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Commentary :: Politics
Americans Fight For Zionist Israel
09 May 2005
The war on Iraq - just like the U.S.-threats against Iran - can be traced to Israel's interests in the region. Israel and its powerful lobby has for long been after the U.S. to deal with the Iraqi regime. The destabilization of the region is more favorable to Israel than it is to the U.S.
From: "taxirevolution" <taxirevolution@...>
Date: Sun May 8, 2005 9:34 pm
Subject: Re: A Zionist War: The Israeli origins of Bush II's war

You are right on the money. I have encountered an Israelite at the Sydney Uni other day. Virtually He was molesting young student's brain. However, he was in trouble when I spoke up. I intend to post an article about him later as I have to be in the Federal Court tomorrow morning and lacking of time right now.

I established the fact that the neo-con engineered and conspired invasion of Iraq was based on false and manufactured reasons and grounds as well as inconsistent with Case Law and Statute Law, democracy, humanrights … and therefore an act of terrorism. I also pointed out the fact that his Israel-centric views are dangerous for humanity. Alas! Poor academic was ducking for cover!!

From: "Jodie" <jodie_usa2000@...>
Date: Sun May 8, 2005 4:36 am
Subject: A Zionist War: The Israeli origins of Bush II's war

From: Our bill of rights
Date: Thu May 5, 2005 2:24 pm
Subject: A Zionist War,The Israeli origins of Bush II's war

A Zionist War
By Kristoffer Larsson

Some weeks ago I happened to watch Oliver Stone's great production Born the Fourth of July for the second time. In the movie, Ron Kovic (played by the handsome as always Tom Cruise) signs up for the army. He wants to go to Vietnam to fight Communism. "Better dead then red" is his motto. He leaves for Vietnam as a well-trained, young, brave American standing up for democracy fully prepared to die in order to fight the Communist threat wherever it arises. When he comes back from Vietnam, he is paralyzed from the waist and down.
But he's not meet by his fellow citizens as a hero. Instead he is met by demonstrators in his own age setting American flags on fire. He doesn't understand why. Expressing his hatred for the demonstrators when at the Bronx Veteran Hospital, he soon comes to realize the black nurses have quite another view of the war. As a male nurse explains to him, "Vietnam is the White man's war, the rich man's war."
Later, as many other Americans in Vietnam, Kovic came to realize that war was not about democracy at all. Young Americans like himself were sent there to oppress a people fighting for their own freedom.

Some decades later, the world's biggest war-machine is now under way with genocide once again, this time in Iraq. The mass slaughtering is implemented by young boys who aren't really sure why they're there, but it's ordered by the White House on behalf of a ruthless, powerful elite. It was no surprise that Iraq didn't possess any weapons of mass destruction. After all the U.S. is not stupid enough to attack a
state that actually so does - it could be dangerous! But although we for sure know that this war indeed was not a "preemptive war" or about "liberating" Iraq, the "war for oil"-theory - adopted by the greater majority in the anti-war movement - loses ground by the day. One ought to at least question if oil was the main reason for going to war. Oil tastes good, but the Americans want cheap oil, not expensive. The occupation of Iraq cost the American tax payers more
then 5.8 Billion dollars a month. [1] Thus, it would have been cheaper to support dictators in the region instead of overthrowing them - with the result of almost no oil at all. But this is not a White man's war. Nor is it the oil companies' war. No, this is a Zionist war.

In his outstanding essay The Shadow of Zog, Israeli author Israel Shamir writes about what was probably the real reason for invading Iraq:

"As the head of the Occupation Administration, Jay Garner's task is to create a new Iraq, friendly to Israel. The Jerusalem Post, a hard-line Zionist daily published by Conrad Black, friend of Pinochet and Sharon, carried an interview with one of his wannabe Quislings, Ahmad Chalabi's right hand man, Musawi.

'Musawi talks enthusiastically of his hopes for the closest possible ties with Israel. There will be no place for Palestinians in the new Iraq, for the large Palestinian community is regarded by INC leaders (and presumably by their Zionist instructors) as a loathsome fifth column. Instead, an 'arc of peace'; would run from Turkey, through Iraq and Jordan to Israel, creating a new fulcrum in the Middle East.'

