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News :: International
11 Oct 2005
bush did 911 - the evidence

October 11, 2005

Most of the official 2996 September 11 victims never died in the September 11 terror attacks – at least not in the official, lying version of 911.
Most of those 2996 were fabricated, as official- 911 victims, by bush and his thugs in order to generate a bigger-than-Pearl Harbor warmongering spin.

Undear bush propaganda parrots of the associated press:

as of April 19,2005 your 911 bodycount reads:
2996 victims, excluding the hijackers – oops, I meant the alleged hijackers.
And I said alleged hijackers because there is no logical reason to believe the official story. No verifiable evidence for the alleged hijackers at all. And because of reports that a number of the alleged hijackers were still alive after 911:

Did you, associated press bush parrots, see the 2996 alleged bodies or body parts for yourselves?
Bet you didn’t.
And even if you had, you would have been in no position to identify all those bodies or parts thereof.
So you’re just parroting/trumpeting something you didn’t independently verify.
That’s unobjective reporting to be euphemistic…
You’re just toeing the bush party line – been doing so for 4 years.
Or did you call up/visit each and every of those alleged 2996 families and crosscheck with relatives whether those 911 deaths are for real?
Bet you didn’t – though you sure would have possessed the means and reason to do so.
And if you had done so, I’m sure you would have mentioned it in your report – but you don’t.
You ought to have verified and double-damn verified that governmental 911 victims list, name by name, run it all down,1 through 2996– but you didn’t. You flushed your journalistic ethics down the toilet.
That’s why you are bush whores.
You’re sellin’ for certain what isn’t.
Frauds. Impostors. Deceivers. Spouters of lies.
The false certainty you have been trumpeting – that 2996 fell victim to the 911 attacks – equals a lie because you are falsely confirming what amounts to nothing else but a baseless government allegation.

Anyway I do not blame you too much for being propaganda parrots – what few journalists try to be independent these days, get shot dead at checkpoints in iraq or sth.
So maybe I shouldn’t call you whores – maybe you’re just one bunch of lousy creeps.
Anyway you suck. So wholeheartedly – fuck off and die.

No hold on a sec – there’s a third possibility:
that you guys at the associated press just never thought of or never heard about all those doubts before – after 4 years of critical 911 literature on the net such a hypothesis may sound a little far-fetched when applied to professional reporters such as you, but how do I know for sure.

So I picked up the phonebook myself – and I started calling .
Calling with the purpose of confirming alleged-AA11 alleged victim David Seima Aoyama, so as to start where it makes the most sense.
I mean the alleged-planes’ alleged occupants are the most suspect victims of all – because we know by now that those alleged 4 planes most likely never struck their alleged targets on 911.

The Naudet video purporting to show us American Airlines 11 striking WTC1 shows us nothing at all but a flying dot which when enlarged looks like a flying pig and nowhere near like a boeing:

and there’s GRAVE questions re the authenticity of that video:

Therefore at the very least any logical-thinking person may only suspend judgement re AA11 – because it is not at all identifiable as such in the naudet video, that is to say the naudet video constitutes no evidence at all that AA11 ever struck wtc1 on 911.

Which brings us right back to alleged-AA11 alleged passenger victim David Seima Aoyama.
Let me just first thank in passing the very great Rosalee Grable of the webfairy website and the very great Scott Loughrey of the 911hoax website for giving us the no-wtc-planes theory back in 2003/2004 I gather.

Actually let me also thank the anonymous proponent of the “nothing-hit-nothing” theory for making me realize that there’s NO evidence at all that any flying object hit any of the alleged targets on 911,and that it may have all been an inside job via controlled demolition/bombs:

Now if you enter David Seima Aoyama’s name in the social security death index, you get “no data found”- as of this writing, October 11, 2005:
That is to say,4 years after 911, Aoyama is not on record as having died on 911.
That’s not per se hard and conclusive evidence that “Aoyama” never died on 911.
I tried entering another 911 victim in the SSDI – someone I am almost certain died for real – and he was not on record either.
Furthermore, I do not know if Aoyama, reportedly a Japanese who came to the US in 1977,was a US citizen or not. And I gather the SSDI only records deaths of US citizens with social security numbers.
But on the other hand, the fact that the SSDI does not record Aoyama’s death does not support his dying on 911 either.

Or his ever having lived at all for that matter.

So again, so far it appears as if there is no evidence at all that a David Seima Aoyama ever died on 911 or even ever was a real person to begin with.
And since the AP won’t do the hard checks for us, we ought to.

