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Commentary :: Environment
Revolution How? Take the Havens or just Dream
25 Oct 2005
The only two viable non-violent strategies of change are to force the US non-profits to give all of their money to the revolutions in the South (preferably the most radical – and often indigenous groups) – or – this ESD (Safe Haven)
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Sm Haste Day.jpg
Hey All,

> Wabbit and Sally interviewed me today, and they did a great job. They're
> really great interviewers. One of the questions they asked me was,

"What do you mean when you say 'bringing down civilization'?"

An answer came to me I am really happy with. It is this:
Bringing down civilization means depriving the rich of their ability to steal from the
poor and to destroy the planet." – Derrick Jensen

Derrick Jensen: “[End Game] originally was going to be an examination of the circumstances in which violence is an appropriate response to the ubiquitous violence upon which our culture is based. More specifically, it was going to be an examination of when what Franz Fanon called counterviolence is an appropriate response to state–or corporate–violence. I wanted to write that book because whenever I give talks… I mention violence–suggesting that there are some things, including a living planet (or more basically clean water and clean air, by which I mean our very lives), that are worth fighting for, dying for, and killing for when other means of stopping the abuses have been exhausted, and that there exist those people (often buttressed or seemingly constrained by organizations) who will not listen to reason, and who can be stopped no way other than through meeting their violence with your own…”

Or: Why It Must End;


What is your goal; How long do you think it will take to accomplish;
What are the weaknesses of your strategy for achieving your goal;
What historical examples do you have.

(There are hundreds more questions that everyone should be interested in…)

NOTE: Media Alert – “CENSORSHIP” –

This is another in the series of most censored articles that we offer as proof that the alternative media and most non-establishment groups are not interested in education, mobilization or debate. Updates will examine the responses from these groups and their willingness to open up discussions. So far out of 20 posts to IMCs only Arkansas IMC has censored the article.

Many magazines have refused to publish it - but we are going to give them another chance before we publish their behavior. Please send this to as many magazines as you can and send us the responses that you receive.

How a Revolution?

Contact: safehavens (at) is how it's going to be:

After reading this you and your friends will get on the internet and decide your life and the future of the world by picking which Peoples' Safe Haven (free state, TAZ, community) that you will commit the rest of your life to (OK, you can change your mind if you must). On the website WWW.We Want A – you will link up to many finely written articles describing the New Deal – our plan. The resources will be available for a range of education levels. (#1)

If you are wealthy or seeking a career in the Safe Haven Secret Services then you may want to remain anonymous – but don't lose your password!

Make sure that you print out the page on Roles and Skills and a few pages on the geographic location and job descriptions that you seek. Carefully evaluate your interests, skills and your level of commitment. Will you be a carpenter/designer, a nurse, teacher, an unarmed guard or Secret Cell member? The latter will remain behind away from the Safe Havens to defend them from within the Babylon-Beast of the old world – that place that ought to be called the United States of Suckers (BUshame/sham…RIKA) or maybe just “us”-Suckers.

Next you will sell everything that you own that is not related to your new skill area (check the list or hit the HELP button for more information and options on your decisions.).

You can be anything that you want to be at the Havens, though there will be a lot of work to do for the community: building, preparing for more evacuees and learning – always there will be learning to do. One warning is that if we cannot find enough people to fill some roles (these needs will be prioritized by polling the supporters moving to the region and by the people who already live there too), then leadership councils will have to tax or divert funds to fill those important un-wanted roles (subsidies for janitors, garbage men, teachers, etc...).

SO, in a few months (if enough people help organize and promote this – as THE WAY!) we will sign up about a million people who are serious and another million or two who are curious, supportive, but hesitant or afraid.

Hopefully, as the word and excitement spread AND THE EASY SURE SUCCESS OF THE NEW DEAL IS UNDERSTOOD, we will begin to raise hundreds of millions of dollars for We Want A Future.

