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Commentary :: Globalization : Human Rights
Proof that Bush and the Neo-Cons are Vatican operatives
06 Nov 2005
Humanity's long nightmare has one underlying cause. The existence and requirement of money and the widespread greed, falsehood and injustice that it directly causes. The only way to end this world's widespread and persistent suffering is to end the existence of money and to replace it with wisdom and compassion.
Money: The greatest lie ever told
Understanding the Vatican’s true nature by their handling of the concept of Money

NOTE: Though this article references and relies on the mentioned book, it's purpose is to deliver long awaited truth and wisdom, not to make money from book sales. The ebook is a free download and the paperback is sold at cost, with 0% profit and 0% income to the author. The nature of the problems addressed and the quantity and nature of the knowledge necessary to solve them requires a fully researched book made freely and widely available.

Now there is verifiable proof that:

-The world economic system is a purposeful deception managed by the Vatican and its primary secret-society cohorts
-The entire world's financial system is purposely designed to create poverty and suffering to drive the masses to accept deceptive leaders who rule using money, religion and politics.
-All of the world's currencies and economies are deceptive math and logic traps, thereby proving that their true purpose is world-wide enslavement and mass exploitation, exactly like religion and politics.
-The Vatican only pretends to be a religious organization and is in fact the secret capitol of the New World Order and the driving force behind all the evils of globalism and imperialism.
-The Vatican has always knowingly lied about the true source and purpose of Christianity and their secret control of both Judaism and Islam.
-The Vatican is the hidden source of world-wide terrorism and blatantly lies about almost everything to hide its true nature and function.

The following book excerpts are from Revelations from the Apocalypse - Volume One: Here is Wisdom by Lawrence W. Page II (aka Seven Star Hand)

...Chapter 2: Page 82
"When reading the various discussions about how to end poverty and solving the world’s money and resource problems, most people focus on how to change the nature of, or the availability of money. Very few ever consider that the problem is not how much money you have or don’t have, nor is it related to the type of money you use. In fact, it is easily demonstrated that one of the root causes of our entire civilization’s never-ending and great struggles is that we are using money at all. Furthermore, if money were simply eliminated and we instead cooperated with each other and turned away from the evil cabals that control all money (read: the Vatican and their international banking deceptions) then, and only then, will all of this never-ending struggle and blatant evil finally subside.

Unknown to almost everyone, the Vatican is the secret ruler of Planet Earth. They are also the secret central bank that sits behind several layers of deception and manipulates the world’s financial systems. They are the hidden controllers of those who control national and international banking and economies. All national debts exist because of the Vatican’s manipulations, and all national debts ultimately enrich the Vatican and its primary cohorts. If you ever wondered how this cadre of child rapists can still compel leaders of powerful nations to kiss the Pope’s ring, just consider how much power you would wield if every nation in the world were deeply indebted to the cabals you controlled. The Vatican is the secretive and shadowy remnant of, and successor to, the priesthood of ancient Babylon that created money, banking, and credit (usury) many thousands of years ago. They continued intact through the Persian, Greek, and Roman Empires to become the Vatican of today. "

...Chapter 2: Page 84
"Take a moment to contemplate how money causes everything in life to be insanely more complex and consequently, exponentially more difficult than is necessary. Money and the many layers of systems that accompany its requirement and side effects have insinuated themselves into everything we do in life. Consider the bureaucracies that simply would not exist without the need to manage myriad laws and rules that only exist because of the purposely-imposed complexity that accompanies the requirement of money. Consider the vast amounts of paperwork and wasted energy and resources that would be eliminated along with the elimination of money. Consider the laws, taxes, insurance, copyrights, patents, banks, banking, credit, many forms of money, accounting, advertising, sales, security, legalities, litigation, and the massive redundancies associated with myriad organizations doing the same work and seeking profits while keeping the results secret and/or proprietary. Think of all the trees that die, the pollution pumped into the air and water, the natural systems that suffer, and the massive destruction of nature and humanity that occur because of the need to feed the never ending drive to grow markets, economies, corporations, and bureaucracies. Without the need to compete for money and customers, things could get done right the first time and there would be no need to constantly reproduce and throw away shoddy, short-lived products. Without the need to protect intellectual property, trade secrets, discoveries, techniques, and technologies all knowledge and wisdom could be freely shared thereby raising the quality of life for everyone, everywhere, and eliminating myriad layers of massive redundancy and waste. Without the wasted human effort that accompanies the existence of money, it would be simple to meet the needs of every single person on the planet with a fraction of the energies and resources currently expended. By redirecting the lives and intellects now consumed by the need to satisfy the appetite of the almighty dollar (and all currencies), we could solve all of humanity's persistent problems in less than one decade. With a mere fraction of the labor, energy, and resources now wasted serving voracious greed, money, commerce, and competition, we could easily create a true paradise."

Continued in Chapter 2 of the free E-book at the referenced url.
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This work is in the public domain
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Re: Proof that Bush and the Neo-Cons are Vatican operatives
07 Nov 2005
Now this is a new approach!!