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News :: Human Rights
The "Hate bill" pending before the Senate could result in Tyranny. Stop it.
11 Oct 2005
Do you think the Patriot Act is bad? The bill for "Hate legislation pending Senate approval, if passed wil bring in the New World order. It's intention to stop any political critism of U.S. foreign policy, and ever lasting "war on Terror"
Dear citizens concerned for this country,

To American Jews: Zionists didn't care if many Jews died in the WTC attack. They hope it will make you move to Israel and participate in its expansion there! Weren’t 5 later known Mossad agents caught, dancing and celebrating and filming the burning Twin Towers? Didn’t the Israeli minister say this was Good for Israel?

To American Christians:
This would prevent you further from exerting your Christian beliefs to spread in love the word of God, and preach what is in the Bible, not some psychological theories. This could possibly result in your being jailed, or worse.

To American Muslims: You of all the religious groups have been stained with lies of this Administration, and have been demonized mightily. The word “terrorist” was coined by the British to refer to Israeli operatives who dressed up as Arabs and bombed the King David Hotel in Jerusalem to win independence for Israel from Britain. Their followers created the Mossad, an organization with a law unto itself, with it’s motto, “by way of deception thou shall do war”

To Nonbelievers: Do you want less and less purchasing power because of the financial tactics of this administration, making money for bankers, and corporations that line vested office holders pockets, with great Conflicts of interest; Cheney: Halliburton, Rumsfield: drugs, Bush: oil, while you have less and less?

: We must stop the passage of the Hate bill pending the Senate. If passed it will stop all political dissent that mentions any reference to Zionist Israeli influences causing the disastrous Iraq war, and many of the attacks on our country with officials at the highest levels knowledge.
In addition anyone making any such statements on the Internet could be jailed under existing Patriot laws. The Bill of rights is being trampled on and a fascist state turning our Republic into a tyranny.
Already there is great censorship going on, even at the most democratic government forums, Conyer's bog. Posters have been ridiculed, then banned and their comments deleted if they as much say that PANC Zionists decided in advance to attack Iraq even before 911 happened. Research shows that the attacks on our country, from the WTC 1, Oaklahoma and 911 were known by FBI and permitted to happen with selective warnings given to VIPs, but public citizens Jews, Gentiles and nonbelievers were let perish.

There are many sources tracing the influence of ex President George Bush and his CIA on the internet, how he was involved in the JFK assassination directly. And that coup d etat placed secret government black ops into power with funding from drugs, to kill who they wanted, and bribe the Congress by generously contributing to campaign funds. That allowed their immoral and greedy leaders to pocket the profits of oil and corporations and enslave the populace into enormous financial national debt through paying 1/3 their incomes to the government, further strengthen the executive branch over the years to the point we know have the administration writing the very Patriot laws, and Congress signing them.

All this is leading to total tyranny, not a Republic.

I was banned on Congressman Conyer's blog and the below comment was deleted. As good as Conyer's is, his workers are preventing a full expose' of the increasing fascist state.

I dread the passing of this Bill and you should too because just as I've been erased, so will they erase all the research of 911 and probably jail or intern other creators of dissent. It's even possible the names on the red and blue lists will be rounded up, and disappeared.

We are facing a monstrous take over by the New World Order, and we can't let it happen.

Isn't it time to really seek out alternative energies, solar, tidal, and wind.

Dear citizens concerned for this country,
We must stop the passage of the Hate bill pending the Senate. If passed it will stop all political dissent that mentions any reference to Zionist Israeli influences causing the disastrous Iraq war, and many of the attacks on our country with officials at the highest levels knowledge.
In addition anyone making any such statements on the Internet could be jailed under existing Patriot laws. The Bill of rights is being trampled on and a fascist state turning our Republic into a tyranny.
Already there is great censorship going on, even at the most democratic government forums, Conyer's blog. Posters have been ridiculed, then banned and their comments deleted if they as much say that PANC Zionists decided in advance to attack Iraq even before 911 happened. Research shows that the attacks on our country, from the WTC 1, Okalahoma and 911 were known by FBI and permitted to happen with selective warnings given to VIPs, but public citizens and Jews, Gentiles and nonbelievers were let perish.

There are many sources tracing the influence of ex President George Bush and his CIA on the internet, how he was involved in the JFK assassination directly. And that coup d etat placed secret government black ops into power with funding from drugs, to kill who they wanted, and bribe the Congress by generously contributing to campaign funds. That allowed their immoral and greedy leaders to pocket the profits of oil and corporations and enslave the populace into enormous financial national debt through paying 1/3 their incomes to the government, further strengthen the executive branch over the years to the point we know have the administration writing the very Patriot laws, and Congress signing them.

All this is leading to total tyranny, not a Republic.

I was banned on Congressman Conyer's blog and the below comment was deleted. As good as Conyer's is, his workers are preventing a full expose' of the increasing fascist state

Free Speech, Out of Reach
by Anonymous Poster Monday, Oct. 10, 2005 at 1:04 AM

I thought it was a citizen's right and responsibility to think, and respond to issues of national security. Yet, the government is already censoring dissent.
This is from today's Conyer's blog

Main Index » Archives » October 2005 » More Trouble for Rove, Miller, White House

[Previous entry: "Bennett Sponsors Disappearing" ]
[MAIN INDEX] Blogged by JC on 10.09.05 @ 07:09 PM ET

”More Trouble for Rove, Miller, White House
Where will the Buck Stop on this One?
Hot off the presses is this Newsweek story by the ever intrepid Mike Isakoff on the latest in Plame-gate. Apparently, as noted earlier, Miller's "missing" notes show a far earlier...