If funding becomes a problem then we can mobilize our people and apply pressure (make fun of) to all of the many Goody-Liberal fake reformist groups like: Sierra Club, United Way, Green Peace, Nature Conservancy, Move On, Jim Hightower, the Apollo Alliance, NAACP, the Green Party, most unions and the Democratic Party (all political parties!) – there are thousands of non-profits in the US collecting thousands of millions of dollars a year – more than the budgets of many countries – this alone is a scandal of vast proportions. We can even get rough with them if they continue to steal from the people and lie about the future (well about everything). (#2)

Back at the Havens we will already be explaining things to the locals – 15 to 30 percent of whom we expect will support us. And we will be buying land and building our bases – the infrastructure of the revolution (the models, the learning centers – call this what you will).

When our numbers, funds and preparations are strong we will give the word for people to relocate to the key targeted counties that they have chosen (The Havens). Most of these will be in Oregon and Northern California though Vermont and Georgia are to be encouraged and if enough people want to have a Safe Haven in Boulder, Colorado or Lower Minnesota – well fine and dandy. (#3.)

Before people leave they should acquire all the credit cards, loans and cash that they can beg, borrow, connive or steal (it gets way better and funner too… see future footnotes). (#4.) Buy or bring along only the essentials and the key tools for your role/skill. Sell or give away the rest. This is part of our economic development plan and our selling point to the locals. We are bringing a lot of people to each region who together have a lot of money, skills and energy. We are serious, this is not a campout. Until we get established and win all of the elections we will need to spend a lot of money getting set up, smoothing the transition for evacuees and for the locals. We will stimulate the local economy and be a positive impact. We want to be good neighbors. Our strength, unity and self-discipline will make the locals have to be good neighbors to us – a balanced and mutual respect. This initial surge of profits for businesses will help ease their pain, as after the elections all large or non-locally owned businesses will be taxed or driven out of existence.

At this point we will be committed and so we must throw all of our efforts into fundraising and recruiting for all of the places and roles. We can publish more books, movies and popular music about The New Deal Plan and show how the best of the Greens community economics and adaptations of sustainable experiments from around the world can help us all survive and sustain our communities and the ecology. Large music festivals can draw in youth and spread the word fast.

We will also have to begin to concentrate on security for our operations outside of Safe Havens and for our defense of the Havens themselves. As with much of the New Deal Plan everything is straight forward and simple, but there are many position papers and resources available on all of the subjects mentioned here (and these are not just found on our mythical website: We Want A Future.) (#5.)

One idea that could be accomplished is to help our 200-300 million friends who live just South of us to get excited that for the first time people in the US are making a real grab for power and building resistance to the corporate profit plan of Global Capital – the same global capital that is attacking and extorting poor countries all over the world – backed up by the US-EU military and the Puppet UN apparatus.

The people of the South could help us with a variety of advisers (agriculture, security, media…) and they have a network of millions of workers and "eyes" from their friends and relatives who have already infiltrated the US (migrant workers, border crossers and gangs). Oh yeah… and Hugo Chavez will promise to give us free oil in exchange for us educating a few thousand Venezuelans in our skills and our new democratic processes, etc.

Within a year of people relocating to the Havens we will begin to win every election in those regions and attract more people – seeing is believing – Believing means more money. New Safe Havens will be designated (chosen by people who want to move there) and their development/preparations begun. But we know that many millions will not be ready, remain disempowered or just love their own areas too much to leave. That is fine, we need about three million to relocate (one percent of the US) in order to take over 15 or 20 counties. But we think that as many as 5 times that number will want to get involved – maybe many more if the mass of poor people grasp their liberation and seize the hay, I mean the day…

The Reserves and Fifth Column Defense

In every major city, in key economic zones (ports, oil refineries and?) and in disaster prone areas, we will encourage and fund militant community organizations that reach out to the poor, youth, minorities, radicals and gangs. Voting for policies that the New Deal promotes or to eliminate the most despicable of politicians can be done, but is not likely to have much effect alone. But with the militancy of these groups (creating a ruckus, vandalism, office occupations, traffic blocking, etc…) and their voting power they could influence candidate selection and the outcome of some votes. They will have power. And we have other uses for these groups… read on.

