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News :: Education
How STUPID are the Americans?
28 Sep 2005
How stupid are the Americans? Why are they fooled by their government's energy policy?
Many Links to renewable energy web sites.
(from United States of America - copy of american professor's newspaper letter to the public)

We've been depending on the internal combustion engine (ICE) for more than 100 years and over all that time the efficiency of the ICE has climbed to just under 15%. The remaining 85% is waste heat, unfired combustibles.

For every $10 bill you put in your gas tank, $8.50 is wasted. It's not that 85% of that gasoline didn't produce anything, it means that only 15% was used to turn the wheels. The 85% produced waste heat, unburned chemicals.

We're addicted. And an addict will do most anything to satisfy their addiction. Money will be found, people might get hurt, and we'll make deals with anyone to get what we want. We depend on foreign imports for over 50% of our oil. If this sounds familiar it's because it's the same scenario that preceded the "Energy Crisis" more than 20 years ago.

Our trusted trading partners (the dealers) flooded the market with cheap gasoline (the drug) and we (the addicts) of course just started using more. Then they cut the supply and raised prices. The cost to the nation was incredible. The cost to Detroit and the Big 3 was even worse. Suddenly, there was a market for smaller, high mileage cars and Japan was there to take that market.

D?J? VU IN 1999?
We're importing about the same, still making deals with anyone, the drug is cheaper than it's ever been (adjusted for inflation), we're using more (SUV's), and driving more than ever. It's obvious we don't have a clue.

Saddam Hussien was a dealer. We knew he was unstable and couldn't be trusted, but he was OUR dealer. We depended on him. Things you normally wouldn't even think about doing aren't an obstacle when you're addicted.

When Saddam moved in on Kuwait (another dealer) our supply was threatened. It was war. Our addiction is so strong we are willing to send our own children to war for gasoline.

Most drug addicts wouldn't go that far but for us it's a logical step. We were willing to use up natural resources regardless of the consequences. We were willing to pollute the air, the land and the water. Our kids can see their air.

As kids we dreamed of the day we'd get our drivers license. The fact that we're willing to sacrifice lives for gasoline is unthinkable, but that is our policy and what it says about our values is worse. We pay more for a gallon of coke, than a gallon of gasoline. Or do we?

The cost of gasoline at the pump includes a tax which is meant for infrastructure.

Value of clean air?
Value of clean rivers, lakes, ponds, drinking water?
Value of Natural Resources?
Value of quality of life?
Cost of military defense of "our" oil ?

The cost of our military defense of our oil is a tangible amount. It's estimated that if that cost were included, the price of oil from the Middle East would be $100 per barrel. The cost at the pump would be at least $3 per gallon. Instead of including that cost in taxes at the pump, it's being paid by every taxpayer regardless of whether they drive or not or how many miles they drive. Instead of a tax policy that promotes efficiency, we build the best highway system in the world but not the best schools. Our tax code allows corporations such as Exxon a tax deduction for the cost to clean up the oil spill from the Valdez.

The CAFE standards were introduced to increase automobile efficiency but due to industry lobbying these standards have been frozen for the past 5 years and Congress just did it again in 1999.

This can only happen when the true cost of gasoline is levied at the pump. This is also known as a tax shift and in this case we'll pay those taxes at the pump and not from payroll deductions.

The increase in the cost of gas would raise demand for high mileage (energy efficient) automobiles. Manufacturers, using currently available technology can and would build cars whose efficiency would eliminate the need to import oil. This would go a long way toward eliminating our trade imbalance as well as eliminating national security risks due to our dependence on foriegn imports.

In the end, the environment is improved. Although we've grown up believing that it's every American's God given right to drive an automobile, the truth is that everyone has the right to breathe clean air.

It doesn't make any sense that this issue is even being debated. What was sold to the taxpayer was the promise of "energy so cheap it you couldn't even meter it". What we have instead is the most expensive electricity, without including the cost for decommissioning or the unknown cost of nuclear waste.

