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News :: Human Rights
Legalized Sex Slavery, Broadcasted Torture and Reality Rape TV Uncovered in the US in new Documentary: XXXEXPOSE.COM
28 Sep 2005
XXXEXPOSE.COM, a new reality based documentary that takes you through the stories of eight "models," victims of mind control, cult tactics, electro torture, operant conditioning, thought reform and behavior modification originating with MKULTRA and the Nazi mind control experiments during WW2.
My nickname is Moonshine, I am a 23 year old activist and recovering trauma survivor who has just finished filming a new documentary with my partner Ammo-deus called XXXEXPOSE.COM. It covers mainly the subjects of mind control, hypnosis, behavior modification (ex.electro torture, operant conditioning, trauma based programming) and cult tactics which are employed by perpetrators to subvert the sovereign autonomy of the "model" victim. We have obtained and compiled hundreds of interviews from leading PHD's, mind control researchers, and cult specialists for audiences with a higher intellect so that the information may be passed on.

I am not much of a writer so I have included pieces from a recent interview so you can get an idea of who we are and what the film's about.
A note to anyone reading this: we are currently looking to schedule all styles of live interviews and are also looking to find people who would be interested in putting together a screening locally at their school, organization, etc. We have two versions of the movie available on DVD that you may sell at your event and make 50% total profit as a fundraiser with 0% risk. Please go to our web site and click on the censored button for more information. FYI...there are two 35 minute samples of both versions (the censored and the uncensored) to download off of the site Thanks!!!

Ammo-deus: Hay whats up this Ammo-deus and I worked with moonshine over here on this movie're going to do a little mock interview so people can get a feel for the whole movie and they can get an idea if they want to check it out...
Moonshine: Right, this is under the about us/about the movie a little history on us and why we did the movie.....we thought this video would be much more personal .... we're not professional writers
Ammo-deus: Right, so lets start ......pretty much you were in were doing activism and you were an opera singer....give people a little backround on that
Moonshine:Right I was operea major in music school and then I got involved with college organiations, peace groups stuff like that and then I got into the activism thing basically different causes ...genetic engineering was a big one for me... anti-sweatshop labor...globilization....ftaa...nafta stuff like that
Ammo-deus: Right and that was not paying the bills to say the least
Moonshine: I was basically barely scraping by living in different housing collectives and they would supply food if you went to a mass action... you know barely scraping by in that way
Ammodeus: so your first step in this industry was basically for basic needs
Moonshine: Yea for survival,my first step wss dancing, stripping....I started relying on it soley for money .... I didn't have anything else that payed a decent wage and I was trying to do music at the time as well, trying save up... I tried different projects with computer music, djing ...bought lots and lots of equiptment which is of course very expensive....I had to keep up the dancing to keep up the needs of the equiptment...
Ammodeus: I understand wanting to get away from the whole dancing thing cause how personal and psycholgical that can get and wanting to do something you felt was more.....
Moonshine: yea I was gettting burnt on it... I was given the impression that I would be able to express myself in some way through the dance.... like some sort of a little show or interpetation of music maybe even costume or cherography
Ammo-deues hah welll you found out that you were definetealy wong
M- Yea i was really let down that it was just a big whore house
A-hah so you find out that no one is really interested in the dancing aspect of dancing hah....
M- no its about how down and dirty you will get with the customers, thats why i went into the modeling.... i was decieved into thinking that the modeling would have more artistry,,,,i wasstill trying to keep some sort of integrity for myself.... you know the saying, "you are your work"... i was always aware of that...
A So you shot first with....
M-INSEX.COM which is a BDSM company/modeling whatever but thats basically a cover
A I'm more familiar, my backround's with fetish, and kinda like glamour BDSM
M yea thats now been lumped i went to a fetish and bdsm convention, people were dressed in eloborate costumes they pushed the artistry the visual art ...positioning people's bodies in these abstract shapes, thats what i thought it was about
A: right ,like a regular "modeling job"
M I thought it would be simple the way it was presented to me...thought it was more about your basic look i thought they were looking for someone with a unique look....