A great source of partly verifiable victim info is obituaries, profiles, tributes and the like.
I checked:
Go to its guest book and read the tributes – oops, I meant the alleged tributes – to “David Seima Aoyama”.
There’s about 5 pages of them as of this writing.
They’re sooo instructive.
From them and from the boston globe obituary for Aoyama at
we learn for instance that “Aoyama” was a Japanese man of 48 who came from Hokkaido Japan to the US in 1977,got married and left behind a wife and 2 teenage children at the time of his alleged death 4 years ago.
But how can we independently verify if said bio is real or fabricated?
Or an ID theft from someone who maybe did exist and die around 911 or before but whose death has nothing to do with 911?
Try going to
and enter Aoyama for Culver City, California because reportedly that’s where he’d been living last, and if he really left behind wife cum 2 children ,maybe who knows they’d be willing to talk to you and confirm you the story or not.
But unfortunately as of this writing no results are to be found on whitepages- back in july it coughed up 2 unpublished listings,now they're gone too oh coincidence... Chances are wife and kids don’t wanna be bothered.
Chances are it’s not the right Aoyamas and Seima’s family has moved by now or whatever.
Chances are it is indeed the right Aoyamas but Seima won’t be bothered ‘cause he’s still alive… Anyway again I wasn’t able to confirm the alleged life/death of this guy.

Pretty elusive character, this Mr Aoyama.
Not on SSDI records.
Not confirmable by phone with his alleged family.

But I am not at all passing the bucket to you and washing my hands of all this. Not quite yet, don’t worry. Bear with me a while longer, there’s a lot more to the mysterious Aoyama than meets the eye.

Actually ,nothing at all has met the eye so far because we don’t even have a photo of him - not even cnn does:

But here I found a pic – albeit an old one reportedly dating from about 1989:
Alright ,good to have a pic to show around for crosschecks.

Anyway, what other verifiable stuff do we learn from ’s “Aoyama” tributes?
We learn he was a Buddhist.
How surprising for a Japanese…I mean if you’d wanna fabricate an ideal 911 victim so as to grip the emotions and relative war-consensus from Japanese, Japanese-Americans and the millions of US Buddhists, new-agers and the like, what better fictional character than David Seima Aoyama the pious Buddhist, the peace-lover-murdered-by-evil-terrorists could you possibly create?
Just a working hypothesis for now…

So the Buddhist Mr “Aoyama” obviously/naturally was lastly working, as you’d expect, for SGI USA – Soka Gakkai International, sounds like a gobal corporation but it’s a Buddhist organization…from the tributes it appears as if he was a kind of itinerant missionary or sth, a lot of purported SGI members seem to be paying tribute to him and to have met him personally all over the place.

From the boston globe obit we also learn he was an accountant, so was he also working in that capacity for SGI USA, which is headquartered in Santa Monica, Cali?
That’s what I tried to check by calling SGI Santa Monica which is listed on

The first person that picked up my call was, as you’d expect, an apparent operator, or that’s my inference at least.
I introduced myself and told her I was researching a David Seima Aoyama, SGI member.
The latter was true.
But mind you – I didn’t introduce myself with my real name, bet on that.
I lied about my name.
And I’m not ashamed of it.
For if bush lies about much graver stuff such as Iraq possessing WMDs and then proceeds to launch a genocidal illegal war over that lie, why ought we not to lie against bush?
Turn bush’s weapons against him, it’s morally superfair, it’s called self-defence ,or better legitimate defence of ourselves and all innocent victims of criminal against humanity bush and his gang of nazis.
I do not wish to be so easily identified, traced and murdered by bush like those courageous if naive reporters in iraq were.
We are dealing with perverted massmurderers here who didn’t hesitate before killing many of their own citizens on 911 - albeit not 2996,but anyway hundreds as argued for here:

Therefore I didn’t give my real name and I certainly didn’t call from my home phone or from my mobile.
Mind you – we gotta be smart or they’ll snuff us out in no time. And I certainly didn’t post this stuff from my home pc.
Maybe they’ll get at us anyway sooner or later – but let’s at least try and make it as hard as we can for them to track us down.
Back to that call.

So I asked the Santa Monica SGI operator ( oh by the way this is the nr if you wanna try it yourselves :310 260 8900 ) if she’d ever heard about a David Seima Aoyama – expecting her to have met him since he reportedly was working there when he died, or at least to have heard a whole lot about him first-hand if maybe she took up her SGI position after Sept 11 2001.
Instead she casually replied: ”Yeah,the guy who was on that plane”.
Just the reply you would expect if she’d never met nor heard her colleagues at SGI mention one David Seima Aoyama.
This alleged-victim story is beginning to stink to high heavens, wouldn’t you say?
So I asked the operator if Aoyama had been working at SGI Santa Monica because I’d found so in my sources, and at that point she suddenly turned very hasty and said she’d put me thru to someone else, which she promptly did so I didn’t even have time to get her name.
This next person was quite unfriendly and dour to me, wanted to know my name and phone nr because he would call me back but I didn’t want to be called back I just wanted to know if a mr Aoyama had ever worked at SGI or not, maybe as an accountant or itinerant missionary or both or whatever – but the man I was put thru to just refused to reply, he just did not reply! So I cut the call short and that was it. Most certainly didn’t give away any of my personal data.

