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News :: Politics
This Lawsuit Could Bring Down Bush! Affidavit Of Charles A. Schlund (May 2005)
31 May 2005
Charles Schlund is a sane individual, and his lawsuit has merit. I met him in 2003, and I have been following his legal battles for years. If this lawsuit is not (illegally) blocked, it could bring down Bush!



GEORGE W. BUSH, et al., Defendants

(Honorable Virginia A. Mathis)
CIV 03-1590-PHX VAM


From: Charles Schlund
Date: Fri May 27, 2005 2:35 am
Subject: My affidavit to the Federal District Court of Arizona

I Charles A. Schlund do believe this affidavit to be truthful and honest to the
best of my knowledge and memory. This affidavit is for the purpose of informing
the court of the facts of this case. I have tried to negotiate and to cooperate
every way possible with the government so it would never become necessary for the
release of this and/or other information. The governments replies have been to
hunt me and frame me as being a criminal and to horribly torture me and threaten
my friends, family and me. The Justice Department and those under it know that
the law is a joke and that they are protected and can not be prosecuted for any
crimes they commit under the cover of law and that the ruling of no one is above
the law in Jones v. Clinton was a joke. What the courts and government really
meant was that Clinton was not above the law. This case is against Bush who is
protected and above the law. This lawsuit is not against the Republicans or the
Democrats or the Independent candidates it is a lawsuit against corruption,
murder, drug running, treason, Obstruction of Justice, witness tampering and
other crimes.

Paula Jones’ lawsuit against Clinton was allowed to proceed to settlement with
no witnesses to the crime other then Paula Jones and with no physical evidence.
Paula Jones v. Clinton was on the TV daily for Clinton’s entire presidency. In
this case there are 1,000’s of witnesses and trainloads of evidence. To not
allow this case to proceed would amount to obstruction of justice, treason, the
cover up of murder and the use of torture. The courts can allow any case to
proceed or they can terminate any case at the courts discretion. I know that
Judge Mathis is an honorable judge but I do fear that she may be persuaded to
act un-honorably in a misguided belief that she is protecting America when
according to my information she would be destroying what America stands for and
legalizing torture and murder by the government by the termination of this case.

Let me make it clear that no one wants this information released but because of
the paranoid schizophrenic evil acts and conduct of parts of the government I
have no choice but to take this lawsuit through the Supreme Court and beyond. I
do not do this as an act of revenge or hatred but as an act of patriotism and
for my children and their children’s children. If the American courts allow
these kinds of crimes under the cover of law then everyone around the world
needs to know about it.

As I write this affidavit the government is threatening me, torturing me,
disabling me and slowly killing me by the torture of me with the electronic
implants that the government installed in me to cover up murder, and treason
including the fixing of the presidential elections of the United States. I am
under extreme torture and I am being deprived of sleep by the government to stop
this affidavit and other motions and papers from being filed before the court.

In 1977 I was one of a group of people that received and read some of the papers
that George Bush Senior had removed from the government because Jimmy Carter had
won the presidential elections of the United States. The government papers were
removed from the government to stop Jimmy Carter and those he would appoint from
accessing the information. The intent of the removal of the information and
papers was to deny the information from all except those in the secret
government that secretly runs much of the United States and the world. The
papers, films, photos, tapes and other forms of information filled a full size
long bed Ford pick-up truck.

In the CIA and other files I had in 1977 that I have always called the Don
Bolles papers were the CIA’s plans to make the American Constitution a worthless
piece of paper revoked by laws, procedures, court rulings and case laws. The
plans of the people in and above the CIA were to keep the American Constitution
in tack as a piece of paper to wave in front of the American people to make them
really believe that they were really free with undeniable rights while using the
courts and the law to violate every right listed in the Constitution. This is
what is precisely at issue in these proceedings. This is one of the things that
I was briefing the FBI on just before my injection with the electronic implants
that continue to this time to be used to torture me to limit and/or deny me my
Constitutional, God given and human rights.

In the CIA files I had were the plans for the Supreme Court to hear an appeal on
flag burning to make the ruling that flag burning is freedom of speech. At the
time in the 1970’s flag burning was common over the Vietnam War and other social
problems. All that was required was to set the stage and hear a selected case to
make the Supreme Court ruling.

The intent of the ruling was to outrage the American people over the burning
and/or desecration of the American flag so a Constitutional Amendment could be
passed to limit such freedoms. Once a Constitutional amendment was passed it
could be used as a precedent to further limit freedom speech and other rights.

