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Hard Questions - An open Letter to a Flag-bearing Public
16 Nov 2001
Modified: 17 Nov 2001
There exists far too many unasked or unanswered questions for any intelligent person in an alleged democracy to expect broad support for the Administration’s “war” to be anything more than a fabrication of social engineering

We’ve mourned our dead. We’ve passed through denial and anger (well, SOME of us have) and moved on to various degrees of acceptance. Now it’s time to ask some hard questions about circumstances leading up to and beyond the eleventh of September. There exists far too many unasked or unanswered questions for any intelligent person in an alleged democracy to expect broad support for the Administration’s “war” to be anything more than a fabrication of social engineering. With that in mind we ask:

· Why isn’t the U.S. media, not to mention Congress and government watchdogs, publicly investigating how suspected terrorists were able to enter and operate within our borders for years?
· Why aren’t there public inquiries asking how these individuals were able to commandeer four commercial aircraft and fly them far off course for an extended period without immediate detection and interception?
· Why aren’t there any public inquiries into the failure of authorities to utilize existing helicopter evacuation plans to lift victims off the roofs of the Trade Towers ?
· Why have various world leaders viewed the evidence against Osama bin Laden, but the citizens of the U.S. have not?
· Why did so many Congressmen and Senators vote for legislation (The Patriot Act) restricting our fundamental constitutional rights without reading the bill?
· Why isn’t the media looking into stories of unusual stock transfers prior to 9-11; into the politics of oil relating to the U.S., Russia, Afghanistan, and the surrounding nations; or into the Bush – bin Laden family connections?
· How is it we never see or hear in-depth analysis of international politics, let alone the effects of U.S. policy on so-called Third World Nations, in the mainstream media?

Well, given the on-going anti-democratic corporate takeover of this nation, both within government and throughout the media, many of these questions seem rather rhetorical. Most can be answered by simply saying: because it’s not in their interest! I could go on with this line of questioning, but should I bother when no one seems to be listening?

But, there is one point to be made by asking these questions, an important point in an alleged democracy:
Asking such questions is NOT, I repeat NOT, an unpatriotic act. This nation was founded on questioning authority and if you have a problem with that maybe you should go live in some autocratic dictatorship, perhaps a kingdom, where asking hard questions is considered a crime.
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17 Nov 2001
Of course asking such questions is not unpatriotic, but your questions are rather silly and weak.
1. Nobody is looking into how terrorists have entered into and have been able to operate in this country? Dude, where have you been? EVERYBODY wants to know how these criminals have been able to pull this off. A simple answer is tha fat asses like Ted Kennedy have made it possible for all sorts of scoundrels to cross borders unchecked. If strict measures were in place to curb heavy border traffic, everyone on Indymedia would be screaming discrimination and racism.
2. There have been many inquiries into the terrorist's ability to commandeer four jets. The fact is, everyone is embarrassed by it, nobody wants to take responsibility, everyone wants the current security situation to change for the better, but the fat cats in power are too set in their ways to think outside of the ol' box. Small government is beautiful.
3. Helicopters rescueing people from the roof? You've seen Die Hard and The Towering Inferno too many times. Have you seen the NYPD helicopter footage? The was way too much smoke for any helicopter to attempt a landing. This smoke was billowing from every nook and cranny up on the roofs. There was no way anyone in the building could have gotten to the roof without having to go through these jets of smoke and hot air. People could have tried, but they would not be able to see or breathe while trying to grope around the maze of utilities on the top of such a skyscraper. And if a group of people had made it to the top, then what? How many people could a police or TV chopper carry? Larger military personnel transports are probably at least an hour away. You might as well ask why didn't Superman just save everyone?
4. Do you understand that there are such things as state secrets and classified infromation? You can't see the evidence because you are not in the loop. You can't see the evidence because it would forever compromise whatever method was used to acquire it. You can't see the evidence because whatever brave men and women in the military and intelligence line of duty risked their lives to quietly get information. You can't see the evidence because even if you did, you wouldn't believe it, because to you, bin Laden is just a quaint revolutionary who thinks America is evil, as do you.
5. True, they all should have studied it more.
6. The media has so much to look into. I heard all about the 9-11 stock transfers a few days after the attacks on alk radio. Its being taken care of by the financial side of the US war effort.
Bush/ bin Laden connenctions? Big deal. Its a small world. What are you saying anyway? That the Bushes are somehow sponsors of bin Laden? Gimme a break. CEOs deal with each other in business matters, but how could on CEO know what kind of malicious ideas are bouncing around in another's head. It just shows you that bin Laden, condemning the corporate West, is truly a hypocrite because that's where all his cash comes from. Without the Western interest in Middle Eastern oil, the Muslim nations would have remained poor dust bowls. They should thank capitalism for inventing the automobile.
7. How in-depth do you mean? I think "we" aren't privy to such policy because the average collective "we" aren't really interested in it. But if you are interested, there are all sorts of television shows and journals out there for you to look into. But don't force-feed it down the public's throat. Leave the common folk his bread-and-circus, if that's what he wants.