had the Congress shut down the money: 90 plus million because that would have been an admission of exposure. And he’s denied you guys that. What have the health problems been like for yourself and your friends and others that were there?

MT: Most everybody has chronic sinusitis. They have ringing in the ears. Some people’s teeth and gums are bothering them. In the last year, I’ve lost seven teeth. They have just broken while I was eating. I have three or four more teeth that are just dying. And my dentist says, “I’ve never seen anything like this in someone who’s healthy. There is something wrong with you but I cannot find what it is. And I can’t stop it either.”

AJ: Did you see the New Scientist? They did the scans, cat scans of the lungs, and everybody they tested, it was filled with asbestos.

MT: Yeah. The doctor said to me, I have - 97% of the population in American breathes more efficiently than I do. And that most of the people who are in that 3% are the people from Ground Zero. It’s this debilitating, death-bed type of lung problems.

AJ: And you’ve had friends that have died?

MT: Yes. Rolland was our supervisor, he’s the person who initiated me into critical management. He’s the person who made sure that my training was up to par. He’s the person who I went to as a confidant. And on December 31st, he went home. And on January 1st, he dropped dead from a massive heart attack in his house.

AJ: He’d been having health problems?

MT: He had been having health problems, just like mine, just like the people who were there. But one thing that he did not stick to that we did stick to, is that we allowed ourselves a weeks break between our time. Rolland was there all the time. He gave his life to make sure that the problems at Ground Zero stayed at Ground Zero for the most part or got worked out, too.

AJ: Now they admit that this has happened to the people there. And fourteen search and rescue dogs have died of these bizarre nasal cancers. They found the asbestos in them as well. There was also all those heavy metals that were there. What was the effect on the rescue workers when medical treatments got blocked?

MT: Some people committed suicide. Some people went crazy. Some people lost their wives or husbands because once you were there – it’s like Vietnam – and someone says if you weren’t there, you don’t have any idea. You really don’t. When you know the truth about something and you can’t talk about it, not even to your wife, and you have these eruptions of character, as they are called.

AJ: You were saying also that you were debriefing people as a counselor as well. And that just the stuff that they were talking about just showed what a fraud the official story was. What are some examples of that?

MT: Some of the examples were the availability for the blood, for instance. Someone said to me, his co-worker had gotten sick because he was moving bad blood around. Well bad blood is [ ] and apparently either he got sick – I really don’t understand whether the man just threw up or was getting sick to death of seeing what he saw or that he had actually been getting sick from contamination. I believe it’s the first of the two, to be honest with you. However, there were people who, officers who went in afterwards and the last thing they said to their partner was, “Oh my God, it’s exploding. Oh my God, it’s exploding.” So what was he talking about?

AJ: Well, it’s the same thing, we have firefighters in the new film saying, “Look at the bombs going off” or “It looked like detonators.” [crosstalk] of the blast points going down the sides of the buildings. What about Larry Silverstein? He’s say they pulled it. We have the New York fire department telling the AP reporters, “Get back, we’re going to pull it.” That is the demolition term. Did you run across any of that?

MT: Yeah. They pulled 7, there’s no two ways about that and that’s about money. Every building that – you said the man’s name..

AJ: Larry Silverstein

MT: Right. Larry Silverstein, thank you very much. Every building that he owned is gone and it’s being rebuilt or was rebuilt. And he just purchased those right before and that is one of the things that someone said to me.

AJ: I want to hear about it when we get back and we’ll go right to calls. Stay with us.


AJ: The globalists are building their entire police state, their control grid, on the foundation of 9/11. They were already setting up their police state before 9/11 and they said, “The terrorists are about to attack. And when they attack, give up all your rights. And you’ll get security.” Then the terrorists did attack. And now they are saying that the next attack is going to be bigger and we are going to take even more of rights. This is the new way of life, okay. But the borders are going to stay wide open. My new film, “Martial Law – 9/11 Rise of the Police State,” is really three films in one. It’s some of the latest police state developments, we go to Ground Zero, we document what really happened on 9/11 like no other film does, we detail how the globalists carried out September 11th, and tell it like it is. We don’t mince words. In the third part, we show the guiding ideology and philosophy of the New World Order. We show the Nazi death cult connections: Skull & Bones, Bohemian Grove, the Bushes, Arnold Schwarzenegger. It is such an important film. It’s really getting rave reviews. I’m very proud of this film. It’s $25.95, two hours, thirty-five minutes long. You are authorized for non-profit, educational purposes to make copies of it, to spread it around. That’s how it will have a big effect. This film will not be seen; this film will not have an affect unless you order it and unless you make some copies of it. Please, for those who have made copies of my other films in the past – thank you. Please get this video. Please make more copies of it than you made of any other film I’ve made. Get it out to people. Air it on access TV. Get it out to public officials – people in your area. The toll free number to get this new video is 1-888-253-3139. Or you can just write to me: Alex Jones, 3001 S. Lamar, Suite 100, Austin, TX 78704. Or you can go to and watch it online in high bandwidth or low bandwidth, depending on your connection.