The CIA and other documents I had listed the CIA’s plans for many such past and
future Supreme Court rulings. The following example is from the Don Bolles
papers. The DEA agents needed protection when they attended the orgies at the
drug gangs and drug cartels that the DEA ran for the distribution of the drugs.
The DEA had to legalize attending these orgies for their sexual pleasure and as
their reward for running and protecting the gangs and drug cartels. In the CIA
files I had were the plans for the Supreme Court ruling making it legal to have
sex with people that were under investigation. This ruling was in fact a ruling
to allow the DEA agents and other law enforcement to attend orgies and other
sexual encounters free from any prosecution resulting from their corruption.

I went to the FBI (The most powerful law enforcement agency in the world) in
1991 and at that time requested that the FBI bug me and I gave the FBI my
permission to monitor me without need of a warrant. In 1992 while I was working
with the FBI setting up the DEA who is in fact a covert operation of the CIA. I
told the FBI that they had my permission to monitor me in any way they wished
without need of a warrant and that I would be the bait to prove that the DEA and
others were really the CIA and that this was the systematic overthrow of the
United States by the CIA. I briefed the FBI in great detail what would happen
and that the CIA, DEA and others had to stop me at any cost and would do
anything needed to get at me. I briefed the FBI that I would not sell drugs or
do anything different then anyone around me. I would not steal or sell drugs or
hurt anyone and that the DEA (a covert operation of the CIA) and others working
for or with the CIA would frame me and try to kill me and target me in any way
possible to remove me as a political witness. I gave no one my permission to
torture me or hurt me in any way. I am being tortured with electronic implants.

For the court to even suggest that I am trying to get away with some crime or
trying to escape an investigation would be a paranoid delusion. In fact I
demanded that the FBI monitor me this entire time since 1991 when I went to the
FBI and asked to be monitored. If I was guilty of any crime I would have been
prosecuted for that crime by the FBI.

This was necessary because I had read the CIA files on every judge that the CIA
was covertly appointing to the courts. I also briefed the FBI on what I could
remember from these judges CIA files. Some of these judges were murders, drug
dealers, pedophiles, homosexuals and just dirty evil corrupt people. When the
FBI asked me for information on Supreme Court judges I supplied the FBI with the
names of 5 Supreme Court judges that I had information on. 7 or 8 years later
these five Supreme Court judges appointed George W. Bush president. In other
words I knew that the courts were in fact corrupt to a degree and that for such
an investigation to be successful required me to bypass the courts and give the
FBI my direct permission to monitor me without need of a warrant. I gave no one
my permission to torture me and I made that very clear. My torture is not some
accident or mistake or in good faith it is the deliberate use of torture under
the cover of law to cover up mass murder, treason, rape, witnesses tampering,
obstruction of justice and other crimes to horrible to be addressed before this

In the Don Bolles Papers each future judge had a CIA briefing on him or her. In
these briefings were the names of every person who could become trouble to the
future judge’s appointment as a state or federal judge. Some were to be
assassinated and others were to be declared crazy and others were to be
imprisoned depending on the degree of the threat to the future judge and what
the witnesses had witnessed that could be used against the judge.

In 1992 I had Lorraine Schlund (my mother), William Schlund (my brother), Thomas
Schlund (my brother), Danny Pomeroy my employee, Harold Elston (friend), Dennis
Cruse (friend) and others around me give their permission to the FBI to monitor
them in any way the FBI needed. Again this was necessary to bypass the
corruption in the government and courts. This was required so the FBI could
conduct a real investigation without the need of warrants that could be denied
from the courts. No one gave the FBI permission to perform secret medical
procedures to use implants and torture me. I also briefed the FBI on how the so
called bugging devices including implants were used for torture.

The government and courts in their paranoid delusions have tried to make it look
like I’m trying to stop an investigation when in fact I have given the most
powerful law enforcement agency in the world my complete permission to monitor
me in any way they feel necessary. This permission does not give the FBI or
anyone else permission to torture me or install foreign things in my body in
secret medical procedure in the middle of the night.

My complete permission to monitor me was given to the FBI and the permission of
others around me was given to the FBI before the DEA and other corrupt law
enforcement injected me with the implants that are torturing me and being used
to deny me my Constitutional rights, God given and Human rights under the cover
of law. This is the cover up of murder, treason, obstruction of justice, witness
tampering, corruption, drug running and the systematic overthrow of the United

The implants now used to torture me are responsible for torture and large
numbers of deaths. In fact I can call to the witness stand 1,000’s of people who
have been tortured if the court will start to act like a real court and stop its
cover up of murder and treason. To date the courts have unknowingly and
knowingly assisted these terrorist in the cover up of treason and murder.

