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News :: Media
News Junkie Scott's Blog (10/27/05)
27 Oct 2005
Modified: 10:03:24 AM
Xymphora - The ground war in Syria has begun.
The Most Ruthlessly Censored News Blog in North America

(BTW, use for any article that requires registration.)

persistent sources


Astronomy Pic of the Day


911InsideJobbers (at)
Anti-allawi-group (at)
CatapultThePropaganda (at)
CIA-Drugs (at)
PlaneHuggers (at)



Remember: Censorship of a few affects everyone.



Depopulation: To reduce sharply the population of, as by disease, war, or forcible relocation.

(the only word that consistently describes today's events is 'depopulation'. The global elites are trying to dramatically lower the number people living on Earth.)



yesterday, Cleveland, Philadelphia, Chicago and Washington DC "Indymedia Centers" all censored this news blog. This blog cannot even be posted at Portland IMC, since "collective members" are monitoring every post there 24/7.

In the last month Boston, Cleveland, Colorado, New Jersey, New York, Philadelphia and Portland "Indymedia" centers have all censored this blog while claiming to be advocates of free speech.

Do "Indymedia collective members" belong to the CIA, FBI or NSA?

Of course, the reason for the heavy censorship is Indymedia is terrified that the general public will realize the 911 Hoax. If that happens the Bush dictatorship falls and the Republic is saved. (Hopefully.)

daily IMC censorship updates: Indymedia_Hysteria.asp

"Indymedia is a collective of independent media organizations and hundreds of journalists offering grassroots, non-corporate coverage. Indymedia is a democratic media outlet for the creation of radical, accurate, and passionate tellings of truth."

********911 NEWS MEDIA HOAX********

"We Went to War over Cartoons (the Webfairy)"

"What do you think would happen if the world became aware that there were no hijacked planes that day, that two of the flights didn't exist, that the towers were attacked with secret technology, that the horrifying image which people saw on TV was just a movie, and that media also faked lists of passengers on the non existent flight which didn't hit the North tower, that a missile of some sort was fired into the pentagon and that fake videos and fake eyewitness reports were concocted to try to sell the story? (Gerard Holmgren)"

What really hit the South Tower of the WTC?

(folks, an aluminum plane is not going to enter a steel building like a hot knife through butter.)


********NEW ORLEANS DISASTER********

New Orleans 2005 links & views:


"25 questions about the murder of New Orleans"


1. Fox TV aired a program called "Oil Storm" which accurately predicted the destruction of New Orleans after a hurricane.
2. New Orleans's 17th street canal was apparently blown up with explosives.
3. The US military subsequently invaded Louisiana.
4. Martial law was imposed.
5. FEMA systematically impeded rescue efforts.
6. Hundreds of prisoners deliberately left to drown.
7. the US military kept thousands of (mostly Black) New Orleans victims without food and water for days.


******FLU PANDEMIC******

Bird flu terror fear:

Is the bird flu an American bio-weapon?

Flu oddities (updated frequently):

********GENERAL NEWS********


Order broadens surveillance of Internet users:


Xymphora - The ground war in Syria has begun:

US and Britain seek UN backing for action against Syria

"GIs and Syrians in tense clashes on Iraqi border":

(the NY Times and the rest of the parasitic corporate media aren't telling their audience the US is provoking this.)

US, Britain, France drum up support for resolution against Syria:

(it is sad seeing France joining in on the coming bloodbath.)


GOP cuts student loans and other social programs:

(unlimited amounts of money to wage illegal, aggressive wars abroad and NOTHING for the next generation but the bills.)


Delphi's demand: Take $9 an hour:

"If Delphi Corp. has its way, workers for the nation's largest auto parts supplier would be paid as little as $9 per hour under 65% wage cuts, and be hit with a tenfold increase in health-care costs, no dental and vision care and other sharp reductions in benefits, according to a proposal revealed on the Web site of a UAW local..."

(you can't live on that wage, particularly if you're supporting a family.)


Wal-Mart memo proposes employee cost cuts:

"...including hiring more part-time workers and discouraging unhealthy people from seeking jobs..."


Senate panel backs $10 billion in health care cuts:

" part of a broader effort by congressional Republicans to trim spending and approve additional tax cuts..."

(the corporate media is endlessly claiming the Republicans are "trimming spending". the military budget is never included with that assessment.)

Senate votes down heating aid increase:

"The Senate decided Wednesday the money wasn't there..."

(here the corporate media is explaining on behalf of the right-wing why they havea blank check for wars and nothing for the poor.)


Lawmakers postpone meat origin labelling:


Lawmakers vote to allow privatization of food stamps:


ConocoPhillips profits soaring:


Bush dictatorship seeks legal sanction for torture

Bush seeks CIA exemption from ban on cruelty to terror "suspects",12271,1600634,00.html

(everyone they want to interrogate is a "suspect", every interrogator will be "CIA".)


Bird flu epidemic is a hoax:

"...How do they make the giant leap of faith that 60 deaths will translate to 2 million or even 200,00 deaths in the United States from a virus that does NOT readily spread from birds to humans, or humans to humans?

Most of the people who acquired this infection were bird handlers who were in continuous contact with these sick birds. Does anyone in their right mind envision similar circumstances in the United States?..."


S. 1873 "will strip Americans of the right to a trial by jury if they are harmed by either an experimental or licensed drug or vaccine they are forced by the government to take whenever federal health officials declare a public health emergency..."

