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Commentary :: Organizing
Browns, Blacks, poor Whites unite.
25 Jul 2005
Only When the Browns, Blacks, and poor Whites who make up the enlisted ranks unite will the elite priviledged White Officer Corps of the US military..
"Petal to the Metal Dude"

The US Military is ruled over by an elite Corps of White Officers who come from families like Bush or Kerry. Eating meals on the regimental china and relaxing at the Virginia estate.

Yet the enlisted members of the US military are made up of Brown skinned Latino/as, African Americans, and White's with no hope "historicaly known since the civil war days as white trash".

This relationship mirrors that of corporate America with White Collared employees Lording over their Blue Collar subjects. Not unlike the blue blood ruling classes of Old Europe and the peasant populations.

Yet in this modern age the Enlisted ranks of the US military have a reasonable education do all the fighting and dying. And have the ability to resist this illiegal war if not bring it to a grinding halt all together.

As an Ex-US Marine I personally call on the enlisted ranks of the US Military to go on "strike" and resist the illiegal and immoral orders given by the blue blood Bush's and Kerry's of the US Officer Corps.

"Its a truckers world baby"

John P. George

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Re: Browns, Blacks, poor Whites unite.
25 Jul 2005
Right on!

It is simple class exploitation, what else is new?

"The proud the few the dying for a college education"

"Be all you can be die in Iraq for $800 a month"

Fuck the Kush's and Berry's of the world.
Re: Browns, Blacks, poor Whites unite????.
25 Jul 2005
Just to mention a few facts that weren't mentioned by the "ex-marine' (real Marines say "former", not "ex"), the majority of all the services is still primarily populted by white males. Yes, alot do come from working class backgrounds. The majority of the officer corps. come from state schools, not the Ivy League, and a large percentage of the NCO's have AT LEAST bachelors degrees, some have masters or doctorates. NCO's are sergeants BTW. The pecentage of educated military personnel is actually LARGER than the general population.As an African American, I also found the military to be the most racially neutral institution in society. Why did I get out (of the Marine Corps) after 9 years..?? Because I'm getting my masters in poli sci @ BU. I may go back though..
Re: Browns, Blacks, poor Whites unite.
25 Jul 2005
Any smart Blacks would hook up with rich whites, not poor ones. duh.
To mark
25 Jul 2005
Good point
Re: Browns, Blacks, poor Whites unite.
25 Jul 2005
"I also found the military to be the most racially neutral institution in society"

I know of know other american institution that has murdered, raped, tortured, executed, and terror bomed the fuck out of as many asians, latinos, blacks and arabs. Please help me understand how racist mass murder, tresspassing and pillage for profit and fun is "racially neutral"? just because you decieved a few colored saps into doing it with you?
To get real
26 Jul 2005
Colored ? Is real first name "Archie" ?
Re: Browns, Blacks, poor Whites unite.
26 Jul 2005
First, its never about "simple class exploitation". Class exploitation in the United States is always intertwined with the dynamics of race, gender, etc.

I think what "Enlightened1" means is that compared to other institutions in our society like the courts, police, schools, political parties, corporations and businesses in general, he found the military to be the least discriminatory. He's not alone. I've heard similar sentiments echoed by many people of color who have served in the armed forces. You may not agree with the need for a nation-state to have a military but it does not discount this man's experience and the experence of thousands of others.
Re: Browns, Blacks, poor Whites unite.
26 Jul 2005
Enlightened1 - I know some former marines who DO identify themselves as "ex-marine" and this individual fits the profile. Marines who become anti-war and anti-military during service or after discharge prefer to call themselves "ex-marine" rather than former. I wouldn't be so quick to doubt this individual's service.

Get Real - He's basically correct. The military in and of itself IS the most racially neutral institution in the U.S. Although I would prefer to call it the "least discriminatory" institution because I believe that neutrality is a myth and because I have seen some racial discrimination in the military, although not nearly as much as in other aspects of U.S. culture. Keep in mind that tokenism and vangaurdism as practiced by the "lefties" in the Boston area AND as practiced by the military DO count as racial discrimination.

I won't disagree about the racism of the U.S.'s wars, but the "racially neutral" military is merely being used as a tool by the extremely discriminatory U.S. government.
26 Jul 2005
We talked BRIEFLY two weeks ago in Cambridge @ the IMC party. Besides being a student, I write for a Boston area "altenative newspaper". You seem like pretty good guy, but why are you so angry ??
Re: Browns, Blacks, poor Whites unite.
26 Jul 2005
Enlightened, do you write for Bay Windows?
Re: Browns, Blacks, poor Whites unite.
27 Jul 2005
I don't recall speaking to an African-American male at the IMC party. Can I suggest that the next time you see me around, you tell me that you're "enlightened1"?

What do you consider angry?
"Angry" Sholom
27 Jul 2005
Maybe "angry" was a bad choice, how abou "intense", which isn't necessarily a bad thing..... Anyway, I'm off to the west coast for few weeks to see friends out in northern Cali. I will definitely introduce myself the next time we meet.
Re: Browns, Blacks, poor Whites unite.
27 Jul 2005
"know of know(sic) other american institution that has murdered, raped, tortured, executed and terror bombed" -- of course not, in modern , technologically advanced societies there exists a 'division of labor'. What else is an army for but to fight and kill? This has been going on since the dawn of humanity between races and within races, by the so-called educated (i.e. schooled) as well as those who can't read and write, with weapons of mass destuctions or sticks and stones. No there's something much deeper going on here. Granted, America is a class divided society but humans of every race and class wage war and even a utopian classless society will never change that. It's in the genes," ladies and gentlemen".
Re: Browns, Blacks, poor Whites unite.
29 Jul 2005
It's not in the genes. If there were no nations and no money, there would be no greed and therefore no motivation for war.