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News ::
How Freedom of Speech Dies at IMC
17 Oct 2001
Modified: 19 Oct 2001
This articles delineates the practices by which interlopers and anonymous Collectives can literally remove written material that does not fit in with their perverted desire to control free speech.
My Daddy said that even with the infiltration of campus by Storm Troopers reaching such a level that it feels like a house full of psychopaths walking around carrying concealed weapons and muttering veiled threats to each other; I must address this assault on free speech that is evident on many IMC sites. Although this assault in my case appeared to originate with "ML" of the Urbana-Champaign IMC Collective; the reader must understand that "ML" and his supporters are working on discreditting numerous IMC sites, sabotaging them, or rendering them worthless with mainstream drivel or worse. If you access the second article in which I addressed this assault by "ML" and his compatriots, "The Destiny of IMC's Closeted Collectives" Id=71046, you will see that it took literally 20 attempts or more to get that article posted; and the interlopers try to make like I have a problem by posting all of the attempts in the comment section. What they failed to do was eliminate the posts that were stolen; thus some of the linked versions of this article are actually missing, proving what I was up against.

Many times I have encountered interlopers using the Postmaster's computer to block attempts to post articles, and when this happened on Utah IMC and St. Louis IMC, I succeeded in copying numerous code notices to the interlopers that appeared on my screen instead of post submission notices. I posted these notices at Id=287 when they interfered with the posting of "Chemical Modus II" on St. Louis IMC, and the site was shut down for weeks after that. I also posted them at Id=881 on Utah IMC when they interfered with the posting of "Moronic Asbestoes Modus" on that site. As I made clear in "Is the Postmaster into Censorsip?" Id=30294, this is a supercomputer, which has at times boasted the speed of my computer so that I could access a Global IMC newswire page around page 75 in 20 seconds. This just scrapes the surface of what they do to interfere though.

When they block a post, whether they are using a supercomputer or not, they will not let any of them through until one of them gets through. It is apparently a time-consuming process to remove the post totally; thus I have been able to reload one of the posts that they were attempting to steal by estimating what the Id# would be on those posts and acccessing it by Id# before they could remove it. It should be impossible to post more than two copies, for the screen will go blank before you can hit the "Publish" button three time; but with interference the screen freezes and you can hit it numerous times. If a supercomputer is being used, they are usually ready to intercept up to thirty copies or more; but once one of them gets through; they will let all of them through and contend that the multiple poster is "spamming" the site. Usually it will only take four or five copies to get through if the interlopers are not using a supercomputer. Keep in mind that they are probably using the restricted access code of the Storm Troopers; i.e. Secret Service and that they are also monitoring, blocking, and intercepting a lot more than newswire posts. As I made clear in "Sound the Horn! Stop the Key Block" Id=36182, "Public Key Block: Instrument of Death" RM IMC Id=858, and "Hunting the Hunters" RM IMC Id=894; I suspected that the Public Key Block contained this restricted access code; but now the code has been changed and probably doesn't. There are still over 800,000 entries for Public Key Block on Google; and they appeared in a matter of weeks.

Interlopers have used many additional tactics to discredit my writings. They lock the size of the article forms so that the text of my aritcles appears staggered. They insert words, especially when they are delaying the posts. Yesterday this happened when I attempted to post a comment after "America Plays War!" Seattle IMC Id=7886. Access to numerous controversial articles such as he "Messiah.."; "Modus Operandi.."; "Asbestoes.."; & "Coal-Gassification.." articles seems to have been blocked on both the global site and some local sites.

There are many sites that have had interference problems and corrected them; but there are others where it continues or is getting worse. Among them are Chicago, Cleveland, Minnesota, Madison, Seattle, Switzerland, Columbia, Brazil, Argentina, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, UK, Vancouver, Atlanta, & Hamilton. On Urbana-Champaign they are contending that it is legal to steal the posts outright; and they seem ready to defend their Zionist pro-gay coprophagic agenda to the death. On Danbury, Ct's new site I have found confusion far worse than that of Philadelphia, for this "Madhatter" of Danbury IMC seems to be trying to create an illusion of one sort or another. If these questionable sites insist on continuing practices that inhibit free speech, it is probably time to just get rid of them. Let the Zionist pro-gay coprophagic sites go form their own branch of IMC, for they are practically identical to mainstream media, particulary Atlanta, U-C, UK, and Vancouver. Most of the members of these Collectives are probably not even living in the areas of the sites where they are serving. Many of them seem to actually be from Ithaca; thus life goes on.

This interference does not have to happen; but these interlopers are apparently convincing the sites not to install security measures that enable foolproof posting. IMC is practically a totally automatic system. It needs very little human assistance to work. If these Collectives are complaining about their hard hours of labor and such, it is pure bull. They probably encourage lax security in order to create the illusion that the Collectives serve some purpose. They probably stock these Collectives with those who support their perverted outlook by blocking and harassing those who would make it work better. The posting system of Ohio Valley is the best that there is. Hamilton was great until my last post; and many others have had commendable posting operations. The posting of comments seems to be another issue though as I learned yesterday on Seattle IMC. Comments should appear immediately, or else they are probably being trifled with. There are enough IMC sites so that people would not miss those that appear to be working for their own agenda. The flood of trivia on the Global site and Italy IMC does not render it useless, but Global newswire pages being inaccessible has rendered it useless in a lot of cases. Stopping anonymous postings would probably be the best way to stop the flood. Whatever happens, IMC has a lot of good first rate working sites. It will survive till the newswire runs dry.

To access via Id#s, access any article, change the Id=# in the address bar, and press "Enter".

Respectfully yours, Robert Meade "Bobby"' "Israel" Deaf Messenger
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18 Oct 2001
What are you talking about? I can't make sense of your rant.
You are a Homophobic, Anti-Semitic Asshole...
19 Oct 2001
Look, man. You appariently post homophobic,
anti-semitic shit (and dont try to hid behind the
label "anti-zionist" like a lot of right-wingers are
now doing)... it is no wonder your crap is blocked.
Do you think Indymedia is set up for mainstream
racist, sexist, and homophobic opinions? Hell no...
its an alternative news source. If you want to post
your crap, go to a right-wing Nazi or conservative
news source. Dont use Indymedia.
See also: