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News :: Media
News Junkie Scott's Blog (10/20/05)
20 Oct 2005
Modified: 09:48:55 AM
Bush vows crackdown on immigrant workers.
(Note: Boston IMC has been censoring this blog. The last time the censor issued the statement "this is not news". However, they even censor this blog if it is classified as "commentary".

The truth is Boston IMC is terrified that people will discover the 911 Hoax.

Censorship updates:


persistent sources


Astronomy Pic of the Day


911InsideJobbers (at)
Anti-allawi-group (at)
CatapultThePropaganda (at)
CIA-Drugs (at)
PlaneHuggers (at)



Remember: Break the Matrix and save the country.



Depopulation: To reduce sharply the population of, as by disease, war, or forcible relocation.

(the only word that consistently describes today's events is 'depopulation'. The global elites are trying to dramatically lower the number people living on Earth.)



Yesterday, Boston IMC ruthlessly censored this blog. So did DC Indymedia. Where does Homeland Security find so many people who are willing to sell out this country?

all are welcome to repost this blog where you think people might see it, even DC IMC or Boston IMC. If anyone wants to ask the goons at DC indymedia particularly why they remove this blog after four minutes their email address is DC (at) They have not responded to NJS but they might respond to you.

if they're censoring me now they're going to come after each one of you. Everyone is affected by the censorship of a few.

daily IMC censorship updates:

********911 NEWS MEDIA HOAX********

"We Went to War over Cartoons (the Webfairy)"

"What do you think would happen if the world became aware that there were no hijacked planes that day, that two of the flights didn't exist, that the towers were attacked with secret technology, that the horrifying image which people saw on TV was just a movie, and that media also faked lists of passengers on the non existent flight which didn't hit the North tower, that a missile of some sort was fired into the pentagon and that fake videos and fake eyewitness reports were concocted to try to sell the story? (Gerard Holmgren)"

What really hit the South Tower of the WTC?

(folks, an aluminum plane is not going to enter a steel building like a hot knife through butter.)



The Australian: Jets didn't topple towers, says cleric:

"AUSTRALIA'S most radical Muslim group is promoting the bizarre conspiracy theory that planes did not destroy New York's World Trade Centre..."

********NEW ORLEANS DISASTER********

New Orleans 2005 links & views:


"25 questions about the murder of New Orleans"


1. Fox TV aired a program called "Oil Storm" which accurately predicted the destruction of New Orleans after a hurricane.
2. New Orleans's 17th street canal was apparently blown up with explosives.
3. The US military subsequently invaded Louisiana.
4. Martial law was imposed.
5. FEMA systematically impeded rescue efforts.
6. Hundreds of prisoners deliberately left to drown.
7. the US military kept thousands of (mostly Black) New Orleans victims without food and water for days.


******FLU PANDEMIC******

Is the bird flu an American bio-weapon?

Flu oddities (updated frequently):

(get ready for the Great Flu Die-off. Don't worry, the Matrix will have their vaccines.)

********GENERAL NEWS********


Senate panel approves Arctic drilling:

Alaska refuge drilling OK'd in committee:


Bush dictatorship gives Jeb Bush's government "sweeping right to curb Medicaid":

"The Bush administration approved a sweeping Medicaid plan for Florida on Wednesday that limits spending for many of the 2.2 million beneficiaries there and gives private health plans new freedom to limit benefits..."

(again, NJS asks: would a civilized society allow health and medicine to be sold to a captive audience for profit?)


New Orleans school staff face massive cuts in jobs, benefits:

"...The drive to break up the New Orleans public school system is entirely in line with the Bush administration’s priorities for the nation’s schoolchildren. The federal government has recently announced that $20.9 million in federal grant money will be available for Louisiana charter schools only. Federal and state officials are collaborating to take advantage of the disaster in New Orleans to stampede through changes they have sought to implement for years, effectively turning the devastated city into a showcase for their reactionary privatization agenda for education..."

Indian schools targeted by federal budget axe:


FEMA plan to rebuild religious schools and other religious facilities is unconstitutional:

(do we still have a Constitution?)


Wilma becomes strongest Atlantic storm on record:,2763,1595824,00.html

(it is also the record-breaking 21st storm of the year. who controls our weather?)

Top scientific group warns of growing natural disasters:

(1. what makes a "top scientific group"? 2. is this article designed to sell the idea that none of these disasters are man-made?)

Wilma the Witch:


Florida braces for an intense Wilma:

Wilma's projected course:


New York's subway terror threat--was it a hoax?

(Yes, as was the 911 Hoax.)

Bush dictatorship deports four men in tunnel threat "probe":

"...But he did not explain how these men are linked to the terror threat, which prompted authorities to close the Baltimore Harbor Tunnel for over two hours Tuesday..."


Dictator Bush vows crackdown on immigrant workers:

"...Bush and two of his cabinet secretaries spoke in terms of hunting down and punishing the estimated 11 million immigrants who are working in the country without legal residence..."


