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Commentary :: Human Rights : International : Politics
Rolling Stones or the Vatican: the Show must go on!
22 Aug 2005
Modified: 06:13:57 AM
"The Catholic Church", the Pope said on World Youth Day in Germany: "is like a net full of fish: you got the good ones and the baddies." - But fish still starts rotting at the head.
by Henk Ruyssenaars

COLOGNE, Germany - Aug. 22nd - 2005 - One of the friends I had in Sweden was very honest about it: "You know why I became a priest?", he said: "because they refused me at the Royal Swedish Theater Academy and a couple of acting studios. So I thought: I want to act and at the same time make some money; what are the possibilities?

The solution was that I joined the Swedish State Church, Svenska Statskyrkan. Now I'm even paid to dress up, and can act as much as I want to and feel like. For the Sunday show - the sermon as it's called - I can write my own text! I'm earning a reasonable salary and I get more respect from the poor ignorants in my parish than I'll ever deserve. Churches are perfect stages, it's the best theater on earth!"

From my point of view that sounded like a perfectly normal explanation, being born and bred into a traditional catholic family and having seen some school friends disappear into the magic incense clouds of 'Rome's Ringling Brothers'; the catholic variety of the circus of Barnum & Bailey: the Vatican - Url.:


Rome's Vatican - with all it's prelates as clerical clowns running around, taking part in one of the biggest shows on earth - for World Youth Day moved it's tents, rituals and fables to Germany, the 'Heimat' of the new pope. The trek included all the chubbies 'far out' and expensive dresses and mad miter hats*, the chandeliers, the incense, 'Holy Water' and mass wine, which they say they use for the 'transformation' of water to wine, like at the wedding in Canaan -

There were all the crosses in gold and silver, jewels, and deep ruby red stones in the gold rings on the fingers of the cardinals and similar role players. The rings however have never stopped those Überclowns from 'fingering' mankind especially first in the West and than spreading for over 2000 years. In Sweden for instance, the protestant 'State Church' by misleading the 'believing' people, is very wealthy and the biggest land owner of the 450.000 sq. Km big country, which is slightly larger than California. And again; to see the 'Upper Clown' of the Vatican in his electric 'Papa Mobil', slowly driving among a million heads strong sea of brainwashed youngsters from many different countries and continents, gathered as Charolais cattle in the catholic coral, gives any normal thinking onlooker a very ungood, sickening feeling.

Because, as is shown in history again and again: religion and civil liberties are like water and fat. Bibles, Thorahs or Korans and similar are mostly contrary to any "Bill of Human Rights". And when all these million of 'Christians' accept the 'Once upon time...' stories told by those jesters*, i's not one of their 'wonders' that the world is in trouble. Because if you can make people believe anything, they'll do anything too. Which again is clearly shown in the US and UK where also collaborating nations went to war on a pack of proven lies sold by the US Administration's Lie factories. via the warmongering neocon's media networks. And still tens of millions voted for the racket; for the jerks that kill'm.

The so called 'christian' religion in the United States for instance, allows human beings to be punished to death by injections with poison. They are killed on electric chairs or maybe gassed. It apparently has the blessing of American church leaders whom we don't here either, protesting war, genocide or other killing. Like the Judas speeches at this catholic circus in Cologne didn't mention the fact that at present the world is ravaged by one of their leading 'Christians', the president of the United States George Bush and his ilk, a psychopath who as a good 'Brother in Christ' committed at least 152 executions during the time he was in office as governor of Texas.

Now Bush kills them by the hundred thousands, and that massacre the Überclown forgot to mention too. [Bush kills - Url.:]


Not the 'Papal Kraut', nor any of the well fed cardinals or their low brow minions spoke up: they all were on stage, and 'on air', playing their roles, and the poor - often genuflecting - sheeple in front of them waved their banners, had a gulp of 'Holy Water', sang their songs and chewed the wafers to 'transubstantiate'..

While on stage this German pope with his crew, the whole clownesque entourage, did it's best to get the same results as another malignant German tried 70 years ago. Now neocon television like FOX and CNN fills the Goebbels-propaganda gap left by filmers like Leni Riefenstahl, when she filmed the followers of the Nazi ideology; all those millions in a flock believing and behaving in the same way.

Some of Hitler's rants have had the same misleading effect on people as the 'Christian' churches with their fairy tales; ignoring catastrophes of which also they are part of the origin. Like in Africa - where most people not even can afford condoms, let alone the expensive US made drugs, needed to keep AIDS or tuberculosis under control - and where right now millions of people are dying of hunger and aids. That is what the neocon's multinationals have done and are doing to Africa and other continents; I've seen it for decades.

When looking at the enormous and completely ridiculous failure of humanity in Rome, symbolized by clerics as white plastered graves in the Vatican, the heart of many a well thinking human being must cringe. It all reminds of the German bishops and priesthood; all the time blessing Hitler, his generals, the soldiers, tanks, guns and even the horses that went to the East Front. But never blessing the 26 million killed Russians for instance. You were either with the Nazis or an enemy of the Third Reich, Hitler's Empire. On the buckles of the belts of Hitler's feared SS - Schutz Staffel - it said: "Gott mit Uns", meaning 'God is on our side'. [SS/CIA - Url.:]

George Bush, now using his own storm troops, Gestapo and SS to stay alive, and away from people like Cindy Sheehan, insists too that 'the Lord has picked him' and ''He is on 'our side''. And in Rome - during the funeral in April of the last Pope/leader of the catholic circus - one could see the same happening as daily in the White 'Haus', or when the nefarious neocons as vultures fly scavenging around the globe: the Huns with their guns are all there, their hands dripping with the blood of their victims, not caring a damn about the bloody wars raging behind their Armani clad backs. Covered by a legion of what they think is their 'Praetorian Guard; the bodyguards and other hired killers, hiding behind their 'Ray Ban' sunglasses. And all the world's 'God loving' clergy and people practiced the 'Silence of the Lambs'.