Hot off the presses is this Newsweek story by the ever intrepid Mike Isakoff on the latest in Plame-gate. Apparently, as noted earlier, Miller's "missing" notes show a far earlier Libby connection. Miller's role is now subject to greater scrutiny. And the White House is trying to explain why it took so long to find the key email from Rove after his "discussions" with Matt Cooper. Oh, and there is more evidence that Rove lied to Bush about his role. How long do we have to wait before someone takes responsibility in this Administration? “

Replies: 7 Comments

Comment #1: Reach said on 10/9/05 @ 7:48pm ET...

”Dear Congressman Conyers:

Thanks for the opportunity to get to the truth about the war in Iraq. We were told by the President we're fighting a war on terror ever since 911.

Look at the sites that were attacked:
The physical evidence doesn't match what the mainstream media told us.

This is very troubling!

My critical thinking abilities are good. I remember President John F. Kennedy started the Peace Corps. That was a way to spread freedom People of all ages working with remote people doing good. His assassination troubles me. Look at the evidence at
. And the alleged assassination of his son troubles me more,
Especially, when the name of ex President George Bush is mentioned in each.!!!

Bombs don't spread freedom, Bombs spread hate. Torture doesn't spread freedom either. Neither does racial statements like those made by William Bennet.

To Mr. Obeidiem: Thanks for noticing, we can do things for our "country", not the" government" .The government wants to take away our right to speak on national security issues and wants us to pay for foreign government's wars. “

Radical words?

Participants at Conyers blog have noticed the recent scandals plaguing Washington. The Abrahams indictments, the Franklin charges and plea,
and their connection to powerful lobbies.

Most participants have been admonished not to draw connections of mention to Zionist Israel...
doing that if the Senate passes the Hate Crimes Bill, will make you a CRIMINAL!

Perhaps this is part of the Chertoff fascist plan to keep the Internet, because it is So good for business, but a way to get rid of political dissenters.
Al Gore wrote a powerful piece about political discourse today. It was at
In it he spoke of the power of moving images vers. print. These authorities are masters of deception. Gore was getting at the power of campaign finances. The scandals are heading that way, how lobbies of foreign governments have used their money to bribe and to silence political opposition. Internet articles are on top of these.

If another attack comes it will be probably be state staged and sponsored. This is the road to dictatorship. It is no coincidence that the FBI in New York Subway threat said we got information that is "classified" from Iraq just following President Bush's speech on terrorism, and the need to fear Syria and Iran. They want to keep us in constant fear so we let them take away our Rights.

The incredible power of secret agencies is supporting the elite, and that elite would love Amerce to become a dictatorship. They fund themselves with profits from drugs, oil and money laundering and are into assassinations, destroying democratic regimes, and carrying out attacks of terror; WTC 1 was done with FBI knowledge as the below articles show, also Oklahoma for the purpose of making public opinion de-arm Americans, and 911 for invading Iraq to get its oil, and begin a crusade against Moslem people. Their aim one world government and the invasion and take over by UN Troops carrying out Agenda 21. Their motive, power, and control of the world from Jerusalem. Their backers, Rothschild’s, bankers and some of America's richest families.
Following are some excerpts from articles that show the FBI knew about previous attacks, on WTC1, Oklahoma and 911, that some of the same informants were present at all three, and they did nothing to prevent the deaths of common citizens, while other VIPs were warned. Curt and paste the article titles into Goggle search bar to read them in their entirety.

Fake Terror: Briley: OKC bombing was a National Security Council (NSC) operation

Monday, October 03, 2005 - 03:36 AM, (17 Reads)

"There have now been at least 19 government provocateurs identified who helped and encouraged McVeigh to do the OKC bombing. None of the 19 known provocateurs has been brought to justice, but they worked closely for or with and were protected by the FBI, CIA, DEA, BATF, Secret Service, US Army, State Department, or DOJ or a combination of one or more of the named entities. Many of these provocateurs had very close ties to the HW Bush and Clinton administrations.

The NSC, FBI and CIA also used an Iraqi national military member in the US, an Israeli intelligence agent inside the US, a US Black Muslim terrorist provocateur, and a German national in the US to monitor, provoke and orchestrate the OKC bombing."


Patrick Briley
September 30, 2005

The OKC bombing was a National Security Council (NSC) operation. The groundwork for the operation was laid in the HW Bush administration. The operation was carried out and covered up during the Clinton presidency, and further covered up during the GW Bush presidency.