Guantánamo Bay hunger strike enters third month

"...The detainees, who are held without charge, are demanding their basic legal rights under the Geneva Conventions. They want adequate food and shelter, clean water, the right to challenge their incarceration before an independent commission—not the Pentagon’s kangaroo court style panels—and an end to the ongoing physical and psychological abuse and to religious persecution..."

" estimated 20 children were being held in the prison, including some in solitary confinement..."


Rumsfeld to profit from avian flu hoax:


UK population to be vaccinated agains pandemic flu:

(most of the US population will be in concentration camps, denied the flu vaccine. Washington has a Depopulation Agenda going.)


WHO warns against hoarding bird flu drug:


Lack of government preparation for flu pandemic

(actually, the Bush dictatorship is preparing to put millions in concentration camps and implement martial law. this whole bird flu thing was made by humans for that purpose.)


Bush dictatorship preparing to mobilize US for possible pandemic:

(get ready for the concentration camps, the Mass Die-off and members of the Matrix happily supplied with their vaccines.)

"US" mulls federal troops for bird flu quarantine:

Homeland Security to be lead in flu crisis:

(note that MSNBC's headline takes for granted a major flu pandemic is coming. why are they so sure?)

Bird flu terror fear:


Does Al Qaeda really exist?

(no, Virginia, there is no Santa Claus.)


A horrid reality:

"...the next 'national emergency' -- possibly a flu pandemic -- could be democracy's last hurrah. Bush is already boasting of using the military to "quarantine" those affected. And it won't be in our homes -- this isn't the measles with the school nurse tacking a 'quarantined' sign on our front doors. Last year, Bush authorized preliminary studies for the rapid construction of a National Detention Center Program, complete with a series of detention centers, to be added to the existing 600 units now in place. Also, The Department of Homeland Security is consulting with an Israeli company, Israeli Prison Systems, Ltd., for the expedited construction of modular internment camps to be located in rural areas throughout the continental US and Alaska..."


Padilla Doctrine is the backdoor to military rule in America:

Court upholds power of White House to jail citizens as "enemy combatants":


Returning US soldiers face financial, medical difficulties:


Former California Sheriff says end the drug war:

(NJS says decriminalize all drugs. also, free the non-violent drug offenders in prison. give them all pardons.)

********the MATRIX********

*the MATRIX*

NJS uses the term 'Matrix' to denote the collossal intelligence-gathering and disinformation-disseminating structure that has been created to take over the US. Funded by intelligence agencies; e.g., the CIA. It includes COINTELPRO agents in every US city. It also comprises nearly every media outlet of significance in the US.


(Remember: Use the phrase "conspiracy theory" in a sentence and you are never wrong, since those who carry that label are immediately associated with ludicrous ideas.)

9-11 Conspiracists Invade Ground Zero,fergusonweb2,67726,2.html

State Department website informs US public that conspiracy theories are not to be trusted:


Legal lynching of Saddam Hussein begins in Iraq

(what good is a site that is only 95% dependable for progressives? Here the World Socialist Website sells the fiction that they've got the real, late Saddam Hussein on trial.)

Defence lawyer calls trial "pure theater":

(the defendant is an actor. the real Hussein was killed a couple of years back.)


Texas court issues arrest warrant for DeLay:

(nothing is going to happen to DeLay. this is a distraction calculated to inspire false hopes that are inevitably dashed.)



Guardian journalist missing in Iraq:,2763,1595777,00.html

(sounds like John Negroponte's work.)


Rice won't rule out troops in Iraq in 10 years:


Video shows US troops burning "Taliban" bodies and using charred remains for propaganda purposes:


Are we going to war with Iran?,9115,1594976,00.html

(doesn't "going to war" sound a lot better than "starting a war"?)


Expanding (Bush's illegal, barbarous) war into Syria is lunacy:


The sorrows of Haiti:

(an excellent essay on Haiti with good historical info. however, it is the rare Counterpunch article these days that is worth reading. Too bad Counterpunch could never reexamine the official story of 9/11 with the probity it does Haiti's history.)


Azerbaijani minister fired, allegedly arrested for coup attempt:

(we should fire and arrest Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, etc., for their various coup d'etats since 2000.)

********HEALTH & LIVING********


Stem cell breakthrough opens way to "spart part" tissue banks:,,11069-1829039,00.html


Mobile phones affect users when asleep: study:



Study shows that pot is "good for your brain":

"...However, researchers found that cannabinoids promoted generation of new neurons in rats' hippocampuses..."



Roddick loses at Madrid Masters:

Peter Bodo's blog on tennis, recommended by a good tennis player himself:


Nicole Kidman:

(for the last two evening-mornings Nicole has been filming a movie on the sidewalk directly below NJS's window. In real life she looks fabulous, a tall Barbie doll, thin but shapely.

NJS first saw her in "Dead Calm", a taut thriller. Probably her best film is "Flirting", from 1991. Although critics panned the film "Eyes Wide Shut", NJS liked it and the work she did in it.)


Andromeda galaxy in infrared:

Andromeda in normal light (!):

Strange rumblings at the center of our galaxy:



p.s. all are welcome on the News Junkie GP list:
See also:
http://911 Hoax

This work is in the public domain