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Phony "Anti-War" Commentator Justin Raimondo Joins the CIA
07 Oct 2001
Modified: 09:48:25 PM
Just as innocent men, women, and children start getting slaughtered by allied forces, Raimondo jumps ship. Great. The left has been infiltrated people, you will know them by their propaganda.
Phony "Anti-War" ( Commentator Justin Raimondo Joins the CIA

Quote from "antiwar" commentator Justin Raimondo:

"..... As US missiles rained down on Afghanistan, the chilling voice of Osama bin Laden, carried by Aljazeera television in Qatar, rang out over Western airwaves, directly addressing Americans as well as his fellow Muslims: "America," he said, "is full of fear from its north to its south," and Americans "will never feel safe until we and the Palestinians feel safe." "Itís greatest buildings are destroyed," he hissed, agreeing with Jerry Falwell that "here is America struck by God Almighty," and adding that "America is tasting now only a copy of what we have tasted."

In what amounts to an open admission of responsibility for the 9/11 attacks, bin Laden wrapped his monstrous confession in the rhetoric of vengeance, in effect saying: feel our pain. He is claiming the right of retaliation when he says "Our Islamic nation has been tasting the same for more 80 years, of humiliation and disgrace, its sons killed and their blood spilled, its sanctities desecrated."

...This unusual broadcast by bin Laden clarifies two issues beyond any possibility of doubt:

1) The Al Qaeda terror network and Osama bin Laden personally are responsible for the 9/11 atrocity, and the US is fully justified in going after them and ripping up this order of assassins root and branch....."

Excuse me Raimondo, but where is the admission of guilt? Where is the proof "beyond any possibility of doubt" of bin Laden's guilt? Are you and Chritsopher Hitchens brainwashed CIA assets, ordered to play like you are with those opposed to war until war actually breaks out at which point you join the administration and help with propaganda? Unreal. Proof beypond doubt huh? Where, show me the proof beyond doubt.

Also, with communications in Afghanistan jammed and under attack, how do you suppose this broadcast made it through?

Just as innocent men, women, and children start getting slaughtered by allied forces, Raimondo jumps ship. Great. The left has been infiltrated people, you will know them by their propaganda.
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Even CNN...
07 Oct 2001
Even the CNN propaganda network, which is playing this video over and over, could not bring themselves to say it was an admission. That Raimondo could when CNN could not tells us something important about "antiwar" Raimondo, who is obviously nothing more than a blood thirsty warhawk in disuise.
response to criticisms of this post ...
07 Oct 2001
(The number one objection to my points on other IMCs was that I referred to Raimondo as a member of the "left'):

First of all we would have to determine what kind of "libertarian" Raimondo is. Noam Chomsky, for instance, is generally referred to as a Libertarian-anarchist, and also as a "leftist." The reason for this is that libertarianism is generally placed on the left of the political spectrum (see Leon P. Baradat's university text book, Political Ideogies: Their Origns and Impact, p.146). William Godwin (the anarchist), for instance, is cited as espousing libertarian values, because he values decreasing government powers and protecting civil liberties. Godwin, of course, was also a pacifist. Libertarians, in the sense of the Libertarian Party, like to say they are neither right nor left, which would put them in the center, which is certanly not true. Since political scientists have to place them somewhere the natural choice has been to place them on the left where most "liberty loving" ideologies rest. The fact is that there are all kinds of Libertarians, the only ones that could be considered right are those who function as "a kind of business-worshiping cultish religion," which Raimondo has given no signs of being in his previous writings, as well as the reactionary Mcveigh-like militias. But what kind of Libertarian Raimondo is or whether he should be placed on the left or the right is matter for political scientists to discuss, and is not particularly relevant to my observations. So lets us rephrase that last sentence which you guys cannot seem to seem to get past:

"The ANTIWAR movement has been infiltrated people, you will know them by their propaganda."

There. Change that part of my original comment and let's proceed. Libertarians are supposed to be "for "individual rights", and against "force" and "fraud"," although Raimondo is now apparently in favour of force and fraud. What is the point of "" if they are lying and promoting war?

I notice none of you guys pointed out exactly what in bin Laden's suspicious speech proves his guilt for 911, as Raimondo claims. Please show me where "proof" of his guilt in 911 exists and I will immediately rescind my comments that Raimondo is engaged in pro-war propaganda?

Quote: "the US has the legitimate right to respond to an attack on its sovereignty, especially against the Taliban"

The Middle East also has a right to respond to attacks on its sovereignty and citizens, which have been perpetuated by the United States and its allies to a degree far surpassing anything Taliban could ever engage in. An alternative? Well, start by ceasing robbing, killing, and interfering in the affairs of the Middle East; try using the carrot instead of the perpetually murderous and thieving stick. I know, I know, that is asking too much ... the U.S. and its allies have a right to interfere in the affairs of other nations and to pillage the resources of an economically depressed region. My suggestions are far too radical, I know. Go ahead, keep bullying the world ... and when the people you bully decide to strike back, then you go right ahead and continue your game of striking "back" (who drew first blood?) with "massive force" against those who dared stand up to you. I am in the minority anyway and eventually you war mongers can have be thrown in jail without too much protest. I have advocated, and continue to advocate, ending violence as politics to stop the CYCLE of violence that people like you and Raimondo are perpetuating. Being "antiwar" I made the mistake of thinking "" would advocate "Antiwar"; silly me, I guess "war is peace"? But, nevertheless, you continue your murderous newspeak politics. Do not let me stop you from advbocating the brutal murder of innocent men, women, and children, which is, as you well know, the unavoidable consequence of the policy you endorse. You can join Raimondo, Christopher Hitchens, and the CIA in the newspeak war against truth, and continue to distort the facts to support the mass murder policies of your government.

Quote: "Hyperbolic overreaction to somebody like Raimondo simply writing something you happen to disagree with helps nobody."

Actually, I am democratic socialist, bitterly opposed to Marxism and Maoism, but that is irrevelant to argument at hand. And yes, I "simply disagree" with the wanton murder of innocent civilians, which the U.S. enagges in everytime they bomb somebody; to think this will be different this time is to live in a drug-warped fairyland.

Here, I'll try guys .. I am having trouble with "'s" new policy, but I will try ... I will just keep saying to myself:

war is peace ... war is peace ... war is peace ... war is peace ... war is peace ... (hmmm, not working, mayvbe it takes a while) war is peace ... war is peace ... war is peace ...