We will be connected to each other: the various far-flung Havens; the revolutionary people of the South and around the world (including Global Safe Havens, unions and millions of mixed-degree supporters); and also the militant community organizations within the US proper.

At this point the Self-Defense Plan and the Demands of all of our organizations will be delivered to the Powers-That-Be.

1. Hands off of Latin America – no interference or coercion allowed by the US or EU.

2. Large-scale investments by the Federal (US) government for “cleaner-greener” urban areas (free public transport, community feeding centers (with organic/local produce), rent control and no-car zones – for starters).

3. Any interference with the Havens will result in widespread protests, global strikes, looting and if necessary brutal and ugly industrial sabotage. (This is essentially the ESD plan suggested in the book Wishing at the Edge, by Rath Avens).

Are U Ready?

Well, that’s how it’s going to be – whether we want this or whether we try to make it happen or not. People are going to move to the areas that we hope become Havens. And if we do not organize and defend these areas they are likely to be destroyed by refugees and war. There can’t really be any arguments against this plan. (#6) At the worst we cannot help but takeover 5 or 6 counties (with only a few hundred thousand people) and waste a small amount of money that the big Enviros and other social change groups are already wasting on things that they know can never work. Even in the worst case scenario we will still serve as a viable model and a lasting revolutionary act that many others will attempt to emulate.

At best we will build an invincible solidarity with the South and the global poor. We will inspire youth and people in the US with the possibilities that we manifest (create). Once started, this plan should spiral toward victory picking up momentum and breaking the spells of hopelessness and inaction that are growing – at least in the US. (#6.)


#1. – All those millionaires out there (5 million in the US and 12 million globally) and all of you web savvy programmers (10 million?), let’s make this real and beautiful. We want people to be able to make good decisions and pick the right place for themselves. Part of the idea for the website is to serve as a polling place and a way to judge which regions are the most popular for Safe Havens – and to spot problems.

#2.- a. See the Death of Environmentalism: Even the environmentalists think they have failed and so they are looking for a new way to steal your money!;

b. The only two viable non-violent strategies of change are to force the US non-profits to give all of their money to the revolutions in the South (preferably the most radical – and often indigenous groups) – or – this ESD (Safe Haven) Plan… and the time for implementing these is running out fast…

#3. – These are some of the most endangered areas and yet they have small populations and a potential to be saved. Many of the areas we think are most suited to Havens are not valuable strategic locales for the Federals and they have few important resources – so the federal government may be less inclined to attack our experiments.

#4. – Some of these ideas/opportunities can be derived from the economic and revolutionary plans laid out in the resources found in footnote #5. Obviously, with all of the political power (the Sheriffs, police and public employees will all be working for the people) and a mobilized mass of people ready to defend themselves or drive out corporations we will be able to apply creative and devious tactics to help the Havens grow and prosper…

One million people multiplied by ten thousand dollar is ten BILLION DOLLARS – add to this two million people times one thousand each over two years – (a rough guess at fund raising -) for another four billion. With 10 billion dollars we could buy a lot of land, food and friends – ya think?

#5. - a. General Info: Link: Read the Book Wishing at the Edge, that started this idea:

b. Self Defense Ideas:

c. Economics:

d. Culture and Structures of Sustainable Production:

e. (Wimpy, but debateable)

#6. - Some might argue that if most of the smart activists leave an area that business will take advantage and the environment/people will suffer. This is elitist and I think that if the current crop of leaders leaves and the organizers disappear that more and better leaders will come forward to fight for these communities.

