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News :: Social Welfare
To John Reed Stark,SEC : Does James Angel & Georgetown University, Aid Penny Stock Fraud ?
08 Oct 2005
Modified: 09:19:33 PM
Dr.Angel of Georgetown University can provide no proof whatsoever for his erroneous claims to either the SEC or to the public through his ncans video.This appears to me a great mistake or a form of academic fraud.While economics may not be an exact science there comes a point when some statements can and must be backed by figures and examples or one should, and Dr.Angel is an example,simply remain silent,if he does or did not know,what he is talking about.
Securities Exchange Commission
Office of Internet Enforcement

Dear John Reed Stark,

I was hoping to reach you as you are the head of the SEC Internet Division,and a Georgetown professor, and ask you human to human, as a defrauded investor in an illegal pump from a Charles Schwab and possibly a vFinance account , what is going on in the penny stock securities fraud and internet securities fraud business ? Just how big of a business is it and who does it really benefit ?

A David Marchant ,'KYC' ,'Know Your Client', or inspired article in 'The Royal Gazette' last year,quoting one SEC lawyer and a broker at VFinance said this.:

'"The volume of LOM's US trading, whether on behalf of its customers or its own accounts, is staggering," stated Mr. Ungar. "For example, in LOM's account at Schwab, during a two-week period in 2003 – the same year in which the SHEP and Sedona transactions in question occurred – LOM bought or sold, on over 4,000 different occasions, a total of 151 million shares of US securities traded over various US securities markets."

The trader at Florida-based vFinance who was in charge of LOM's account testified that "LOM's trading over the US markets was more than the trading of most US regional banks" and that he "either accumulated or liquidated millions of shares a day for them", stated Mr. Ungar.'

Just how much money does that represent and will the SEC do anything to recover my and many others losses? Why do you let a virtual penny stock mafia operate over the internet, particularly ragingbull and Yahoo in the first place ? They at laugh at your lax and non-existent enforcement everyday.That's just a fact.Perhaps because they believe you are protecting them ?

Why do you think penny stock securities frauds like David Patch create to promote a fraud of illegal pump and ops James Dale Davidson of the National Taxpayers Union and other penny stock criminals then blame on 'naked shorting' ? Why do you think people like James Dale Davidson who blatently run one penny stock pump and dump after the other then turn around and say the 'SEC lies' ? And now it appears Mr.Davidson is running penny stock scams out of Dubai,possibly with Bellador Gruop boiler room gang, Just do some dd
rearding his Dubai connected Amenni deal.

David Patch, besides touting the Davidson
Genemax scam directly on himself under various aliases
and 'investigatethesec' website is connected in some way to Jag Media Holdings.The SEC has finally put the lie to jagh's fraudulent claim of being 'naked shorted' yet David Patch and his touting and, a carbon copy on their 'NAANSS' continues the fraud of 'you're being naked shorted,buy a cert'. Why ?

James Dale Davidson and the Lord Rees-Mogg were both shareholders when they recommended LOM in their book,'The Sovereign Individual',(again information gleaned from David Marchant and KYC or, without disclosing that fact,of course.I am almost sure Endovasc and Davidson dumped from the Schwab LOM account but Schwab will not disclose to me even though it appears obvious it was an illegal pump and dump account and their Beltway located 'anti-money laundering,anti-pump and dump 'expert,Mantas Inc.,with all its software,didn't catch it. Why ?

In fact James Dale Davidson has Beltway connections coincidentally.Not only did he register penny stocks at the National Taxpayers Union in Alexandria,Virginia in the past but he uses a P.O.Box to solicit donations from retired folk supposedly for NTU AND HIS AMENNI DEAL GIVE A BELTWAY ADDRESS.It's not just 'the mob on Wall Street 'so much as 'a mob in the Beltway' who may be using penny stocks not only to defraud their fellow Americans but to launder money.Do you believe that supposition too wild ?

