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News :: Media
News Junkie Scott's Blog (10/5/05)
05 Oct 2005
Modified: 09:35:15 AM
(BTW, use for any article that requires registration.)

persistent sources


Astronomy Pic of the Day


911InsideJobbers (at)
Anti-allawi-group (at)
CatapultThePropaganda (at)
CIA-Drugs (at)
PlaneHuggers (at)


Remember: Humanity's only hope is to break the vast intelligence Matrix controlling political discourse in the US. Break the Matrix, people!




Depopulation: To reduce sharply the population of, as by disease, war, or forcible relocation.

(the only word that consistently describes today's events is 'depopulation'. The global elites are trying to dramatically lower the number people living on Earth.)

********911 NEWS MEDIA HOAX********

"We Went to War over Cartoons (the Webfairy)"

"What do you think would happen if the world became aware that there were no hijacked planes that day, that two of the flights didn't exist, that the towers were attacked with secret technology, that the horrifying image which people saw on TV was just a movie, and that media also faked lists of passengers on the non existent flight which didn't hit the North tower, that a missile of some sort was fired into the pentagon and that fake videos and fake eyewitness reports were concocted to try to sell the story? (Gerard Holmgren)"

What really hit the South Tower of the WTC?

(folks, an aluminum plane is not going to enter a steel building like a hot knife through butter.)


********NEW ORLEANS DISASTER********


New Orleans prisoners left to drown after Katrina struck

Prison officers deserted a jail building, leaving inmates locked in cells:

Prisoners in New Orleans city jail were abandoned:


25 questions about the murder of New Orleans:


for more info on New Orleans visit:


1. Fox TV aired a program called "Oil Storm" which accurately predicted the destruction of New Orleans after a hurricane.
2. New Orleans's 17th street canal was apparently blown up with explosives.
3. The US military subsequently invaded Louisiana.
4. Martial law was imposed.
5. FEMA systematically impeded rescue efforts.
6. the US military kept thousands of (mostly Black) New Orleans victims without food and water for days.


******FLU PANDEMIC******


Flu victim from 85 years ago exhumed [!!]

Killer flu recreated in the lab [!!]:

"why? (Lori;"

Is the bird flu an American bio-weapon?

Flu oddities (updated frequently):

(get ready for the Great Flu Die-off. Matrix members, the US military and various rich people will all get the antitode. Expect a billion or more to go out to this entirely human-engineered flu pandemic.)

********GENERAL NEWS********


Home heating costs to break records in US

"...Nearly 40 million households are considered to be in such financially precarious situations that they will not be able to absorb larger utility bills..."


Dictator Bush wants right to use military "if" bird flu hits:

"...very close to my prediction on my blog last year.
Weaponised flu by a fake al quaeda group attacking China from taiwan, which will provoke U.S. and Russia into the endgame of 'WW4'...(Nico)"


In the wake of Katrina and Rita
Bush dictatorship to expand military powers, attack social programs

Military's plan to put troops on US streets:

Commandos in the streets?


Padilla Doctrine is the backdoor to military rule in America:

Court upholds power of White House to jail citizens as "enemy combatants":


Lawyer states that 550 detainees in Guantanamo Bay are being left to die there:

DOOMSDAY: 10/12/2005 (?)*

Iran war clouds on the harvest moon:

Webster Tarpley believes another 9/11 is coming; and he says this might be the date that Washington/Tel Aviv/London has in mind.

A lot of people are predicting that Homeland Security will set off a nuclear device within the US. The bomb would be blamed on Iran, which would be subsequently attacked. The military draft will continue. Meanwhile, the US would finally be under visible military rule; with concentration camps, bulldozing of homes, sonic lasers, microwave cannons and collective punishment used against citizens of the former country. The life of every civilian in the US would be put at risk.

The most important thing for people to do now is to prepare yourself psychologically. If martial law comes that means that all of your hopes and dreams will cease to exist--so don't keep any. they're stealing lives and cannot be persuaded to stop.



Donald Sutherland claims Bush "will destroy our lives."

(that's correct. they're such losers they can think of nothing more than stealing the lives as many other people as they can.

btw, what a great career Sutherland has had:

favorites: M*A*S*H*, Kelly's Heroes, Casanova, Animal House, Eye of the Needle...Sutherland's been a consistently strong performer.)

********the MATRIX********

*the MATRIX*

NJS uses the term 'Matrix' to denote the collossal intelligence-gathering and disinformation-disseminating structure that has been created to take over the US. Funded by intelligence agencies; e.g., the CIA. It includes COINTELPRO agents in every US city. It also comprises nearly every media outlet of significance in the US.


(Remember: Use the phrase "conspiracy theory" in a sentence and you are never wrong, since those who carry that label are immediately associated with ludicrous ideas.)

March Of The Conspiracy Theorists
CBS News - Sep 26, 2005

9-11 Conspiracists Invade Ground Zero,fergusonweb2,67726,2.html

State Department website informs US public that conspiracy theories are not to be trusted:


911 Untruth: Newsday shields Long Island readers from 9/11 skeptics:

(another layer of this Matrix is the source of this commentary. is regarded as an infiltrated organization. It has well-earned the moniker "911 Untruth." So, when the general public begin to move towards rejection of the ludicrous official story of 9/11 they encounter as the storyteller.)


Harriet Miers was the fixer for Bush's national guard records purge:

Bush picks (obviously unqualified) crony for Supreme Court:

(Miers is looking more and more like a duck. the scam here is that the Senate Democrats will rise up and reject her. then the White House will turn around and nominate a whackjob like Priscilla Owens or William Pryor. the public will think that they still live in a democracy with checks and balances.)

********HEALTH & LIVING********


Young women lead way in tearing down sex taboos:



When terrorism outlaws democracy/
Australia set to become a police state:


Partners in crime US and Israel discuss regime change in Syria:


Israel offensive in Gaza "targets Hamas":

"...Sharon’s actions serve notice that the only Palestinian regime he will tolerate is one that is totally subservient to Israel’s needs..."

(Israel is widely believed to have originated Hamas. Israel's bloodlust is insatiable.)


Britain recruited terrorists, Meacher claims:

(this flies in the face of the new law allowing for deportations of people who support "terrorism" by speech alone.)



Argentina's Marianao Puerta, a finalist at the French Open, faces lifetime ban after testing positive for banned stimulant:


Federer and Chinese officials open new tennis masters cup stadium:

Davenport showing no signs of slowing down:


An annular solar eclipse at high resolution:


Courage is RESISTANCE to fear, mastery of fear -- not absence of fear. (Mark Twain)


p.s. all are welcome on the News Junkie GP list:
See also:
http://911 Hoax

This work is in the public domain
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