Within weeks of the OKC bombing Clinton convened an NSC meeting. An attendee of the meeting has said that after Clinton left the meeting, officials of the NSC, DOJ, FBI, CIA, and BATF remained behind and engaged in heated arguments as to who was to blame for failures that would require...

this website]


Not just Americans were murdered on 9-11. Nearly 500 foreign nationals from over 80 different nations were killed in the World Trade Center. 63 As a center of world trade and finance this is not surprising. It is also commonly known that many Israelis work in the field of international trade and finance. The laws of probability dictate that among the nearly 500 dead foreign nationals, from over 80 different nations, there should have been a considerable number of Israelis. But the number of Israeli dead was suspiciously low, especially when we consider the report, contained in the September 12 Jerusalem Post, that the Israeli embassy in America was bombarded on 9-11 with calls from 4,000 worried Israeli families. 64 George Bush had told the US Congress that he also mourned the deaths of foreign citizens including "more than 130 Israelis". 65 But Bush was either misinformed or he was lying. The actual number of Israeli dead at the WTC was far less than 130. It was far less than 100. It was far less than 50. It was far less than 25. It was far less than 10. It was... zero!* 66 That's right! ZERO Israeli nationals lost their lives in the WTC while citizens from over 80 different nations, including such powerhouses of world trade and finance as Granada, Bermuda, Ireland, and the Philippines, all lost people in the WTC.

*(One Israeli was killed aboard each of the flights that crashed into the WTC. None were killed in the WTC itself.)

We learned earlier about the employees of the Israeli instant messaging company Odigo, who were anonymously informed of the attacks two hours before they took place. 67 Even more intriguing than the Odigo warnings was the narrow escape of 200 employees of an Israeli government run company called Zim Israel Navigational. With over 80 vessels, Zim Navigational is the 9th-largest shipping company in the world. Just one week before 9-11, Zim Navigational moved out of its World Trade Center offices with over 200 workers. 68, 69

Company spokesperson Dan Nadler said: "When we watched the pictures, we felt so lucky. Our entire US operations were run out of the 16th floor." 70,71 Zim moved to Virginia. Nadler added that the aim of the sudden move "was to save on rent". 72, 73 Somehow the claim that a major global shipping firm, backed up by government money, needed to save a few bucks on rent lacks credibility. And oh what perfect timing!

So who tipped off Zim? Who tipped off Odigo? Who tipped off those Pentagon officials? Who tipped off those Israeli workers in New York? I think it's safe to say it wasn't Osama Bin Laden.

Al-CIA-duh: US Provocateur for Al Qaeda Freed for New Terror Mission?

Saturday, September 24, 2005 - 01:37 AM, (29 Reads)

Thanks to the GW Bush DOJ, AG Gonzales and John Richter, Ali Mohammed and Melvin Lattimore were not fully prosecuted, did not serve time the full time required for their crimes and now are free once again to work together and roam the streets of America and OKC to monitor and perhaps provoke yet another terror attack in America.
US Provocateur for Al Qaeda Freed for New Terror Mission?

Copyright 2005 by Patrick B. Briley

The GW Bush DOJ arranged for the early release of convicted FBI and CIA provocateur Ali Mohammed in July 2005. When released Ali had not served a full sentence commensurate with his convictions for the 1993 WTC and Kenyan and Tanzanian bombing attacks during the Clinton Presidency. AG Gonzales and John C. Richter were instrumental in the release of Ali Mohammed. John C. Richter was a former assistant attorney general for the GW Bush DOJ criminal division who had served in the DOJ criminal division with current Homeland Security Director Michael Chertoff.

Chertoff was for torture and silence of CharlesLindh.(the Nation) He could have exposed the use of torture before the Prison scandal. The Senate voted yesterday to make rules for the treatment of detainees, but Bush has threatened to veto it. Chertoff also helped write the Patriot laws, that say if you're investigated, your property taken, and you must not talk about it to anyone.

I think Bush is hoping to pack the court to make the "national defense and executive privileges, and the Patriot laws permanent. Just like he made executive orders to protect corporations in Iraq, he's making sure laws will protect government officials,...