James Dale Davidson definitely touted or fraudulently promoted Endovasc through Agora's 'Vantage Point' in late 2002.He did not simply send out mailings to private clients as the SEC claimed,he was involved in and benefitted from illegal pumps and dumps of Endovasc and Genemax,among many many others over the years, then fraudulently claimed they were 'naked shorted' knowing full well,as an insider to the illegal pump and dump from a Charles Schwab account,that this was a lie.

Now he,or a 'Bob O'Brien' who will not identiy himself and pays for $100,000+ ads-letters to W Bush in the Washington Post with Patrick Byrne of, is using the same 'naked short' scam that I consider to be of Beltway origen to rob naive Americans and perhaps launder money,just as the Nigerian letter scam has Nigerian origens,to tout Patrick Byrne's OSTK and NFI. James Dale Davidson,I mean 'Bob O'Brien,is claiming in both cases they are victims of 'naked shorting' and that investors in either should buy 'certs' to protect themselves .This is the exact scam Davidson ran with his 'NAANSS' SCAM AND YOU KNOW IT.

I believe because NFI is more a ponzi scheme where dividends are paid to recruit more suckers and more shares are sold to pay the dividends,among other things, this puts the lie to the 'naked short' claim because no one, to my knowledge, has claimed having shares that are not receiving their dividends.

I don't know why James Dale Davidson,excuse me,I mean 'Bob O'Brien' didn't figure that flaw in his fraudulent 'NFI is being naked shorted' scam.As for OSTK,'ncansd3' or 'Bob O'Brien has been touting it furiously since the recent SEC filing,and claiming the 'float' is only 100,000 shares!!! And to buy 'certs' to protect yourself from 'naked shorters' of course.

Also can you or anyone provide an explanation of this 'shareholders agreement' below on pdf file ? Is this any proof of an illegal pump and dump from a Schwab account ? Does pump and dump always include money laundering as a corresponding crime ? What other purpose would such an account filled with millions of EVSC shares for 'select clients' be for ?

I was able to get this letter and 'shareholders agreement' from Schwab in 2003 but never able to get any documentation of 'trading activities' for that account for late 2002 when James Dale Davidson promoted or touted through Agora and trading volume hit the ceiling for a couple of weeks.Then the company and attorney O'Quinn claimed I was being 'naked shorted'!

This I am now sure was a fraud to conceal a pump and dump but Schwab remained silent. So I bought a 'cert' from former SEC employee Alexander Walker and his 'NATCO' tranfer agency in Nevada,not knowing he was also an insider to the fraud and would receive $200,000 in freely dumpable shares as an 'insider' a year later and no telling what under the table.

I've wanted to put this letter from Charles Schwab and the Endovasc shareholders agreement online for a couple of years but couldn't do the simplest of pdf posting skills.The format or whatever made it fairly straight forward so here it is. And is the fact of no money changing hands being mentioned in the 'agreement' to deposit up to 30 million shares - two months in fact before a 'reverse split' would supposedly reduce all shares to less than three million - unusual !?

I don't understand.It would appear Schwab Capital and other market makers would not allow the reverse split in June if already that many shares would be deposited in a Schwab account,thus making the 'reverse split' null and void ? Yet they did. Can anyone explain ? I'm as confused as I was defrauded.

I feel Charles Schwab and Endovasc and their 'select clients' all worked togather to deceive and deraud me and among other things,Schwab working as both broker and market maker and accounts holder benefitted from illegal insider information in being able to know the trading or dumping patterns from the very stocks the were market making with.

And I do feel the failed their fiduciary duty to me by not providing a heads up as to what was going on,much less in hosting a pump and dump account that would destroy my investment, however naive that investment might have been in retrospect.

Also around November 2002 James Dale Davidson began his touting in Agora-Vantage Point and that is when the volume exceeded a million shares per day.I couldn't believe it for a couple of weeks,thinking nearly half existing shares were being bought and sold every day,then it all ended as fast and Endovasc and attorney John O'Quinn put out a businesswire pr claiming I was 'naked shorted' by Schwab,Ameritrade and Refco !I learned next year of course they had dumped perhaps 10's of millions of shares, so it was no 'naked short'.