I can prove in trial that the government was who ran and/or protected most of
the drugs. I read the CIA, DEA, FBI and other files on the government taking
over the manufacturing, smuggling and distribution of most of the drugs in
America. Sting operations were in fact drug smuggling and drug distribution
covert operations. As evidence I can use the Barbra Walter’s special on how the
CIA was smuggling billions of dollars of cocaine which is well documented and is
on film. I can also supply a jury with Geraldo Rivera’s documentary on the
running of the crack (cocaine) houses. Every crack (cocaine) house investigated in
his documentary was being run by the DEA and this is again all on film. The
Arizona Department of Public Safety was busted selling pot and could not account
for any of the money from the sale of the pot. The Sheriffs department was
busted at Roosevelt Lake smuggling in a shipment of drugs. In the Don Bolles
papers Philip Jordan of the DEA was busted at Palo Verde with a plane load of
drugs. In the Don Bolles papers was the cover up of this drug shipment to the
Dirty Dozen drug cartel. This included the bugging of the jury in the resulting
civil trial and the orders to the Arizona Court of Appeal to find a way of
overturning the pending jury award and the plans to assassinate the witnesses.

This is all documented and undeniable and can be proven in trial. Further I am a
witness to the DEA’s plans to make Actifed and other sinus or cold medications
non prescription so they could be used to make speed with to flood the streets
of America with the drugs. I can prove this in trial. Further I wired the
chemical plant that the government made tons of crack cocaine at daily. This was
a DEA and CIA covert operation to flood the streets of America with drugs so the
use of implants could be justified and so new Nazi like laws could be passed in
the name of a created drug war that was really a war against the American people
by a corrupt government who was mad and insane and supplying the drugs. These
few documented facts are only the tip of the iceberg and much more can be
presented in court.

The billions of dollars in drug proceeds were used to fund covert operations
which were used to sway the American people to vote for the CIA’s candidates to
fix the elections of the United States. This included the fixing of the
presidential elections of the United States.

In the CIA and other files I had in 1977 was the designing, testing,
manufacturing and use of electronic implants. Implants were not designed as a
law enforcement tool. Implants were designed as a weapon system to be used under
the cover of law. The intent of the CIA in the use of implants was to maintain
power, remove witnesses, fix trials, cover-up murders and assassinations and to
authorize gassing and injecting people in secret medial procedures in the middle
of the night.

In 1973 the DEA was formed as a covert operation of the CIA by presidential
order of Richard Nixon. Nixon had been busted bugging the Democrats at Watergate
in 1972 to gather information to be used to fix the presidential elections
of the United States. The CIA was already in trouble because of the Church
hearings. The intent of forming the DEA was to replace the CIA inside the United
States with a new agency that could bug and monitor anyone under the cover of
law in created or real drug investigations. The CIA agents were then transferred
into the DEA.

From that time forward covert operations like Watergate were conducted under
the protection of a warrant in drug investigations which insured that the CIA
would never be busted again conducting illegal covert operations like what
happened at Watergate. The formation of the DEA was a covert operation of the
CIA for the overthrow of the United States by the CIA.

In the Don Bolles papers were the CIA, DEA and other plans for the use of
electronic implants under the cover of law.

Ballgames could be and were being fixed after injecting key players with
implants or placing electronic devices in their clothing in drug and other types
of investigations. This included the World Series and the Super Bowl.

Horse and Dog races were being fixed by injecting the animals with implants in
investigations into fixing the races. We had the plans to fix the Kentucky

Congressmen, Senators and judges were being bugged by installing the bugging
devices in or on them and/or in or on their aides usually in drug related

Competing corporations were being bugged by injecting their employees with
implants in preparations for the Hostel takeovers under President Ronald Reagan.
These investigations were usually created drug investigations.

Singers, actors, artists and other threats were being injected with implants or
devices were being installed in their breast implants, clothing, jewelry,
bedding, chairs, car seats and so on so the government would be able to control
the targets so they could not function normally resulting in stopping them from
writing new songs, pursuing their acting careers, making art etc.

