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Commentary :: Race
Northeast Antifascist Reportback: May 8th
16 May 2005
Anti-racists and antifascists in New England are
making a name for ourselves for embarrassing nazis. They lost in Lewiston, they lost in Wakefield, and now they’ve lost in Boston. We must make sure they never gain a victory here, that they never gain a foothold, and that they never feel comfortable showing their sorry faces in our area.
Northeast Antifascist Reportback: May 8th

About a month and a half ago, Northeast Antifascists noticed an announcement stating that the local “White Revolution” boys and their three friends were planning on coming out to protest an event at the Holocaust memorial in Boston.

Unfortunately, seeing this type of thing is not so uncommon. Usually, if they show up at all, it is the same half dozen or so coming to look stupid and pass out a couple flyers. (A couple months ago, some other local fascists tried to meet up in a
mall for a rally, and they couldn't even find each
other!) We were planning to act accordingly and
confront them, but not bother calling for a big
turn-out, as the need wasn't there.

However, shortly after we starting recieving notice that this whole thing might be a bigger deal than we'd thought. Billy Roper himself was coming all the way from Arkansas, and we figured he might stand a chance of actually bringing more fascists together, seeing as he's one of the only people who can pass himself off as a "leader" in a movement teeming with people yearning for domineering father figures. A week and a half before the action, we duly issued a call to action telling everyone to come and let them know how
we feel about nazi trash in our city. The response was huge, and within days, other concerned groups were putting out calls as well. We sent observers to the "Stop the Nazis Now Coalition" meetings, to get a sense of what other people's plans were. Antifascism is a big tent, and we made plans to mostly work around, rather than within or against, this coalition.

The day of the main action, however, it turned out
that the numbers on the bonehead end weren't as
monumental as the organizers on either side had
anticipated. However, whether it would have turned out to be 100 or the poor, sad, and pathetic 15-20 that it was, we were ready. The crowd that showed to confront the lowlife racists was in the hundreds, and was on the scene, waiting and ready, hours before the other side showed up. There were some minor shouting
matches early on with some sketchy characters who may or may not have planned to attend the event. The fact that they never bothered to say that they weren’t nazis, even with a few hundred people shouting at them, makes them questionable even after one was later identified as not being a nazi. As time wore on, some people started wandering off, assuming that the fascist activists would never show in the mighty group that they had announced, and that perhaps Roper would
just hang out in the McDonalds where he'd been spotted earlier, squeezing a burger into his chubby little cheeks.

Luckily, even with dwindled numbers, we were still
there in force when the police started mobilizing, and we all knew that the day was not over. A sorry dozen mindless nazi fucks came round the corner of State St. onto Congress, clutching the "White Revolution" banner. The crowd immediately rushed towards them, visibly scaring the shit out of a few boneheads that looked ill-prepared for a fight with a group that outnumbered them at least 20 to 1. In true Boston fashion, bystanders saw who we were heading for and decided to join in. The cops were quick to mobilize as well though, and protected their past and future allies by attacking us with night sticks and kicking people. We were hardly discouraged, and proceeded to follow the boneheads to their prearranged location at
the bottom of the steps to Government Center,
surrounded by metal barricades and thick lines of riot police.

The sorry bunch of fascist "revolutionaries" huddled there behind their police protection, holding signs and forcing fake smiles through their scared and sad little eyes. They were apparently even "blogging" the whole event live to the White Revolution website, but had to completely fabricate events ("ARA are spitting on American veterans.... the National Guard has been called out.... The barricade has been breached again, for the fourth time.... Tear gas is being broken out...") in a desperate, last-ditch attempt to look macho to the gullible Internet nazis they're trying to impress. In reality, armored, irritated, paid agents of what the nazis refer to as the "Zionist occupation government," and which they complain
so much about were working full-time making sure they didn't have to answer for what they were saying.

The crowd opposing them chanted and hollered to make sure it was clear that we were not there to honor them, or debate them, but to kick them the fuck out of our city. And this is exactly what happened. After about half an hour of shouting and sporadic police movement, the vanguard of the so-called “superior” race collectively tucked its “superior” tale between its “superior” legs and was escorted up to the top of the steps, where two police wagons were waiting to chauffeur them out of the city with sirens blaring. We have to hand it to them, it was a truly innovative tactic for a "revolutionary" movement! Though we
suppose that they may have used the threat of a
"revolutionary" lawsuit if the police hadn't done
everything in their power to prevent the
natural-selection process of nazi fools getting the
beatdown they deserve.

In a lot of ways it was a disappointingly boring, cold day. Northeast Antifascists never saw an appropriate time to unroll our banner. Billy Roper had stated that they expected somewhere in the area of 100 people; they had less than a fifth that number. (We counted.) Our goal was to remind them in every way that they are not welcome in this city and to run them out of town, and we did just that.

People should be aware that, despite what the
mainstream media has been saying, most of the
boneheads didn't come from Arkansas like Billy and
Rick, his aging Aryan Nations bodyguard. Many were from New England, including several from eastern Massachusetts and a handful from Connecticut. And despite Roper's laughable ongoing attempts to start an umbrella organization for racists, there are a good
number of unaffiliated local fascists, and some in
other groups, who didn't show up when his circus came to town. "More mainstream" anti-immigrant groups are also sprouting up like mushrooms, and since their politics are very close to fascist, white supremacists are actively courting them for recruitments. The threat of the hatred that these people promote is around us constantly. Just as we sent Billy back to Arkansas crying, we need to clean house right here in the Northeast, before the situation gets out of hand. Like you, we prefer to stay focused on proactive struggles against our bosses and their politicians, but we also think that every now and then it's necessary to come out fully ready to run up on fascist activists in the streets. We think it'll save us a lot more trouble down the road.

Anti-racists and antifascists in New England are
making a name for ourselves for embarrassing nazis. They lost in Lewiston, they lost in Wakefield, and now they’ve lost in Boston. We must make sure they never gain a victory here, that they never gain a foothold, and that they never feel comfortable showing their sorry faces in our area.

For a fascist-free Boston, for a fascist-free world,
Northeast Antifascists
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This work is in the public domain