"another Swift FEAR BILL passes out of Committee in 24 US Senate floor where it may become law today or this day of super communications, citizens can't keep up. Who's there to protect us from our protectors? (John)"

"-As we know by now--the plan seems to be to introduce the avian bird flu---real or imagined--in order to bring in martial law. Under that scenario all people can be forced to be vaccinated or put in concentration camps. The vaccines themselves may induce the full force of the predicted avian flu pandemic. This bill wants to exempt the pharmaceutical companies from liability for the projected genocide created, and or other results and sideffects, and the millions of lawsuits that would follow."

Code Red in the Senate. S 1873 eliminates liability for vaccine injuries:

Congress set to pass law eliminating liability for vaccine injuries:

A list of politicians said to be pushing for forced vaccines and forced drugging with untested/experimental drugs and vaccines giving freedom from liability to drug companies:

(note the Democrats: Kennedy, Mikulski, Harkin, etc.)


Recently declassified notes reveal brutal treatment of hunger-striking detainees at Guantanamo Bay:


A horrid reality:

"...the next 'national emergency' -- possibly a flu pandemic -- could be democracy's last hurrah. Bush is already boasting of using the military to "quarantine" those affected. And it won't be in our homes -- this isn't the measles with the school nurse tacking a 'quarantined' sign on our front doors. Last year, Bush authorized preliminary studies for the rapid construction of a National Detention Center Program, complete with a series of detention centers, to be added to the existing 600 units now in place. Also, The Department of Homeland Security is consulting with an Israeli company, Israeli Prison Systems, Ltd., for the expedited construction of modular internment camps to be located in rural areas throughout the continental US and Alaska..."


Padilla Doctrine is the backdoor to military rule in America:

Court upholds power of White House to jail citizens as "enemy combatants":


Radar as death ray?

Bush dictatorship drops plan for bunker buster:


CIA invests in no-fuel power generators:


Bush dictatorship wants to stop parody sites like the Onion from using the Presidential seal:

********the MATRIX********

*the MATRIX*

NJS uses the term 'Matrix' to denote the collossal intelligence-gathering and disinformation-disseminating structure that has been created to take over the US. Funded by intelligence agencies; e.g., the CIA. It includes COINTELPRO agents in every US city. It also comprises nearly every media outlet of significance in the US.


(Remember: Use the phrase "conspiracy theory" in a sentence and you are never wrong, since those who carry that label are immediately associated with ludicrous ideas.)

9-11 Conspiracists Invade Ground Zero,fergusonweb2,67726,2.html

State Department website informs US public that conspiracy theories are not to be trusted:

********MATRIX: 911********

Eric Hufschmid spells out how an information matrix works!!

"...The best way to get away with a crime is to be the investigator of the crime..."

(Highly recommended! If you've got the time this is EXCELLENT reading.)


(satire.) Saddam Hussein requests Harriet Miers as his judge:

(this lame piece reinforces the fiction that the late dictator of Iraq is on trial, and not one of his doubles.)


US Senate resumes attack on antiwar MP George Galloway

(imagine that Galloway is part of the Matrix. Sure, he gets vilified by right-wingers. however, he gets to keep his job. For the Matrix, they gain a nitwit who will represent the "opposition" while never uttering a word about the 911 Hoax in public. That's how a Matrix works.)


(flash.) Mark Fiore, everyone hates Harriet:

(what a nice distraction she was. Bush nominated an obviously unqualified person for Supreme Court. Few people thought about Chief Justice Roberts's recent support for Bush having the right to suspend the Constitution for any citizen he feels like.)



Cowardly Tony Blair steps up rhetoric against Syria and Iran:

********HEALTH, SCIENCE & LIVING********


Take the test. Programming language inventor or serial killer?


Japan developing remote control for humans:



Study shows that pot is "good for your brain":

"...However, researchers found that cannabinoids promoted generation of new neurons in rats' hippocampuses..."



White Sox end 88-year drought, sweep Astros to win World Series:


What NASA isn't telling you about Mars:



"We have no interest in oppressing other people. We are not moved by hatred against any other nation. We bear no grudge. I know how grave a thing war is. I wanted to spare our people such an evil.

"It is not so much the country of Czechoslovakia; it is rather its leader, Edward Benes. He has led a reign of terror. He has hurled countless people into the profoundest misery.

"Through his continuous terrorism, he has succeeded in reducing millions of his people to silence. The Czech maintenance of a tremendous military arsenal can only be regarded as a focus of danger.

"We have displayed a truly unexampled patience, but I am no longer willing to remain inactive while this madman ill-treats millions of human beings."

- Adolph Hitler, April 14th, 1939 - Hitler prepares a humanitarian intervention to liberate the oppressed people of Czechoslovakia.


"The wave of appalling terrorism against the minority inhabitants of Poland, and the atrocities that have been taking place in that country are terrible for the victims, but intolerable for Great Power which has been expected to remain a passive onlooker.

"We will not continue to tolerate the persecution of a minority, the killing of so many, and their forcible removal under the most cruel conditions. I see no way by which I can induce the government of Poland to adopt a peaceful solution.

"But I should despair of any honourable future for my own people if we were not, in one way or another, to solve this question."

- Adolph Hitler, August 23rd, 1939 - Hitler Prepares a humanitarian intervention to liberate the oppressed people of Poland.



p.s. all are welcome on the News Junkie GP list:
See also:
http://911 Hoax

This work is in the public domain