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Missing Pieces to the 911 Mystery Puzzle
02 Jan 2002
Modified: 12:11:20 PM
I am encouraged by some of the other posts, some Americans are really waking up to the fraud and manipulation that has been thrust upon them... Power to the people!


Missing Pieces To The
Amazing 911 Mystery Puzzle

By Michael Shore
A View From Jerusalem, Israel

There are so many amazing possibilities to the true story of what really happened and who is the real mastermind behind 911, that some sort of independent peoples' committee (like that which revealed the TWA 800 coverup - ed) should be set up to investigate all the facts and questions that have never been answered since the horrific attacks on 911. This peoples' committee could be made up of intelligent independent citizens who have no connection to anyone in the U.S.government. Here is a list of some of the questions that might be answered with such an inquiry.

1. Let's start with an easy one. It was reported that an unusually large amount of thousands of put stock options were purchased on United and American airlines just before 911. You make money on put options when the price of a stock goes down. There were also reports of unusual stock transactions in Europe related to 911. The CIA supposedly monitors these kinds of unusual stock transactions so that people who have insider information can possibly be identified and apprehended as potential participants in a case like 911. To date, the identity of the person or persons, who were involved in these option and stock transactions, have not been made public. It was also reported that a $2,500,000 profit from one of the option trades has not been claimed by the person who made that trade. The FBI can easily identify the person or persons involved in these stock trades because in order to make a stock trade, you have to open an account with a stockbroker and deposit money in your account before you trade.
It would seem easy enough for the FBI and CIA to go to the stockbrokers where these trades were made and find out who made them. This is probably the closest link that can be established to someone who was involved in 911 but neither the FBI nor CIA is, apparently, pursuing this. Why?
2. It was reported that none of the names of the so-called Arab terrorists were on any of the passenger lists of any of the four planes involved in 911. Plus, the FBI and CIA with all their multi-billion dollar budgets claimed that they had no prior information that a "terrorist" act of this magnitude was about to happen. Yet within 48 hours, the FBI and CIA somehow managed to produce the pictures and names of 19 Arabs who were supposedly the "terrorists" on the planes, even though none of their names were on ANY of the passenger lists. How did they know? Just because you had an Arab name, they were able to determine that you were a "terrorist" on the planes? Plus, you may recall, when the names of the "terrorists" were first released to the press, there were reports in the media that some of the passports which the "terrorists" were using may have been stolen and the real names of the "terrorists" may have been different than the names released to the media.
3. It was reported that a number of passengers were able to make cell phone calls from the planes that were supposedly hijacked. You'll see why I used the term "supposedly hijacked" in number 4. It was also reported by some sources that these reported cell calls never showed up on the cell phone company billings. Why are hijackers letting anyone on the planes make cell phone calls to people on the ground? Can you remember any other hijacked airplane incident where people were making cell phone calls? Can you easily make cell phone calls from a plane that is 35,000 feet high and hundreds of miles away from your cell phone provider?
It was reported that the black boxes from the planes, which record conversations between the pilot and ground control, were all either destroyed or the conversations on recovered blackboxes could not be released for some rediculous reason. Number one, black boxes are built to survive the worst fiery plane crashes. By not releasing the black box communications and data, we cannot know what is really happening in the cockpit or on the aircraft and who is flying those planes. Additionally, there had to be some communication between the pilots and someone in the control towers. Yet no air traffic controller was interviewed to talk about their conversations with the pilots during the course of the "hijackings."

So, the only communication we are told about is some supposed cell phone conversations of a few passengers and a flight attendant on the planes. The only cockpit sounds that are released to the public are a few seconds of what we are told is a scuffle between passengers and hijackers in the cockpit of flight 93 that crashed in Pennsylvania. It is extremely important that any blackbox communication between the pilots and ground control be heard, if it still exists. This is probably the most important available part of the mystery in the puzzle. (To date, FBI Director Mueller refuses to release black box recordings saying they might impede the investigation and that they are too horrible for people to hear, especially familiy members. -ed)

4. It was reported there is a new technology that currently exists called onboard the UAV 'Global Hawk' platform. This technology was referred to by President Bush immediately following the 911 tragedy. Bush said that in the future, we must strengthen the cockpit doors and further the development of a new technology whereby a pilot on the ground can take over the controls of a hijacked aircraft and fly the plane, and land the plane, at a designated airport. Bush was referring to this technology being developed sometime in the future when he knew that this technology has been under development for many years and exists now!

In April 2001, a pilotless plane flew from the US to Australia and back to the U.S. Boeing has under development a pilotless fighter plane, whose final test was set for December 2001. With these new planes, you won't have to have live fighter pilots risking their lives in war. Plus it will save huge amounts of money training fighter pilots, which currently costs two to three million dollars each pilot. So what does all this mean?

It means that the "Global Hawk" pilotless plane technology that Bush talked about already exists and could have been used in the 911 events. Guess how many planes one trained pilot can fly sitting in front of his computer screens? Four. How many planes were involved in 911? Four. And according to a conference of professional commercial airline pilots, the supposed Arab "hijackers" could not have flown those planes at all, or as well as they were flown, if they only attended the flight schools that were reported in the news.

