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News ::
ONE thing that you can do to stop their war abroad and at home
26 Oct 2001
here is ONE of the things that you can do to stop their war in the Middle East and at home.
Please make copies of this leaflet and distribute it to people who don't already know what is up. Change it if you want but please make sure to keep in mind that most people don't speak our language. All of their news comes from the capitalists.
If you get rid of margins the whole leaflet should fit on a single double-sided page.
Stick it on the inside of bathroom doors, drop them into peoples' cars, slip them into newspapers. Get it out.



EMERGENCY BULLETIN: Understanding your indispensable role in combating terrorism.

We must eliminate all forms of terrorism by any means possible! And help others (e.g. the Zapatistas) as much as possible in their struggles against terror AND for LIBERTY: individual and communal self-determination.

· What is terrorism?
Terrorism: politically motivated attack that kills innocent civilians. In other words, using civilians as disposable objects.

· Who are SOME of the most dangerous terrorists?
N Osama Bin Laden and his associates: they allegedly financed the operations and the training of his Mujahideen soldiers who carried out the attacks on September 11.
They MURDERED more than 5000 civilians! (IF the allegations are not fabricated.)
N Saddam Hussein & his military: invaded Kuwait, they attempted to invade Iran, and murdered thousands of innocent Kurdish civilians. They are known to have possessed chemical and biological weapons of mass destruction.
They MURDERED more than 40,000 civilians!
N The U.S. government: among MANY other things, has been sponsoring and/or training just about all forms of terrorists for the sole benefit of the U.S. political, economic and military elites:
$ Between 1978-1988 U.S. provided more than $3 billion in arms and aid to Osama bin Laden and the most brutal of the Mujahideen factions in Afghanistan in order to draw USSR into a massive bloody war. This later gave rise to the murderous Taliban regime (which was also backed by the U.S. despite the protests by various women’s groups).

$ In 1979 the U.S. supported Saddam Hussein’s rise to power after he executed his political opponents. The U.S. maintained support even after Saddam began to murder large segments of the Iraqi population. The U.S. government admits that it sold Saddam biological weapons, including ANTHRAX, to assist him in his murderous dealings. (You connect the rest of the dots.)

$ 1982: U.S. gave the "green light" to the Israeli invasion of Lebanon, where more than 17,000 civilians were murdered. The U.S. chose not to invoke its laws prohibiting Israeli use of U.S. weapons except in self-defense.

$ Since 1991 the U.S. military has intentionally bombed water and sewage treatment plants in Iraq AND still blocks the civilians in Iraq from being able to purchase medicine in order to treat people who have been getting sick from the contamination. The U.S. government admits that this is done intentionally, knowing full well that this would kill only civilians (check out if you want to see the official U.S. government documents). As any other group of terrorists the U.S. government/military is once again killing civilians in politically motivated attacks.
Just in Iraq they murdered more than 500,000 CHILDREN !

N The economic elites (the capitalists/employers) of all countries, that have been sponsoring terrorists for a very long time. For example: Ford Motor Co., Bayer, Daimler-Chrysler, Volkswagen, IBM, BASF, BMW, EXXON, ITT and GM are just some of the corporations that supported Nazis for financial profit (most were ecstatic about the profits to be gained from slave and/or forced labor). Chevron is still sponsoring assassinations of Nigerian environmentalists.
Many corporations have continually been pushing the U.S. into the wars for their own profit (e.g. the supposed "drug" war that U.S. is waging against Colombian farmers). After driving the peasants off the land they will have a cheap labor force.
The economic elites/classes (with the assistance of the political and military elites) often intentionally produce poverty and famine in order to make a buck. Investigate for yourself, the examples are just too numerous to list in this short bulletin.
The number of innocent civilian deaths in the hands of the US political, military and economic elites count in MILLIONS! It is your responsibility to find all of these things out on your own (especially since just about all of the media is owned by FIVE corporations (GE, Disney, Westinghouse, Time Warner/AOL, Rupert Murdoch) and run for the benefit of the economic, political and military elites = propaganda) because these systems would not exist without our passive acceptance and contribution.

Know Your Enemies!

