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News :: Globalization : Human Rights : International
For two fall antiwar actions: One in Washington, One in Boston
28 Jun 2005
Modified: 11:03:54 AM
[As published on the Stop the War Machine Newsletter, published by the Committee for a Fall Action]

The war makers in Washington are encountering rising resistance to their drive for profits and empire worldwide. The most significant confrontation is unfolding in the Middle East where well over 100,000 Anglo-American troops are fighting a brutal war of occupation with no end in sight. This confrontation has placed the war in Iraq at the center of world politics today. The occupation along with the mounting casualties are leading ultimately toward a massive shift in politics and the war makers stand to lose more than Iraq by the time the occupation is ended.
The war makers in Washington are encountering rising resistance to their drive for profits and empire worldwide. The most significant confrontation is unfolding in the Middle East where well over 100,000 Anglo-American troops are fighting a brutal war of occupation with no end in sight. This confrontation has placed the war in Iraq at the center of world politics today. The occupation along with the mounting casualties are leading ultimately toward a massive shift in politics and the war makers stand to lose more than Iraq by the time the occupation is ended.

The March 20, 2005 rally at Boston Common showed that the antiwar movement could unite and mobilize together effectively. We united to build an action, for immediate withdrawal, that anyone in the antiwar majority of the country could support: youth, veterans, soldiers, working men and women, families, communities of color, immigrants, seniors, and trade unionists. Now the growing movement against the war in Iraq is faced with an obstacle to its growth: two coalitions have called two actions for the same day in the same city: September 24 in Washington, D.C.

Disunity at the national level invites disunity locally. In Boston many groups united for March 20th including: United for Justice with Peace, Boston Mobilization, District 7 activists, International Action Center, numerous campus, community, socialist, and labor groups, plus countless individuals. Are we going to divide in Boston along lines of organizational loyalty to one or another national coalition? The urgency of the war and its consequences don't permit us to be divided.

To end this ruthless and criminal war of conquest, we need a movement of millions in the streets. We need to unite, in action, with everyone who opposes it. Our approach has to be inclusive. We need to focus our movement on the war in Iraq and its social consequences in a way that broadens rather than narrows our ability to unite and mobilize together in action.

We would hope that the groups organizing the Washington, D.C. events on September 24 would unify their activities. In Boston, the Committee for a Fall Action will build September 24 by publicizing all mass actions that weekend in Washington, D.C., and elsewhere, which focus on immediate withdrawal from Iraq. We suggest a mass action, for immediate withdrawal from Iraq, in Boston in early November. This can be built by a combination of the forces that united to build March 20 and new forces.

For the March in DC on September 24th (my birthday!) see:
See also:

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build, build, build
28 Jun 2005
the only movement worth building is onw worth flushing after!
if you leftists focused on accomplishing actual goals rather than just swelling your donor lists, maybe we coudl all accomplish something.
Re: For two fall antiwar actions: One in Washington, One in Boston
28 Jun 2005
right on! how can we contact the Committee for a Fall Action?
Re: For two fall antiwar actions: One in Washington, One in Boston
28 Jun 2005 has an email link
I'll Be There...With My Friends
28 Jun 2005
IMPEACH HIM NOW! Will be my sign. (For you nazi lovers...)
Un-winnable war.
28 Jun 2005
I may or may not have any direct experience with this war, but that doesn't matter. I am presently a soldier, I am not a coward, and I believe we should leave the mid-east region NOW while we still have a shred of dignity.

Do your homework, look at the history. The British failed in Iraq. Alexander's Babylonian conquests came to a sudden end. America will unfortunately suffer the same fate. The desert will eat us alive, while the nomads and barbarians continue on with the ancient ways.

It sickened me that the war effort went from "He has WMD's" to "operation Iraq freedom". I don't give a F#$% about Iraq or the people. I would rather we never got involved. Not even with those snot nosed Kuwaitis. I hated watching them flick ME the peace sign. Those arrogant, presumptuous, "you need to give me", high expectations, freeloaders!

WE saved them from Saddam (unfortunately), and now they think we suck. I heard stories about Kuwaiti soldiers getting it in the ass, and then executed. True OR false, why was Kuwait important?


