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Announcement :: Human Rights
O-22 International Day Against Police Brutality
12 Oct 2005
October 22nd International Day Against Police Brutality
Are there any plans for O-22 this year? I haven't seen anything posted, and it appears that locally, everyone is focussing on the O-29 actions. Recent events in New Orleans, L.A., the Somerville5 and last year's student killing deserve some type of action.

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Re: O-22 International Day Against Police Brutality
13 Oct 2005
What the f*ck is O-22 ???
I Like Jimi's Thoughts
13 Oct 2005
Jimi told us how not to get beat up by the police. He wrote:

How to not get beat up by the police

1. Obey the law
2. Don't resist arrest (If you can't abide by rule
# 1)
3. Don't be a wise ass
4. Get a job. It will keep you off the streets and keep you honest (see # 1).
Re: O-22 International Day Against Police Brutality
13 Oct 2005
yeah some stuff is being planned for october 22, but i would encourage other people to make their own plans too. we dont all have to act together, it would actually be more effective if small groups acted autonomously. get some friends together and come up with a plan!
I'm in favor of opposing the police, brutal or not.
14 Oct 2005
Given that we live in a police state, we should oppose the police simply because they are oppressors.
Re: O-22 International Day Against Police Brutality
14 Oct 2005
Argo, you display such "rapier like" wit. I'm impressed.
Re: O-22 International Day Against Police Brutality
14 Oct 2005
Thanx Tim....
Re: O-22 International Day Against Police Brutality
14 Oct 2005
As somebody who in years past organized on O- 22 I can tell you that for many organizers in Boston, their hatred of the RCP (who initiated O22 along with actual family members of pig victims) runs deeper than their hatred of police brutality.

sad but true.
Re: O-22 International Day Against Police Brutality
16 Oct 2005
the person whose name is "@" says that people shouldoppose the police because they are oppressors. I'm raising the big red bullshit flag here. How do any of you spoiled brats on this site know what oppression is? The very fact that you have access to a computer and can write the drivel that you write without being hauled off to some gulag is proof positive that you are not oppressed. Stop feeling sorry for yourselves and be productive members of society. My suggestion is that you should join some relief organization and try to free some African nation from REAL oppression.
Re: O-22 International Day Against Police Brutality
17 Oct 2005
so apparently, because there are other parts of the world were there is worse oppression, oppression at home doesnt matter. It sounds like your brainwashed. Heres the truth: every day police harrass, arrest, and attack hundreds of people- the poor, the non-white, the young, and yes even the radicals. The FBI and other creepy federal groups are reading our emails, listening to our phone conversations, and infiltrating political groups. They are arresting and harrassing people who organize and/or participate in protests. How bout the old man beaten in NO, how bout the college student shot in the face last year? Police brutality and oppression do exist here. That doesn't mean that it isn't worse elsewhere, but why should we settle for any oppression, anywhere>?
Re: O-22 International Day Against Police Brutality
17 Oct 2005
Of course I am not surprised that you missed the point entirely. Let Me spell it out in caps. YOU ARE NOT OPPRESSED. If you were, right about now, there would be a knowck at your door...or the sound of a sledge hammer knocking your door down...and you would be hauled off to jail. The very fact that you are sitting at an expensive computer writing subversive drivel is proof positive that you are not oppressed.
We are oppressed, plain and simple.
18 Oct 2005
Sid claims that if we were oppressed, the mere act of anonymously posting "subversive" (read "truth") would result in a knock at the door and a sledge hammer wielding pig busting in. Let me remind Sid that we are posting anonymously exactly because we are oppressed. Those of us who once posted using our real names have found ourselves the targets of very really police harassment by local police, the FBI, the Defense Intelligence Agency and other spooks. The price we have paid has been loss of employment, threats against our lives and the lives of family members, and even the threat of abduction of our children, in my case by the police.

Some of us have even moved to different communities to disrupt the government's harassment programs.

I have personally experienced infiltration of my political activities by a member of the CIA and a local cop.

Across the country some people are being hauled off by Homeland Security and the FBI. Their families are ordered into silence by gag orders.

On the streets of our country, police regulary murder citizens, abuse citizens, violate their privacy, contact employers of dissidents and state, falsely, that they are under investigation, and interfer intentionally with their employement.

This is oppression. It is discusting and every much as oppressive as Orwell's 1984.

So, Sid, don't be surprised as the number of Americans who cheer on acts of violence against police increases. Don't be surprised as a fed-up population begins to target police just for being police. After all, putting on that blue uniform in our current state of affairs is a declaration that you are criminal, scumbag, and that you have no respect for the Constitution, Bill of Rights, ethics, morality, or your fellow man.

Yes Sid, we are oppressed. When people decide that enough is enough, I believe it will no longer be safe to be a cop.
Re: O-22 International Day Against Police Brutality
18 Oct 2005
Spoiled, soft brat is the term that I would use for those who sit safely behind a computer. That is far from oppression. I really hope that some day you can experience oppression so that you will realize how good you once had it.
I suppose the members of the White Rose were spoiled brats too.
18 Oct 2005
They hid behind anonymous leaflets in Germany until a pig who hoped they would feel the boots of the state on their neck found them out and had them killed. We know what real oppression is, some of us already have been beaten up and brutalized by police. Some are in jail now. So, Sid, what's the difference? There is none.
Re: O-22 International Day Against Police Brutality
18 Oct 2005
What stupid thing did you do to get beaten up by the police? I'm sure that you asked for it...not to say that it justifies getting beat up, but you don't tease a hungry dog with a piece of meat. It seems to me that you have too much time worrying about things that don't concern you. If you had a real job and a real career, you would find that esoteric things such as whether or not you are oppressed because you are not allowed to smoke pot or drink in public. The things that you people concern yourselves with are very trivial. Just look at how you idiots incited a riot because 14 jerks in jack boots decided to take a walk through a Toledo neighborhood. If you had just ignored them, they would have gone away. But idiots had to riot. I lump you in with these jerks because you apparently share their mindset. Sometimes getting your ass kicked is the price that you pay for stupidity.