· What good are governments, bosses and leaders?
Like the mafia, governments are simply a “protection” racket for the gain of the rulers. They say “Obey us or the other gang will hurt you,” without giving you a chance to decline the “offer”. The minute that you start taking charge of your own life these supposed “protectors” try to hurt you before anyone else. We have to get rid of all organizations that are based on violence/coercion. Such organizations can only pretend to be democratic.

· “But don’t governments and their cops keep us safe?”
Governments cannot eliminate or reduce violence. They only expand it by relying on violence and propaganda to push the rest of us into submission. The rulers merely try to contain violence within areas that happened to benefit them at the time. For now, violence has largely been contained within GHETTOS, the “third world,” the Middle East, Latin America, etc. But, as in all gang dealings, they can only contain violence for so long until it explodes INTO the gangsters’ back yards (the ‘protected territories’) by the people who were being held hostage within the areas of continuous violence.
The orphans of violence, people who have been living in areas where the mere survival of their families and communities has been threatened, feel like they have little to lose. Can we expect them to be humane toward the people who enable the existence of the mobs?

Terrorism will never stop until the big bosses (the capitalist class) stop pillaging “others” (foreigners, minorities, prisoners, the poor, the working class) and destroying the environment, until the military stops murdering people to secure domination, until governments stop condemning large groups of people to misery and death for the sake of their twisted power games. Many other desperate groups could have carried out the September 11 attacks – and if we continue “business as usual,” at some point, they probably will.

N But it is in the nature of the capitali$t class to care only about “profits”, for any military to care only about “victory” (dominance), and for political leader$ to care only about power. We cannot ask these groups/machines for liberty, we MUST take it! Take it now!! Take it everywhere!!! We must steal our lives back from all rulers.

· “What can I do about any of this?”

M Yes, we know that YOU have no say about any wars (whether you agree with them or not), just as all of the bombed Afghans had no say about the dealings of the Taliban, as the dead and dying children in Iraq who were born after the Gulf War have no say about Saddam Hussein's (U.S. installed) regime, just as Palestinians have no say about the oppression by the Israeli and Palestinian elites. None of us can be given any real say about the dealings of the elites. This is the root of the problem!

M Yes, we know that nobody has given you the freedom to decide if your taxes should be spent on “smart” bombing chimneys, that nobody has given you the freedom to decide whom to attack if you are in the military, that nobody has given you the freedom to decide what happens at your work place (how you produce wealth, who gets to organize production, how much of your produced wealth is stolen by the boss, how much of it is USELESS shit), as nobody has given you the freedom to decide how YOUR school is run, just as nobody has given you the freedom to decide how your community is set up (if you are even given the freedom to organize and live in a real community). You are given no real meaningful freedom, no liberty. The leaders have been hijacking our ability to determine our own lives. THIS IS THE ROOT OF THE PROBLEM!
BUT, liberty cannot be given, IT CAN ONLY BE TAKEN! It must be taken EVERYWHERE!

We must all develop a critical understanding of our role within this order and we must all fight to gain control over our own lives – individual control over all aspects of our own work (what we produce, how we produce it, what happens to the wealth that comes out of our labor, etc), communal control over the economy and the functioning of our own communities! You are the only one who can figure out how to do this.

You have already started. Now do it consciously. Do it for yourself and all of us, and do it in a way that you can finally have FUN.

Many people have already started doing this: the Zapatistas, the CrimethInc collectives, the IWW union, the Food-not-Bombs collectives, the Anti-Racist-Action collectives, the independent AIM chapters, MOVE, The Black Cross Federation, the Uruhu movement, Ya Basta organization, etc. etc. Each use different methods depending on their situation, but none of them can succeed until all of us do - including YOU.
§ DON’T allow elites to divide and conquer us using our race, "nationality", gender, sexuality, religion, culture, appearance, etc.
§ Please learn from each other and support each other but allow NO groups or individuals to set YOUR path to liberation!
Start LIVING instead of struggling to merely survive. see you on the other side
Check out
Please make copies and please distribute this to everyone, since we cannot LIVE without playmates.
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Re: ONE thing that you can do to stop their war abroad and at home
14 May 2004
where is your faith dont you know that God almighty is in control He asks us to trust in him he is my deliverer not me he gets the crdit not me