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Commentary :: International
A Confused Morality
13 Aug 2005
The immorality of Karl Rove can not compare in magnitude with the immorality of the US wars of aggression against Iraq and Afghanistan and the use of radioactive uranium. The Nuremberg trials set a precedent that should be applicable in this matter
Nothing illustrates the tremendous power of the corporate media more than the fact that even some leftists and liberals can become more concerned and outraged about the Karl Rove affair and the outing of a CIA agent than they appear to be about the immorality of these obvious wars of aggression against Iraq and Afghanistan. The CIA has long been involved in organizing death squads in Latin America, disappearances, torture, coups against leftist democratic governments, propaganda, fabricated incidents and now the despicable methods used against prisoners at Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo. It would be a blessing to millions of poor, oppressed people around the world if the CIA were to disappear completely and forever. Therefore, the outing of a CIA agent, even if done for purposes of revenge by such an evil person as Karl Rove, is not the tremendous crime it appears to be. Ralph Nader wrote an article expressing outrage at Karl Rove conducting his political activities at taxpayer expense. I am much more outraged at the CIA spending my tax money to kill and torture leftists like myself. I am much more outraged at the US military spreading radioactive depleted uranium all over the planet, bringing cancers and birth defects to millions of children for generations to come. I am very angry about wars of naked aggression against innocent people for the profit of a few capitalists, conducted under an umbrella of lies and distortions parroted by the corporate media. The immorality of Karl Rove cannot compare in magnitude to the immorality of the whole Bush administration or to that of the capitalist system itself, which is the main cause of this continuing series of wars.

The obvious motivation for the outing of CIA agent Valerie Plame by the Bush administration is revenge for her husband, Joseph Wilson, exposing one of Bush's many lies for the Iraq war, i.e., the lie about Iraq trying to purchase yellow cake uranium from Niger. If leftists use this affair as merely a technique for bringing to light some of the really egregious crimes of the Bush administration, then perhaps, there is some validity in pursuing this course of action. In actuality, the most immoral crimes of the Nixon administration were not the burglary at the Watergate hotel or the subsequent cover-up, but rather the continuation of the Vietnam war, the secret bombing of Cambodia, the overthrow of the democratic leftist government of Salvador Allende in Chile and the CIA and FBI repression of antiwar activists and members of the American Indian Movement and Black Panthers in the United States

At the Nuremberg trials for Nazi war criminals, the principal crime they were accused of by prosecutor Robert Jackson was that of aggressive war, from which most all the other crimes of the Nazis followed. The Nazis used lies for all their aggressions too, one of which ironically was terrorism in other countries. Sound familiar? They also concocted faked incidents for their invasions. The Nazis dressed prisoners in Polish uniforms and had them attack a German radio station at Gleiwitz close to the Polish border and blamed the attack on Poland, giving them the needed excuse for the planned invasion of Poland. Naturally, all the prisoners were slaughtered, leaving no witnesses to the faked incident, except the SS themselves. How many incidents involving gross deception have we been exposed to by the US government-the Jessica Lynch rescue, the pulling down of Saddam Hussein's statue, 9-11 itself, or the assassinations of the Kennedys and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.?

If justice ever prevails, there should be a second Nuremberg trial for all those involved intimately in these recent wars of aggression in Afghanistan and Iraq. I knew that lies would be used to justify these wars by inductive reasoning from the past history of warfare, but that is not absolute scientific proof. However, we now have written evidence from the war planning described in the documents of the Project for the New American Century and the description of the intelligence manipulation in the Downing Street Memo, which indeed prove these wars were carefully planned acts of aggression against other nations.

The Nazi foreign minister Ribbentrop was hung at Nuremberg. Surely that means that all foreign policy advisors to George W. Bush should be held responsible as well as Colin Powell and Condoleeza Rice. The heads of the German General Staff, Keitel and Jodl, were hung at Nuremberg. That would indicate that some top Pentagon generals involved in these wars of aggression should be charged as well. Nazi ideologues like Alfred Rosenberg and Julius Streicher were hung. Surely all propagandists for these wars in Iraq and Afghanistan should be punished. Hans Frank, the governor of Poland, and Fritz Sauckel, the head of concentration camps and slave labor were hung for crimes against humanity. Those responsible for the administration of Iraq and the concentration camps there and at Guantanamo would seem to fit a similar description of criminality. Hitler, Eva Braun and Goebbels and his family committed suicide in Berlin and Himmler and Goering took cyanide capsules after their capture, thus escaping public accountability, except for Goering who took the cyanide in his prison cell at Nuremberg. German capitalists such as Alfried Krupp, who financed Hitler and profited from the war, were given prison sentences. American capitalists profiting from the present wars in Iraq and Afghanistan should be tried on similar grounds. Considering the seeming lackadaisical attitude of the American people towards anything but their own personal happiness, I doubt if George W. Bush and the other criminals will ever be tried for their crimes, except by a higher power, if there is a hereafter.

As for all the Christian American citizens, who believe that George W. Bush is pursuing a moral course in the world, will they be similar to the German citizens who believed their country had done no wrong in World War 2 and had to be dragged off to the concentration camps by American soldiers to view some of the evil done by the Nazis? When the American empire finally collapses, as history indicates it must, will Americans use the same excuses as the Germans? Those excuses include just doing their duty, being patriotic and only following orders. They may claim they thought all critics of US policies were just crazy leftist conspiracy theorists, whose ideas were not worthy of serious consideration.

I know that there are those who will complain that there is no comparison between the magnitude of the crimes committed by the Nazis and those committed so far by the Bush administration. This is true. Tens of millions of people perished in World War 2. However, an estimated 100,000 civilians have been killed in Iraq and tens of thousands in Afghanistan. Thousands of tons of radioactive uranium have been spread across the surface of the planet. These are in no way insignificant crimes. Even the Nazis did not use radioactive substances, although I am sure they would have if given the opportunity. They wanted to depopulate a large area of the Soviet Union to rid the area of the "inferior" Slavs and give lebensraum or living room to millions of Germans. There are captured Nazi documents where they discuss this mass murder as if they were discussing the weather.

Imperialists always act the same way, valuing the acquisition of great wealth over human life. They gave smallpox-infested blankets to the Native Americans to decimate their numbers. They had enough African slaves to do the work and the Native Americans were simply in the way. Considering the US military's use of radioactive uranium, one wonders if the people of Iraq and other nations aren't simply in the way of the acquisition of their oil wealth by American and British corporations. Certainly, the health, life span and progeny of people in these oil-rich regions will be affected for generations to come by this radioactive warfare. However, labor is super plentiful in the world at present.

I believe that since the US government has waged wars of aggression based on a pack of lies that they should be subjected to the same laws that the Nazis faced at Nuremberg. Unfortunately, what constitutes justice seems to an entirely subjective matter, determined either by the victors in war or by the militarily most powerful country on earth. Justice is either impartial and objective, or it isn't true justice. The present system makes a mockery of international law and a criminal court which can't prosecute the strongest, but most persistent and immoral, of all the violators of human rights and law. In such an environment, all countries will want nuclear weapons because they realize that in a chaotic environment, only strength and not law will really matter. While the US continues the further development of more sophisticated nuclear weapons and weapons on space-based satellites and thumbs its nose at disarmament treaties, global warming treaties and treaties banning biological weapons and land mines, the farce of their supposed commitment to the rule of law is fully exposed. This is truly a very dangerous moment in human history. A confused morality among the American people does not help.
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