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Review :: International
back to square one!
19 Sep 2005

To our American Friends:

Canada is going to A Federal Election after December. TEIC, gobal group of voluntary researchers, under Canadian leadership, is trying to familiarize its fellow electors with the apocalypse of the downfall of the Washington Empire. To Bush’s genocides we must add the swindle of multinational globalization. To understand the present fraud of globalization, we must go back to its very beginning. Longtime ago, capitalism was a respectable economic process, useful to human beings. The universal recognition of the gold standard gave all countries a valuable currency, which was “convertible to gold according to law”. Old-timers like me can remember all countries currencies stamped with that little reassurance that the piece of paper had a value, a very precise value indeed, guaranteeing that bills were mere intermediaries of tangible, redeemable value.

Early last century, Washington unilaterally abandoned the gold standard and advised the World that from that moment on, America would only accept the USA dollar as the currency of International trade. The great alchemists of America with a mere spell changed Gold into a piece of paper with verbally attached value named American dollar, which became by act of Washington’s Imperial decree the “intermediary value” to conduct trade of products with tangible, real value. (Scientifically this is an aberration). The value of this paper was going to be established by Federal Reserves, but soon such verbally attributed value went to be handled by the Stock Markets, which speculated with it rendering a sort of “Yoyo” very convenient for speculators. The specific value of the American dollar since those days has never been attached to some form of tangible value. It oscillates according to speculation and the whole global economy swings with the caprices of the USA manipulators of the dollar. Remarkably, Washington recognized most of the currencies of the Industrial World as “convertible” into American dollars.

That was the most brilliant con artistry of last century, worthy of Washington: All the satellites of Washington, having convertible currencies, joined in the exploitation of the Third World. Third World currencies had a nominal value but were not convertible. This nominal value would assist to establish how many dollars they had to borrow to purchase products from the Upper Class Industrial Dominion of the Washington Empire. This con game was superb: a Third World Country, Argentina, for instance, needed to buy machinery from the USA for 10 million dollars. Initially, the money was borrowed from the USA Federal Reserves or private American Banks, prior to the appearance of the IMF and the World Bank, which since the sixties have institutionalized this massive robbery of the Third World. Argentina with the 10 million would pay the equipment. Fain enough: money was paid to purchase equity. However, to pay the loan in American dollars, Argentina had to sell its goods and services against USA dollars and had to keep these dollars in its Central Bank, to make yearly payments to the Yankee prevaricator. The people of Argentina did not benefit of the dollars sleeping in its Central Bank while the Americans got the Argentinean goods and services plus the yearly payment on the loan. They got the whole money at the time of purchase, then they got the goods and services and finally they got the money again, in yearly installment, with interest on top of it. This international highway robbery claims a debt that is already paid, and explains why the Third World is today in abject poverty where a child dies of hunger every three seconds. Sincere Americans, I believe, have mobilized the charities of the world to attempt to reduce poverty to one half by 2010. (One half of infinity continues being infinity).

The real solution is the honest one: The IMF and the World Bank must be dismantled, and all their assets must be returned to the Third World “debtors” in proportion to their phony (already paid) debts. That’s the ethical correction of the poverty in the world plus the formation immediately of a real monetary system where all the countries recognize the PNB/CAPITA as the universal standard of value and peg their currencies to it. This monetary system would respect International Law, the UN Declaration of Human rights and the Charter of the United Nations, violated when the USA. Great Britain, France and Taiwan imposed a Security Council over the democratic General Assembly. Whatever the master of the Empire touches becomes instantly corrupted.

Now, Canadian fellow electors, that’s the globalization that Martin and Harper will defend to their death because they owe all what they have to the Multinational cartel. Do you see in that system any opportunity to give a break to the workers of Canada in the next election? … Every riding must have an apolitical independent candidate who commits only to go to Ottawa to defend the economic interest of the riding. They will form the government around Jack Layton, and a new economic order must be created (only realistic action can catalyze the reaction needed), to get the majority of Canadians out of the poverty where the globalization of Mulroney, Chretien and Martin with the help of their Oppositions, have sunken the Nation, in their sale of the equity of Canada to the Multinational Cartel. The miraculous speeches of Martin and Harper will accomplish nothing. Those are words, not actions. It is so simple that even children could understand; but politicians in the next campaign will again make cabalistic occultism, only discernable by very special cerebellums, such as sawdust brains of politicians.

Canadians, at election time think of the fraud perpetrated on most Canadians, think of your children and vote for the independent in your riding. Your grandchildren will thank you for that.

Jorge Torrealba, Director General,
Techno Economics International Consultants,
technomics (at) or humaneconomics (at)


- Our TREATISE ON HUMAN ECONOMICS will soon be available in Ebook format. (Perhaps in three to four weeks will be available in all Internet Vendors, beside the websites of the publishers of my Ebook).

- Read in English on the subject of Ebooks for socialization of information. (UNESCO)

- The document I received in Spanish from the Ebook suppliers of the UNESCO program of socialization of information states:

- This program is for books, academic contents and scientific research information in electronic form to make it commercially available at the cheapest cost possible to the libraries of the World.
- See:

This work is in the public domain
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