[from the February 14, 2005 issue]
Back on Friday, June 12, 2002, the Defense Department had a big problem: Its new policy on torture of captives in the "war on terror" was about to be exposed. John Walker Lindh, the young Californian captured in Afghanistan in December 2001 and touted by John Ashcroft as an "American Taliban," was scheduled to take the stand the following Monday in an evidence suppression hearing regarding a confession he had signed. There he would tell, under oath, about how he signed the document only after being tortured for days by US soldiers. Federal District Judge T.S. Ellis had already said he was likely to allow Lindh, at trial, to put on the stand military officers and even Guantánamo detainees who were witnesses to or participants in his alleged abuse.
The Defense Department, which we now know had in late 2001 begun a secret, residentially approved program of torture of Afghan and Al Qaeda captives at Bagram Air Base and other locations, had made it clear to the Justice Department that it wanted the suppression hearing blocked. American torture at that point was still just a troubling rumor, and the Bush Administration clearly wanted to keep it that way. Accordingly, Michael Chertoff, who as head of the Justice Department's criminal division was overseeing all the department's terrorism prosecutions, had his prosecution team offer a deal. All the serious charges against Lindh--terrorism, attempted murder, conspiracy to kill Americans, etc.--would be dropped and he could plead guilty just to the technical charges of "providing assistance" to an "enemy of the U.S." and of "carrying a weapon." Lindh, whose attorneys dreaded his facing trial in one of the most conservative court districts in the country on the first anniversary of 9/11, had to accept a stiff twenty-year sentence, but that was half what he faced if convicted on those two minor charges alone.
But Chertoff went further, according to one of Lindh's attorneys, George Harris. Chertoff (now an appeals court judge in New Jersey) demanded--reportedly at Defense Department insistence, according to what defense attorneys were told--that Lindh sign a statement swearing he had "not been intentionally mistreated" by his US captors and waiving any future right to claim mistreatment or torture. Further, Chertoff attached a "special administrative measure," essentially a gag order, barring Lindh from talking about his experience for the duration of his sentence.
At the time, few paid attention to this peculiar silencing of Lindh. In retrospect, though, it seems clear that the man coasting toward confirmation as Secretary of Homeland Security effectively prevented early exposure of the Bush/Rumsfeld/Gonzales policy of torture, which we now know began in Afghanistan and later "migrated" to Guantánamo and eventually to Iraq. So anxious was Chertoff to avoid exposure in court of Lindh's torture--which included keeping the seriously wounded and untreated Lindh, who was malnourished and dehydrated, blindfolded and duct-taped to a stretcher for days in an unheated and unlit shipping container, and repeatedly threatening him with death--that defense lawyers say he made the deal a limited-time offer. "It was good only if we accepted it before the suppression hearing," says Harris. "They said if the hearing occurred, all deals were off." He adds, "Chertoff himself was clearly the person at Justice to whom the line prosecutors were reporting. He was directing the whole plea agreement process, and there was at least one phone call involving him."
"It is outrageous that Chertoff didn't allow testimony about Lindh's torture by American forces to come out," says Michael Ratner, president of the Center for Constitutional Rights. "It is off the charts in terms of morality, and it should definitely be a line of questioning at Chertoff's confirmation hearing: What did he know about Lindh's treatment in Afghanistan, and why did he go to such lengths to silence him about it?" But that might never happen at Chertoff's (as yet unscheduled) hearing, since the ranking Democrat on the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, Joe Lieberman, has endorsed the nomination.
Chertoff's judicial office is referring all inquires to the White House press office. Calls there and to the Justice Department, asking for comment, were not returned.
Ratner says Chertoff's role in the Lindh trial could well have contributed to the torture scandal that has so undermined the US effort to win over Iraqis following the invasion of their country. "Had testimony from witnesses under oath about Lindh's torture come out in court in 2002, we might have learned about the government's torture program earlier, and we might not have had Abu Ghraib and other torture scandals," he says. “

HAD My. Chertoff been watching CNN maybe hundreds of lives would have been saved during the Katrina disaster, but his delay in taking charge of securing the Homeland , cost many lives and terrible world opinion of America. Not to mention his role in the practice of torture, nor his writing of many of the Patriot Laws.

These tell of the pending Hate Crime Bill before the Senate:
by reach Monday, Oct. 10, 2005 at 6:59 AM

National Prayer Network

By Rev. Ted Pike

Christians and other lovers of truth and freedom were appalled last October when 11 Christians in Philadelphia were arrested, incarcerated, and threatened with 47 years in prison for the “hate crime” of preaching to homosexuals. They remain appalled at how Canada’s “thought police” bureaucracy continues to harass and indict Christians and the politically incorrect.

Yet imagine such legal confusion being established internationally. Envision “global governance” having powers to override national sovereignty and force governments to implement international hate crime laws.

Well, it is happening right now. B’nai B’rith International, the superpowerful Jewish religious, educational, fraternal, and charitable organization, has persuaded 55 nations (in which it has 2100 lodges and a half million Jewish members) to unite under the authority of a central European hate crimes command center. It is called OSCE, the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe.

During the last three years B’nai B’rith has organized six huge “anti-hate” conferences in Europe, hosting not only foreign ministers from nations worldwide but featuring such charismatic political luminaries as Colin Powell and Rudolph Giuliani.

The prevailing message at these conferences, most recently held in Cordoba, Spain, is that anti-Semitism and other hate crimes are now at very dangerous levels worldwide. Unless the nations act immediately, enacting hate crimes laws, civilization is imperiled.


According to OSCE, free speech on the Internet provides an unprecedented forum for purveyors of hate, i.e., those who criticize matters Jewish or homosexuality. Accordingly, B’nai B’rith has created the International Network against Cyberhate (INACH) to research and implement legal, political, and technological means to end the free speech of such “haters.” Such “haters,” of course, include the many free speech talk radio hosts who might criticize homosexuality or Israel or make use of the Internet to reach an international audience.

Of course, B’nai B’rith’s definition of hate is very different from everyone else’s. In the anti-hate bureaucracies which they are establishing throughout the world, “hate” equals “bias” against federally protected groups, especially Jews and homosexuals. Curiously, while ADL/B’nai B’rith has no problem with exercise of free speech by homosexuals and pornographers on the Internet, it has a huge problem with those who criticize homosexuality, the state of Israel, or matters Jewish.

OSCE has also established a global hate crimes statistics-gathering organization, the “Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights” (ODIHR) will marshal reports of “hate crimes incidents” occurring globally. ODIHR will receive data from the U.S. State Department’s “department of global anti-Semitism.” Such will complement reports from similar thought crimes bureaucracies being established in the more than 55 nations in which B’nai B’rith lobbies. The purpose of such statistics gathering is largely for propaganda purposes: Because ADL/B’nai B’rith defines hate and hate crimes as “bias” against members of protected groups, it is easy for such master propagandists to swell the numbers of “hate crimes incidents” to astronomical proportions. Result: the illusion of an “epidemic of hate” worldwide. As a result, more and more governments acquiesce to ADL/B’nai B’rith pressure and allow them to establish hate crimes bureaucracies in their nations.



