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News :: Education
the jesus mystery solved
24 Aug 2005
the gospel "jesus" is a gross misrepresentation/falsification of simon peter,mostly.

i think i solved the 2,000-year old "jesus" issue.
did the gospel "jesus" really exist?
the real jesus was simon peter,a violent,theo-com(munist) antiroman patriot who thought his god would make him rex judaeorum and help him drive the romans out of palestine.
instead the romans erased jerusalem off the map and murdered him.
now i shall proceed to prove all this.
only thing i'd like to make clear:
i am not quite sure i am the first to aver that jesus was simon,because although i am well versed in classics,i can't say i am aware of each and every single bit of jesus literature re the historical jesus of the past 2 or 3 hundred years.
so if someone else came up with my same arguments before me,please let me know.

now first of all:
why is the gospel jesus a fake?
well first because he wasn't from nazareth.
for the nazareth point i am indebted to:
robert h eisenman,james the brother of jesus,penguin 1997;and
nazareth is not attested to either by archeology or by sources that i am aware for the alleged time of "jesus" ' birth,about 2000 years ago.
and nazareth lies 40 km off the lake of tiberias also called sea of galilee also called lake gennesareth.
therefore when matthew says that "jesus" went to nazareth - actually at this point he doesn't even mention nazareth explicitly,but he had done so before.
anyway "jesus" is pictured as going to his family town/hometown and then departing from there on a boat - which again is impossible because nazareth even had it existed at that time lies 40 km off the lake.

obviously although this casts huge doubt over the nazareth myth,it only does this and does not prove that "jesus" never existed.
he may have existed but be from somewhere else.
eisenman says the nazareth myth was a pun on "nazorean" or "nazirite",a member of a radical antiroman jewish militant sect.

anyway what really proves that the gospel jesus is a lie is that at the time - a time of massive antiroman unrest in palestine - a proroman jewish messiah as the gospel jesus is pictured to have been would never ever have enjoyed popularity and would never ever have been targeted by the proroman jewish priestly establishment or crucified by the romans - because he would have been their ally.

having established thus that the gospel jesus is a fabrication,how was this fabrication achieved?
pure invention?
no - the method was rather conflation of real people and events of first-century palestine,but totally reversed and distorted to skew and falsify history in portraiting violent jewish revolutionaries as meek gandhiesque proroman tax-paying asskissers.
thus far i followed eisenman and cascioli.
now i'll depart from them.

the gospel jesus mosltly used the very real simon bar ghiora,but again reversed and deformed into a proroman idiot.
one only needs to read carefully the book bellum iudaicum - war against the jews - by flavius josephus,a jewish turncoat who had betrayed the antiroman movement and switched sides.
the war in question happened between 66 and 70 AD,with some fighting lasting into 73.
It was a horrible slaughter which ended with future emperor titus erasing jerusalem off the map after a long siege and the romans capturing the revolutionary resistance leader simon bar ghiora - simon son of ghiora - bringing him to rome for display in titus' and his father vespasianus' triumph and then executing him in the infamous tullianum jail at the foot of the capitol hill.

so grab your flavius josephus,jewish war,VII,2,2.
the romans have entered jerusalem,erased it to the ground and slaughtered most everyone and looted whatever they found.
But resistance commander Simon had hidden in a subterranean secret gallery with his most trusted friends and a bunch of stonecutters with the aim of continuing to mine the gallery so as to find an opening on some safe spot whence they might escape the romans.
but they soon gave up hope because they'd almost run out of food and made little progress in the excavations.
so Simon "put on white tunics and a purple cloak over them and came out of the ground where the temple had stood".
doesn't it sound like the real underlying model for the gospel fabricators who twisted it into the resurrection of "jesus"?
1-in the gospels we find the same element of jesus' tomb carved - newly carved - in rock.
2-when jesus resurrects,he appears to some in white shining clothes/light.
3-when jesus is arrested and tortured,his tormentors clothe him in a mock-kingly mantel,purple in color.
4-both the real simon and the forged jesus "resurrect" by coming out of the ground and from the carved rock.
5-the simon of history resurfaces where the temple had stood - hadn't the gospel jesus prophesied he would rebuild the temple in 3 days,alluding to the temple of his body?well when the real simon resurfaces,a few days had passed since the romans had occupied jerusalem and thereby destroyed the temple.
6.those who first saw simon in josephus were paralyzed by fear,just like the first people to whom "jesus" appeared in the gospels right after resurrecting. josephus,after the first surprise,those who first saw simon-without recognizing him-presumably roman soldiers presiding over the temple ruins,run to their commander - just like in the gospels the women to whom jesus appeared ran to the apostles.
8.simon had wanted to be king of the jews - messianic king in the maccabean tradition,and the garment of such kings was the purple cloak,whereas the white tunics were the garments of priests and militant daily-bathing sect members such as john the baptist essenes etc.

Enough "coincidences" folks?
no wait i ain't done yet.

simon gets arrested but not killed on the spot because titus wants to parade the vanquished enemy in rome during his triumphal gala parade.
so simon gets chained and brought to titus in caesarea on the sea,a town on the coast of palestine.
just like in the acts of the apostles simon peter gets arrested and chained,and in a separate episode ends up in caesarea...
so poor patriot simon bar ghiora ends up in rome and gets paraded in the triumphalis pompa amongst other prisoners - a veritable via crucis without cross - and then those bastards tie a rope around his neck and drag him like an animal along the last bit,"among abuse and beatings" - sounds familiar from jesus' arrest in the gospels?...-to the tullianum death chamber near the forum where they put him to death.
and pious christian lore has it that saint peter came to rome was arrested and thrown in the tullianum prison - only variation being his having been crucified upside down instead of the customary strangling in the tullianum reserved for enemy chiefs such as vercingetorix jugurtha and the like.
and even the strange position of peter's alleged crucifiction comes from flavius josephus bellum iudaicum V,11,1 "prompted by hatred and ire,the roman soldiers amused themselves by crucifying prisoners in various positions"...

are you convinced my fellow truth-seekers?
not yet?
wondering if the real jesus,that is simon,had his own judas the traitor?
there you have it:
flavius josephus bellum iudaicum V,13,2:
"a fellow of Simon's underlings" with a bunch of men tried to plot against Simon and call in the romans,but Simon discovered the plot,captured judas and his traitors,killed them and mutilated their corpses - fossile of this is gospel peter cutting off the high priest's servant's ear - and cast them down the city walls.

thanx for listening.
next time they forge a religion for us,let's try and not wait another 2000 years to call their cards...

christianity is over.
and it won't be missed.
certainly not by yours truly.

oh by the way - thanx Simon - you may not have been the messiah but you sure were doubledam right in fighting the in peace,peter kephas simon - you've been vindicated.

This work is in the public domain
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