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Presidential indictments coming?
08 Aug 2005
President Bush is on vacation in Texas, while many internet researchers are working on their vacations, to give him a permanent vacation.

Bush really" cares," but he refused to meet with Cindy Sheehan, 8/6/05, mother of a soldier killed 4/4/05. in Crawford, Texas.
Finally, kudos to Cindy Sheehan for speaking truth to power in Crawford, TX (news.baou, via buzzflash). I'm saddened, but not suprised, the president would not meet with her. I delivered a petition signed by more than 560,000 right to the White House and could not even get in the White House.

the questions about the 911 attacks
the unprotected borders, allowing "newly created jihadists "
to bring in suitcase nukes and knowledge how
to enable Russian nukes previously planted
paying free health care, educational services to illegals
enduring the tsunami of criminals
CFR dominance of American foreign policy
profiteering of high officials, with certain conflicts of interest, Bush, Cheney, Rumsfield, etc.
repression of rights to Protest through laws of the Patriot act
limits on FEMA's authority to end the Constitution
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Bush Plans to Fire Prosecuter
by Tom Flocco – August 7, 2005

Despite initial scepticism we posted the following. Now it appears that the following story has mutated once again with its appearance in Newsweek, as claimed. However Fitzgerald will not replaced by Robert McCallum, who is appointed as Fitzgerald supervisor from which position may be able to help out his old Skull & Bones buddy. Ed.

Sunday morning online editions of Newsweek and Time are reporting that the President is planning to fire Chicago's U.S. Federal Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald and replace him with a Bush classmate/Skull and Bonesman from Yale.

Following on the heels of these reports, we have learned from U.S. intelligence sources that federal agents are prepared to immediately arrest Mr. Bush if he fires Fitzgerald and seeks to obstruct justice and commit additional treasonous acts regarding ongoing grand jury proceedings against his administration and himself.

Fitzgerald reported last week that Fitzgerald's grand jury voted out perjury and obstruction of justice "True Bills" or federal criminal indictments against President Bush, Vice-President Cheney, Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez, former Attorney General John Ashcroft, former CIA Director George Tenet, Presidential Senior Advisor Karl Rove, Presidential Chief of Staff Andrew Card, Vice-Presidential Chief of Staff I. "Scooter" Libby, imprisoned New York Times reporter Judith Miller and Vice-Presidential Senior Advisor Mary Matalin.

On Friday, federal whistleblower Tom Heneghen reported that the true bills also listed Supreme Court Chief Justice William Rehnquist and Justice Antonin Scalia as unindicted co-conspirators.

According to sources close to the grand jury, Fitzgerald's citizen panel is now able to prove that George W. Bush was not legitimately elected president in the 2000 election; but more importantly, it has fingered the United States Supreme Court for fraud, obstruction of justice and treason, making the Bush terms totally illegal.

The scope of the indictments and investigations indicates that the grand jury's indicted criminal acts reaching back to 2000 will lead to further legitimate assumptions that Bush-Cheney involvement in the 9.11 attacks and sending American young people to war based upon lies orchestrated by Mr. Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair are both squarely in the sights of the grand jury.
Also see:
Bush & Co Facing Prosecution?

U.S. Attorney's Office Says 'No Comment,' Refusing To Confirm Or Deny Alleged Indictments

Bush and Cheney Indicted?

Tony Blair's MI-6 Agents Caught Trying To Blow Up Chicago Subway

Printer friendly with pictures / without pictures

it appears Fitzgerald's team is going after Libby for treason and espionage.

Beyond the shield laws, he explicitly held classified documents in his hand when meeting with Judith Miller. With the alleged testimony of Miller or another official, Libby can be found to have violated section 794(c) which is using classified information in a time of war much like Larry Franklin did.

However, without that testimony Libby & likewise Rove stay at obstruction of justice. He's going for the whole shebang, treason.
Specific Report Data
Return to Index of Reports
NESARA Brings 9/11 Indictments on Bush Regime
Date/Time: 31st July, 2002 05:39am Source: Dove of Oneness

Very shortly, as part of bringing us the true NESARA law announcements, the INDICTMENTS against Bush Jr., Cheney, Rumsfeld, and Ashcroft, will be aired on national television. MOST of the ILLEGAL Bush cabinet is being INDICTED, for ordering the 9/11 attacks against our people and country. The White Knights have gathered MASSIVE, TOTALLY air-tight evidence, and witnesses as PROOF that the Bush regime ordered and carried out the 9/11 attacks, WITHOUT a SINGLE ARAB involved in doing the attacks.

