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Projecting the Future Propheticly - 2002 to 2012
28 Dec 2001
As of today we seem to be finishing up the war in Afghanistan and there is all types of speculation that President bush is next planning on invading Iraq. I noticed recently that President Mubarak of Egypt is now supporting Iraq. If I am reading the scriptures correctly concerning this there will be some surprises shortly.
Projecting the Future

This is again a statement of my present understanding of what lies ahead in our near future. As Revise this on December 24, 2001 I am anticipating a devastating year for 2002. I am coming to that conclusion more by the prophecies described in the 102nd Psalm than I am by the world situation. As of today we seem to be finishing up the war in Afghanistan and there is all types of speculation that President bush is next planning on invading Iraq. I noticed recently that President Mubarak of Egypt is now supporting Iraq. If I am reading the scriptures correctly concerning this there will be some surprises shortly.

1. Mubarak and Hussein will have a falling out and a power struggle that will result in a war between Egypt and Iraq that will politically delay President’s plans of invading Iraq.

2. Attention will temporarily be shifted from the war between Israel and the Palestinians to the war between Egypt and Iraq. The nations making up NATO will hold back and allow this war to take place anticipating the victory of Egypt. There will evidently be a power shift of the Moslem nations to supporting Iraq in this war and Egypt will be defeated as much from power with in Egypt as those opposing Egypt. There may be a civil war breaking out at the same time as the war with Iraq.

The things that I have learned over the past 25 years as I have been seeking to hear God's voice and understand His plan for this generation.

No matter how we may see prophetically the nearness of time and anticipate God's movements, we seem to error when we feel such urgency in seeing world events. It has seemed many times that the time of Christ’s return has to be imminent and it has seemed as though we are running out of time. We all have felt an urgency to fulfill all that God has called us to do. Experience has taught me that no matter how I may feel or see things in my own fleshly understanding, God is never in a hurry. And we must continually wait upon the Lord for his timing.

At this time of ending the year 2001 seems to be a time where in many nations financial institutions are in a state of confusion and a power struggle seems to be taking place. The struggle seems to be between the force behind the NWO the owners of the present Federal Reserve and those wanting to go back to a gold backed currency as was the gold standard. The Euro is officially being adopted as the official currency of most of the nations making up the common market on January 1, 2002. If by chance that they decide to announce the Euro will be backed by gold the entire world financial situation will change as all U. S. money held in other nations is turned into a collectable debt against the US economy and the US will be flooded with devaluating dollars to buy American made products. What we see happening as the economy is devastated and civil unrest spreads through out the nation politicians and bankers will no longer be trusted and men of faith will be brought into leadership positions as men of God. They will be looked upon as men who can be trusted.

The weeks and months ahead will be very interesting to say the least, and my speculation will be judged as wisdom of a wild imagination.

After stating these facts I will also state that:

1. With world wide communications the way they are it does seem that the great commission is nearly completed or could be completed very quickly.

2. The times of the gentiles seems to have been completed now for over 30 years. Since the six day war where Israel gained possession of Jerusalem in 1967.

3. The period of grace seems to be in the very last stages.

4. Enlightenment seems to be coming upon the earth.

5. It seems that we are on the verge of overcoming our enemy of death. This may not only be from the spiritual perspective, but Medical technology seems near to being able to not only extend lives, but even reverse the aging process.

6. It appears everything seems to be in a process of change. Nature; the weather, the moon, the sun, the stars and the entire earth seem to be in a state of changing rapidly.

7. The prophetic understanding that I believe I have received indicates there will soon be an orbital change probably by the end of 2004 where climates in many areas of the earth will be drastically changed from areas of extreme heat to areas of extreme cold.

8. Civil unrest on a world wide scale will probably break out all over the world as a result of world economic changes rather from war, as if it happened almost instantaneously in all nations. The food chain suffers from the fallen economy, unhealthy genetic engineering of our foods and the devastating weather.

9. Demonic forces will cause thousands power struggles causing wars and strife to break out in every city upon the earth as if there were a world wide free for all riot.

10. This will cause many to be awakened and believers will come to gather into unity and fleeing out of the cities into the mountains. Through crisis situations faith will grow in people as a manifesting of the power and the authority of Christ Jesus in totally submitting to his perfect will.

11. The righteous will manifest the power and the authority to take control spiritually and the un-righteous will be judged by and through the power of the righteous using the power and authority of the Lord working through His people.

