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News :: Politics
EYES WIDE OPEN --2038 combat boots on Boston Common
04 Nov 2005
Modified: 09:44:42 PM
The "Eyes Wide Open--An Exhibition on the Human cost of the Iraq War" is being displayed Nov. 1 through 8 on Boston Common. Thousands of pairs of boots and shoes of those killed in Iraq.
The "Eyes Wide Open--An Exhibition on the Human cost of the Iraq War" is being displayed Nov. 1 through 8 on Boston Common. This is the display of over 2000 pairs of combat boots--a pair for each US soldier thats been killed in Iraq. Also displayed are many many pairs of shoes representing the over 100,000 Iraqis killed in this war.A vivid reminder of the human cost of this war.Here are some photos of the exhibit...
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Re: EYES WIDE OPEN --2038 combat boots on Boston Common
04 Nov 2005
Wow! Thanks, Mike.

I missed this, so I appreciate the pics very much.
Re: Where are the 100,000 Iraqi shoes?
04 Nov 2005
I'm curious about why there are so many more US soldiers boots than Iraqis shoes? At least 100,000 Iraqi people have died far more than the 2,000 Americans.It seems Americans care more for the soldiers that are killing and maiming Iraqis in a criminal war.Let's not forget that these Americans were not drafted,they volunteered.The Iraqis are innocent victims of American imperialism.The media does not show the everyday misery and horror of life for the Iraqi people under American occupation.Victory to the Iraqi Resistance!
Re: EYES WIDE OPEN --2038 combat boots on Boston Common
05 Nov 2005
"an exihibition of the human cost the war in iraq" that mostly only represents american terrorists, tortures and mass murders shows me that the organizers cant be bothered to indicate that every Iraqi victim is human.
Thank Bush.
05 Nov 2005
Should of added the 9-11, Pentagon, Pennsylvania, Haiti, Afghanistan, Katrina, and the other two Hurricanes victims to the boot count.
Bush is responsible for all these atrocities. Yea, the hurricane deaths could have been prevented. Bush appointed all these incompetent people.
I point the finger at the criminal. Bush.
Re: EYES WIDE OPEN --2038 combat boots on Boston Common
05 Nov 2005
note---the second photo is of the iraqi civilian shoes--there were lots of them, too, with the names of iraqi civilians attached to each pair.
Re: EYES WIDE OPEN --2038 combat boots on Boston Common
05 Nov 2005
Indeed the Iraqi people were better off and happier under Saddam. He brought stability and control to that diverse nation. He kept the Kurds and Shiites in check. He also kept population numbers in control. The present situation demonstrates that the Iraqi people have not yet reached a cultural maturity to handle democracy and must be led by a benevolent dictator like Saddam. Another beneficial thing that Saddam brought was the elimination of dissidents within the country. A country with a large dissident population cannot survive. Through selected imprisonment and selective execution, Saddam not only physically eliminated opposition, but sent a clear message that opposition would not be tolerated. The Iraqi people liked this and actually thrived under it. They always knew what the rules were and how to play by them. While it is unfortunate for the families of those imprisoned or executed, it is also true that these families are in part to blame. They owed it to their dissident family members to reign them in. They also owed it to their country. What we have now is the very real danger that the Kurds will set up their own democracy in the north. The Kurds, due to their tribal/cultural background are the only group in Iraq capable of democracy. If they are allowed to establish democracy, then Iraq ia doomed. Only Saddam can stop this.
Re: EYES WIDE OPEN --2038 combat boots on Boston Common
06 Nov 2005
To Dissappointed:
If you walked through the exhibit & read the signs, you'll note that each pair of shoes represents 100 Iraqis that have died as a result of the US occupation in Iraq. You'll also read and understand that the deaths are near impossible to track.
Re: EYES WIDE OPEN --2038 combat boots on Boston Common
06 Nov 2005
Opus said it perfectly. The Iraqi people want Saddam Hussein back. He should be allowed to return to power. Any Iraqi government that does not include Saddam as president is not a legitimate government. Let's not forget that in the last Iraqi election, a full 99% of the people voted and Saddam received 98% of the vote. Clearly, the people support Saddam. Contrast this to the previous four elections in the US where approximately 35% of the American people voted. The people of Iraq spoke clearly when they voted OVERWHELMINGLY for Saddam. Let's allow the voice of the people to rule.
Re: EYES WIDE OPEN --2038 combat boots on Boston Common
07 Nov 2005
Death from armed conflict is sad. No one will ever dispute that. American soldiers who pay the ultimate price giving and defend freedom do so as volunteers. Granted even one Iraqi civilian lost is tragic but keep in mind, lots of those listed as dead had every opportunity to put the RPG down.
Re: EYES WIDE OPEN to the American idiots
08 Nov 2005
The American imperialist zionist crusaders can't defeat the Muslim resistance in Iraq ,Afghanistan, ,Syria,Iran or Palestine.There are 1.5 billion muslims who hate Israel and America.The numbers are growing and that means plenty more insurgents to fight the American infidels to the death.For every muslim America or Israel kills a new jihadist will seek revenge.2052 and counting.Why not give up now? you can't win.
Re: EYES WIDE OPEN --2038 combat boots on Boston Common
08 Nov 2005
I would have to say that that last post by Jihad Joe is the best! Give up now? Come on!

I tend to disagree with alot the stuff on here but come on. This is the United States of America. We don't back down from aggression. We try at all costs to avoid it but will not back down when confronted.
Re: EYES WIDE OPEN to the American Idiots
09 Nov 2005
Veteran just proved how ignorant most Americans are. He doesn't know his history.America lost the Korean war,Vietnam war,Cuban war{Bay of Pigs},Somalian war and will cut and run from Iraq and Afghanistan.The American soldiers are cowardly racist bullies who think like Veteran that they can beat up on poor defenseless people in the third world.Then they are so surprised when their victims fight back and scare the hell out of them.Now they can't wait to go home.If these US soldiers had a choice to stay in Iraq or go home the war would be over today.
Re: EYES WIDE OPEN --2038 combat boots on Boston Common
10 Nov 2005
Good comedy and humor. Keep it coming!
Happy Veterans Day!
Re: EYES WIDE OPEN --2038 combat boots on Boston Common
11 Nov 2005
Jihad Joe, you are a dumb shit. Until you've actually spent some time in Iraq, living the life that soldiers do, peering through the sights on an M249, convoying on highways that are full of IEDs, SHUT THE FUCK UP!

See, that's what pisses me off most about liberals. They say stupid shit like "All soldiers are racist killers." and "We should support the Iraqi insurgency." and "Saddam should be reinstalled as dictator of Iraq."

I fucking hate liberals. I've been to Iraq, I've fought in this war, and I will guarantee that you're all wrong.