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News :: Human Rights
Police Attack Demonstrator in Andover, MA
10 Apr 2005
Modified: 02:14:24 PM
As the crowd was dispersing at the end of a peace march in Andover on Saturday, police attacked a man who was posting a bumper sticker on a telephone pole.
The Fifth Annual Death and Taxes march from the IRS to Raytheon was wrapping up late Saturday afternoon, Peter Lowney, an activist visiting Massachusetts from Alaska, put a "Bush Cheated" bumper sticker on a telephone pole. He was stopped and arrested by police officers, and when he didn't immediately submit to arrest he was thrown to the ground by three police officers. One officer sprayed mace or pepper spray directly into his eyes, while another pressed into his eyes with his fingers, and a third held him down. Witnesses were able to get the names of two of the officers -- officers Pathiakas and Neill.

Lowney was charged with resisting arrest, disorderly conduct, and posting without a permit.

Ironicallly by the time Lowney had been thrown into the back of the police van, the bumper sticker had fallen off the telephone pole. The pole already had a white cross and flowers affixed to it.

The violence against Lowney fits a pattern of general harrassment against peaceful activists in Andover. In recent years Andover police have photographed demonstrators and taken down license plate numbers during the annual Death and Taxes march. In private conversations, police officials have admitted to sharing that information with federal law enforcement agencies. Last year police arrested an activist carrying a punching bag shaped like President Bush because he put the punching bag down on the sidewalk -- the case was dismissed in court.

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Re: Police Attack Demonstrator in Andover, MA
10 Apr 2005
any pix or video or audio?
Re: Police Attack Demonstrator in Andover, MA
10 Apr 2005
There were several photographers on the scene -- I am hoping to be able to post photographs soon.

An additional detail that I forgot to include in the intial report: when Lowney was on the ground being pepper sprayed, he asked for water, and was denied it. Police also prevented others from getting water onto his skin and into his eyes.
Re: Police Attack Demonstrator in Andover, MA
11 Apr 2005
He should not have resisted arrest. He brought this on himslef by being an idiot. Being an idiot creates many problems for the idiot. If you confront authority, you risk being arrested. You should expect this to be a part of confronting authority. Accept your arrest and move on. Otherwise, you risk getting maced. I have no sympathy for someone who brings a situation upon himself and then whiles about it. Grow a set.
Re: Police Attack Demonstrator in Andover, MA
11 Apr 2005
A video with audio is needed to show whether the demonstrator or policeman was at fault here.

Photographs alone do not show enough to attribute guilt.
Re: Police Attack Demonstrator in Andover, MA
11 Apr 2005
alright so the police probably shouldnt have sprayed him and been so violent, but seriously, what was this protester expecting? you do NOT resist arrest unless you want to get beaten up. i don't believe in law enforcement and i definitely don't think this should happen, but given the current conditions, what's he trying to prove by resisting arrest?
Re: Police Attack Demonstrator in Andover, MA
11 Apr 2005
I was there last weekend. The cops were fucking
pigs. This kind of power has to die, so we can live.
Police Brutality Is Rampant!
12 Apr 2005
The Police didn't have to thrown him down. He wasn't armed. They could have given him a ticket to appear in court. Instead, they chose to become animals. Treat people like you would like to be treated...
Final Word. Either be humane to others. Or face the consequences of relaliation.
Petes first court appearence
12 Apr 2005
I apeared in lawerence district court this morning for the arrest at the death and taxes march. It was a long day because the local police department had dreseed up some officers as prostitutes and arrested scores of guys in a sting operation over the weekend.
I was offered a "deal" by the proscuter. 6mnts probation/suspened sentence for resisting arrest, 3 mnts probation for disorderly conduct and the charge of violating a town by-law dissmissed. 200 dollar court cost fine and a letter of apology to officer Pathiakas. I laughed at the police report that claimed I climbed 15 feet up the pole.
When the judge asked if I accepted the police report to be the facts of the case I told him I didnt and he refused to accept the deal. He asked why and I explained that the "bush cheated" sticker wasnt attached and that it hit the ground before I did and that the police were unhappy about our protest and they over reacted.
my next appearence is pre trial May 16th 9:00am court room #4
Afterwards a court cop showed me his bush is a moron bumper sticker and I warned him it could get him arrested in andover.
Failing the attitude test with the police is not a crime especially when they are protecting the profits of a child killling weapons of mass destruction plant. As rabid corporated attack dogs they should be opposed and resisted.
Police Attack in Andover, MA
13 Apr 2005
I was there -
the festival was small (only about 35 or 40 folks - I felt "safe" cause we had a child in a wagon with us, a pregnant woman, several local elders with banners and flags, and assorted artists in wild costumes. We have many pictures.

At first all was well - perfect in fact. The guards seemed amused by our wacky ducks and "Quack Block" - several were laugthing and smiling as Jason B. danced a psudo-snake-dance in his big turban and tattered american flag regalia... but I noted that the fellas in the black cars were not amused, and the officers photographing us from inside the van around the corner wern't either - they were watching us like hawks, waiting for us to fuck up somehow so they could smash us.