The witnesses and truckloads of evidence, are being kept in very secure locations until after the ILLEGAL Bush regime is fully REMOVED from power, and the evidence and witnesses have been presented in court. Theses court proceedings will be BROADCAST LIVE for all to see, and will begin VERY SOON after the true NESARA law is announced.

The White Knights made the decision to have the 9/11 indictments against the ILLEGAL Bush regime ready, before they go ahead with the true NESARA law announcement process. I've been hearing about this for a while, and now I understand that the ILLEGAL Bush regime is aware that these indictments have been issued, so I can tell you about these things without breaking any confidences. When these indictments are publicly announced by the Justice Department, very soon after the true NESARA law begins its public unveiling, the ILLEGAL Bush cabinet members will be arrested, and taken away in SHACKLES, to a high security holding facility.

Colin Powell is one exception, as he did not participate in the planning and ordering of 9/11, although his insider contacts at the Pentagon, are said to have told Powell about the attacks, and that is why Powell was out of the country on the morning of 9/11. Apparently Colin Powell is considering resigning just before the true NESARA law announcement, and I suggest that Mr. Powell DO his resignation TODAY immediately.

For those of you new to the Dove Reports, I was told months ago, and finally disclosed last week, that the Bush-Rockefeller contingent, used the dark agenda CIA to THREATEN FIVE U.S. Supreme Court Justices, in order to get Bush Jr. "selected" as the winner of the 2000 Elections. On November 8, 2000 the dark agenda Bush-Rockefeller contingent, used CIA personnel to THREATEN "civil war", and threats to harm thousands of people, unless the Justices bowed down to the demands, to crown Bush Jr. as the winner of the 2000 elections. Furthermore, the Bush-Rockefeller group hired people to "stage" various unruly activities, including the famous scene of the young rowdies, who tried to charge into the Florida vote counting centre, as PROOF that they would cause a civil war, unless Bush Jr. was "selected" as the winner of the election. One of the U.S. Supreme Court Justices, refused to bow down to the Bush-Rockefeller threats, and there were harmful things done to retaliate against this Justice. However, Justice Scalia was already in league with the Bush-Rockefeller plans, and thus the ILLEGAL selecting of Bush Jr. took place.

All these things will be EXPOSED, after the true NESARA law announcement is broadcast. In addition, the Rockefeller family involvements with 9/11, will also be proven, and certain Rockefellers are also being indicted, for their part in the 9/11 attacks.

We all need to remember, that the Rockefeller and Bush families hold major investments in big OIL companies, AND both families have LONG been part of the dark agenda groups, intending to install their own world domination governments. Because the true NESARA law was set to be announced at 10 a.m. EDT on September 11, 2001, these dark agenda families used our own government resources, to interfere with NESARA, attack our country, and to manipulate our people into thinking foreigners attacked our people, when IN FACT it was the Bush regimeNew activities for NESARA are in process. Key actions are being initiated to fuel NESARA to announcement. To help NESARA, Join the NTAT.

NESARA billboards in front of Capitol Building in Washington D.C.


Also called the Reformation Act

There is, RIGHT NOW, a law on the books that when announced IMMEDIATELY Improves YOUR LIFE!


1. Provides forgiveness of credit card, mortgage, and other bank debt as remedy for bank and government frauds;
2. Abolishes the IRS; creates flat rate non-essential "new items only" sales tax revenue for government;
3. Initiates U.S. Treasury Bank System, which absorbs the Federal Reserve, and new precious metals backed U.S. Treasury currency;
4. Restores Constitutional Law;
5. Requires resignations of current administration to be replaced by Constitutionally acceptable NESARA President and Vice President Designates until new elections within 120 days;
6. Requires the President Designate to declare "Peace" enabling international banking improvements to proceed smoothly; ends U.S. aggressive military actions immediately, and many more improvements.

You can take action to get NESARA announced and implemented See the Action Plan!

Below from:

NESARA conspiracy theory
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
This article is about an internet based conspiracy theory involving secret laws, white knights, aliens, and September 11th. For the legislative proposal that the conspiracy is based on, see NESARA.
NESARA is an acronym for the National Economic Stabilization and Recovery Act (sometimes National Economic Securities and Reclamation Act by supporters), a bill which was allegedly passed during a secret session of congress and signed into law by Bill Clinton before he left office. Supporters of NESARA claim that it has provisions which would entirely reorganize the US economy and government. Its detractors claim that the law does not even exist, and is an example of an internet based conspiracy theory.