Misc Notes ::: (Suggestions from readers)

FOR SAFE HAVENS – Add more stuff on the militant groups and on the secret cells / agents –

These groups and ultimately the Havens too – have to spread the example of no cars – or no cars in urban areas – only people with a rural address can have a car and only one per address – also there are coop cars at coops, worker owned factories and government uses... Schools etc. – but no private cars in cities and few in rural areas – mostly trucks – and also there is mass transit – a variety of vans, busses and cars (horse wagons too) -

Also in both cases people prepare to not pay rent – so they congregate in a part of a neighborhood or town and fortify and refuse to pay rent or mortgage and resist. – in the case of Havens when they stop paying rent or mortgages there will be no one to enforce evictions – and the sheriffs and police will stop block interfer with evictors that are sent – perhaps with a negotiated settlement ( 10 cents on the dollar) and new laws passed to protect people and their homestead habitats...

Food shares Farmers markets – where the city – food bank buys all of the extra to feed poor, old and institutions...

Build grease generators and buy waste grease – grow oils etc... to compliment or have a back up to Chavez oil.... Forests nationalized (by neighborhoods)

Under Economics section link to FOS and other dev links – Via Campesina and IFG – Food First etc – Cuba --

Here is more economics :

To redistribute incomes and reduce energy use – sell the free Chavez gas and the expropriated natural gas – with very high taxes and progressive charges for extra use- steeply progressive bills for garbage – water use – energy – phones – internet – etc...

This raises a lot of money and we might even have oil or gas to export – if price is high...
Meanwhile we make gas or oil cheap r free to schools, child care, convalescence centers - key industries (basic goods or key sensible exports) – and coop experiments – Plus Plus minus -- !!!

If you design a system that cannot be changed that is not democracy – The rich have it now – WE Want it soon!!!

MORE on Demands – and laws and threats – and tactics – intelligence strategies, etc...

It seems impossible that none of the groups opposed to Bush, the right wing and capitalism (domination) or ecocide have:

1. A Plan;
2. a clear statement of ideals;
3. A Strategy;
4. A short to medium term vision, goals, plans...
Something that addresses re-designing power relations, the rich, wealth, sharing or income...

None of the peace or alternative groups have any of these important tools. They do not seem top care about their image, their ability to inspire or mobilize or the consequences of their inaction...

There are always several things missing in their analysis or their operations and outreach. Dynamics, time, the strategy of the enemy (the government-military-corporate nexus).

Their narrow viewpoint and their denial about the degree that the masses are trapped in a shallow but addictive consumerism. The tragedy and danger that people everywhere – but only half to a third of total pop. – seek the american way the way of death and suicide. Eco-suicidal... new word ...

The Battle over the middle class – or the need to exterminate it ...

Unions – Politics – Economics – what are these things - ?

Are they positive ??? Really ? How?

Most activists and individual radicals are actually middle class or they analyze things from that perspective... the values, sympathies and emotions – or the money --

The Problems in the World – The Problems in people ::

The Goal for a New World – The Goal for a New Man ::

The Strategy for the World – The Strategy for a New Man – A New Resistance !!!


Additional Reading:

map of BC tribes -

An early Scots exploren David Douglas for whom the Douglas fir was named), gave the name "Cascades" to the region's flowing waters that later became the name for the mountain range, but "Cascadia " has now re-entered the vocabulary as a cross-border regional identity that allows Western Canadian and American Northwesterners to forge cooperative programmes to promote their joint destinies. Without sacrificing our distinct national identities or compronaising the political boundaries that separate us, we increasingly are recognizing silnilarities of environment, local economies, overseas trading partners, and quality of life ... The issues of common concern include not only high speed rail but salmon habitat preservation, tourism promotion, wood products industry restructuring, electric power supply, international parks and water pollution.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. -- New tribalists are proponents of the New Tribal Revolution outlined in the Ishmael series by Daniel Quinn. New tribalists believe that the tribe fulfills an important role in human life, and that the dissolution of tribalism with the spread of civilization has come to threaten the very survival of the species. New tribalists seek to mimic indigenous peoples by organizing their own "tribes" based on underlying principles gleaned from ethnology and anthropological fieldwork.