Although establishment of an international hate crimes organization and enlisting 55 nations to become members is a tremendous achievement by ADL/B’nai B’rith, it is but the apex of their hate crimes agenda. Such descends to the community level. Through their “No Place for Hate” programs in cities and communities through America, ADL intensively organizes city governments, schools, churches, civic organizations, and citizen groups to combat “hate and homophobia” (Christianity) in their communities.

Michael Marcavage, head of the persecuted Philadelphia 11, documents how the entire borough of Landsdowne, Pennsylvania has been invaded by ADL and intensively propagandized in recent years. Every segment of the community from school children to commissioners has been inflamed against Christian critics of homosexuals. Such are boldly described as “haters.” Marcavage himself was the object of a candlelight march by several hundred Landsdowne residents decrying his “hate.” He was charged by the city council and police with the “hate crime” of reading the Bible in a city council meeting. Until the charge was finally dropped, Marcavage was threatened with a large fine of thousands of dollars and possible imprisonment.


During the 1990’s ADL persuaded 47 U.S. states to adopt some version of its “Model Anti-Hate Law Statute.” The Pennsylvania hate law which authorized arrest of the 11 Christians in Philadelphia last October 10th was an ADL hate law. Such state hate laws can be implemented against Christian pastors, talk show hosts, publishers, critics of Israel, etc. by ADL/B’nai B’rith at will.


ADL/B’nai B’rith is desperately trying to pass their ultimate prize: the Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention of 2005. HR2662 was approved in amendment form by the House on Sept 16, 223-199. This Orwellian legislation will unite federal and state law enforcement into a vast “thought police bureaucracy” like Canada’s, ending free speech.

Just this week, in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, homosexual Rep. Barney Frank argued on the floor of the House that passage of this bill, joining federal and local law enforcement, is necessary to provide a united front against racism and possible “hate crimes” resulting from the New Orleans disaster.

B’nai B’rith International has already created federal hate bureaucracies in many dozens of countries within its 55-nation sphere of influence.


The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe is the central hub of ADL/B’nai B’rith’s intended hate law dominion over the entire world.


Virtually all governments of Europe and the western industrialized world are accepting ADL logic and bogus statistics, allowing ADL/B’nai B’rith to set up hate crimes bureaucracies for them. Only in America is there concerted resistance to hate crimes legislation. Here, the only consistent, thorough, and specific opposition to ADL/B’nai B’rith’s global hate crimes agenda has come from 26 years of activism by the National Prayer Network. This has continued through my more than 140 talk show interviews during the last 14 months. The roughly 40 talk show hosts who have had the courage to interview me on their radio or TV programs have played an indispensable role. A handful of right wing newspapers and, just as important, the thousands of lovers of free speech who have protested to Congress have also played a dynamic role in saving free speech.

It is vital that this uniquely American message intensify in the months ahead. It must permeate not only heartland America but also the halls of Congress. ADL/B’nai B’rith are working toward a day, soon to come, when all the nations of the earth will demand that America also submit to global hate crimes governance. When that moment arrives, America will have to stand alone against the world. The only hope for strength of will in that hour of crisis is for those who love free speech to stand by the God who gave us this free nation and to stand by those who continue to sound the alarm.


Protest “The Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act of 2005” HR2662, S1145. Also protest the State Department’s new “Department of Global Anti-Semitism.” Call your members of Congress toll free at 1-877-762-8762.

Protest the U.S. State Department’s “Department of Global Anti-Semitism” by calling their comment line at 1-202-647-4000.

Have you seen Ted Pike’s gripping video, “Hate Laws: Making Criminals of Christians”? It rips the cover off ADL/B’nai B’rith as originators of hate laws. Order from or call 503-631-3808.

The National Prayer Network is performing an indispensable role in saving free speech for generations to come. We urgently need your financial help to empower us to preserve freedom.

For many articles on hate crimes legislation and the problems created by evil Jewish leadership, visit

For an interview with Ted Pike, call 503-631-3808.

However, in its “Report on Global Anti-Semitism” and “Global Anti-Semitism Report,” the U.S. State Department ignores the above perspectives. Here is a list of beliefs or activities the U.S. government now considers anti-Semitic:
1. Any assertion “that the Jewish community controls government, the media, international business and the financial world” is anti-Semitic.

2. “Strong anti-Israel sentiment” is anti-Semitic.

3. “Virulent criticism” of Israel’s leaders, past or present, is anti-Semitic. According to the State Department, anti-Semitism occurs when a swastika is portrayed in a cartoon decrying the behavior of a past or present Zionist leader. Thus, a cartoon that includes a swastika to criticize Ariel Sharon’s brutal 2002 invasion of the West Bank, raining “hell-fire” missiles on hapless Palestinian men, women and children, is anti-Semitic. Similarly, when the word “Zionist” is used to describe Sharon’s saturation bombing in Lebanon in 1982 (killing 17,500 innocent refugees); it is also “anti-Semitic.”

4. Criticism of the Jewish religion or its religious leaders or literature (especially the Talmud and Kabbalah) is anti-Semitic.

5. Criticism of the U.S. government and Congress for being under undue influence by the Jewish-Zionist community (including AIPAC) is anti-Semitic.