1 Provisions of NESARA
2 History of NESARA
2.1 Believers' views
2.2 Skeptics' views
2.3 Dispute and Confusion Over the NESARA Name
3 Cultish aspects
4 NESARA documentary
5 External links and references

Provisions of NESARA
A pro-NESARA website maintained by Shaini Goodwin claims that the following are provisions of NESARA:

Provides forgiveness of credit card, mortgage, and other bank debt as remedy for bank and government frauds;
Abolishes the IRS; creates flat rate non-essential "new items only" sales tax revenue for government;
Initiates U.S. Treasury Bank System, which absorbs the Federal Reserve, and new precious metals backed U.S. Treasury currency;
Restores Constitutional Law;
Requires resignations of current administration to be replaced by Constitutionally acceptable NESARA President and Vice President Designates until new elections within 120 days;
Requires the President Designate to declare "Peace" enabling international banking improvements to proceed smoothly; ends U.S. aggressive military actions immediately, and many more improvements.
History of NESARA
Because the existence of the law is disputed, different sources will give different accounts of its history.

Believers' views
Believers in the existence of NESARA claim that the law languished in congress before finally being passed in March of 2000, immediately after which the Supreme Court illegally placed a gag order on the law, forbidding anyone from announcing its passage, or even admitting its existence, under penalty of death. According to their acccount, benevolent men and women referred to as "white Knights", mostly high ranking military officials, have been working since that date to get NESARA announced. NESARA supporters believe that President Bush is actively working to suppress the law and prevent its announcement, as it would require his immediate resignation. Under this account, President Bush orchestrated the September 11th attacks on the World Trade Center, as well as the 2003 invasion of Iraq, to forestall the inevitable announcement of NESARA.

Skeptics' views
Skeptics give an entirely different account. According to this account, NESARA was invented by Dr. Harvey Barnard in 1991. Dr. Barnard's proposal is similar to the version promoted by Shaini Goodwin, but is more limited in scope and does not contain some of the more comprehensive governmental changes such as forced resignation of the president and congress. Dr. Barnard shipped copies of his proposal to members of congress, and founded The NESARA Institute to promote his proposal. He never claimed that congress has passed the bill into law, and on his website states that it "has not been enacted into law, has not been introduced into Congress, and has not yet been assigned a tracking number." Dr. Barnard is embarrassed at the more conspiratorial claims of some NESARA supporters, and disavows any connection with them.

Dr. Barnard's proposal was turned into an internet conspiracy theory by Shaini Goodwin, a former student of The Ramtha School Of Enlightenment living in Shelton, Washington. Goodwin adopted the pseudonym "Dove of Oneness" and began posting messages on internet discussion boards about NESARA. Her initial claims centered around Omega, a fraudulent investment scheme whose creator, Clyde Hood, was on trial at that time. Goodwin originated the claims that NESARA had already been enacted into law, and began to claim that the defrauded Omega investors would receive their Omega returns as soon as NESARA was announced. Goodwin also originated the theory that NESARA was scheduled to be announced on September 11th, 2001, and that the World Trade Center attacks were orchestrated by President Bush to cover up the announcement. Goodwin has consistently made claims that the NESARA announcement is going to occur in the very near future.

Since then, NESARA has taken on a life of its own, going further then either Barnard's or Goodwin's versions. Several other internet based conspiracy theorists have sprung up to promote NESARA, and their claims sometimes conflict. One supporter, Sheldan Nidle, ties the imminent NESARA announcement into his years-old prophesy of an imminent UFO invasion by benevolent aliens (sometimes on his website reports, but more prominently in his seminars). Jennifer Lee, who publishes internet NESARA status reports almost daily (Goodwin's and Nidle's reports are weekly), discusses a host of other-worldly and "interdimensional" beings who are helping behind the scenes to get NESARA announced. Internet evangelist Sherry Shriner (hosting a great many websites) sees NESARA as linked to maleviolent reptiloid aliens she feels have long controlled the U.S. Government [1].

Various regional groups have sprung up in many US states, as well as foreign countries, to discuss and take action on getting NESARA announced. NESARA groups, known as "NTATs" (NESARA Take Action Teams) are known to exist in Arizona, California, Texas, Utah, The Netherlands, and Australia. Members of these groups get together to discuss the status of NESARA, read the various reports, hold protests, and pass out fliers about NESARA to the public.

Up until 2004, Goodwin was publishing anonymously under the pseudonym "Dove Of Oneness". This anonymity was shattered in July of 2004 when a series of newspaper articles about Goodwin and NESARA appeared in The Tacoma News Tribune, accusing her of lying to her readers about NESARA. Much to her consternation, it also revealed her real name, her connection with Omega, and the fact that she lives in a trailer home with her mother.

Dispute and Confusion Over the NESARA Name
Goodwin's camp often refers to the law as "The True NESARA Law" to distinguish it from Barnard's version. Barnard's camp calls it "The Real NESARA". They also use different names for the acronym, with Goodwin originating "Securities and Reclamation Act", and Barnard sticking with his original "Stabilization and Recovery Act". Goodwin claims that Barnard's more strait laced NESARA Institute is a disinformation front for the Bush family.