12. This will be the beginning of world wide revival as the body becomes mobilized as an army of peace keepers restoring the wealth and welfare of all the people who have suffered from the wars, plagues and famines.

13. Religions and denominations among religions will have a change in attitude as they see the power given to the body of Christ as a result of being in unity all of one mind and accord. The will be coming together and denominational barriers will cease to exist.

14. Believers will gather where the spirit of the Lord is working and moving the most freely. A new excitement spiritually will occur as more people learn to hear the voice of the Lord and turn their hearts totally towards Him and to do His perfect will. The word of the Lord will come alive in power of new revelations as the Lord speaks to and through His people.

15. The world will be shaken by nuclear explosions and there will be great danger in all major cites from the threat of chemical terrorism. Entire cites will be turned to death and destruction as this cleansing process takes place through the acts of evil forces in destroying themselves.

16. The forces of good and evil will be focused on who will control Jerusalem and the Middle East. Great activity will center around control of the middle east and there will develop two centers of influence as if there were two sister cities battling each other. Power will be centered in Jerusalem and Babylon for a fight to the death for the spiritual control of the world.

17. Ancient Babylon will rise as a world financial center for one third of the nations of the world under control of Babylon and the forces of the NWO and Jerusalem will be dedicated to the establishment of the Kingdom of God.

18. The power of Saddam Hussein of Iraq will rise as the result of the overthrow of Egypt. This power struggle will end as I have described the destruction of Egypt by Saddam Hussein of Iraq.

19. Saddam Hussein will merge the powers and gain control of most of the middle east nations, Eastern Europe and Russia.

20. Expect these nations to come under control of Saddam Hussein, Libya, Sudan, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey, Iran, Ethiopia, Russia, and the eastern European nations that will include Germany.

21. The center of power of these nations will be the city of Babylon.

22. Saddam Hussein will be the ruler of 1/3 of the world in geographic area. This will include 1/3 of the world population, 1/3 of the world Economy and political power.

23. Within this one third of the world there will still remain many true believers and many will be martyred or imprisoned with much persecution.

24. The world will slow down as the world economies and the life styles of all people are changed because of the economic changes and the change in ruler-ship of all nations. Technology will be set back as people are forced to live hand to mouth for survival.

25. This will be a period where the light of Christ will appear with geographical boundaries on 2/3 of the earth and the forces of darkeners, sex, drugs, murder and crime will be separated and appear on the one third of the world under control of satan and the forces of evil headed by Saddam Hussein.

26. Believers living Christ controlled lives will be given power and authority to do great exploits, supernaturally calling power upon the earth from heaven. The earth will shake and fire will fall from heaven as commanding words are spoken from their mouths.

27. The city of Jerusalem will go through a cleansing process where all forces of evil will be destroyed. This will be like a great slaughter as men women and children are slaughtered in the streets. All those that have a heart for God will be saved.

28. The earth will seem to fall apart as the war increases between forces of good and the forces of evil. People will be confused and will have to deal with their own self will, self wisdom and the spiritual consciousness within. Everyone will be brought to a point where there is no longer any middle ground and one must choose between the forces of good or evil.

29. The way will be made clear for those pressing closer to the Lord in total submission, totally trusting the Lord moment by moment.

30. People will barricade themselves indoors and others will move to the mountains. Everyone will seem totally alone not trusting anyone else.

31. Survival will be from meal to meal. Many believers will go through a period of total poverty.

32. Believers from many nations will feel the nudging of the Holy Spirit to move out of their countries and move to the righteously developing nations or the land of Israel. As the leaders of these evil nations see this the will secure their boundaries so the people seeking goodness and righteousness cannot leave or escape.

33. The word will be spread abroad that the temple of the Lord is to be built according to Ezekiel's plans for the return of the Lord.

34. People from around the world will go to Israel to rebuild the city of Jerusalem as a city of splendor. The wealth from people of all nations will be given to restore Jerusalem and build the Temple of God.

35. Christians, Jews and Moslems will learn their roots and embrace one another as the tribes of Israel and all the seed of Abraham are recognized and brought together as one nation.

36. Peoples appearances will change as the glory of God is manifested through His people. The Glory of God will actually be seen shining through the people. Every act and thought will be made according to the Holy Spirits leading in God's perfect will.