History will prove that America'a interests in oil sunk the once great nation. When I went to college, I was proud that Iranians, Indians, and Russians attended the same classes as me. I thought “hey, these people go home and say how wonderful America is." They came hear because we were the best, and their parents knew it! NOT ANYMORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So Dana...
29 Jun 2005
What branch of the military are you in ? Tell us all about your illustrious military carreer.
Early November ?
29 Jun 2005
Veterans Day might be a good date because of the symbolism and the fact that schools and most workers are off for a three day weekend
Re: For two fall antiwar actions: One in Washington, One in Boston
29 Jun 2005
Who are these assholes who keep on doubting people's military experiences? Why don't you just take her word on it?

Every time a soldier or veteran comes on these forums to express their opinions, all the chickenhawks start claiming that they've never served. It pisses me off.
Re: For two fall antiwar actions: One in Washington, One in Boston
29 Jun 2005
they're just the desk jockeys who got medals for paper pushing stateside--while "our boys" were making Grenada safe for democracy
REclaim the Orange Revolution, and Your Country
29 Jun 2005
I think that if you really want to have an effect, especially on a national level, you should study the "Orange Revolution" which took place recently in the Ukraine. As the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's Carol Off recently disclosed, this "Grassroots Movement" was actually a CIA-sponsored anti-Russian act, over ten years in the making. (Off actually lauds the practice of undermining foreign governments ... !)

But in doing so, the CIA has allowed a glimpse into their Handbook for Non-Violent Revolution", and this is an opportunity we cannot afford to squander.

Not saying this will suffice to unseat the LYING, criminal Neo-Fascists (Fascists aren't known for stopping, just because they were asked nicely), but it WILL make the rising Opposition visible once more (badly needed right now), apply pressure on the Regime, and send an unmistakable message to the world.

ORANGE clothing. ORANGE banners. ORANGE signs.

Simple slogans: Fire the Liars, IMPEACH, etc ...

Don't just rally at the feet of power. Make the media a part of your actions. Surround them. Disrupt their day. Let them know that their complicity will not stand.
Who are These *ssholes...
30 Jun 2005
Well, I guess I'm one. Having served in both the military and organized for several local and national progressive political causes, you be surprised how many "Vietnam Veterans" you run into. When you do the math, these people would have been 10 years old at the END of that war. Now it seems everyone is Gulf vet. I may be wrong, but I didn't think that they 12 yr, olds serve. Maybe there really isa recruitment problem ??
Re: For two fall antiwar actions: One in Washington, One in Boston
30 Jun 2005
Several weeks ago, I saw a woman telling Sholom that he was lying about having been to war. He's the right age (23) to have been in Iraq and Afghanistan. If you ask him about when he was there, his dates match up. I've seen his discharge papers and photos of him in Iraq and Afghanistan. And to top it off, he has his unit patch tattooed on his right shoulder.

For those of you who do not know Sholom, he's a veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan who shows up to many of the protests. He's a very intelligent individual and became an anarchist after being discharged. He suffers from PTSD and can sometimes be irrational or incoherent, but he's overal a pretty cool character to hang out with. He doesn't look for glory or recognition, he just wants to speak his mind.

Now what kind of logic does it take to claim that someone would get a military tattoo, falsify discharge papers, obtain uniforms and medals, forge an ID card, doctor photos, and fake a mental illness; all in order to just talk about the war without any desire to be placed on a pedestal? That's insane.

For the record, Sholom was in the current Iraq war, not the first one.
To student
30 Jun 2005
What type of logic...You'd be surprised what some people do. I too have spoken to Mr. Keller. He claims he got PTSD from POINTING a weapon at someone. I could see freaking out if you mistakingly killed a child, but to point a weapon at someone who might be booby trapped or armed, that seems pretty logical to me. Maybe he just didn't have the right mind set to make in the military. At the very least, he doesn't act or present himself in a very convincing or professional manner. Made he needs ridlilin?.