6. Criticism of the Jewish-Zionist community for promoting globalism (the “New World Order”) is anti-Semitic.

7. Blaming Jewish leaders and their followers for inciting the Roman crucifixion of Christ is anti-Semitic.

8. Diminishing the “six million” figure of Holocaust victims is anti-Semitic.

9. Calling Israel a “racist” state is anti-Semitic.

10. Asserting that there exists a “Zionist Conspiracy” is anti-Semitic.

11. Claiming that Jews and their leaders created the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia is anti-Semitic.

12. Making “derogatory statements about Jewish persons” is anti-Semitic.

13. Denying spiritually disobedient Jews the biblical right to re-occupy Palestine is anti-Semitic.

14. Alleging that Mossad cooperated in the 9/11 attack is anti-Semitic.

Tyranny is closing
There you have the hate bill legislation that will effectively make it a crime to report on the real terrorists, namely the Zionist aggressors. Just before the war was launched in Iraq on March 20, 2003 the U.S. shut down all Islamic sites. With their new hate crime legislation they could take down all free speech sites to stifle dissent to the invasion of Iran. The government is declaring war on dissent. Cindy Sheehan is arrested. It is time to rise up and take action.

Also see: for PNAC's role in creating the War in Iraq, and those opposing it.
Who has the elite allied themselves with?

Tales of the Firemen in N.Y.

Why is the Federal Government destroying National Security?

Bush Harbors Terrorists


This work is in the public domain
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Re: The "Hate bill" pending before the Senate could result in Tyranny. Stop it.
11 Oct 2005
America is often called a racist, Anti-Semitic,
>nativist and homophobic country. Judging from the
>comments of many people on this board, it is clear to
>me that these accusations are not completely without
>What is a concerned Human Rights activist to do?
>Does he sit back and do nothing while blacks are being
>strapped to the back of pickup trucks and dragged to
>their death by those who envision a "whiter, brighter
>Does the concerned Human Rights activist do and say
>nothing while children are being shot up at Jewish day
>care centers and people are being lynched in Wyoming
>for no other reason than that they because they have
>the "wrong" sexual orientation?
>What about those who use the Internet to deny the
>obvious facts that the Nazis gassed six million Jews
>to death during World War II? What about those who
>persist in this absurd denial while bigots of a
>somewhat less savory status silently lurk within the
>shadows of Internet discussion groups and whisper --
>sometimes in coded words and sometimes out loud and in
>words impossible to misinterpret -- about the "next
>Holocaust" which will be the "ultimate final solution"
>for the Jews and others deemed a threat to Aryan
>What is a man or woman of principle and morals to do?
>While I have no mysterious, supernatural "ZOG" powers
>to bring about a sweeping change to the State of Hate
>of America, I DO have some ideas that I would like to
>implement if I had that power.
>Here is my ten point plan in order to make America a
>more tolerant place where people can have a better
>appreciation of our differences and common
>understanding of our diversity:
>(1) Establish a National Dialog on the State of Hate
>in America. President Clinton did an excellent job of
>opening up the dialog on race and paving the way to
>more meaningiful racial understanding and racial
>reconciliation with his national dialog on race.
>We are in dire need of a National Dialog on the State
>of Hate in America.
>(2) The establishment of a National Hate Patrol Task
>Force. Great Britain has plain clothes police officers
>who enter ethnic restaurants and listen in on
>conversations to see if anyone makes a racist,
>anti-Semitic or anti-foreigner remark.
>I think this is a wonderful idea. For punishment, I
>would suggest a small fine and community service. For
>example, if someone is overheard trying to deny or
>minimize the Holocaust in a conversation, he can be
>fined $106 and forced to do 60 hours of community
>service in a Jewish senior center that caters to
>survivors of the Holocaust.
>If someone says, "all blacks are stupid", he should be
>fined and forced to do community service in a
>predominately African American elementary school
>helping children from deprived backgrounds who face
>learning disorders.
>The "Hate Ticket" could have a series of categories
>for the officer to check. This would include: (A)
>racism, (B) anti-Semitism, (C) Holocaust Denial, (D)
>nativism and xenophobia, (E) homophobia, (F) sexism,
>(G) anti-government extremism, and (H) mild bigotry
>that does not fall into a particular class or category
>(such as someone suggesting that he doesn't
>"understand" why abortion rights are such a big deal).
>For first time offenders who say something mild, such
>as, "there sure are a lot of foreigners here", he
>could be given a written warning.
>I think this idea has a lot of merit. We, for example,
>enforce laws against speeding in order to protect
>lives from people who would recklessly endanger them.
>Why not give a "Hate Ticket" to someone whose remarks
>and blatant bigotry tears at the very fabric of
>society and threatens to pull us all apart?
>Speeders endanger individual lives. Haters threaten
>the entire society.
>(3) Tax breaks for interracial couples. Many persons
>who are involved in mixed race relationships suffer
>from discrimination as well as negative reactions from
>family, friends, co-workers and strangers. This in
>turn leads to negative feelings which may become
>internalized and affect a person's earning potential.
>While tax breaks are by no means a cure all for
>society's prejudice and bigotry, it may provide
>temporarily relief for persons in mixed race
>relationships overcoming society's bigotry and the
>subsequent damaged self image that may come from it.
>(4) Abolish the border between the US and Mexico. As
>you know, a hungry, tired and oppressed family fleeing
>Mexico may face fanatical border guards whose
>in-your-face and often violent tactics and approaches
>border on fascism.
>We should give up on maintaining a border between
>these two countries. Americans who should be free to
>visit Mexico and Mexicans should be free to come to
>the United States.
>(5) National registration of all hate sites and hate
>site visitors. This would be modeled on gun
>registration laws and this would help produce a
>national database for law enforcement to help track
>down people who commit hate crimes or who say very
>hateful things about certain groups.
>(6) Start a "Keep the Hate out of the Home" program
>whereby children report to government authorities on
>their parents if their parents are overheard making
>racist, anti-Semitic and extremist remarks. Parents
>who try to teach their children bigotry would be sent
>to Tolerance Reeducation Camps and their children sent
>to foster homes.
>(7) Build Tolerance Reeducation Camps. This is where
>people who say hurtful or offensive things can be sent
>in order to become better informed and educated about
>the values of diversity and multiculturalism.
>(8) Hate Filters to be installed on all computers,
>both public and private in the United States. As you
>know, there are federal regulations that must govern
>the way computer equipment is sold in the United
>States. Adding mandatory software should be no
>problem. A "Hate Filter" would be installed on all new
>computers and required in all older ones so as to
>prevent the spread of poisonous ideas and ideologies.
>(9) Establish and finance with public money various
>Human Rights Councils. These organizations help to
>bring about racial justice to people discriminated
>against or who have been exposed to public contempt
>and ridicule on account of their race, religion,
>national origin, sexual orientation, or HIV-status.
>Canada leads the world in bringing these fine
>organizations to the forefront of the fight against
>hate and intolerance.
>An example: Let's say a columnist asserts in the
>morning paper that Hollywood is controlled by a Jewish
>cabal that is bent on subverting and destroying white
>Christian culture? Due to some holes in the First
>Amendment, that potentially pogrom-inspiring rhetoric
>would be perfectly "legal" by American "free speech"
>The only "response" one could have is to write an
>editorial pointing out the Anti-Semitism of the
>author. But that of course would be playing right into
>the hands of the extremists as extremists just simply
>love to use the "facts." The only other option decent
>people might be left with is to boycott the newspaper
>itself and try to get the writer of the racist
>diatribes fired.
>This would NOT be so with a decent and hard working
>Human Rights Council on our side. If we had such an
>organization, we could stop the hate-mongers dead in
>their tracks with lawsuits, hate crime charges, ethnic
>intimidation charges and other legal means.
>(10) Increase foreign aide to Israel from four billion
>to $400 billion per year. Anti-Semites and Jew haters
>like to whine about the four billion Israel receives
>in aide every year. The fact of the matter is that
>four billion a year is only $16 from every man, woman
>and child in America -- or $1.25 (the price of a candy
>bar) per MONTH.
>I believe we can easily secure a Jewish homeland for
>100 times that amount. And since Israel is such a good
>ally of the US, perhaps we would stand to benefit from
>Israel's technology, strategic location and her many
>allies all over the globe. While $400 billion may
>sound like a lot of money, it is still only a small
>fraction of the entire federal budget.
>The $400 billion could be used by Israel to secure its
>borders and build up its military strength and protect
>itself from slurs, vicious attacks, chemical,
>biological and nuclear weapons.
>Of course, there are those who say there might be some
>opposition from Congress. "The Jews don't need any
>money", these Congressmen might say. Our response
>should simply be to remind them that Hitler would have
>said the exact same thing.
>* * * * *
>These are my ideas. I do not expect this will lead to
>a perfect world but I do believe this is a great step
>in the right direction towards forging a better
Re: The "Hate bill" pending before the Senate could result in Tyranny. Stop it.
11 Oct 2005
National Prayer Network