These of course are passed on to you but be aware that you also contributed more than 50 BILLION dollars for it's development.

Here's the Nuclear Waste policy: Remove nuclear waste from nuclear plants all over the country and transport it through most every state, within 1/2 mile of more than 50 million citizens and store it anywhere we can regardless of what the locals residents have to say.

The US Congress is moving ahead with the development of a nuclear waste site in Nevada over the objections of not only the citizens of Nevada but their Senators and Representatives as well. The project will also violate EPA regulations.

Sure we take risks all the time just crossing the street. If your crossing the street to get to work your risk of getting hit by a car is low if you're a law abiding pedestrian. You took a small risk and received a large benefit .. you made it to work and won't be fired today.

The problem with nuclear is we get all the risk and no benefit.

By law nuclear waste becomes the property of the US taxpayer. It's your problem now. The nuclear plant will one day be decommissioned, dismantled and also become your property.

Do you want the waste? Do the folks that produced that waste want it? If nobody wants it ? don't make it.

A nuclear plant is a nuclear waste dump. Why create another and then take the risk of moving it all over the country?

Why be foolish and reckless like the Americans? You can choose an intelligent and responsible energy policy using sustainable technology. Sustainable technology creates long term economic growth with more jobs, a clean environment and healthy people. Are you going to follow the ignorant Americans? Are you stupid?

advanced technology resource list for Sustainable Economic Progress
If every household in California replaced 4 (average 100 watt) incandescent light bulbs with 4 (equivalent 27 watt) compact fluorescent light bulbs, burning on average 5 hours per day, we would save 22 gWh per day - or enough energy saved to shut down 17 power plants. If the State bought these lamps for every household at $2 each, total cost would be $120 million. Could we build the same 17 power plants for $120 million? Not by a long shot!, book: Fuel Savers by Bruce N. Anderson .. Solar Indoor Llighting- .. Led Lighting- ..
~~}If every household in California replaced 1 average-flow showerhead with an energy saving showerhead we would save 1.3 kwh per day per household or 19.2 gWh per day - or enough energy saved to shut down another 15 power plants. If the State bought these low flow shower heads for every household at $1 each, total cost would be $15 million. Could we build the same 15 power plants for $1 million each? Hardly! ..
~~}If every household in California installed a solar hot water heater which saves 5.8 kwh/day, we would cumulatively save 87 gWh/day - or enough energy saved to shut down another 67 power plants. ..
~~}Reduce air conditioning cost 20% to 40%- Paint your house & roof white, which reflects infra red sunlight ..
~~}Insulating house paint-
~~}solar Attic fans reduce air conditioning cost by 10% or more- ..
~~}window quilts- ..
~~}Refrigerators- .. Washers- ..
~~}solar energy- ..
~~}Keep our country strong like a rock! Please support LOCALLY generated and Locally owned renewable energy production equipment.

FREE Journal

Waste not, Want Not: ..

Wind Energy: ..

Solar Water Purification: ..

(Note: you can save this web page to your hard drive. Then you can open the saved file on your hard drive and click on the links to access the web sites)
See also:

This work is in the public domain
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Re: How STUPID are the Americans?
29 Sep 2005
Americans are stupid enough to elect Bill Clinton twice.
Re: How STUPID are the Americans?
29 Sep 2005
Americans are stupid enough to elect people like Woodrow Wilson (twice), FDR (four times) , Truman (once), Eisenhower (twice), JFK (once), LBJ (once), Nixon (twice), Reagan (twice), Bush Sr. (once), Clinton (twice), and the current moron (disputed).
Re: How STUPID are the Americans?
29 Sep 2005
....And are stupid enough to be brain-washed by the new ABC drama "Commander in Chief" (starring Gina Davis) so that they will vote for Hillary in '08. I wonder who produces that show ?? How tuff is it to request political asylum in Australia ?