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News ::
israel is a fiction
12 Dec 2001
Modified: 07:18:33 PM
A declaration of the struggle for Palestinian independence. 54 years of aparheid is far too long

O’ Muslims, the naked aggression and atrocities committed against the people of Palestine, such as killing them, desecrating the Mosque of Al-Aqsa and throwing them out of their land and homes is a violation of the sanctity of Human Beings and their honour which requires an immediate and comprehensive solution including putting the perpetrators of these crimes on trial. The Islamic Decree regarding the occupation of Palestine by the Jews is Jihad for the sake of Allah (swt) and the divine evidence for this from the Qur’an is that Allah (swt) says: " If anyone commits aggression against you retaliate against them in equal manner" [EMQ 2:194].
O’ Muslims, this Fatwa is a call to fight against Israeli forces, their government, Israeli Embassies, military airports and jets etc... as they are legitimate targets for Muslims wherever they may be. The divine evidence for this from the Qur’an is that Allah (swt) says: "And kill them wherever you meet them and turn them out from where they have turned you out" [EMQ 2: 191].
However, It is prohibited to target any non-military or innocent Jews because this would be considered to be murder and therefore aggression against the sanctity of Human life. The divine evidence for this from the Qur’an is that Allah (swt) says: "Fight for the sake of God those who fight you and do not do transgression for Allah loves not the transgressors" [EMQ 2:190]
The Muslims in Palestine have appealed for help therefore it is an obligation upon Muslims worldwide to respond and help verbally, physically, financially or militarily. The divine evidence for this from the Qur’an is that Allah (swt) says: "If they seek your support you must support them " [EMQ 8:72].
And "Why must you not fight for the sake of Allah and of those who, being weak, are ill treated and oppressed, men, women and children whose cry is: our Lord rescue us from those people who are oppressors and raise for us from thee one who will protect, and raise for us from thee one who will help" [EMQ 4:75]
There is no prohibition to be kind to those who do not fight against you rather it is prohibited to be kind to those who fight you. The divine evidence for this from the Qur’an is that Allah (swt) says: "God only forbids you with regard to those who fight you for your faith and drive you out of your homes and support others in driving you out from turning to them for friendship and protection or to be kind to them and whoever does so indeed they are the oppressors (i.e. Sinners)" [EMQ 60:9]
The above divine evidences are a clear and a decisive verdict for the atrocities, which have been taking place in Palestine over the last fifty-three years. Therefore Muslims are obliged to fight against their enemies and to help each other. In addition the Islamic verdict regarding Prime Minister Barak and his commanders is for them to be put on trial in any independent Islamic court for their crimes and for capital punishment to be applied.
And Allah (swt) says: "Indeed Allah has traded with the believers their lives and wealth in return for paradise if they fight for the cause of Allah whether they are martyred or victorious and this is a promise from Allah which he has made a duty upon himself clearly recorded in the Torah, the Bible and the Qur’an. And who is more faithful in his promise than Allah; so enjoy this good news for your allegiance and loyalty to your Lord for this is the greatest achievement…" [EMQ 9:111]
The Jihad against the Jews occupying Palestine will continue until they withdraw completely from the whole of Palestine including Tel-Aviv, Haifa, the Golan Heights, the West Bank and the Gaza Strip regardless if occupied in 1948 or 1967, because any aggression against any Muslim property or land by any Kuffar or non-Muslim forces whether American, British or the Jews of Israel makes Jihad (i.e. fighting) against them an obligation upon all Muslims.
To ally or to seek assistance of non-Muslim states is prohibited, a sin and a grave crime not to mention a betrayal of Allah (swt), His Messenger and all the believers. Hence whosoever among you allows his country to become a base for American, Jewish or other kufr forces or conspires and makes Muslim land a passage for any non-Muslim forces whether it be via sea, land or air, assisting directly or indirectly, an attack against Muslims in any part of the world will be at war with Allah (swt) and His Messenger. He will be humiliating himself before Allah (swt) and before the whole Ummah who will never forgive this ugly crime even if the perpetrator erects barriers to hide behind.
Any agreements and summits between the enemies of Islam whether G7, G8, the UN or with so-called Muslim representatives such as the PLO or Arabs of the Middle East in order to give away even a hand-span of Muslim land or to oppress and fight the Islamic movements or to arrest their members or to hand them over to the enemy in response to the Jews of Israel is considered to be war against Allah and his Messenger Muhammad (saw). The Israeli cancer in Palestine must be uprooted. Islam obliges us to liberate all Muslim land from occupiers whoever they may be whether American, Jewish Israeli or other forces.
The Fatwa is therefore JIHAD against the Jewish occupiers, their government, army, interests, airports and institutions and it has been given by the most prominent scholars of Islam today because of the occupation of Muslim land and aggression against the Muslims of Palestine. The only Islamic Fatwa against this explicit aggression is Jihad.
Therefore the message for the Jews occupying Palestine is to leave and return to where they came from or face a full scale war of Jihad which will be the responsibly and the duty of every Muslim around the world to participate in.
O Mujahideen, O Muslim Armies and Activists wherever you are. Hold firm to the book of Allah and depend on none but him, fight the enemy of Islam and Muslims for the sake of none but Him and aim your weapons at the occupiers forces.
Let us salute Muslims in Palestine for their brave and generous stand. May Allah support you with patience, victory, dignity and the power to liberate the WHOLE of Palestine and to establish the Khilafah.
O Muslim Armies, We Muslims must not be attached to life nor run from death. Life’s pleasures will come to us inevitably because God has granted us all the treasures of the world; we have oil, gold, water, resources, land, people, history and more importantly we have the Qur'an and we are the grand-children of an Ummah (Islamic Nation) which was the superpower for over a thousand years.
We must return back to our roots, support Muslims wherever they are, verbally, financially and militarily before the enemy enslave us and humiliate us more. This matter a very dangerous one for it requires us to sacrifice life, wealth and blood for its sake. Remember that the dignity of a Nation cannot be measured with land or wealth because the dignity of a Nation is not goods to trade with, therefore we must stand and engage in Jihad and support the Mujahideen, for death is better than humiliation before the disbelievers.
O Muslims, the opportunity is here and we must not pass it by. The battle is tense and our Muslim brothers are firm in their Jihad so we must not lose time aimlessly. We must act now and rise against the presence of Israelis in Muslim countries and close down their illegitimate embassies and companies. Verily, the Ummah is our Ummah, their war is our war, their enemy is our enemy, the Mujahideen are our brothers, their victory or defeat is our victory or defeat and the Khilafah is our Khilafah.
O Muslim Armies, Mujahideen, Scholars and activists, the Book of our Lord calls us, The Ummah cries for us and Paradise awaits us, Let us fight the Jewish occupiers, for a new dawn is near at hand.

Sheikh Omar Bakri Muhammad
Amir of Al-Muhajiroun, &
Judge of The Shari’ah Court of The UK

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This is a newswire
12 Dec 2001
This is a newswire, not a bulletin board for fundamentalist declarations of war...