Most press accounts of NESARA deal with the conspiracy theory version, and if they mention Barnard's version at all, they mention it primarily in the context of being the origin of the conspiracy. This has caused The NESARA Institute some anger and embarrassment, and they feel that the prominence of the hoax has been a major barrier to public discussion of their legislative proposal.

Cultish aspects
Some NESARA detractors claim that NESARA is a cult designed primarily to provide an income to Goodwin and others. They point to the fact that Goodwin, Lee, and Nidle frequently ask their readers to donate money. Goodwin, who also asks readers to donate their frequent flyer miles, claims that she needs the funds to travel to various locations around the world to secretly meet with high level government officials about getting NESARA announced, a claim that many consider suspect.

Some NESARA supporters also make the claim that otherworldly beings are working to get NESARA announced. Jesus (often referred to as Sananda) is mentioned, along with Saint Germain, a deity borrowed from The I AM Movement and the Church Universal and Triumphant. Benevolent aliens are also frequently mentioned, most prominently by Nidle, as working towards the NESARA announcement. The designation of George W. Bush as a reptilian often co-occurs with this claim.

The prominence of failed prophesy also lends support to the cult theory. NESARA supporters often tell their readers that the NESARA announcement is going to happen in a matter of days. These claims have been made too many times to enumerate, and have not yet come to fruition. The claim was also made prior to March of 2003 that George Bush was planning the war with Iraq only to further delay the NESARA announcement. It was prophesized that spiritual beings and UFOs would intervene with Bush's plans and prevent the war.

NESARA documentary
The documentary film Waiting For NESARA studies a NESARA group in Salt Lake City, Utah, whose members are excommunicated Mormons and hold weekly meetings in a local KFC to discuss NESARA.

External links and references
NESARA Scam by Quatloos (an informative site regarding the hoax) [2]
Shaini Goodwin's NESARA site [3]
Series of articles on NESARA and Goodwin published in The Tacoma Tribune [4]
Jennifer Lee's NESARA site [5]
Sheldan Nidle's NESARA [6]
Patrick Bellringer's Pro-NESARA site [7]
Dr. Harvey Barnard's NESARA Institute [8]
Site for documentary film Waiting For NESARA [9]
Intensely anti-NESARA website, from internet evangelist Sherry Shriner -

....this evidence could put Cheney & his whole PNAC cabal away for life

"Another September 16, 1991 letter from the ONI intelligence file provides insight into the secretive nature of the financial transactions when Howard Daniel, owner of Daniel International Inc. in Dallas, Texas wrote to John D’ Aquisto. Banks involved in the transactions included Security Pacific (Washington) and New York’s Chemical Bank--and the letter provides more evidence of Durham’s assertions about $120 billion in Deutsch mark currency transfers coming from the Brady bond collateral:

"...please find the signed contracts together with the R.W.A.’s for both the Japanese Yen and Deutsch Mark contracts....Jonathan Tiede (Trans Tech Intl.) needs to know the time and name of the Bank Officer that will make the call to the Shearson Lehman Representative...he will pre-advise the Representative of the incoming call and then give you the go ahead for the call to be made."

"I must stress that the telephone call must absolutely follow the outline as laid down in the contract. NO OTHER CONVERSATION WILL BE ALLOWED OR TOPIC ADDRESSED. Failure to abide by the guidelines for this conversation will be deemed as non-performance, and the non-performance clause will be invoked by the U.S. DOLLAR account holder."

"Each party and their representative intermediaries warrant not to reveal the banking coordinates provided herein to any individuals or parties other than these banking officers necessary to complete this transaction."

Interestingly, some of the money was transferred through New York’s Chase Manhattan Bank into an account held by the Palm Springs Stars Baseball Club, using the security codes RH, VKD, and JFD for Russell Hermann, V.K. Durham and John F. D‘ Aquisto.

Durham asserts that DFG, Inc, and the Palm Springs Stars Baseball Club are associated through President Bush’s brother Neal, National Security Agency, Ariel Life Systems--affiliated with NASA, and former Vice President Jack Kemp and HUD--but also former Secretary of the Treasury Nicholas Brady and current Federal Reserve Bank Chairman Alan Greenspan. All this, giving rise to additional serious grand jury questions as to whether the above were receiving illicit money via the Durham Trust’s stolen collateral."
Memos, illegal money, 9/11
Terrorist bank
Continued illegal money

Full story unredacted

I sure hope the Grand Jury has been privy to all of this evidence, this is just shocking.

This work is in the public domain
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