By Rev. Ted Pike

As I spearhead national opposition to “anti-hate” bill S.1145 (The Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act of 2005), I receive input such as this: “I have read S.1145 and don’t find any great conspiracy against free speech.” Or, “My member of Congress says S.1145 merely provides federal assistance to state and Indian tribes in their fight against violent hate crimes.”

Here is a brief guide to understanding S.1145’s hidden yet supremely dangerous agenda.

This bill empowers the federal government to assume control of local hate crimes law enforcement. It establishes unity between federal and local law enforcement, thus creating the beginnings of a “police state.” This enables the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith, creator of this legislation, to enforce nationally the kind of persecution against Christians which their national executive board member, Philadelphia District Attorney Lynne Abraham, enforced locally against 11 Christians on October 10, 2004. Preaching at a gay pride rally, they were arrested for violation of ADL’s Pennsylvania hate law. Possible penalties: 47 years in prison and $90,000 fines each. Mercifully, the case against them was thrown out by a higher court.

Lynne Abraham had unrestrained power to command her police underlings to arrest the Philadelphia Christians. ADL wants the same federal power to enforce its federal hate crimes agenda against Christians, right-wing talk show hosts, critics of Israel, pro-lifers, anti-war activists, etc., in every town in America.

Federal Takeover of Law Enforcement

Instead of telling us how S.1145 threatens our liberties, the ADL deceptively portrays this bill as a sincere effort by the federal government to respond to a “serious national problem:” violent hate crimes in the states and on Indian reservations.

The real goal of S.1145 is to grant permission to the federal government to control local civil rights law enforcement.