A right
M:so flys you in so that they can have full access to you and they have full control of you thats the basic concept of stay with the leader
A right, the main insect hah
M and so we met (met Ammo-Deus) the one night i was allowed out, but that was my first visit with them, the leader started tightening up the control as time went on...he let me out one time ...and i went to a gothic/industrial club thats where we met. So that's what started our relationship.. and i kept coming back to ny when we first started seeing each other so its kinda wierd because the shoots correlate with our whole relationship which allowed us to figure this whole thing out, we would have never figured it out if we hadn't at the same time i was being conditioned i was about to be unconditioned something like that...hah... i don't know if that makes sense
A-right you were able to step outside yourself and look at things in detail
M I thiink the only reason i didn't go down down the drain is cause I had someone to talk to that's so importatnt none of these othere people (models) have that... so as my relationship grew with you it also grew with this leader cult guy, basically he wanted a liv-in 24 hour a day slave....and i didnt want to do that, loose all freedom
A:explain what that means
M;someone who has complete control over your every movement....there are no choices he chooses for you....down to when he wants you to go to the bathroom
A- and you werent aware of the whole plot....
M- no, what they are looking for and i think you'll get an idea of this in the movie, is to become this true masochist person...its like you have reversed everything you're born with all your natural feelings....
A- pain pleasure reversal
M it's where you reversed everything you want and you love....and you've reversed that to what ever the person who is controlling you wants...which is to see you in that's basially what the masochist is... if the master starts lighting your skin on fire and he likes it ....its good....
A-and that moved you into this masochistic philosophy...
M yes total self sacrafice for all the wrong reasons
A right and this is all dressed with the imagey of expensive props...
M cause you come into his domain....he's created a whole false environment for you....and then digs into your personality and who you are and gets all the information he needs to know so that he can kinda map out or chart out how he wants you to turn out in the end
A- thats a pretty good explanation
M he's doing this all without you knowing.....he has his staff working in something like a illusion...differerent think there are fights going think there are people with diffferent relationships that aren't even real...its just for you to see so that you get pulled into this whole reality which is not real
A when were you aware that you were under some sort of operant condition behavior modification?
M it kept poking at me constantly, what is so wierd about this whole thing?....i knew there was something really off about it, thats when i rented that helter sklelter movie ....the charlie manson story...i dont why it just flashed ....cults,cults yea....then we started lining up the the things about charles masnon and this guy that are so similar and the tactics they used ... i saw the pattern they used...the cult tactics and realized what he was doing......
A right
M...this is technology of conditiong that the nazis really refined after ww2 after they had all those people to experiment on freely with no one watching them and its been passed down
A.....right ......passed down to all the nefarious groups and this has been spreading......and actually the site you have been modeling for hah.... i shouldnt say model ....victimized on like a teaching tool for people want to learn cult tactics
M if you look at the videotaped sesions of torture it's made apparent that he is showing and pointing out differnt methods for his members.... and the girls dont know this cause they cant even watch their own know one ever finds out what he is doing.... you have to study the films you cant have them just floating in the backround you really have to study them
A right theres a whole esoteric language going on,symbols,techniques then talking about your personal life in the actual shoot
M right these are techniques the nazis perfected and the cia as well to make operatives programmed to do specific tasks, id say this guy is doing this on the most extreme level without having gotten the person from age 3, the (mk ultra survivor) we emailed had been of victim of cia mind control and had been conditioned from the age of 3 looked at it basically said this...."this is a new experiment trying to condition people of the age of 18 and see how far they can get"
A-....all trauma based programing....
M...right all trauma based...operant conditioning...luckily i got kicked of the whole thing cause i wouldnt commit to him fully and be a live-in masochist slave..... so he disposed of me when he couldnt have complete ownership.....he was really frustrated... at that point we decided we wanted to pursue fully performance art and went and tried to live in europe for a while.....blew all of our money from the exchange rate....the laws were horrible....they made it so no one can live there without at least like 150 we came back here really desperate to start something up.....some way of sustaining also being mixed in with being we were looking at music videos....we had to get some sorta money.....
A which is what led you into the porn....
