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America Plays War
14 Oct 2001
Be careful if you play war with America, you might lose your hashish farm; or they might stop delivering food to you.
My Daddy said now that America is at war, the media is probably working overtime to fabricate illusions that will further their Zionist pro-gay coprophagic agenda. One has to understand the principles of creative nonviolence in order to understand just what is happening here. Creative nonviolence has come to mean the process of changing time-honored negatives into positives by accentuating the positive aspects of the chosen negative in order to gain acceptance. In the case of Rosa Parks, racism was changed from a positive to a negative and it was appropriate. By the time that the gay revolution came along, the whole concept of good and bad was turned upside down, so that society ended up supporting evil people who were professing sweet caring concern. Thus a long long time ago you should have learned to trust no one (Mic. 7:5).

At the forefront of this alleged war we have Bush Daddy's kid professing intelligence, walking around with a thick heavy book on the Civil War, "April 1865". I would rather see him walking around with a "Dick and Jane Reader", trying to get us to believe that he is actually reading something. Although the Storm Troopers have made it so an illiterate can functionally serve to achieve their distorted objectives via the Executive Branch; they will probably soon find out that stupidity does not pay. Do they think that a bogus election, a bogus inauguration, teleprompted speeches, and fabricated wars are the way to get people to support them? If I made Bush Daddy by letting him claim credit for the Persian Gulf War (Id=36001), then I probably also made his kid who rode into office on his daddy's coattails. Bush Daddy was supposed to stand up and support "Israel, A Kingdom That Cannot Be Shaken" Id=41296 in return for me not publicizing my role in the PGW. Instead he apparently had my living quarters broken into many times to steal all records of my PGW communications, and he has waged a "Silent Murder Epidemic" Id=24603 against anyone who has refuted his professed leadership role and/or his professed intelligence. As a result of his doing these things and fulfilling the role of the uncrowned king of Babylon; i.e. "Babylon on the Potomac" and even preparing slaughter for his kid (Is. 14:4-21); Bush Daddy will probably finally be made to stand up on two feet like a man as the Great Dead King of Israel in fulfillment of Daniel 7:4 and Hosea 10:3,15. Sure there have been devils transforming themselves into "angels of light" for a long time (2 Cor. 11:14); but these two are the most pathetic cases to ever come close to the White House. Behind all this you have the Storm Troopers upholding this "Coprophagic Rule.." Id=32589 in order to make manifest the Zionist pro-gay coprophagic agenda as put forth in the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion and the Plans of the Synagogue of Satan. Trust them! They say that they care. Stupidity has become so endearing! That's creative, isn't it?

As I reported in "Delusions of War" Id=64528 and "Letter from Heaven" Id=68789, these Storm Troopers and the media are going to make stick whatever they fabricate about the WTC attack and this alleged war. There are no reports on why the WTC was probably intentionally targetted. There is very little on the individuals who perished in the towers, or those who survived by staying home on 9/11. The thousands of Storm Troopers combing the site after the towers fell probably ensured that no such information survived. These jets were probably not even hijacked; thus there is very little on the details of these alleged hijackings. All of this is possible because via creative nonviolence, the media has made it so that generalized accounts of tragedies are all that are ever going to be reported. These alleged hijackers and alleged terrorists are another creative nonviolent aspect of modern journalism in that they are probably on stand-by like extras in show business to be accused of anything bad that happens in order to cover up for the true culprits. There was a page of photos of approximately 24 of these alleged terrorists, and I swear that I encountered at least half of them in Washington, DC when I was contacting Middle East and Arab offices about publishing a 1992 article, "Question of Jews", which addressed a lot of the Protocols even though I had yet to hear of the Protocols. As for the alleged war, I have seen pictures of U.S. troops celebrating successfully dropping food packets on Afghanistan. I have seen pictures of the destruction of an alleged terrorist camp which looked more like an hashish farm; plus there were pictures of the occupants staggering away probably regretting not paying off the authorities on time. There are also many shots of refugee camps which could be anywhere and are always on hand to be publicized. You have to consider that it may not so much be what happens in this war that helps them achieve their objectives as the reactions to it.

Keep in mind that through the creative nonviolent use of the media, these seemingly sweet caring lawless ones are going to make you feel like they are doing you a favor as they go about getting rid of everyone who does not support their twisted Zionist pro-gay coprophagic agenda. There is talk of the 4th Amendment being under assault; but in reality they are probably moving on all of our rights. My own freedom of speech being under assault by "ML" of U-C IMC resulted in my wasting two weeks defending it with articles like Ids=70672 & 71046. You are probably never going to find out if the WTC disaster was dreamed-up to cover up the wealth of lawlessness that was being exposed by me and maybe by those who perished in the towers. The current Anthrax threat, the hoof and mouth scenario, the West Nile Virus, the Mad Cow threat, the AIDS epidemic, the gypsy moth infestation, the Potato Famine, and even the Black Plague were probably all manifestations of the Zionists attempting to play God by acting like it was their duty to make prophecies come true. The use of contaminated environments as a way of murdering innocent people is something that they are also trying to cover-up; thus they seemed to have surpressed knowledge of "Coal-Gassification.." Id=48856 until I updated it in "Ithaca's Coal-gas Fiasco Continues?" Id=73601. I pray that what I have revealed about asbestoes and other chemical modus operandi of lawlessness have not been similarly suppressed Ids=24988, 47525, 56010, 58159, 59038, & 60292. Keep in mind that if those who are living in Israel are really Turko-Mongols, then the whole Middle East scene may be set up to get you to support these alleged poor persecuted people, whether they are allegedly Jews or Arabs. The way that the accused Arabs go along with whatever the media dreams up seems to mean that they are in on it along with the Storm Troopers; i.e. Secret Service, the Zionists, and the Bush tribe. In that case the war may actually be being fought more at home than abroad as they target those who support or oppose anything, anything at all. It's really funny that they have succeeded in generating support for the American flag again when I revealed last spring that America is destined to be the whole western hemisphere; and the stars on the flag will come to represent the countries of a nation rather than the states of a country. Thus from the west we will proclaim the Lord's majesty (Is. 24:15). And people are probably going to dicker over that flag again too. Jimi Hendrix made that clear at Woodstock.

You can't be suckered into supporting anything that this media comes up with, for they have such a perverted agenda. If you are inflamed by something that they report on, that is probably their intention. Question the way that they have reported it. Are there facts backing up their claims? How many Americans have died in this war so far? Don't forget that the only deaths from among the allied troops of the PGW came in creative nonviolent "accidents" after the war. The best way to deal with the whole thing is to identify those who wholeheartedly support the lawlessness. Question their defense of questionable happenings or cleverly fabricated lies. Trap them by baiting them with things that they oppose like my writings or the horn. The "Love Festivals of Hooterville" Id=29190 are God's solution for any of the lawless ones. Sure there will come a day when everyone will be fed up and all of the lawless ones will be told they "can stay here no longer" (Lam. 4:15); but these festivals are a solution that will continue until the wicked are no more (Ps. 37). If there is a war, it is probably a war to get you to support the lawless ones that started this war in order to cover up their own lawlessness. Trust no one. Hasta luego, adios.

To access via Id#s, access any article, change the Id=# in the address bar, and press "Enter".

Respectfully yours, Robert Meade "Bobby" "Israel" Deaf Messenger
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