I want to go to some calls now. We’re talking to Sgt. Matthew. He’s just done an incredible job and Matthew, everything you’ve said is confirmed information we already have – other than the looting. I heard a lot of looting went on. What about – the government admits over $100 billion in a federal reserve gold reserve that was in the bottom of those buildings, down in the basement – obviously where they told the rescue workers not to go. Were you there during the later period of excavation when they did go into those areas? Because gold isn’t destroyed.

MT: No, at the very worst all that would happen is it would melt and move about. But it would still be collectible.

AJ: All these thousands and thousands of giant gold bars in those vaults, which they admit was there, were you guys discussing that or was there any …

MT: Yes, there was discussions about it. You know the humor, “I get one of those.” But the only people who were allowed in were special operations or whether it be military or police. And they were very, very strict about that.

AJ: They admit the gold was there, I have articles pre-9/11. These giant gold vaults are there and then there’s no discussion of it.

MT: And then they said that they must have moved it or it was destroyed. The last things that were said was – oh my god, where did this gold go to? So, you have some of these people…

AJ: A lot of people think the globalists took the gold out before hand.

MT: If I was them I probably would have, too. You know what I mean? I don’t want to sound like I support anything that they did or are doing. But you have to admit, the way they are doing this is extremely critical. Aside from not being able to keep a secret to save their lives, and bragging like crazy on television, they can’t keep a secret. But these people, they’re really serious.

AJ: My last point. Have you heard about this high-level army official, who has now gone public in federal court and released the documents, they are not being disputed, that the army did drills in 1976 of hijacked jets, hijacked by box cutters, [ ] Arabs?

MT: Absolutely. I studied those – if you noticed some of my certificates of training – preparation for terrorism, terrorism awareness, first responder, etc? Those were all studies. And they were studies pre and post-9/11.

AJ: Well that’s the thing, I have the 1999 FEMA terrorism report and it’s got crosshairs right on the towers.

MT: Yes it does. Yes, I have that same exact document, actually.

AJ: Were there any discussions, there are so many questions here. How many people were talking at Ground Zero – did anybody get an inkling that bad guys with box cutters couldn’t do this? What did they say when they said……

MT: Everybody said…

AJ: As soon as they found the passport, what did they say?

MT: To tell you the truth, that’s when it really started to get hot. If you know what I mean – people really started to get upset about that. Because if you had been there you would have known that no passport would have made it down. You would know it, instinctively. And people started looking at each other. People started getting afraid. You could – it was like an us and them right there on the site. “Oh you don’t have clearance so I can’t talk to you – at least not right now. I’ll talk to you later when we’re drinking.” And that’s the way it was. The more information came out at the pub than they did at the stations or …

AJ: So what were people saying when they were on the news saying, “We found the ring with blood on it. It’s the hijacker’s. We found two passports. What were people saying at the bars, minus the profanity?

MT: (laughs)

AJ: I can imagine, yeah.

MT: They were aghast. To tell you the truth, there were a lot of people who were really ready to quit their jobs and walk away. They are people who have walked away from their jobs as a result of their involvement. And their lives and everything, have picked up and done their exodus, if you will. They have left.

AJ: Because they know.

MT: They do know. It’s happening; it really is happening. And people want to play ostrich and they think that, you known, in traffic, sometimes you see this phenomenon all the time, people see an 18-wheeler making a turnaround in some really precarious turn. And it looks like it could possibly hit their car. What do they do? Look away. They don’t move their vehicle, they don’t look to see if there is somewhere that they can back up. They look away.

AJ: I’ve noticed that they disassociate. Let’s go to some calls. You have people that think that the world is inside their head and that they govern reality with their imaginary little world. Dave, from California, thanks for holding, you are on the air with our guest.

Dave: Hey how you doing Matthew?

MT: How are you doing?

Dave: I’m great. God bless you first of all and just always remember that He’s in charge.

MT: Oh yeah, amen

Dave: We don’t have to worry about too much because He’s in charge. What I wanted to ask specifically I have heard reports that some of the security companies that were in the World Trade Centers were dealing in DD214 forms [military discharge documents], that they were selling essentially military registration, birth certificates so on and so forth with respect to military personnel. Have you heard of anything like that? Is there anything that you might be able to shed light on?

AJ: They did a lot of insider trading. The CIA did – out of the buildings. What the mafia or the criminals will do is they will move a bunch of criminal operations six-months before they do something – into something they are going to torch. And it’s like they move the records on Waco and on Vince Foster into the Alfred P. Murrah building right before they blew it up. Comments on that?

