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Commentary :: Human Rights
Senate drops food stamp cuts from budget
19 Oct 2005
(Note: Boston IMC continues to censor this blog without reasonable explanation as to why. The last time the Boston IMC censor issued the statement "this is not news". However, they even censor this blog if it is classified as "commentary".

The truth is Boston IMC is terrified that people will discover the 911 Hoax.

Censorship updates:


mirror (with pictures):

(BTW, use for any article that requires registration.)

persistent sources


Astronomy Pic of the Day


911InsideJobbers (at)
Anti-allawi-group (at)
CatapultThePropaganda (at)
CIA-Drugs (at)
PlaneHuggers (at)


Remember: Break the Matrix and save the country.



Depopulation: To reduce sharply the population of, as by disease, war, or forcible relocation.

(the only word that consistently describes today's events is 'depopulation'. The global elites are trying to dramatically lower the number people living on Earth.)


Yesterday, Portland IMC refused to put the blog on their home page. They practice total censorship there.

Also, Washington DC IMC censored the blog several times yesterday.

And, for the second straight day New Jersey IMC's site mysteriously malfunctioned when posting this blog.

what's amazing is that there are people being funded by the US taxpayer whose job it is to immediately remove this blog from a website in order to prevent people from discovering the 911 Hoax. In Nature, what do we call organisms that feed off and eventually kill its host?

daily IMC censorship updates:

********911 NEWS MEDIA HOAX********

"We Went to War over Cartoons (the Webfairy)"

"What do you think would happen if the world became aware that there were no hijacked planes that day, that two of the flights didn't exist, that the towers were attacked with secret technology, that the horrifying image which people saw on TV was just a movie, and that media also faked lists of passengers on the non existent flight which didn't hit the North tower, that a missile of some sort was fired into the pentagon and that fake videos and fake eyewitness reports were concocted to try to sell the story? (Gerard Holmgren)"

What really hit the South Tower of the WTC?

(folks, an aluminum plane is not going to enter a steel building like a hot knife through butter.)


The Australian: Jets didn't topple towers, says cleric:

"AUSTRALIA'S most radical Muslim group is promoting the bizarre conspiracy theory that planes did not destroy New York's World Trade Centre..."

(LOL! So, this blogger keeps company with "most radical Muslim groups" in Australia!

note, "bizarre conspiracy theory". Hmm....what's so bizarre about it? Why is the Australian passing judgement instead of passing along the news.)

********NEW ORLEANS DISASTER********

New Orleans 2005 links & views:


"25 questions about the murder of New Orleans"


1. Fox TV aired a program called "Oil Storm" which accurately predicted the destruction of New Orleans after a hurricane.
2. New Orleans's 17th street canal was apparently blown up with explosives.
3. The US military subsequently invaded Louisiana.
4. Martial law was imposed.
5. FEMA systematically impeded rescue efforts.
6. Hundreds of prisoners deliberately left to drown.
7. the US military kept thousands of (mostly Black) New Orleans victims without food and water for days.


******FLU PANDEMIC******

Is the bird flu an American bio-weapon?

Flu oddities (updated frequently):

(get ready for the Great Flu Die-off. Don't worry, the Matrix will have their vaccines.)

********GENERAL NEWS********


Scientists study gorilla who uses tools:


AOL in cahoots with Homeland Security:

"The American-based internet giant, AOL, wholly-owned by Time-Warner, has formed a working partnership with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to permit unlimited surveillance of the millions of AOL online members, according to a report from the U.S. Department of Commerce..."


Senate drops food stamp cuts from budget:

"...The cuts could have meant a loss of benefits for 300,000 working families benefiting from more generous eligibility rules in some states..."

(let's drop Bush's budget for illegal, barbarous wars of aggression.)


GM and Union in a deal to cut health benefits:

(meanwhile, civilized countries have national health programs that cover all citizens. no wonder these countries can out-compete workers in the US.)