The Occupation Regime in Iraq was installed by the US army in the interests of Zionists, and it may be rightly called ZOG, Zionist Occupation Government if anything."[2]

The war on Iraq - just like the U.S.-threats against Iran - can be traced to Israel's interests in the region. Israel and its powerful lobby has for long been after the U.S. to deal with the Iraqi regime. The destabilization of the region is more favorable to Israel than it is to the U.S. After discussing "what is possibly the unacknowledged
real reason and motive behind the policy" of going to war on Iraq, historian Paul W. Schroeder, in a footnote, wrote that if this is accurate


The Israeli origins of Bush II's war


If you find this essay of value, please send a donation of $3 to TLD.
More information appears below.

While the neoconservatives were the driving force behind the American invasion of Iraq and the consequent efforts to bring about regime
change throughout the Middle East, the idea for such a war did not originate with American neocon thinkers but rather in Israel. An obvious linkage exists between the war position of the neocons and what has long been a strategy of the Israeli Right and, to a lesser extent, of the Israeli mainstream.

The idea of a Middle East war had been bandied about in Israel for many years as a means of enhancing Israeli security. War would serve two purposes. It would enhance Israel's external security by weakening and splintering Israel's neighbors. Moreover, such a war and the consequent weakening of Israel's external enemies could help resolve the internal Palestinian demographic problem, since the Palestinian resistance has derived material and moral support from Israel's neighboring states.

A brief look at the history of the Zionist movement and its goals will help to provide an understanding of this issue. The Zionist goal of creating an exclusive Jewish state in Palestine was complicated by the fundamental problem that the country was already settled with a mostly non-Jewish population. Despite public rhetoric to the contrary, the idea of expelling the indigenous Palestinian population (euphemistically referred to as a "transfer") was an integral part of the Zionist effort to found a Jewish national state in Palestine.

"The idea of transfer had accompanied the Zionist movement from its very beginnings, first appearing in Theodore Herzl's diary," Israeli historian Tom Segev observes. "In practice, the Zionists began executing a mini-transfer from the time they began purchasing the land and evacuating the Arab tenants.... 'Disappearing' the Arabs lay
at the heart of the Zionist dream, and was also a necessary condition of its existence.... With few exceptions, none of the Zionists disputed the desirability of forced transfer ?or its morality." However, the Zionist leaders learned not to publicly proclaim their goal of mass expulsion because "this would cause the Zionists to lose the world's sympathy." [1]

The challenge was to find an opportune time to initiate the mass-expulsion process when it would not incur the world's condemnation. In the late 1930s, Ben-Gurion wrote: "What is inconceivable in normal times is possible in revolutionary times; and if at this time the opportunity is missed and what is possible in such great hours is not carried out a whole world is lost." [2] Those "revolutionary times" would come with the first Arab-Israeli war in 1948, when the Zionists were able to expel 750,000 Palestinians (more than 80 percent of the indigenous population) and thus achieve an overwhelmingly Jewish state, though the area did not include the entirety of Palestine, or the "Land of Israel," which Zionist leaders thought necessary for a viable country.

The opportunity to grab additional land came as a result of the 1967 war; however, the occupation of that territory brought with it the problem of a large Palestinian population. World opinion was now totally opposed to forced population transfers, equating such an activity with the unspeakable horror of Nazism. According to Norman Finkelstein, the landmark Fourth Geneva Convention, ratified in 1949,
had "unequivocally prohibited deportation" of civilians under occupation. [3] Since the 1967 war, the major issue in Israeli politics has been what to do with that conquered territory and its Palestinian population.

Because Israel's neighbors opposed the Zionist project of creating an exclusivist Jewish state, the idea of weakening and dissolving those neighbors was not an idea just of the Israeli Right but a central Zionist goal from a much earlier period, promoted by David Ben-Gurion himself. As Saleh Abdel-Jawwad, a professor at Birzeit University in Ramallah, Palestine, writes:


This work is in the public domain
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Re: Americans Fight For Zionist Israel
11 May 2005
Hey, if I wanted to hear this crap I could go read Joan Yoshiwara at her Dc Indymedia blog that she has seized control of. Antisemitism is tolerated there.
Re: Americans Fight For Israel
12 May 2005
We don't need you reminding us that Israel is based upon the zionist vision, for better or worse. It is redundant. Spare us that c**p will you? THere is not need to call it "Zionist Israel".

Just for that I am not reading any further.

~~ A Supporter of Human Rights for Palestinians and Jews BOTH