MT: Yes, I do have a comment on that. Actually, it seems to be what you’re referring to and if it’s the same thing that I’m aware of, what happened is there are some people who are defecting and running away like I just suggested. And they sold their identifications beforehand to buy some time for themselves. I’m sorry for anybody who that hurt. But that’s the truth of the matter. They sold their identities to buy time for themselves.

AJ: Alright Dave, thanks for the call. Up next is Mark in Nevada. Mark, you’re on the air, go ahead.

Mark: Hey how are you guys doing? Sorry about the way you firefighters have been treated and everything but I can’t say I’m surprised. I was in the Marine Corp myself and I was injured by the anthrax shots. [ ] They did the same thing to us veterans.

AJ: I’ve got to add this. It was federal crime every time they did that. Those were experimental shots. Even if you’re in the military, you’ve got to give them your consent and they didn’t do that.

Mark: I served my whole time honorably and they treat us like we are nothing but kleenex, you know. I’m not surprised. But I want to ask you about World Trade Center 7 where Guiliana and Jerome Hauer had their little headquarters set up. What have you heard about what WTC 7 was actually used for?

MT: WTC 7 was, from my understanding, it was set-up the day before and the day before that, as early as the 9th to run this exercise. They pulled that building because there was no way that they could conceivably move that data that was in there. They accomplished what they wanted..

AJ: Tripod 2 and then the FEMA spokesman on the nightly news said that they were doing a drill. Then they said it was a conspiracy. And then Guiliana last year got up and admitted – I have it all on tape. He got up and said yeah, likely the Port Authority was already moved out. I pulled out that morning. It was part of the drill and Tripod 2 was tied in to the drills to fly hijacked jets into those buildings. Folks, this is the Associated Press. What is the mathematical chance that they were running drills of the exact same thing happening at the exact same time? It’s impossible.

MT: It’s not possible. Mathematically the potential for that is so far away that you’ll time travel before that will happen.

AJ: That’s a good way to put it. Is there any comments about 7 – you said you were there night, [Building ] 7 at 5:30 that night falls perfectly?

MT: When 7 fell, there were a few people on the fence. They got off the fence very quickly. They knew what happened. We had just watched two buildings fall identically. What plane hit 7? Please tell me what one hit 7 because I don’t know about it.

AJ: Oh by the way, the new FEMA report. There is a new government report just put out, commissioned by FEMA - first they said they don’t know why it fell, then no it wasn’t a fuel oil tank. Now they are saying that the North Tower hit it. And by their own official debris field map, the North Tower didn’t hit it. Now they are saying that the North Tower hit it and knocked out it’s main support column.

MT: Oh boy. If what they said was true, most of Manhattan would be flattened.

AJ: I’ve been there. I’ve got the video. They admit it didn’t hit Building 7.

MT: They fell straight down. The furthest anything went was 75 feet. That’s it. Nothing went beyond 75 feet.

AJ: But I mean that’s admitted. But now, the government’s got a new report saying 7 fell because the North Tower hit it.

MT: That’s not true; it’s false.

AJ: They might as well say because Donald Duck chewed through the girders.

MT: I want to say something that we have not touched on at all. It’s just too wacky for me to believe that no one’s paying attention to. Under the law, the airport that George Bush would have had to fly out of would have been closed. And it would have been considered a national threat of security because of its size and its proximity to where the president was that day. In addition to which, the principal of that school that morning said, George the president came in and said that the World Trade Center had been hit and we were going to go ahead anyway, he thought it was a Cessna. And then …

AJ: Normally whenever anything happens, he stops his whole……..

MT: That’s called negligence. He is negligent.

AJ: Bare minimum. Thank you for the call Mark. Chris in Kentucky, Chris go ahead, you’re on the air.

Chris: Yes, thank you Alex. And thank you Matthew. You know you are a great American. We need to get more information out. You know I have news clips of before the planes impact. There were even news reporters who witnessed there were no windows on those planes. And there was also a pod that was attached under the second tower that hit. I saw that in a film, “911-In Plane Site.” There is a lot - obviously going on.

MT: Some people say that there was a holograph around a missile and that that went through.

Chris: Yeah

AJ: Regardless, it was a fraud.

MT: It was a fraud.

Chris: It really was.

MT: Whether it was laser guided missiles or it doesn’t matter. But if you’ll remember in that show that they have with most of the people from the X-files, the

AJ: The Lone Gunman

MT: Yeah, thank you very much. The Lone Gunman? The man said in the movie, “I don’t want anything to do with it. I’m afraid and I’m going to back out.” That’s what they are doing. They are scaring us to death.

Chris: They are putting us in such fear.

AJ: For those who don’t know about The Lone Gunman, months before 9/11, a secret government group by remote control, hijacks a passenger jet. They fly it into the towers for a police state. And again, it’s all part of this [ ]. Anything else Chris?

Chris: Yeah, it’s just like the Pentagon – no wreckage. So this is obviously a government set-up.

AJ: Alright, thank you for the call. Richard in Alabama. Richard you are on the air, go ahead.

Richard: Hi, could you tell us in percentages what happened to the careers of the New York firefighters? Like what percentage had to quit? What percentage was fired?

MT: Unfortunately, I do not know those figures. I can tell you something and it may sound like I’m – in a smart aleck way but I’m not, 100% of those who cooperated, their careers went sky high. 100% of those who did not cooperate have nothing but problems. And like I said, that sounds a little slippery, but it’s the truth. The people who cooperated, they succeeded but some 50% of the people who were there are dying or sick. And there’s a lot of good people up there. I have to tell you when the first dog died there, it was a hard day for a lot of people.

AJ: Oh, you mean dogs were dying on the spot?

MT: That’s right, there was a dog – I believe it was the 8th day when the dog died. And I just cannot think of Jim’s dog name – and I do believe that Jim was the handler. And he was a great guy. He would let you pet his dog. I’m a handler myself. I have a dog who lives with me and she did her job until she couldn’t anymore. And they are very therapeutic. And…

AJ: Alright, Richard, any other questions?

Richard: Write a book and make a video in a hurry.

MT: I’m working on it.

AJ: Alright, we’ll be back and talk to Harvey and a few others in the final segment. An amazing interview. Stay with us Matthew. We’ll be right back on the other side.


AJ: Real fast, three final calls. Harvey in Florida and then Mike and Mike. Harvey go ahead.

Harvey: Yes hello Alex and Sergeant Matthew. I’d like to tell you it wasn’t just the asbestos in the towers, it was so many cathode ray tubes hooked up to the computers there that the toxic mercury and the heavy metals is what you were breathing. Let me tell you a personal story. I’ll make it very quick. My daughter, Melissa, who is about 30-years old and was pregnant and she was about 20 blocks away. Within several weeks after the 9/11 happening, she was in the subway on the way to work…

AJ: Miscarriage

Harvey: spontaneous miscarriage. That’s correct. And she’s the most healthy, most natural – doesn’t smoke, doesn’t drink, most perfect human being you’d ever meet.

AJ: What a horrible tragedy.

MT: I am very sorry for your loss.

AJ: The globalists just deal in death, like the Terri Schiavo case. Wherever it goes, just death, death, death. Anything else, Harvey?

Harvey: At the EPA, the lady resigned because she was told to say how healthy the air was there in New York. Just let me also say that I also have a personal friend, a neighbor of mine, that was and is a consultant to Deutsche Bank. He was in the Trade Center area there – maybe even in Building 7. And when I started asking him about what he was doing there, he told me he was sworn to secrecy.

MT: And he was. It’s actually like what you hear about the Masonic rituals and like that. When you are accepted into the societies, it’s a circle within a circle, within a circle, within a circle. And you are on a need-to-know basis.

AJ: And it’s compartmentalized. Got to go quick. Thanks Harvey. Mike in Illinois and then Mike in Arizona. Mike, go ahead.

Mike: Hey Alex. Great show, great guest. And I just want to ask you both a question here. Alex, when the World Trade Centers went down, a friend of mine, his brother lived in Manhattan and he was maybe 5-6 blocks and he said between the first and second tower, when it came down, he said the local news there, at that point, they had not even known about a second aircraft that hit the tower. He said that they were brainwashed and that the local news knew that there was a plane that hit. But yet one of the reporters that did the traffic was still saying, “We don’t know what caused, we don’t know what happened to the tower.”

AJ: Well it gets worse than that, we know that Building 7 ran the command and control for the whole complex. Somebody was on the radio, even after the firefighters were evacuating, and they were sitting there saying, “Stay at your desk, stay at your desk.” Thanks for the call Mike. Did you hear about that?

MT: Yes, yes I did.

AJ: Who was saying “stay at your desk?”

MT: I personally think it was the people who were being encouraged to stay at their desk were not so cooperative, if you know what I mean.

AJ: Let’s go ahead and talk to Mike in Arizona, Mike, go ahead.

Mike: Matthew, you mentioned the possibility of tactical nukes early on. Was anyone measuring radioactivity at the Ground Zero site?

MT: To my knowledge, in a very short period of time, there is going to be a book that is coming out that will explain some other things. And yes, there is somebody working on that I am aware of. And ..

AJ: So were there devices there?

MT: My belief is that is yes. Completely, yes.

Mike: Thank you.
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