1. Sec.2,4-13 clearly and repeatedly states that occurrence of bias-motivated violence in a state entitles the federal government to override states’ rights in law enforcement, establishing “federal jurisdiction over certain violent crimes motivated by bias.” (12)

2. Sec.7(b)(2)(A), strategically positioned near the end of the bill (just when most readers and members of Congress are yawning) is a tangle of deliberately confusing grammar and legalese terminology. Yet its implications are deadly to the future of states’ rights. It says that the U.S. Attorney General, or his underlings, may pursue hate crimes indictments within states if:

A. States do “not intend to exercise jurisdiction” in prosecuting hate crimes in the way the federal government wants them to. In other words, if a state wants to prosecute all crime according to physical evidence, not “bias motivation,” and reject a federal ADL hate law for their state, then the federal government has the right to swoop in and enforce the federal hate law and its “bias motivation” legal philosophy, whether that state likes it or not. Sec.7(b)(2)(A)

B. If states do not obtain the kind of verdict the federal government wishes in a hate crimes trial, the government also has the right to intervene and violate states’ rights, presumably retrying the case to their satisfaction. Sec.7(b)(2)(D)

This legislation establishes the premise that there exists something called “the federal interest in eradicating bias-motivated violence” -- an interest the government expects to be “vindicated” by the states. Section 7(b)(1)(D). This means that the traditional “ineffective” approach to eliminating hate crimes by prosecuting them according to physical evidence, rather than motivation, no longer satisfies “the federal interest.” Instead, the ADL/federal program to “eradicate hate crimes” means that states must ferret out the “motivation” behind certain crimes and punish it severely with triple penalties. Otherwise, the government implies, “hate” is not eradicated at its most fundamental origins: in the thoughts of violent hate crimes offenders. Thus, the government is inventing a whole new species of criminal prosecution, dedicated to quantifying the “bias” that drives “hate crimes.” This is a task our government has never attempted. A state's lack of cooperation will result in federal invasion.

At present, takeover by S.1145 is in response to violent bias crimes in the states. Yet tomorrow, via enabling legislation and judicial precedents, S.1145’s jurisdiction will be extended to prosecute “verbal violence,” i.e., Biblical condemnation of homosexuality or blame against the Jews for the crucifixion. Such broadening of powers and jurisdiction has always occurred in countries such as Canada who naïvely let hate laws get their foot in the door.

Slippery Legislation

By its obscurity and deceptiveness, ADL has crafted S.1145 to slip like an eel through Congress. This literally happened September 14, 2005 when Amendment 2662 slithered through the House of Representatives in only 45 minutes! But, this eel has fangs. It squirms toward one dark objective: Creation of a vast Orwellian anti-hate bureaucracy and police state with ADL lurking behind the scenes – to seize and silence the politically incorrect anywhere in America.

From a supreme position of power over all federal and local law enforcement, the ADL will be able to enforce its twisted definition that “hate” means bias against federally protected groups, particularly Jews and homosexuals. All Bible-believing Christians will become “haters,” just as D.A. Lynne Abraham viewed them as they preached in the Philadelphia public square last year.

Take a Second Look

So, to all who haven’t seen a conspiracy in S.1145, even after reading it, I say: Read it again more deeply. Consider how that similar ADL/B’nai B’rith legislation has ended free speech in Canada, and European countries. You must see S.1145 for what it is: possibly the most dangerous threat to states’ rights, evangelical Christianity, free speech, and freedom itself which has ever been proposed to Congress.



PROTEST S.1145 TO ALL 55 REPUBLICAN MEMBERS OF THE SENATE! These senators are listed at Call toll free 1-888-355-3588 or toll 1-202-225-3121. With only one phone call, you can be transferred from one office to the other upon your request, calling all 55 in about 20 minutes. Tell them “I want to express my disapproval of the hate bill S.1145!”

The members of the Senate Judiciary Committee may soon approve S.1145 as part of the Children’s Safety Act of 2005, H.R.3132. If so S.1145 will almost certainly pass on the floor of the Senate. Although later defeated in conference it passed the Senate on June 15, 2004, 65-33. As happened in the House of Representatives on September 14th, this bill could move through the Senate very rapidly. All members of the Senate, especially Republicans, must hear from you NOW!!!

Email this article to all Republican members of the Senate. Click on their names at to visit their website and paste this article into their online email contact form.

Confused about S.1145? Ted Pike’s gripping 80-minute video, in VHS or DVD, “Hate Laws: Making Criminals of Christians,” completely explains the history and objectives of S.1145. Order it for $24.90 at or call 503-631-3808.

TALK SHOW HOSTS: Invite Rev. Ted Pike back on the air to generate a tidal wave of communications to Senate members. Call Rev. Pike at 503-631-3808.

National Prayer Network, P.O. Box 828, Clackamas, OR 97015
Re: The "Hate bill" pending before the Senate could result in Tyranny. Stop it.
12 Oct 2005
If a person commiots a crime and someone else covers it up, isn't the cover=upper just as guilty?Crimes were covered up on 911 and evidence destroyed. Wherer are the vidoes the FBI took of the "object" coming into the Pentagon, they took from the Sheraton, and a highway? Why weren't they released?

Then government authoirities are covering this up, by preventing disscussion. What about Chertoff's coving up on torure, Saudi connections to President Bush, deporting Israeli Mossad caught at the scene celebrating, covering up financial terrorism, the early depature of the Bin Laden family, the denial by
Ex president Bush that he was in the CIA, HOW MUCH COVER UP WILL THE READER TAKE?