Schwab remained quiet and I only got this 'shareholder agreement' a year later after complaining to the SEC.Schwab will still not say if it was LOM or Davidson or who.Is there any way I can find out ? Did SCHWAB knowingly host an illegal pump and dump account ? Who are they protecting ? LOM of Bermuda as you may know has come under some investigation from SEC for unusual volume manipulation and dumping of penny stocks from their Schwab account.

Davidson and or Agora Publications was accused of touting Endovasc, Genemax,and USU but they APPARENTLY got have gotten off.See link to www.utah.indymedia below this letter titled,
''Did Utah SEC's Brent Baker cover up for National Taxpayers Union Founder ?''

Do I have any right to know as an investor in Endovasc and client of Schwab and or any legal recourse ? Or will the SEC stop coddling the criminals,whether they are of Beltway origen or foreign citizens ?

Would this account not go a long way in explaining what many,including your colleague James Angel of Georgetown,James Dale Davidson of the National Tapayers Union and 'NAANSS' and 'NCANS', and Texas' 'famed trial attorney John O'Quiin ' claim to be 'naked shorting' ? Why not provide them an explanation? They appear even more confused than I am.

But I admit they all had me confused enough to defraud me or let me be defrauded with their mis-information, and Charles Schwab was not 'naked shorting' but providing illegal pump and dump accounts !!! Is that not what really happened ?

Does Jonathan Katz know that he was being misled,to say the least,by both Endovasc attorney John O'Quinn and Georgetown professor James Angel about 'naked shorting' when they both wrote letters to him decrying it? Does Georgetown realise their reputation is being used to support a securities fraud ?

Dr.Angel can provide no proof whatsoever for his erroneous claims to either the SEC or to the public through his ncans video.This appears to me a great mistake or a form of academic fraud.While economics may not be an exact science there comes a point when some statements can and must be backed by figures and examples or one should, and Dr.Angel is an example,simply remain silent,if he does or did not know,what he is talking about.

Instead he makes video infomercials for a scam 'naked short' promoting website,that has no address other than a striptease joint in Las Vegas,funded by James Dale Davidson and Patrick Byrne,who pretend it's 'moms and pops' backing it and that they,(Davidson and Byrne),don't really know each other !!

In sum,as I'm sure you know,in penny stocks which Dr.James Angel places himself in the position of an authority,the naked short claim' has been erroneously used for fraud on a massive scale. Why ? Because for some reason the SEC is unable,or unwilling in my opinion,to audit penny stock shares.One cannot audit money flow if one cannot monitor share flow.

You see,the joke with Dr.Angel's statements is the same delimma I faced when 'famed trial attorney O'Quinn and Endovasc's phoney Dr.David P. Summers put out a Businesswire pr in late 2002, just after Davidson's touting with his Agora Publications and the dump that followed.(I,of course,knew nothing about the pump and dump or even that Davidson was touting at the time because I was not an insider.)

Angel has no data to prove his case of 'naked shorting' or lack thereof in penny stocks because the SEC provides none and allows fraud companies like EVSC,GMXX,CMXX, USXP, JAGH, and on and on, not to provide any !!!

Georgetown's James Angel made an eroneous claim that,only coincidentally,aided and abetted Senator Bennett's false claim re Global Links, etc.,based upon no empirical data for the very reason the SEC does not monitor penny stock floats.

Why doesn't Dr.Angel mention that fact and not make erroneous claims that aid and abet the penny stock fraud market based upon no data ? In many areas of academics and perhaps even in his own field in a rigorous academic environment he would be thouroughly discredited for his false claims based upon 0 data.

While even the Belladorgroup,of Kuala Lumpur and terrorist suspect money laundering haven Dubai,has acknowledged a business relation to Endovasc both in an 'Endovasc scam warning' on their own website and on posts on the message board,there is nothing of this in SEC filings.

So how could a novice investor such as myself who has trouble still with SEC filings have known Endovasc's Dwight Cantrell and Robert Johnson had made a deal with them and more shares were going to be dumped in to the float even as they continued to cry 'naked shorting' ?