M....right i think the guy from insex basically blacklisted me from all bdsm companies cause no one would hire personal opinion is that you have to pass the insex test.....after he's had his full fun with you then you're allowed to move on to other companies if he lets you.....i hadnt followed the rules....the only choice i had was to do sex movies cause the dancing was prostitution and that's illegal but sex on film is not for some i did that cause i didnt want to get arrested....and prostitution i felt could lead you into some awful places,,, i was only planning on doing this for a short time and planned on getting some money together for music videos just happpened that my first video was the most extreme degrading thing that you could possibly come aross i guess it was my fate... i did the gag till you vomit thing where they are chocking you (with their penis)....i spit up blood...i have a chronic ear infection now that comes and goes every couple months.... and i think got paid like $500 bucks for permanent damage(physical)and pyschological damage....and so we moved back from ny to la which was a huge amount of costs to set up again.....i only did a few more shoots total after that and that was my run-in with roxy in the film.....that was the scat movie.... i thought it was going to be a regular scene with male talent which i found out was the owner of the scat site which i found out afterwards... i was coerced into the scat basically by introducing it as a simple enema on film, before i knew i was deficationg into someone's mouth on film and there was a whole series of conditioning that was placed on me to do that , deceptions....manipulations that was pretty much your cracking point.....
M-right .... i felt that was i was being used as a tool to perpetrate on someone...its kind of like being in the're given orders to shoot someone... you still shot them but its not completely your fault.....hah assisted scatacide!!
A i think its important to point out that you could have started your own site...
M...we could have started our own site and become the perpetrators...we could have done what they do and we would have kicked ass since we're artists...and for the most part they are not creative people which you can tell by the sites that are up there....its not like an ego thing but we would have pushed it up to a level that it should never be pushed up to because artwork shouldnt be expressing such horribble activities....we realized that...after finding out what this stuff really was... and what it had done to us...i think it had destroyed our sexuality\\\
m....... i think the human form and two people expressing themselves through there deepest emotions can be beautiful....i think that that's part of the problem, is our society is so repressed and the human body is thought of as a dirty sinful thing.....and that's what really allows these people to the current climate of this if a nipple's showing it makes it sex because people don't see that everyday...all this stuff has been able to be sexualized cause now just a naked body is sex.....and that's not what makes something sex(or sexy)....what makes it sex(sexy) is when two people have genuine emotion and our exchanging, communication...
A....alot of people checking out the film will see alot of different animal experimentation....
M...the peta clips....are a huge part of the visuals in the bdsm section of the movie
A... can you go over the whole being like animal relevance....
M...after studying his movies we started to see alot of similarities all over this whole bdsm "culture"
or "community" ... a lot of these analogies of making the person into an animal.... a dog, pig,cow....
A....right....the operant conditiong....the way they make them move...torture them.....
M....we were reading an article recently and the so called master was talking about returning the female to her animal state...and we thought about it for a minute....and realized it's not about the person becoming in tune with the part of them that would be able to connect with a animal like their animal taking on the charctersistics of a bird...its not anything like that...its about the way they have warped and twisted....
A.....right,being treated like a animal more like..... sort of sub species species way...
M...its like one clip used in the movie "animals in servitude to man" its about the service the animals can do for the people: enslaving if you think about a horse...its not about how beautiful it is ....or how it runs wild....has a long main.... its not about that...its about taking the horse and beating it...making it carry things for you....
M....right...its about how it will pull thing and struggle and has that thing(harness)on its head and can't move....its about all the bad things...and none of the good'll notice the person isn't majestically dressed....their head is trapped...they're being wipped...
A-...right and thats where the confusion is with this whole thing ....i myself was led in with alll the cool imagery, dark imagery, fetish imagery...and i was like hay this looks kinda artistic....
M there was a scene that me and kitty razor the other girl on the site did ....we were being milked like cows.....and i think a major thing i always think about was when i asked him.....why don't we use little props, paint their bodies with cow hide and make their hands into more like an artistic interpretation...he said to me it's not about the girls becoming cows...its about women being treated like cows so that's the whole difference.....
A...that was a slip up when he told you that...
M...if they could they would have you born in a cage......that would be there ultimate goal..
A...the way there able to get away with this by creating the whole illusion of that its "play"
M right cause we're people and we're supposed to have rights....but animals don't have we pretend that this is a job or a business....but its really none of those things
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Re: Legalized Sex Slavery, Broadcasted Torture and Reality Rape TV Uncovered in the US in new Documentary: XXXEXPOSE.COM
29 Sep 2005
how much is the dvd i have some studying to do