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Commentary :: Globalization
“That’s a Very Negative Message You Have There”
03 Aug 2005
“That’s a Very Negative Message You Have There”
A Positive Light at the End of The Tunnel
By Michael Treis
mftreis3 (at)

After decades of study of history, from Babylon with Nimrod, King Nebuchadnezzar, Cyrus, Alexander the Great, Caesar, to more modern times with Hitler, Henry Kissinger, George Herbert Walker Bush, John D. Rottenfeller, I mean Rockefeller, the dream of world domination and world government is not a new idea.
I have warned folks for more than two decades of the coming world government, New World Order or what ever you wish to call it. In the 1970,s when I told folks that there is a government behind the government that most know nothing about, people laughed it off. In the 1980’s I continued to warn folks revealing the Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission and the Bilderberg group and their members, as the behind the scene organizations controlling America, Europe and bringing world government, most said ho-hum.
Throughout the 1990’s and now into the 21st century I’m still saying welcome to the New World Order and world government, because it is here. I was told when elaborating on the idea, “That’s a Very Negative Message You Have There.” In truth if you consider the New World Order, and the great length they have gone to establish it such as: Destroying our Constitutional money system, installing a central bank, and all the top 10 planks of the Communist Manifesto into law in the US, creating problems such as the CIA dumping drugs on the streets to create a “war on Drugs”, committing acts of terrorism such as WTC bombing #1, Waco, Oklahoma Federal Building bombing, 9-11, and OH! So much more, to enact Draconian “laws” to destroy the Constitution and Bill of Rights, and for those that will not obey them, setting up some 300+ concentration camps for American’s around the US( ), even I admit that sounds pretty negative.
Perspective is everything. Is the glass half empty or full? Depends if you thirsty or drowning in it, so to speak. Let’s take one of the new things just around the corner and being put into use already, RFID. RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification. They are very small computer chips that pick up a radio wave from control units and send back their encoded information. Wal-Mart has mandated that all their suppliers put them in their products in 2005 if they want to keep selling to them.
Now let’s jump ahead a little. As you walk up to the checkout the cash register computer is emanating a radio frequency wave. Depending on the system it will scan 30-50 tags a second from ten feet away, whir, buzz, bing everything has been totaled up. The lady says “I see here you have VISA and Master Card, which would you like it on? Debit or credit?” Now you’re checked out and the items are still in your cart, you did NOT have to get out your credit card (as they too have RFID chips in them as well as you drivers license). The store has instant inventory and replacements are already being processed somewhere for shipment. It is all quite amazing as well as convenient.
But there is a problem a big one. That driver’s license has a RFID chip that has a 4-6 MG bit storage capacity. It is called Real ID; it is the new national ID card that was passed into law before the last election under the McCain rider in the transportation section of a 9-11 bill passed into law at that time. It allows random traffic stops WITHOUT probable cause, to check your new ID. They can actually read it at some distance, and probable know who you are already. But they may just want to search your car for fun to make you feel safe, and without a warrant (thank you Mr. McCain).
Now lets get a little better feel of what might just happen in such a stop. When they read your Real ID (Google REAL ID) with their scanner there is a problem. Seems last week when your husband was having trouble with the lawn mower and was working on it he bought some starting ether. Tommy your youngest son has the sniffles and you bought some decongestant, and your husband ask you to pick up Drano for the bathroom sink. All these items were automatically flagged and record of the purchase was stored on your driver’s license. It has now been given to the police and they are preparing to raid your house, without a warrant. Sound unreal, wrong! You just purchased ingredients for a meth-lab.
Well they raided you house now and took a bunch of stuff including your computer. They have 30 days to manufacture probable cause for the search and turn it over to a judge to show cause and ask for grand jury proceedings. Mean while you are on a watch list. Any purchases you make can be tracked. Oh yes I for got to tell you, those little tags can be tracked by modern police, CIA, FBI, ATF, DEA equipment. They could follow your shirt, shoes, and car tires with their RFID chips. Hmmm, doesn’t sound any more uplifting does it?
Well, there is “A Positive Light at the End of The Tunnel.” In the book of Revelation chapter 13 tells us of a beast (governmental & religious powers combined) system that makes everyone take a number or mark without which you can not buy or sell. Try to cash a check without the number on your driver’s license, or buy something without the numbers on your credit cards. They are already implanting biochips into people that will replace the need for the cards, as it will contain all the same information and it can’t be stolen like cards.
The Bible tells us Satan, the devil, Lucifer is setting up his government, which is a counterfeit of the government our Savior Yahshua Messiah most know as Jesus is going to put in place. It tells us Lucifer will rule for 3 1/2 years. His time is short and he knows it. He has used his agents in governments to help set up his kingdom. He has tried before and failed. There are a few things that tell us he will succeed this time.
Revelations 13:7 says that he Satan, the beast “will make war with the saints and over come them” We are also told:
Mat 24:21 For then shall be great tribulation, such as hath not been since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be.
Mat 24:22 And except those days should be shortened, there would no flesh be saved: but for the elect's sake those days shall be shortened.
We have only had the power to destroy ALL flesh on earth through nuclear and biological weapons for about 50 years. Yes this last war is to be worse than any ever seen or will ever be seen. Sounds scary. How can this be an uplifting message? Treis you’re telling us all this bad stuff is going to happen, stuff so bad we will be imprisoned for even small infractions. We will be thrown in concentration camps if we don’t go along. We won’t be able to buy and sell unless we take Lucifer’s mark. We will be killed if we refuse.
I will admit it is a scary scenario, if you do not have faith in the Bible. The Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth as I like to call it, tells us of all this and more. For sure it will get much worse before it gets any better, BUT there is a plan, A Positive Light at the End of The Tunnel, His name is Yahshua Messiah that most call Jesus. Just as He has warned us of the terrible things, He has promised protections for His servants, help for those who will seek Him, and PROMISED his soon return in the days that these things happen (read Matthew 24).
If you can read the Bible, or listen to Bible tapes, read Brail, you can know of these things. Without faith yes they are depressing, scary, even terrifying, BUT they are the very proof of our Saviors soon return.
I don’t ask you to believe a gospel according to Michael Treis, far be it from me, I ask you to read your Bible and PRAY! Don’t believe me, or ANY man, read it for yourself! I can’t save you, you church can’t save you, your pastor can’t save you, your choir can’t save you, only your relationship with your Savior can save you! It is a FREE gift from your Savior to you, simply for the asking. Won’t you ask Him today?
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03 Aug 2005
They're coming to get you...
Re: “That’s a Very Negative Message You Have There”
06 Aug 2005
"Read Brail"???

That asshole stole my rant and watered it down to meaningless crap. Ha, like I don't have a sence of humor too.

Why did Jesus speek in parables? So that only his flock would know the truth from them. And is there any reason for a Christian, a REAL Chritian, to believe that the whole Bible was NOT presented in the same way??? Why would you assume that the damned are destined for anything but damnation?

Reading the bible, even in brail, will not save you if you are not of the flock. Why bother. You are damned. Let me give you an idea of what that will be like. Imaging ME as your hoast for eternity. What, you thought maybe that the REAL jailer of hell would be ANY kinder??? Now that is funny! Ha ha ha ha!

Good GOD, how I love to rip out your soul, stomp on it, spit on it, showt it for what it is really worth(to you, anyway), and hand it back to you, laughing all the time.
Re: “That’s a Very Negative Message You Have There”
08 Aug 2005
Get your fucking religion out of my face!