Recapping on “David Seima Aoyama” – or actually Seima Aoyama called David I assume – so far:
- not on SSDI records
- not verifiable by phone with his family
- not confirmed by his purported workplace colleagues at SGI Santa Monica…and,as we shall presently see:
- not confirmed by his purported Chicago Cultural Center colleagues.

Some of the obituaries seemed to imply that “Aoyama” had also worked at the Chicago Cultural Center for a while, prior to his moving to Santa Monica I assume though I can’t be sure of anything in this story.
So I called the CCC, where the operator had never heard about a mr Aoyama and the person she connected me to again refused to reply to my queston as to whether Aoyama had worked there and whether he had known him personally and for reference…told me I should call SGI Santa Monica and gave me the number!
These guys are either under a gag order or I don’t know what but it really seems as if the very mention of David Seima Aoyama scares them shitless or annoys the hell out of them.

And if you think this sort of bucket-passing is just all coincidence and not the rule for the “2,996” 911 victims, well this is now what happened when I tried to crosscheck alleged-AA11 alleged victim Anna Williams Allison.
Who, to begin with, again just like “Aoyama” turns up “no data found” when you enter her in the social security death index – after 4 years.
Again I gathered theoretically verifiable info, mostly from
Again I found some numbers on and grabbed the phone.

I found out from that “Anna” ’s husband’s name was Blake.
And her obits say she was from Stoneham Massachusetts.
On I found only one coupling Blake/Anna Allison for Stoneham, it must be them or the odds are astronomical that there be another pair by the same name in such a small place.

This is Blake Allison’s number:
781 438 5812 - it’s a matter of public record.
I called, and…he hung up on me.
How nice of him. It certainly didn’t dispel my doubts – quite the contrary.

Next I found, always on, a purported “Sarah Preston” signing a tribute to Anna Allison.
Again I found her out on, this is the nr:
410 544 2432
And this time around I got the first ever confirmation that an alleged 911 victim was a real person.
At least according to Mrs Preston, who kindly spoke to me on the phone and said she was Anna’s “first cousin”.
But at first ,when I asked her to confirm to me that she had written that tribute in 2002, she was vague and said only “maybe, or maybe it was my husband”.
I found that odd, I mean the gravest terror attack in then history of the US happens and your first cousin dies in it and you don’t even remember whether you posted her a tribute or not or maybe it was your husband and why would he post in your name, is he your ghostwriter?
Anyway she said “it was a time period when we used to write all those tributes…”.
All those tributes. Well I didn’t find any other Anna Allison tributes by Sarah Preston and I researched the subject pretty darn extensively.
But let’s assume for a moment that Sarah Preston really is who she claims to be – Allison’s first cousin. And let’s assume she really hasn’t seen or heard from her cousin since September 11, 2001.
This still does NOT prove Anna died – and if she did die, it does NOT prove HOW or WHERE she died – because, again ,more likely than not American Airlines 11 not only never struck WTC1 – it probably never even took off on that day because it wasn’t even scheduled to fly and it wasn’t on record as having flown on 911:

I know that by now the average troll will have gone “ what the heck, someone confirms the story to you but you don’t believe her anyway so why bother calling at all in the first place?”.
No. Lots of circumstantial evidence has already emerged from the calls I’ve made so far:

-alleged-AA11 alleged passenger David Seima Aoyama is NOT confirmed in any way:
-alleged colleagues at SGI santa monica either never knew him or can’t tell the truth about him;
-alleged colleagues of his in Chicago won’t talk;
-his family’s telephone nr is not accessible;
-the SSDI doesn’t have him.


Same goes for alleged Anna Williams Allison, who in theory looks a little more real because a self-described first cousin of hers Sarah Preston hasn’t seen or heard from her since 911 – BUT MRS PRESTON WASN’T AT BOSTON LOGAN OR ON THE PLANE THAT MORNING SO IF ANNA REALLY DIED ON 911 MRS PRESTON HAS NO WAY TO KNOW HOW OR WHEN SHE DIED.

Wouldn’t you agree it’s highly necessary to continue making those calls?
Except I am not bill gates’ son and I don’t have the financial means to afford 2,996 calls multiplied by all the verifiable friends and lovers I may find on – so WILL YOU PLEASE HELP AND REPORT BACK TO US AS I DID?


Looking forward to hearing from you,

This work is in the public domain
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12 Oct 2005
Bring on the Black helicopters.
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bring on your friends in the white coats.