Anyway, Mr. Keller also look downs on people in the military as being "less intelligent" than he is. He stated that on here. That kind of sounds like the words of a jealous person who just couldn't make the grade. Remember the fable about the fox who could'nt reach the grapes ?
Re: For two fall antiwar actions: One in Washington, One in Boston
30 Jun 2005
No disrespect to you personally, Enlightened1, but I believe you misunderstood what Sholom was saying. Sholom has a difficult time articulating what he is trying to say. The incident where he pointed his weapon at a kid is just something that he feels guilty about in retrospect. The kid was neither armed nor booby-trapped, but he WAS making obscene and/or threatening gestures. Sholom has come under attack while he was in Iraq. But I digress...

The point that I was making is that Mr. Keller is not lying about his having served, is proud to have served, and is just trying to come to terms with his emotions while dealing with nightmares and panic attacks. There is no reason for a suburbanite soccer-mom who has never served herself to disparage his service and accuse him of lying.

P.S. Mr. Keller is extremely intelligent, he just has a habit of letting it get to his head. I wouldn't hold that comment against him.
To Student
30 Jun 2005
Well, I'm not a soccer mom, that would be impossible because I'm male. Secondly, I served in the Marines for 9 years, mostly with what is now the 1/6, 24 MEU. I'm currently studying to get my masters in politcal science at BU and I'm African American. I saw action in a few places, including the 1st Gulf War. Being African American and growing up in American Society, I found that the military was the most "racially neutral" institution in America. I don't agree with the way this war is being fought, but I would go if called, as would the MANY veterans that I know. I protested the the anti gay bigots from Kansas at Brookline HS earlier this month. It's funny, I was also in Marblehead the other day for the funeral of the Special Forces soldier who died, to just show my support for his family, and stare down those *ssholes from Kansas. I didn't see ONE other person who was in Brookline there to support that soldiers family and tell those bigots where to go. I guess it isn't PC..Oh yeah, and can you ask Mr. Keller for me where he got his "screaming eagle" tattoo so I'll know where not to go to get my next ink.... That is absolutely horrible work. All Black ????
Re: For two fall antiwar actions: One in Washington, One in Boston
30 Jun 2005
Making greneda safe for democracy? For what? If the people couldn't do it themselves, then It just wasn't meant to be. Same with Iran: The revolution took power, so it therefore deserves the seat of power. If it had been wrong or evil, then it would have failed.

Survival of the fittest. Darwinism. If we ever leave Iraq, our experiment will slowly die. We will have pulled the life support. Well you know what? It just wasn't meant to be. Somebody else wanted it that much more than we did.

Enlightened1, did you really server in Vietnam?
Re: For two fall antiwar actions: One in Washington, One in Boston
01 Jul 2005
Thanks for sticking up for me, but I recommend using a different name as there is already a troll on these boards who goes by "student".

I agree with you about the military being the most "racially neutral" institution in America, and wish that it were the same way with regards to sexual orientation. I didn't find out about the funeral in Marblehead until the day after. Had I known, I would have been there. You may have gotten the wrong impression of me based on my reaction to the episode in Cambridge, but I AM proud of my service despite my disagreeing with the war. If called back into service, I would go, but only if I felt that the war was a just one. I got the tattoo at "Ink Bomb" on the the 41a in Clarksville, TN. I am aware that the quality stinks, it was my first tattoo and I didn't think to shop around. I intend on getting it touched up, but I have not yet found a good tattoo parlor in the area. With regards to what you said about "Vietnam Veterans", I am aware that there are a good many of those around, and they give a bad name to the real veterans. I think "student" was talking about the woman at Cambridge Common who accused me of lying about being a veteran when he said "soccer mom". Do you personally think that I am lying about my military service?

Do your math.
To Sholom
02 Jul 2005
Well said. I apologize, I may have misunderstood you in your original threads. It's good to hear someone who speaks from the heart and not just from ideology.
Ink (To Sholom)
06 Jul 2005
I've had good luck getting "inked" at Pins & Needles in Brockton and Dark Wave Tattoo in Dudley (Roxbury). Nothing to do with the main topic, just a comment.
Re: For two fall antiwar actions: One in Washington, One in Boston
06 Jul 2005

The Troops Out Now Coalition (TONC) wholeheartedly and unreservedly joins the activists and groups who are calling for a united mobilization against the war in the fall. The absence of such unity amongst the anti-war coalitions only serves to demoralize rank and file anti-war activists and local forces across the country. The grassroots of the movement are looking to those of us who make decisions to put our differences aside in the interests of the struggle to get the U.S. the hell out of Iraq.