And although David P. Summers and Attorney John O'Quinn released businesswire prs in late 2002 claiming my own broker, Charles Schwab, had an 'oversold position' after the 40 for 1 'reverse split' and pump and dump,there were no records of massive shares released for dumping until an SEC filing the next year !! And even that concealed the parties involved who I believe mainly dumped from the Schwab account.

Below is material I have already begun to put on internet although I plan to try and edit and do a better job of explaining the fraud and the use of Georgetown University to promote it.Also one final,although to me,certainly no less significant point.Why has the SEC and you as the head of their internet division done nothing to clean up that any fool knows is the center for organised penny stock cyberfraud in the U.S. ?

It was even the source of the first insider chatter about a letter being published in the Washington Post to W. Bush(),on February 8 by Patrick Byrne of and'Bob O'Brien',or James Dale Davidson as I prefer to call him,claiming fraudulently, that 'naked shorting' was the biggest danger to SS investing in the stock markets,aside from that was organizing it, which I didn't know at the time !!!

This site has been used by so many penny stock criminals it isn't funny and if you fight back as I did,(using the alias wolfblitzzer0),you are as likely to be accused of being a criminal yourself,even though you are really only trying to prevent fellow Anmericans from being riped off by international criminals touting and dumping unaudited U.S. penny stocks with fraudulent lies!!

Susan Blumenthal who did run the athena-sword website warning others about ADOT and the potential losses an investor who is not an insider might suffer, is a good example as well of harrassment by what I see as the internet mafia that dominates that you do nothing about.Why ?

Since the time I faced the fact by early 2003 that I was defrauded in an illegal pump and dump of every penny I had from an inheritence,(only trying to support a Stanford patent I believed in at the time of Dr.Heeschen and Cooke of that university),I have been on everyday trying to warn others away and watching touter aliases I know to be part of the fraud always there day after day touting Endovasc shares and that the company was a victim of 'naked shorting'.

And yet the SEC does nothing.Why ? Why even have an internet fraud group when you do nothing ? Ignoring the fraud and organised internet crime and touting on rb makes a joke of the SEC internet and cyberfraud efforts.Even the touters knowingly laugh at the SEC internet division and laughingly provide the SEC complaint email link and dare you to waste your time with and email complaint.

Just as another fraudulent James Dale Davidson connected,(by way of David Patch who used to tout Genemax),website called, promotes fraudulent companies who all claim to be victims of 'naked short selling',as well.Why ? The most disheartening aspect of their dare or tease is knowing they are correct,the SEC does nothing. Do you all like it that way ?

So remains the central organizing point of penny stock touting and organized penny stock crime.Besides the occasional,or obsessive and fraudulent Businesswire prs,the main source of spreading fraudulent lies,or directing victims to specialized mind control penny stock websites such as the many CMKX sites as an example,or the old 'naanss' website,or or,and on and on is

Many probably became acquainted with the scammy FinancialWire scam 'publication' Senator Bennett used as his proof that Global Links was being 'naked shorted' was by way of the website. You could have raided that site years ago but have never touched it.Why ?

In fact I have noticed over the years and particularly when my ' wolblitzzer0' alias made it to google search by way of ending up on various law and internet speech and law blogs,that the is NEVER search engined by Google or any other search engine for that matter.Is this on purpose ? Is something blocking Google etc. search engines there ? Are those running afraid or ashamed to put what goes on there into the public view through search engines ? Don't you think something strange and corrupt is going on ? I do.

Ragingbull is a site for fraud and fraud prefers a dark alley of the internet if possible to do its thing.Yahoo is showing itself not to be much better.


Tony Ryals

Did Utah SEC's Brent Baker cover up for National Taxpayers Union Founder ?

Judge Ken Reilly,Endovasc and money laundering in Montgomery,Texas

Senator Bennett duped in penny stock scam

Charles Schwab and share-money laundering

James Angel:Does Haas School of Business Teach Ethics or Fail Securities ?

The Man Who Conned Senator Bennett

This work is in the public domain
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