In the Don Bolles papers were the plans on framing famous people as being
involved in drugs to justify targeting them and giving them electronic illnesses
to disable and/or control them. The following are a couple of the people that
were being targeted under warrants from the surveillance court. I had the
following files and warrants in the Don Bolles papers. Senator Ted Kennedy and
Cher Bono. Both of these people were innocent and the judges and agents fully
knew this. They were framed by the government.

I also had the warrants from the surveillance court for injecting electronic
implants into the follow people for the purpose of protecting them. In truth the
warrants were used to direct and control these people as targets to be removed
as threats to the empire. Jaqueline Kennedy, John F. Kennedy Jr. Caroline Kennedy,
Frank Wells and many others.

In the Don Bolles papers were files on injecting children that the CIA, DEA and
others were feeding to their pedophile federal and state judges and others. The
implants would damage the children’s memories so they might not remember the
events which would make it possible to spare the children from later being

Young girls and boys were also being supplied to judges, police, federal agents,
congressmen, senators, presidents and so on. All of these potential witnesses
also had to have electronic implants installed in them and to be monitored and
if needed to be threatened and/or assassinated. My wife was one such girl.

Babies were being injected with electronic implants to monitor their parents who
could not be directly tortured without causing trouble for the CIA, DEA and
others. To deprive their parents of sleep the babies were tortured all night
making them scream in pain. This resulted in keeping the parents up all night
depriving them of sleep night after night and resulted in many doctors’ visits
during the days as they tried to find out what was wrong with the children.

People with insurance in competing insurance companies were injected with
implants and/or devices in their clothing to make them sick with all kinds of
illnesses and conditions to cost their insurance companies excessive cost to
remove the insurance companies as economic threat to their insurance companies.

A gas was used to place these people in a state where the government could enter
their homes under the cover of a warrant in the middle of the night. The gas was
very dangerous and could not be used in light doses resulting in the people
remembering what had happened to them. The doses had to be heavy enough to
insure that the targets had no memory of the events. In the CIA and DEA and
other files I had the gas was killing 100’s of people yearly. Babies were dying
because the gas so relaxed them that they stopped breathing because their
breathing muscles were not yet fully developed. The government to explain this
condition named it SIDS Sudden Infant (Crib) Death Syndrome. This syndrome did
exist in very small numbers naturally but not at the numbers happening from the
gas. Each time an infant died a new warrant dated on a different date would be
issued for the official record to cover up the government murdering the baby
with the gas. Some of the children’s deaths were attributed to other causes like
abuse or neglect depending on how the government wanted to target the targeted

The gas used was similar to the gas used by the Russians against the terrorist
which resulted in the deaths of 100’s of people.* It is an allusion that the gas
is safe and that is why the government has never allowed any of this to become

*[Note: This occurred in October 2002. -- M.F. Abernathy]

Older people also died from the gas in large numbers. These people were usually
old or sick. Their deaths were always classified as natural such as a heart
attack in the middle of the night or death by old age or from the disease they
had such as cancer or what ever they were sick with. Again the court would issue
a new warrant with a different date on it to cover up the targets murder by the

The authorization for injecting targets under the protection of a warrant also
allowed the government to inject the targets with cancer viruses and other
diseases and chemicals resulting in many deaths which again were all classified
as natural.

The use of the gas allowed biological weapons research to be followed to watch
for all side effects from the research by the bugging of the test subjects. The
gassing of people also allowed testing of new medical aids such as the new
synthetic blood designed for the battle field.

Young pretty girls were injected and investigated so they could be directed into
the drug cartels so they could be used for sex with government officials such as
judges, police, federal agents and others all the way up to the presidency of
the United States. These investigations were usually done as drug

When the bugging devices were injected or used on young children the devices
sometimes caused an auto immune response which was similar to Leukemia-like
symptoms. This happened to my children when they were bugged by the government
as babies and toddlers to insure that my wife and I were always under constant
surveillance. The children were later placed under drug investigations when they
got old enough. The drug investigations were the cover up of the government
tagging them as babies and children.

The government also conducted a covert operation against me making it appear the
John Bashum worked for me as an electrician. John Bashum was an assassin for the
Justice Department and killed people daily for the government. The
assassinations John Bashum did were for the DEA and police to cover up the
fixing of the presidential elections and to cover up and protect corrupt judges
and police. John Bashum did assassinations to protect the governments drugs.