37. The earth will change as words are spoken and prayers made by believes. Springs will open up and make lakes in dry places. The deserts will blossom as a rose.

38. Wild animals will become tame to believers as they see and sense love from people living Christ centered lives.

39. The ancient ruins of Babylon will be restored and set up as a world financial center by the forces of evil in keeping the evil system of controlling and enslaving the people.

40. Believers dwelling within the 1/3 of the governments controlled by Saddam Hussein, will be put into bondage, mind control, torture, manipulation and persecution with many having to die for their testimony.

41. As Evil increases in Babylon righteousness rises in Jerusalem and the Word of the Lord is spread through the land under the leading of the two witness’s, the two olive branches appear in Jerusalem and prophesies daily to the world through satellite and world wide communications.

42. Satan and his fallen angels are now seen clearly. Since the invasion of the World Trade Center Towers on September 11, 2001 the spiritually sensitive person has seen the manifestations of satan being cast upon the earth. Now satans goal is to destroy the power of God that has been given to his people and sets out to destroy the church or the mother of the over-comers. The mother who has brought forth the man-child. The church, the mother flees into the wilderness to a place prepared for her by the Lord for forty two months.

43. The power and authority to “Break the Yoke” comes forth as all believers come into unity as an army of over-comers to stand against satan and all his demonic forces. They are empowered by the word of their testimony and the blood of the Lamb of God and no one has any fear of death.

44. The Lord empowers His two witnesses to go to the leader and demand the freedom of God's people from the north countries under control of Saddam Hussein.

45. The Power of God spoken through the “rod of their mouths” and is seen as the two witness's demand the release of God's people.

46. One third of the earth will become totally burned and charred. Not even a blade of green grass will be seen upon the entire one third of the earth.

47. One third of the seas and oceans of the earth will be turned to blood. All ships and vessels upon the one third of the oceans will be destroyed as a comet plunges into the sea.

48. One third of the fresh water upon the earth will become bitter and many people will die from drinking the water as a result of radio-activity.

49. One third of the earth become dark as the sun and the moon do not shine over that one third of the earth. This will probably be the 3 days of darkness prophesized to come upon the earth.

50. The bottomless pit is opened and demonic and evil spirits are permitted to torment the people upon the one third of the earth who do not have the spirit of the Lord. This torment lasts for 42 months.

51. Saddam Hussein finally agrees to release the people of God from all the north countries that have held them and persecuted them.

52. The people gather the wealth of their captives before they move out of the north countries. When the people are set free from the north countries they demand the wealth of the nations for their compensation of being persecuted. Under the threat of another plague brought on by the word of the two witness’s all the powers of evil agree.

53. All the people in bondage migrate to the land of Israel, lead by the two witness‘s.

54. Saddam Hussein is infuriated and gathers all his armies together for one last effort to overtake all the forces of God and gain control of the world. He decides to invade the land of Israel and plans to destroy all the people in the land.

55. Saddam Hussein personally leads his troops totaling 200 million soldiers to within a few miles of Jerusalem and stages his army for the attach. As he shakes his fist and orders the attach the earth shakes beneath his feet.

56. All of Saddam’s soldiers panic with fear and a shot is fired. Suddenly all the weapons explode in confusion as the armies destroy themselves.

57. All the people of the earth realize that the God of heaven and earth has saved his people. Every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord.

58. The re-gathering of the people of Israel and the people of Judah has been accomplished. The Kingdom has now been re-established under all the tribes of Israel including the two sons of Joseph making 13 tribes.

59. The weapons of war that were held by the invading forces that were destroyed are gathered for fuel. There is enough fuel to supply all the energy needs of the nation for seven years.

60. A burial site is established to bury all the dead soldiers. I takes seven months for the people of Israel to gather and bury all the dead bodies.

61. The city of Babylon falls and all the forces of evil are fallen and the evil world economic system is destroyed.

62. The seventh trumpet sounds.
a. People are changed in the twinkling of an eye.
b. The graves are opened.
c. All believers are raised to meet the Lord in the air.

63. The Kingdoms of this earth become the Kingdoms of or God and Jesus, His Christ.

64. Jerusalem will be tread under foot by people from around the world who will come to bring glory to the establishment of Jerusalem as the capital of the Kingdom of God,

65. Jesus comes to earth and is met by Moses the ancient of days and enters His rebuilt temple in Jerusalem.

Gary Larrabee

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