Achieving unity isn't easy but the power of unity is the thing that will give everyone the confidence to do what needs to be done. Moreover, the people of Iraq and throughout the Middle East need the movement in this country to unite. The whole world is looking to us to do it. TONC welcomes the sentiments of all who have signed on to the unity statement that is being circulated by USLAW.

TONC would add to that call that the movement needs to reach out in a more serious way not only to trade unionists that are active in the anti-war movement, but also to working people and people of color. In the Million Worker March Movement you have trade unionists that are people of color at the helm.

These trade unionists are leading the way in helping to bring the workers movement and the anti-war movement together. Let us make sure that our appeal extends to them as well as others including immigrants who are all too often under-represented.

An important part of forging any meaningful unity will, of necessity, require that the anti-war movement both acknowledges and unites with the struggle of people of color and the events that carry their message.

The call for a "Millions More March" on the tenth anniversary of the "Million Man March" has gone out far and wide. The Millions More March will extend over three days next fall, October 14, 15 and 16, including a massive march on Washington DC. It goes without saying that many of us will be pre-occupied with this important mobilization. This is something that needs to be respected.

TONC believes that the time has come for all of us to unite around the demand to bring the troops home immediately. This in no way means that other demands should not be put forth.

We absolutely must talk about the war budget and how it's robbing workers and poor people.

We must talk about the prospect of the draft being revived. We must find ways of reaching out to resisters inside the military.

Moreover, we don't believe that uniting must mean censoring, silencing or excluding the positions of those who are participating in that unity.

The antiwar movement must not turn its back on the Palestinian people and their struggle. In addition, the position that the Iraqi people have a right to resis t occupation by whatever means they choose cannot be censored or excluded.

We don't think that it helps us to make no mention of the threats against Venezuela or Cuba or Iran or North Korea and simply pretend that these problems don't exist. We believe that the movement must address the ongoing occupation of Haiti and Afghanistan; the imperialist designs on Zimbabwe, the Philippines, Colombia and all the peoples of Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Caribbean and Latin America. Others may have different priorities.

The anti-war movement must ensure that all oppressed communities have an equal place at the table, where their issues and concerns are represented.

Unity does not mean uniformity--the main thing is for the basis of unity to be clear.

It's not necessary for us to ask of each other that we forget neither our differences nor the unpleasantness of past conflicts. All that is required is that we not let any of that get in the way of joining hands to grasp the opportunities that only unity makes possible.

There is a high road. On that road, questions are answered, problems are solved and the means and methods necessary to move forward are found.

Nothing is more important at this moment than for all to walk together on the high road to unity. We believe that what we all do will be decisive. We must and we can stop the war and get every U.S. soldier out of Iraq.

It is up to all of us to do whatever is necessary for our movement to rise to this challenge.

--3 0 --
Re: For two fall antiwar actions: One in Washington, One in Boston
07 Jul 2005
No! Louis Farrakhan is a racist, sexist, anti-semitic, patriarchal homophobe!

And specifically having people of color at the helm of a trade unionist march on the basis of the fact that they are people of color is 1)racist, 2) ineffective, 3)pathetic pandering.

Enlightened1, as an African-American, what is your opinion on this?
07 Jul 2005
I personally think that Farrakhan leads an organization that is the equivalent of being the "black" (I won't call it " an African American equivalent" because he does not represent me) KKK". He is a racist and a homophobe, as well as being anti-semetic.There was photo of Farrakhan on vacation in Puerto Rico, sitting on the beach, back around 1990; he was in the company of a Jewish woman, so I guess he's a hypocrit too.
07 Jul 2005
Sorry about that, yeah it is racist and pandering to put someone out in front just because of their race. I wouldn't want someone to place me out in front on "display" to fuel their cause and have them act like they know what is best for me.
Re: For two fall antiwar actions: One in Washington, One in Boston
08 Jul 2005
You mean the way the Zionists try to claim that they know what is best for me as a Jew? Yeah, I agree with you.