John Bashum needed cover as he murdered people for the Justice Department and
police. The DEA had John Bashum appear to work for me when in truth John Bashum
never worked for me. I never knew John Bashum. The government generated phone
conversations and films to show John Bashum worked for me when he did not and
the government fully knew that he never worked for me the entire time. The DEA
and police used me for John Bashum’s cover so he could murder the political
targets while he was protected as being at work working for me. John Bashum
never worked for me.

To create this covert operation the DEA generated charges at AMFac Electrical
supply making it look like John Bashum worked for me when in truth I did not
have an open account at AMFac. To create this allusion AMFac had me open an
account for one order of material and this was not an open account that charges
could be made to and I can prove all of this in trial.

The government working with my wife had a person who really was an electrician
impersonate John Bashum to get a job with me and then used this person to take
his checks to the real John Bashum so the real John Bashum could cash these
checks to make it appear he worked for me when he never worked for me.

The government then created all the false supporting evidence that he did work
for me so he would have cover as he daily murdered innocent people for the

When my wife refused to help the government further in these murders she was
threatened by the government and John Bashum by John Bashum murdering the kid
that lived in the house behind my house. He was found hung from the shower
faucet in his shower. The police covered up the murder by calling it a suicide.
When my wife continued to secretly help me as she worked for the DEA against me
under the threat of death by the government John Bashum murdered George King in
my home in front of her to threaten her.

The Glendale Police refused to allow me to file a murder report and refused to
interview any of the witnesses to cover up the murder. I have tried to report
many murders over the years and I have been refused to be allowed to report any
of the murders so the government could cover up the murders. This continues to
this day. This is why I went to the FBI in 1991 and demanded that they bug me.

I then worked with the FBI supplying them with the names of many mass murderers
who all secretly worked for the United States Government. I also supplied the
FBI with information of where the bodies were that I had information on. The
government continued to threaten me with further torture and death and has
threatened to kill me for what I’m now supplying to this court. The governments
conduct is more then just outrageous conduct of the United States it is Satanic
Conduct of the United States government and the courts.

Each time I went to the police the government again planted drugs and other
evidence to frame me to cover up the governments mass murders and acts of
treason. Each time I went to the Phoenix police or called them or went to the
Glendale Police or called them they refused to allow a police report and refused
to talk to any of the witnesses except those they were paying who worked for
them. Each time I met the DEA or called the DEA more evidence was planted
against me and I was tortured and threatened with death and each time I sent
certified letters to the Justice Department I was framed as being a criminal and
tortured and threatened with the death of my children and me. Each time I called
the CIA or wrote them more drugs and more evidence was planted to frame me. The
FBI watched and witnessed all of this at my request.

I would further like to inform the court that I have been unable to maintain
records for my business because of the torture of me by the government to drive
me out of business to protect those I’m a witness against like George W. Bush.
This has cost me millions of dollars in lost money. This has also resulted in me
not being able to file taxes. I have repeatedly asked the government to allow me
to file taxes and allow a place where I would not be tortured to stop me from
filing taxes under torture and the threat of death. The government has refused
each and every request. The last time I prepared tax returns the government
altered my returns to try to frame me as being a tax evader and the government
altered everything on the returns in the framing of me. I pray that this court
will grant me relief from torture so I can again join the human race rather then
being a slave to the governments torture of me to control me for my refusal to
sell drugs and murder people for the government.

I can and will prove all of this in trial. I am not under any allusions and I
know that the government will never allow a trial because the government knows
that I can prove my case and the government can not prove their case. This is
why the government is torturing me under the cover of law to disable me to cover
up their crimes.

The police and agents briefing the court that this is not true are murderers and
drug dealers involved in the cover up of the fixing of the presidential
elections of the United States. There is trillions of dollars that is being
funneled out of the government and they will torture and kill anyone who stands
in their way. They are the secret government.

The court can call me before the court to testify to any of the facts in
question and I can supply the court with the needed documents and/or witnesses
to prove that I have been framed and tortured to cover up the governments
crimes. I am not guilty of any crime and I will testify openly on any
information I have.

I demand that the governments witnesses also be ordered to testify under oath so
when their stories change as I supply evidence they can be prosecuted for their

I pray that the court will stop acting like a pack of Nazi’s and allow this case
to proceed to trial. This will require protection for my witnesses and me and
the termination of the threats against our lives by the government. This will
require the removal of the implants in our bodies that the government is using
to torture and threaten us with death in the cover up the fixing of the
presidential elections of the United States.

Charles A. Schlund

This work is in the public domain
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