When this fella that we didnt know (pete?) lept up the pole (a memorial to some dead local teen was unhappily on this pole! damn the bad luck. they might have known them, I donno - it realy was CRAZY what happened) he went to place a sticker right after we had cleaned up all our ducks and removed all trace of our festival and most of us had walked past him and were headed up the highway back to our cars - these dudes lept on him with a level of viciousness that seemed to me to indicate a display.

It all seemed so fake - so wild, they were doing several different submission holds on him, too many different techniques and too much pain stuff.... It seemed calculated to freak us out and scare the "freaks" out of Andover for good...

I witnessed them attempting to gouge his eyes, opening his clenched fists to bend back his fingers, shoving his face into loose dry dirt and gravel (quite hard to breath, that), and spraying what seemed to be pepper spray or mace from a small container into his left eye at very close range.

They did also refuse to let a lady from a local town give him water. They hurt him again and again in front of us as we cried out "Officer! why are you DOING that? what the hell! for a STICKER?"
I was very worried about the young radical cheerleader gals with us - one was so angry and flipped out I was worried she was going to hit one of the officers, thus getting beaten up herself. Several of us were keeping calm, observing the entire thing. Then at one point we all started chanting "Protect and Serve!" Protect and Serve!" as he screamed and struggled and they tryed to force him into the van's side door. When that didnt work too well, they dragged him around and lifted him up, forceing him into the back of the wagon, as he kicked and cryed out very loudly, rocking the van.

By this point I noticed that the three children & dog that had been happily and curiously watching us from their front yard (a family apperently lives right across the street from the front of RAYTHEON'S entrance) had run away in horror.

it was sick sick sick.

And somehow, it felt staged and "put-on" amped up worse to impress us with their might, to try to kill the festival from happening.
those cops and the dept of homeland security fellas there (jar-head youngish fella in black car, no badge no id, voice of authority, looked like cia or some kind of upper police, well spoken, had a funny hole in his lip - he kept telling us "he will get the proper medical attention.") they sure must be pissed to see youth/ babys in wagons/pregnant ladys/ elders/ hipsters/ artists/ others having a sweet and goofy time in front of their plant, as I REALLY COULDNT SEE ANY REASON TO TRY TO GOUGE OUT SOMEONES EYES OVER A STICKER & RESISTING ARREST WHEN IN PAIN INFLICTED BY OFFICERS PILED ON TOP OF YOU....

This was verrrrry interesting - and very very sad. I've felt a bit traumatised since this happened, and talking about it helps.

Next year y'all need to BE ORGANISED AHEAD OF TIME FOR THIS SORT OF STUFF, dont let anyone be randomly itchy and "not with the program" of a fun time for all or down with and understanding the nmission as a Performance Art Protest thing - arrive togther, leave together, leave noone behind, and *leave no trace* on or nearby "their" property.
Bring a LOT MORE PEOPLE, as well as bring MEDIA, INDYMEDIA, and perhaps call LOCAL TV, etc etc etc

Assorted wishes for a good festival next year - with beers/ barbq afterwards!

Whatever happens, Dont let these mean mean people shake us from the path of Peace and our right as Human Thinking Beings with Souls to QUESTION, and to SPEAK FREELY & GATHER IN PUBLIC.

Peace & OneLove,
your sister.
pics, Andover ma "Death and Taxes" festival
13 Apr 2005
Modified: 12:49:50 AM
!Join The QuackBlock!
Click on image for a larger version

Death&Taxes Resistance Festival 012.jpg

...and we had fun fun fun
till daddy took our free rights awa-ay
Click on image for a larger version

Death&Taxes Resistance Festival 013.jpg

Click on image for a larger version

Death&Taxes Resistance Festival 014.jpg

Click on image for a larger version

Death&Taxes Resistance Festival 021.jpg

Click on image for a larger version

Death&Taxes Resistance Festival 026.jpg

Click on image for a larger version

Death&Taxes Resistance Festival 007.jpg

Click on image for a larger version

Death&Taxes Resistance Festival 030.jpg

help, hey he cant breath gravel & dirt very well I guess.
Protestor sentence to death by paper cuts.
28 May 2005
I plead out to a Continued Without Finding (CWOF) on Resisting arrest for 6 mnts of probation without supervision yesterday in Lawrence.The DA dropped the disorderly conduct and violation of town ordaniance(affixing without a permit) and declined to ask for an apology or court costs. High powered Astrid answered the call from the National Lawers Guild and I highly recomend her. Thanks to everyone whos solidarity made a world of difference.
Re: Police Attack Demonstrator in Andover, MA
03 Dec 2005
I paid quite alot of money to buy a home and raise my family in Andover. It is a close-knit community that has quiet streets and great schools. The FD and PD are a wonderful group of people who should be commended for the work they so. The riot and disturbance that this unwashed group of losers caused is a disgrace. Don't any of you have homes, families and jobs?
Re: Quack quack!
29 Mar 2006
Walgreen's has "giant" (actual mature-duck size) rubber ducks for $6.

In case anyone might want to know that . . .