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Commentary :: Human Rights
FBI/CIA as Government Pit Bulls
08 Aug 2005
FBI/CIA as Government Pit Bulls
Dear IMC Reader:

The US Government's use of Electromagnetic Weapons against its own citizens would appear to be a covert form of holocaust, where every race and ethnicity suffers casualties this time around. My awareness of the totality of Government corruption occurred after researching Lyme disease (an illness that I have suffered from since 1993/which
is also a biological weapon).

This research forever changed how I would see the United States Government and its true purpose
for existing. I kept thinking, how could the US deliberately poison its own people? Once you get
a better understanding of how covert wars are fought it makes more sense. Test as many of your
weapons on your own people as you can. And if you get caught, swear that you had nothing to
do with it, and use disinformation to distract those who might be a problem to you. If that does not
work, figure out a way to torture them which gives you plausible deniability, this way you can deny your involvement. This has become the United States Government's method of operation in regard to its clandestine work.

Is the FBI responsible for all of the EM harassment/stalking that goes on? Probably not, but they have a hand in most of it.

As for disruptions, there are different types: some are simple like the FBI intercepting and rerouting E-mails, and others such as mind control are far more complex. What one must ask themselves is if what
we have to say has no merit, why then would the FBI be interested in preventing us from talking? It would appear that they are very concerned about what we know in regard to them and that we might
share this information with others.

We also have to ask ourselves, even in this day of the Patriot Act, what would be acceptable in a court of law and what would not? While the provisions made in the Patriot Act border on fascism, even they would not make allowances for the types of torture and invasions of privacy that are being used on us by the US Government. Exactly what part of watching people relieving themselves and showering in the privacy of their own bathrooms would the FBI say falls under domestic terrorism?

This would fall under voyeurism, and in this case the FBI is the voyeur. This is no longer about law enforcement; it is about having ultimate control over the human populace by way of tyranny, through the use of a largely unknown technology. Were it not for the
Internet, I doubt that most of us would have any idea that this technology exists, or who was behind the criminal use of it.

Technology, like anything else is only as good or bad those using it. And our Government has shown just how evil it is in the ways in which it has employed this technology against us. We suffer repeatedly and
look for any answers that might help us to make sense of this nightmare. At least the Internet and its myriad of different topics enables us to do so. It is the last frontier where uncensored news can be had, as the mainstream media is now completely controlled by
Government. Is it any wonder why the FBI is constantly devising new types of spyware to monitor the use of Internet activity by as many users as possible? They are looking to remove the last remnants of freedom of speech by clamping down on the Internet and making it as restrictive in regard to content as possible.

As to methods of operation, the types of psyops that I experience are typical of those used against Government whistle blowers. Tampering with automobiles by either breaking into them to leave cryptic messages or physically damaging them. Phone stalking, gang stalking, Web stalking, car stalking; these are all common place. Having E-mail
accounts tampered with is also common. Being demonized and completely alienated from society including our families, friends, communities
etc. is also typical.

What is amazing is how easily society can be
turned against you. If you think for yourself that is just another reason for you to become a target. This country does not want free thinkers who question the Government and its policies. The ACLU is the most upstanding of the US humanitarian organizations and since the Patriot Act has been made permanent, they
are now under terrorist watch. For that matter so is Greenpeace, another fine organization. This is not because they have anything to do with terrorism; it is because they challenge the Government; and the Government for all of its rhetoric about being Democratic, is anything but. I believe that there are many people in the United States and other countries who are under the same types of surveillance that we are. However, they have not been alerted to it just yet. Perhaps their communities have been alerted to them by Government, and that once the Government gives the word, these people will become as targeted as we are. I had no idea that I was under 24 hour surveillance for decades and neither did my family.

Then one day everything changed, and I was suddenly made aware that I was no longer alone. This is what many of these TI's are yet to be made aware of. The real question is, what is being said about us, and how
do we defend ourselves when no one will confront us directly?

Think of the FBI and CIA as what they really are. Pitt Bulls that the US Government will sic on any group or person that mount a serious challenge to it.

James F. Marino
FBI stalking victim
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