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News :: Human Rights
NY Times publishes Firemens' tales of Terror on 911.
13 Aug 2005
The brave firemen tell of terror on the infamous day. The REAL TERROR IS THAT THIS COULD HAVE BEEN PREVENTED, but wasn't by top governmental officials . FBI knew when Oklahoma, WTC 1 and 911 was going to happen and only a few VIPs were warned. They knew about who the terrorists were, and some are still walking around today! However the COVER-UP is unravelling, and indictme ts have been issued to some PANC members. Abrahams is out on bail, others should start packing. The DSM memo, the Rove leak and the Presiden's insane loyalty to Rove are making this happen! The President was almost killed the other day, in a near miss at the airport. Is someone, like the VP part of PANC tryng to get him??
News: Civil Liberties/Constitution
Firemens' Testimonies in NY Times tell of Terror! Current rating: 0
by researcher
(No verified email address) 13 Aug 2005
THe bravery of the firemen tell of the terror and have led to exposing the terrorists. It could have been prevented but traitors are in the land and indictements are being issued.
Today's NY Times published the testimonies of the first responders, firemen and EMTS testimonies of those at the WTC attack.. I have read only a random few, but these are

excerpted here:

The lieutenant said, "Let's go, 3

Engine." I bent over to pick up the hose, and I

hear what sounded like firecrackers and a low

rumble. I look up, and the south tower -- I

could see the top part of the siding overlapping

the bottom side of the siding. The siding

actually was like this. Then I saw the dirt

above that.

Sweeney, Frank (pdf

He got maybe 40 to 50 feet ahead of us. At

that point, a bunch of people started running towards

us, running north on West Street. At that point, a

police officer stopped briefly as he was running by

us. He said guys -- can I say what he said?

Q. Yes.

A. Guys, get the fuck out of here that building

is going to come down. It's coming down. That

building is coming down. We looked at each other. We

kind of looked around, we didn't really think it wasgoing to happen. Maybe 15, 20 seconds after he said

that, we heard the rumbling. We looked up, that I

remember as plain as day. I looked up and I saw from

the top, I actually watched it with my own eyes, I saw

the top start to pancake down. I remember looking at

the proby I was with. We looked at each other in

amazement. The time seemed to like stand still for a

second. We looked at each other. We looked back up.

We looked back at each other. It seemed like a bunch

of time went by. It was probably like a fraction of a

second. Everybody started just running the other way. Fischer, Dennis

The testimony of Jacobs, Veronica

Was talking about her troubles with thunder after she returned home. She starts to talk about demolitions in her neighborhood and then several sentences have been blacked out. They will not copy and so I think something important was deleted, censored ………like this was a fucking demolition…..

Another fireman:













I trust the firemen who said they heard bombs going off Evidence points that 911...

All this could have been prevented! If only the FBI had stopped the known terrorists after Oklahoma! But instead they let many of them go free, still walking the streets today.

Would someone please post these links?
More recent accounts of the Israeli spy ring, their case against imprisonment, location near anthrax
Lists all names, and obstruction of justice by Ashcrop
Also post the comment,( after the article) found this in Comment on this. The PDF file has positive evidence the FBI knew of each of the attacks:WTC bombing
WTC and Pentagon
a Melvin Latimore was at all three
Important people were warned- a Judge
Yet the FBI let it happen

It Also offers evidence Iraq was given WMD by Us, and many are still being allowed into the country, it is in his Bush/China/Al Qaeda on the menu:
click on column, then pdf.

The FBI had prior knowledge of all three prior attacks against the US, warned a few priviliged people, but let the general public die. Some of these people involved in all three attacks are still walking the streets today. WHY?

It is a pdf by Devey by Pat Briely:

Begiun notes here, may have to continue in a comment:
Ashcroft Personally Rejected Specific Warnings of

Impending Terrorist Attacks During Summer of 2001

Source: CBS News, CNN, Author's Research

Published: Apr 27, 2004

Author: Patrick B. Briley see beginning below

Also see this:
More recent accounts of the Israeli spy ring, their case against imprisonment, location near anthrax
Lists all names, and obstruction of justice by Ashcrop
This recently on Seattle indymedia explains why the FBI did not stop the latest three attacks, nor did it prevent further attacks:The sources for these are in the comments to the article: Who has the elite allied itself with? Be Sure to read all the comments, especially how the Mossad recruiterd Palestinians to be part of Al Queda in Palestine.
This explains how it is all COVER-UP: Do a Google search: Patrick Briley and Michael Chertok

It's not a political party problem, but a problem of a solidified elite which is consolidating power into the executive branch, (writing their own laws etc) and this elite is furthering its own interests in the CFR, determining their agenda, which is not necessarily in the American National interest.

By giving massive monies in foreign aid to Israel, we're only prolonging the conflicts in the Middle East for a Zionist crusade, and making the Federal (private bankers richer) and enduring a national debt deficit, reducing the quality of American life, by forcing women to work instead of taking care of their children,leaving more and more children to be indoctrinated into blind obedience to the state, and expecting that women later sacrifce their children for wars for oil.

I hope you can help stop this madness.

Patrick B. Briley

During June to early August 2001 Attorney General Ashcroft and his staff received but

strongly rebuffed more than one plea from Chicago attorney David Schippers to look into

intelligence Schippers had of an impending Middle Eastern initiated terrorist attack on

Manhattan for late summer or early fall of 2001, around the time of the 9/11 attacks.

Schippers has revealed this story publicly on many talk radio programs throughout

America. Schippers was the attorney for the Republican House Managers during the trial

of Clinton in the Senate.

And in August 2001 Ashcroft met with Air Force General Benton Partin in Ashcroft’s

DC home to receive a lengthy report (that I helped prepare) and briefing about terrorism

in the OKC bombing that proved to be directly related to the 1993 WTC bombing and the

subsequent 9/11 attacks. Ashcroft not only rejected Partin's pleas to investigate failed FBI

and DOJ policies leading to domestic and foreign terror operation in the US, but Ashcroft

to this day has not followed up, but instead covered up FBI and DOJ criminal conduct by

obstructing justice and ordering FBI agents not to testify about matters relating to the

OKC bombing, FBI and DOJ foreknowledge and the use of informants and provocateurs

associated with domestic and foreign terrorists.

Fox News Dallas recently conducted a lengthy interview with a major witness, Gloria

Smith of the OKC Travelers Aid, connected directly the evidence presented to Ashcroft

by General Partin in August 2001. Fox News did a report on the interview with Smith on

April 19, 2004 but deliberately and knowingly left out all mention of the Ashcroft

briefing, the information in the report Ashcroft received and the names of the FBI

informants and provocateurs who were involved in the OKC bombing operation. Smith

told me that Fox News deliberately did not notify Smith of the Fox News report and that

Smith feels that she was treated rudely and with great disrespect by Fox News for not

notifying her of the report when it aired especially since the reported doing the story, Phil

Keating promised her she would be notified. I was notified only a few minutes before the

report aired on the Fox Report with Sheppard Smith by voice mail and was not told of the

content until a week later.

Fox News has relatives working for Bush and it is strongly believed that Fox News

covered up for Bush and Ashcroft when they aired a brief excerpt of their interview with

Smith leaving out all of the details incriminating to Bush, Ashcroft and the DOJ and FBI

in the case.


I specifically asked the Dallas Bureau chief for Fox about these matters today and I asked

it Fox ever planned to reveal the letters from Smith to Ashcroft and any information

about the FBI informants with McVeigh’s car at Travelers Aid. The Fox News Dallas

bureau chief answer was "of course not." I was stunned and told the chief that we were

very disappointed and thought that Fox should air all the important parts of the interview

for the good and safety of the country.

This coverup by Fox News was done even though previously the Dallas bureau chief had

told me that Fox News had verified independently that the same suspects seen by Smith

were seen with McVeigh in OKC before the OKC bombing. This episode demonstrates

that Fox News is deliberately not reporting information that is important to national

security in order to protect and hide the misconduct of political figures Fox News favors,

Bush and Ashcroft.

On April 13, 2004 Attorney General Ashcroft testified before the 9/11 Commission.

The remainder of article reveals how prior testimony given to the 9-11 Commission prior

to Ashcroft’s appearance demonstrated not only the Bush administration’s lack of interest

in terrorism in the US prior to 9/11 but a strong and consistent pattern of Ashcroft’s out

right rejection of numerous other pleas and specific and detailed warnings (in addition to

Schippers and Partin) concerning impending terrorist attacks in the US during the

summer and fall of 2001.

These rejections were so strong by Ashcroft and the pleas so numerous, credible and

highly placed that Ashcroft’s actions cannot be explained by just gross negligence, which

alone is grounds worthy of having Ashcroft fired and replaced immediately. Ashcroft had

extreme forewarning about pending terror attacks in the US and yet Ashcroft deliberately

did nothing adequate to even try to have something done about them. It appears that

Ashcroft's failure to act was deliberate and not based on incompetence.

What follows is a presentation of information found in the following two articles:

Critiquing Ashcroft's 9/11 Show

Ashcroft denies taking little interest in terrorism

In one of its staff reports, the 9/11 Commission had already offered a harsh assessment of

Ashcroft's performance before the attacks, portraying him as uninterested in terrorism

issues and unresponsive to pleas from the FBI to beef up its counterterrorism efforts. And

earlier that day former acting FBI director Thomas Pickard and former FBI

counterterrorism chief Dale Watson — two of the main sources for the negative


information about Ashcroft contained in the staff report — had expanded on their

criticism of the attorney general in public testimony before the commission.

By the time Ashcroft's turn arrived, some fairly serious charges about him were on the

table. Why, one day after telling the Senate in May 2001, that combating terrorist attacks

was his highest priority, did Ashcroft issue a memo outlining the Justice Department's

strategic goals that didn't mention counterterrorism -- a memo that Watson testified

almost made him fall out of his chair?

Former acting FBI Director Thomas Pickard said Ashcroft dismissed warnings of

terrorist threats that summer and rejected appeals for additional counterterrorism funds.

Pickard said "in late June and through July, he met with Attorney General Ashcroft

once a week," the report says. "He told us that though he initially briefed the attorney

general regarding these threats, after two such briefings the attorney general told him he

did not want to hear this information anymore."

Pickard also said that though President Bush had been warned on August 6, 2001, in an

intelligence memo that al Qaeda was "determined" to strike U.S. targets, neither Bush nor

Ashcroft asked to meet with him between then and the attacks.

The commission also heard from J. Cofer Black, the former head of the CIA's

counterterrorism center, who said that intelligence reports in the summer of 2001

indicated a "massive" terrorist strike was in the works.

"The attorney general on May 10 issued budget guidance for us, and I did not see

that as a top item on the agenda," Pickard said.

The Justice Department proposal did not include an increase in counterterrorism funding

over its pending proposal for fiscal year 2002, and Pickard said Ashcroft rejected his

appeal for additional counterterrorism funds on Sept. 10 -- a day before the al Qaeda


In addition, FBI counterterrorism chief Dale Watson "told us that he almost fell out of his

chair" when Ashcroft outlined his budget priorities in May 2001, because the list made no

mention of counterterrorism, the commission reported earlier.

So why, in the summer of 2001, did Ashcroft reject a request from Pickard for an extra

$58 million to help the FBI combat al Qaeda? And why did Ashcroft, after being briefed

twice by Pickard on terrorist threats that summer, tell the acting FBI director that he

didn't want to hear about the matter anymore?

The Gorelick memo was a way for Ashcroft to turn the harsh spotlight on someone other

than himself – which he needed to do since his responses to the criticisms leveled by

Pickard and Watson were decidedly unpersuasive. Ashcroft initially said that the May

2001 memo that didn't list counterterrorism as one of DOJ's top priorities -- the memo

that almost madeWatson fall out of his chair -- was based on a strategic plan issued by his


predecessor, Janet Reno. But he also conceded that Reno's strategic plan did indeed

include mentions of terrorism.

As for his rejection in the summer of 2001 of Pickard's request for $58 billion more in

counterterrorism money for the FBI, Ashcroft tried to fudge matters by noting that the

FBI was working under a Clinton administration budget when the attacks occurred and

that the first Bush budget for the FBI, which was for fiscal year 2002, substantially

increased counterterrorism spending. But of course it did; that budget was crafted after

the 9/11 attacks.

Finally, Ashcroft just denied that he ever told Pickard he didn't want any more briefings

on terrorism issues. That left Ashcroft in a he-said/he-said dispute with a career FBI

agent whose integrity -- unlike the attorney general's -- has never before been questioned.

Copyright 2004 by Patrick B. Briley

* * * * *

Counter Terrorism Antecedents for the 9/11 Attacks – Terrorism Cover-Up

Source: Investigations of Author and Attorneys

Apr 3, 2004

Author: Patrick B. Briley

Authors Note:

The report below has been formally transmitted to, received by and discussed with the 9-

11 Commission Staff with the full knowledge of House Speaker Dennis Hastert's office.

Hastert's office has also received and discussed the report.

The report is accompanied to the 9/11 Commission with a copy of a Federal lawsuit OKC

attorney Mike Johnston filed against Iraq in the DC court of Federal Magistrate Deborah

Robinson in March 2003 The lawsuit contains evidence relevant to the participants and

sponsors of 9/11 as well as the OKC bombing. Johnston is also an expert and prior

litigant on Iraqi acquisition of WMDS technologies inside the US prior to the Gulf War.

This report is being posted on LP to make the public aware of the details of this evidence

and information sent to and received by the 9-11 Commssion and Congressional leaders.

The public has a right and a need to know this information regardless of the final

outcome or actions of Congress, of the White House, of the 9-11 Commission, or any

pending or subsequent legal proceedings.



"Intelligence and Counter Terrorism Antecedents for the 9/11 Attacks"

With Addendum:

"Iraq and Chinese Support for Collaborating Terror Organizations; Small Footprint

WMD Development and Proliferation by Iraq"

April 3, 2004

Copyright 2004 by Patrick B. Briley

This report asserts that the FBI and CIA learned the plans of and "monitored" the

activities of known AlQaeda terrorists and 9/11 hijackers in the US with informants for

more than 3 years prior to 9/11 without getting them off the streets.

A PBS Frontline documentary aired Thursday, October 16, 2003 and was entitled

"Chasing the Sleeper Cell" and examined the extended, long term FBI surveillance of an

AlQaeda terror cell at Lackawanna, New York after 9/11. In the documentary FBI

official Dale Watson of the Joint FBI and CIA Counter terrorism Center (CTC) was

interviewed at length:

Mr. Watson: "Once the C.I.A. gave Lackawanna the "most dangerous" label, however,

administration officials asked, "Can you guarantee to me that these people won't do


"And the answer," he said, "is we think we can.

The following is the section of the PBS interview with Watson that should cause the

Commission enough concern that the Commission will want to further reevaluate existing

FBI and CIA policies and activities that the remainder of this report describes and that

were in effect years before 9/11:

"We are probably 99 percent sure that we can make sure that these guys don't do

something — if they are planning to do something. And under the rules that we were

playing under at the time, that's not acceptable. So a conscious decision was made, `Let's

get `em out of here.' "

CTC Chief Watson said the bureau felt it could ensure that nothing would happen ‘while

it continued to watch the suspects, in the hope of being led to bigger prey."

FBI CTC official Dale Watson was exhibiting the same mentality that prevailed before

9/11 with the FBI tracking of terrorist hijackers for too long, that is, to "continue to watch

the suspects, in the hope of being led to bigger prey " while mistakenly assuring the

White House that with a 99 per cent probability nothing bad would happen even though

the FBI intentionally left KNOWN terrorists on the streets. This same policy and

mentality affected FBI and CIA handling of the known 9/11 hijackers before 9/11 as this

report describes below.


Fortunately in the Lackawanna situation, administration officials and the CIA prevailed

in convincing the FBI that it could not guarantee something could go wrong if the FBI

continued to monitor the terror cell at Lackawanna so at least "they were taken off the


But the Lackawanna cell is not the only AlQaeda cell the FBI was monitoring at the time

and PRIOR TO 9/11. In the fall of 2001 the Washington Post and Bob Woodward

reported that the FBI was monitoring at the same time but NOT moving against 5

KNOWN AlQaeda terror groups inside the US only ONE of which was the Lackawanna


These other 4 KNOWN cells still have not been taken off the streets to this day.

The Commission should consider that there likely are not enough FBI agents on every

street corner to watch all these terror groups at once like the FBI monitors the mob and

still be sure that nothing will go wrong unless the FBI gets the terrorists off the street

with existing laws including the new Patriot Act tools as soon as the FBI and CIA know

they are terrorists.

The situation is even more difficult for the FBI and CIA because of the influx of

unscreened illegal aliens into the US and the recent FBI admission there are Al Qaeda

sleeper cells inside at least 40 different states at this time who may have access to small

footprint WMDS.

What should further concern the Commission is that apparently the FBI has convinced

the administration to go back to the old way of operating PRIOR TO 9/11 to continue to

monitor for years members of six known large AlQaeda cells inside the US without

taking them off the streets. I refer the Commission to the following quote in the NY

Times article by DON VAN NATTA Jr. from Aug 23, 2003, "Six Groups Said to Be

Monitored in U.S. for Possible Qaeda Links

This work is in the public domain
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