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Parent Article: Hiding of articles
Hidden with code "Policy Violation"
Re: Hiding of articles
28 May 2005
"President George W. Bush is merely the puppet and 'go-for boy' of powerful, behind-the-scenes, Marxist, neo-con, dual loyalist Jews. That's the conclusion of people in the know in Washington, D.C. The top ranks of the neocon Jewish fanatics who now run the most minute details of Bush's foreign and domestic policies include such devilish political agents as Richard Pearle, appointed as head of the Defense Policy Board. Washington, DC insiders privately and revealingly call Pearle the 'Prince of Darkness!' It was Pearle who masterminded the Iraqi war, a war that was decided on before George W. Bush took the oath of office as President. Pearle is an associate of Henry Kissinger, a Jewish neocon tied to Rockefeller interests. Another Jewish neocon czar-type is Paul Wolfowitz, who monitors the work of Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld. Michael Chertoff tells his lackey, John Ashcroft, what to do in the Justice Department. George Tenet (real name: [David] Cohen) heads the CIA and takes orders from the Israeli Mossad. There is also Elliot Abrams, running the show in the stead of Secretary of State Colin Powell; others include Donald Kagan, Douglas Feith, Don Zakheim, Richard Haas, Kenneth Adelman, Steve Goldsmith, Edward Luttwak, Robert Satloff, David Frum, Marc Grossman and David Wurmser. All these men are Jews. All are Zionist warmongers who adore and obey Israel and who view America chiefly as Israel's financial sugardaddy and mercenary slave. Their aim is global power for the Jews and profits for Jewish bankers and Illuminati-directed oil barons. They seem to have no problem if stacks of bloody young American fighting men mount up in Iraq, Iran, and Syria. The dead, after all, are valueless. They are considered by the neocons as inferior gentile goyim (cattle). As such, they are thought to be only fodder and excrement for the great Zionist New World Order dead ahead on the horizon. The loyalty of the Bush neocon dual loyalists is not to the stars and stripes but to the six-pointed star, better known as Solomon's Seal, the witches hexagram, Rothschild's choice of occultic symbol for the Israeli flag. To Jewish neocons, the founding fathers of America, men like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, John Adams, and Patrick Henry, are just 'more dead Gentiles.' While most neocons have lived in America their entire life, their sin-scarred soul has long ago taken up permanent residence in socialist/Marxist Israel. Like so many Jews, they hold no fondness for their country of birth, the U.S.A. Their real political forefather is Israel's first Prime Minister, David Ben-Gurion. Ben-Gurion, an avid admirer and follower of [Jewish] Red Soviet Bolshevik butcher Lenin, insisted that Jews should never give first allegiance to their nation of birth. 'Which are you first,' Ben-Gurion, Communist co-founder of modern-day Israel, once wryly asked an audience, 'a Jew or an American?' His own answer shot back immediately: "You are first and foremost a Jew."
—Professor Texe Marrs, Captain, USAF Intelligence,, Power of Prophesy radio show, "Neocons and Dual Loyalist Jews in Washington DC Now Hold the Reins of Power