Authorities search Baltimore's Harbor Tunel because of "terror information" received:

Baltimore tunnel threat source came from Netherlands:


Hurricane Wilma now Category 4 storm with 150 mph winds:


Earth headed for global warming castrophe:


Martial law, coming to a neighborhood near you? (part I):


Boondocks's 10/18/05 strip suggests that New Orleans was deliberately flooded

" much better than the previous one where he made out the kid to be a wacko. (Alex)"


New anti-gun control law set for Alaska:


The Dollar's recent tournaround is only due to strength in crude:


FTAA: Corporations defeated in Miami but refuse to give up:


Big Pharm seeks immunity from lawsuits:

Flu-vaccine maker won't share patent:


WHO warns against hoarding bird flu drug:


Bush dictatorship preparing to mobilize US for possible pandemic:

(get ready for the concentration camps, the Mass Die-off and members of the Matrix happily supplied with their vaccines.)

"US" mulls federal troops for bird flu quarantine:

Homeland Security to be lead in flu crisis:

(note that MSNBC's headline takes for granted a major flu pandemic is coming. why are they so sure?)

Bird flu terror fear:


US judge hears lawyers' petition for Guantanamo hunger strikers:


A horrid reality:

"...the next 'national emergency' -- possibly a flu pandemic -- could be democracy's last hurrah. Bush is already boasting of using the military to "quarantine" those affected. And it won't be in our homes -- this isn't the measles with the school nurse tacking a 'quarantined' sign on our front doors. Last year, Bush authorized preliminary studies for the rapid construction of a National Detention Center Program, complete with a series of detention centers, to be added to the existing 600 units now in place. Also, The Department of Homeland Security is consulting with an Israeli company, Israeli Prison Systems, Ltd., for the expedited construction of modular internment camps to be located in rural areas throughout the continental US and Alaska..."


Padilla Doctrine is the backdoor to military rule in America:

Court upholds power of White House to jail citizens as "enemy combatants":

********the MATRIX********

*the MATRIX*

NJS uses the term 'Matrix' to denote the collossal intelligence-gathering and disinformation-disseminating structure that has been created to take over the US. Funded by intelligence agencies; e.g., the CIA. It includes COINTELPRO agents in every US city. It also comprises nearly every media outlet of significance in the US.


(Remember: Use the phrase "conspiracy theory" in a sentence and you are never wrong, since those who carry that label are immediately associated with ludicrous ideas.)

9-11 Conspiracists Invade Ground Zero,fergusonweb2,67726,2.html

State Department website informs US public that conspiracy theories are not to be trusted:


Cheney resignation rumors fly:

Cheney's office is a focus in leak case:

(sure, one of the most powerful men on Earth will be forced to resign over this. Right. This phony scandal is a distraction for many, a comedy routine for those who know the whole incident is a charade.)

*MATRIX: 911*<?b>

New book captures vision of a more civically involved youth:

"...In Reissmann's opinion, young people began to see the long-term effects of 9/11, when it catalyzed not one but two wars..."

"...this is the latest distraction gatekeeper moron (Nico)."


Iran sends case to Saddam's trial:

(your average Fox News consumer will never believe that the US government could pull off a hoax like putting the phony Hussein double on trial. this also helps the general public accept the 911 Hoax, since gigantic conspiracies could not possibly exist.)


Supreme Court: withdraw Miers:

(she was nominated as a duck, the cooperating Senate Democrats will keep her off the bench, creating the illusion of checks and balances. then to "retaliate" for following the script, Bush will nominate a true whackjob like Priscella Owens or William Pryor.)



Asia's poor build US bases in Iraq:

"...for the 12-hour day, seven-day week that Soliman says was standard for him and many contractor employees in Iraq, he actually earned $1.56 an hour..."


US air strikes kill civilians in Iraq, say witnesses:,2763,1594730,00.html

"American air strikes have killed more than 70 people in western Iraq, including dozens of women and children, witnesses said yesterday..."

US military massacres dozens in wake of Iraq referendum

Dozens of Iraqis die in US air strikes:

" estimated 70 fighters..."


(flash.) 2000:

********HEALTH & LIVING********


Stem cell breakthrough opens way to "spart part" tissue banks:,,11069-1829039,00.html


Study shows that pot is "good for your brain":

"...However, researchers found that cannabinoids promoted generation of new neurons in rats' hippocampuses..."


In Bush's oil-rich Texas, the children of the poor get fatter:

Vaccine may target obesity in the future: researchers:



Nalbandian advances to third round at Madrid Masters:


Albert Pujols' clutch homer may give momentum to St. Louis against Houston:


p.s. all are welcome on the News Junkie GP list:

This work is in the public domain