This happens under the bland gaze of those so called 'christians', who are not reacting in 99% of the cases when the US neocons are busy stealing $-trillions worth of oil and other profitable natural resources, anywhere. Again with the expected disastrous effect, and making armed resistance everywhere grow by the minute. - Url.:

Hope that Christ has given you?

In one of it's information pieces - the neocon's 'Associated Press' writes that Benedict: ''asked pilgrims from Africa to bring your great and beloved continent the hope that Christ has given you. Be everywhere sowers of peace and brotherhood.''

Well, during my ten years as an independent foreign correspondent in Africa -[1987>1997] - which I've visited since 1971, I saw none of the hope that Christ has given to anybody. Hope can be a very positive thing, but definitely nothing you can either smear on your sandwich or the festering wounds. Where there's a profit to make, it's plunder and murder by the strongest all the way, that's what people in reality see around them.

Sometimes also with a 'cover up' by ignorant UN 'Peace troops' and/or maybe 'training' or 'assisting' NATO soldiers and some battalions of mercenaries. And all this, especially since the Vatican for ages has had it's own intelligence network via it's 'missionaries, all this the mitered clowns in Rome know very well, but they don't interfere in the bloody business, the hypocrites.

Those so called 'followers of Christ' betray the Bible's humanity, and are a two thousand years old part of the immense and inhuman problems. Listening to 'Christianity's representative and salesman on Earth', pope Benedict, one is abhorred: what an unbelievable crap that jester dares to spout! Instead of blasting away with all barrels at the real sinners and criminals which sacrifice humanity on their bloodied neocon altar of greed. The 'Shylocks of Wall Street', Alan Grühnspan at the private & criminal FED - [] - and the neocon 'Banks of London' [] don't care: 'Banco del Vaticano' is 'one of them', one Mafia as good or bad as the other. And we, by them looked upon as the 'Global Village Idiots', are there to 'believe'; serve them profit and/or die.

As the mafia says: May the blood on their hands be on the heads of their children!

The by religion blinded 1 billion catholics did and do NOT hear an official open protest from their Church leaders against the trampling on all laws and human conventions with Pentagon boots, their genocides, the 'Holocausting' of the Palestinians since 1947, now by Sharon and his murderers, or the wars and torture globally going on. Apart from some mumbling in the very low ranks, which was silenced immediately. If you don't accept spreading the lies, you're out of their gravy train 'Carnivale'. Catholics - I've often thought - ought to be glad that the Bible fabulates about how Jesus Christ died on a cross, and didn't drown in the Sea of Galilee - [] - They're lucky there, because otherwise, they'd all have JC above their doors and on the altars, in an aquarium.

'The Boys from Brazil'

Cardinal Joachim Meisner however, the archbishop of Cologne, welcomed the director of the Rome Circus with much fanfare - [] - but he was speaking in chilling phrases which have been heard before: ''Here in the midst of the youth of the world, and countless priests, bishops and cardinals, we would like to welcome you to Marienfeld, ''Meisner said. ''You belong to the youth, and the youth belongs to you.'' - That's what Hitler's 'Karl Rove', the Führer's 'Propaganda Meister' Joseph Goebbels always shouted, and in Adolf's time the youth was called 'Hitler Jugend'. So, now it's 'Pope Jugend'? The 'Boys of Rome'?

Again, in a big PR-drive and 'picture op', the Vatican with it's crew, on world TV offered a grand gig as a 'finale' of it's Carnival, it's offering of 'verbal 'bread and circus': the Upper Clowns did the sermons and the Gregorian sing-song with the incense and the usual ritual 'transubstantiation'. The Gloria section took care of the rest of the better music and was accompanied by South American zamponas and charangos, followed by followers of Ravi Shankar on Indian sitar.

More for pleasure than to remember the misery in their continent, there were African drums, and an Australian didgeridoo. How many Aborigines are left in Australia was not discussed, nor the way the have been and are treated.

And the clerical clowns did what they are paid for; the show must go on! Apart from the clergy and some other evil human beings, stray dogs and birds, there were no real circus animals.

But there were too many jerks, dressed as jesters...

Confirming that religion like TV is opium for the people.

Henk Ruyssenaars

* A jester or fool is a specific type of clown mostly associated with the Middle Ages. Jesters typically wore brightly colored clothing in a motley pattern. Their hats (sometimes called the "cap'n'bells") were especially distinctive; made of cloth, they were floppy with three points (liliripes) each of which had a jingle bell at the end. The three points of the hat represent the asses' ears and tail worn by jesters in earlier times. Other things distinctive about the jester was his incessant laugh.

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* Brainwashed? Take the free 'Gullibility Factor' test to find out if you're really a mind slave or not - Url.:

* 'The war in Iraq is illegal' - BBC video & text - interview United Nation's Secretary General Kofi Annan - Url.:

* Help the troops come home! Url.: - We need them badly to fight our so called 'governments' - Url.:

FPF - COPYRIGHT NOTICE - In accordance with Title 17 U. S. C. Section 107 - any copyrighted work in this message is distributed by the Foreign Press Foundation under fair use, without profit or payment, to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving the information. Url.:

Editor : Henk Ruyssenaars
The Netherlands
FPF (at)


This work is in the public domain
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