Quinn argues that civilization is not working, and if we are to find a way of life that does work, we should draw our basic principles from human societies that are working. Quinn points to indigenous peoples and tribal societies as such examples, and advocates a social revolution--the New Tribal Revolution--to reform society using principles gleaned from the operation of such cultures.

Rap by callenbach on Ecotopia – news/2005/03/1728972.php

Links to Wishing at the Edge (A Book of Elves, Forest Defenders and majik)

( NEED BK 4 end ! )

older links ? –

Misc –

How Revolution –

Prisoner Page:

To Be Posted SOON!

Data on county voting; More Links to Evils of Big Enviros; Security Strategy; Gangs – to hit the Minutemen

Hugo Chavez a friend to all things!

See Introductory Article on:

What Is Wrong With Activists, Writers and Leaders



– if you still believe in anything then tell us what that is and how it could help the world… It is such a grotesque evil for writers, editors, people, or leaders to act like we are winning – or even have a guess at a plan – when in fact the opposition to Bush or MATERIALSIM (Capitalism) is failing – at least in the US vacuum… Give us Examples of useful thinking and failed experiments.

“The rest is up to others." -- Derrick Jensen - Typical USA – EU Carnival Hobby Revolutionaries:

-- “Does CrimethInc. have a platform or political ideology? If so, what is it? As I've described above, CrimethInc. has no platform or ideology except that which could be generalized from the similarities between the beliefs and goals of the individuals who choose to be involved--and that is constantly in flux. For that reason, you could call it an anarchist organization, if you like, although only in the original sense of the term.” – From Crimethink web site.

How A Revolution?


I am trying to write about how to have a revolution in the USA.

I have long claimed that no one ever wrote about this anywhere – anytime – or not anything that could work or made any sense. (See bottom for the two real examples that prove me wrong).

I have asked for examples and the few I have received – anarchists (Spain’s failure?) or say Gandhi – are such antiquated and terrible examples (unusual circumstances and actually marked by abject failure!).

Crimethink, Green Anarchists, some Earth First! People – talk about the REVOLUTION – but they never tell you anything useful other than cultural things AND DREAMY-EYED GROOVY SCENES… And lame magazines (supposedly rad!) like Maximum Rock and Roll, claim that Crimethink pacifists are too violent. (From punk to Pussy to…)

(Green Anarchy ran a decent review of the silly teenage “Recipes for Disaster.” I love Crimethink writing – I just wish they would say something. The EF! Journal review of Recipes SUCKED!!! As did the Fifth Estate’s.)

For several years, Craig Rosebraugh did a great job trying to get the discussion going – but as with most of his efforts no one really helped much.

– If anyone believes that voting, civil Disobedience (CD) or social revolution (Cultural Change) are viable – THEN DO NOT READ THIS – something is wrong with you. (All of these together for over 40 years could not change even one policy! The wars, the WTO, the ESA or Bush’s election(s)!)

There has been a social revolution in the US – its called Reagan and Bush – They won that battle…(60 to 80 percent of the population is strongly influenced by that direction and the religious right!!!)

Writers avoid the obvious impossibility of writing on How to Revolution by assuming it (revolution, anarchy, popular resistance or “The Coming Together” – pick you escapist flavor of the month!) will happen when the country collapses. This is the same kind of thinking employed by the religious right and all faith-based fundamentalists (New Age, Rainbow, Apocalyptic…etc). Meanwhile the Left practices its own millenarianism: Expecting the spoiled and drugged-out US “Working Class” to move out of their comfortable SUV-Urbia and join us in the streets to destroy the system that pampers them so well. Yeah sure… Only a strong and super militant Global coalition of unions all directing their rage at just the USA could even dream of winning anything…


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Re: Revolution How? Take the Havens or just Dream
26 Oct 2005
Ready For Revolution!! You bet I am! I think you're on to something big.You have done alot of work on how we can accomplish this monumental task.Now if you can only get the people to join your crusade.Spoiled,rotten and very comfortable Americans who are so scared of revolution will be hard to enlist.Revolution is for the hungry masses in the 3rd world.But we can dream.Good luck!!