So, let's look at how all the above could might into play. None of the supposed Arab "terrorist" names were on any of the passenger flight lists and the U.S. government, within 48 hours, shows us pictures of 19 Arab "terrorists" - even though the FBI and CIA said they had no prior information that the 911 event could happen. You really don't need any live pilots in the cockpit to fly any of the four planes. They could all be flown by one very well-trained pilot using Global Hawk technology from somewhere on the ground.
Therefore, the 19 Arab "hijackers" didn't even need to board the planes. You didn't even need "hijackers." All you need is 'Global Hawk' technology to take over control of the aircraft from the ground. By the US government refusing to release any of the pilot-to-ground control communication from the (allegedly destroyed) blackboxes in the aircraft, the US government blacks out any conversation from the "hijacked" airline pilots possibly telling the control tower that the flight controls of their planes had been taken over.
You might ask, what happened to the fourth plane, Flight 93? According to one theory, Global Hawk technology malfunctioned on Flight 93. Somehow the pilots onboard were able to regain control of their aircraft. If Flight 93 lands safely on the ground, the secret of what was really happening on all four planes would be revealed. A back-up plan had to be implemented.
Flight 93 was then supposedly shot down by a US military jets. There are verifiable facts to substantiate this possibility. There were a number of eye witnesses who claimed to have seen flight 93 explode before it fell to the ground. These eye witnesses also saw a military jet in the sky near the crash site. Plus, there were reports of a small white private plane circling the crash site immediately after the crash - even though all private aircraft were supposed to be grounded at the time. Aircraft debris from Flight 93 was strewn over an area six to eight miles from the crash site, which would be impossible if, as the government said, some of the passengers assaulted the hijackers onboard.
Now comes the hero story from the government. This story is used to supply all the answers to all the questions about what happened on Flight 93 and to avoid any further inquiry by a gullible American public that accepts most anything their government officials say is truth. As George Bush, Sr. was quoted as saying: "Don't confuse people with the truth."
5. No US military planes were sent up to intercept any of the hijacked planes even though there were at least 30 minutes to one hour from the time it was known that the planes were hijacked. Much has been written about this by the alternatve free press on the internet. It is standard procedure for military planes to be sent up if a plane is off course and the plane is not or cannot communicate with ground control. This is just normal safety protocol because if a plane starts flying in a different flight pattern, it could crash into another plane in the sky. The big question is who gave the order to not "scramble" US military jets under these emergency and highly-dangerous conditions? If you think Bin Laden could have done this sitting in some cave in Afghanistan - think again. The only people who could have pulled this one off are high-ranking government officials who were part of the plan of the real "Mastermind" behind the attacks.
6} So why wage a war in Afghanistan as a result of 911, costing billions of dollars? Oil, oil, oil. Unocal, a huge American oil conglomerate, along with other connected individuals, wanted to take control of six trillion dollars of oil (that's trillion, not billion) in the Caspian Sea...right near Afghanistan. Need you be reminded that the Bush's and Vice President Cheny just happen to be wealthy oil men and Cheney's Haliburton Corporation will probably be building the multi-billion dollar oil pipeline across Afghanistan that will be needed to bring much of that oil to market. It is important to be aware that the new leader of Afghanistan used to work for Unocal. Isn't that convenient?

Another important major benefactor of the war on terrorists is the war industrialists. George Bush, Jr's father happens to be the main player in the fifth largest war corporation in the World: the Carlyle Corporation. Isn't this kind of father/son relationship called nepotism? Meaning, in government language,your father or relatives benefit financially from your governmental decisions. Just a side note: up until October 2001, the Bin Laden family were major investors in the Carlyle Corpration but were forced to sell out because of the controversy their relationship generated. The Bin Ladens and the Bush's have been doing business together for many years. How interesting.
The American people along with the Europeans have been told that the war on terrorism is going to be a long war. What a shame George Jr's father's corporation doesn't make peace products. Then his father would have an incentive to make money from having Peace in the World instead of war.

Another important reason for the war in Afghanistan was to get control of the opium poppies used to make most of the heroin in the World. You would think that President Bush with the 'war on drugs' would work to stop the manufacture of heroin in Afghanistan now that the U.S. has taken over control of the country. But insteadm it has been reported that the new ruling Nothern Alliance is expanding substantially the gowing of opium poppies and the manufacture of heroin in Afghanistan. Could it be that the Bushes,Cheney and the CIA really are involved, as long-rumoured, in heavy-duty drug trafficking all over the World?

7. Probably one of the biggest giveaways that Bin Laden is not the main "Mastermind" behind 911 is the fact that since 911, there have been NO additional "terrorist" acts perpetrated against, or in, the US or Europe. Not one bullet has been fired, not one bomb exploded by a Bin Laden "terrorist" in the US or Europe.

Here you have the supposed "master terrorist", Bin Laden, who supposedly committed the biggest terrorist act ever on U.S. soil and yet he has not been able to commit even a small terrorist act against his "enemy" the US since 911. Afghanistan is being bombed to smithereens and thousands of innocent defenseless Afghani men ,women and children have been killed by American forces -- shame, shame, shame. Bin Laden's Al Queda forces are being killed and destroyed and the "enemy terrorist" is not fighting back?? We are told by the U.S. government that Bin Laden has thousands of "sleeper operatives" just waiting in the wings to commit terrorist acts in the U.S. and Europe. We are shown videotapes of bin Laden that US officials say could contain hidden code words from Bin Laden that will send these "sleeper terrorists" on a killing spree in the US and Europe. But absolutely nothing is happening from the Bin Laden "terrorists" that are supposedly in the U.S. and Europe.
Not only this. The so-called "mastermind terrorist", Bin Laden, that President Bush sent a huge military force to capture or kill, has amazingly disappeared. It has cost the American taxpayers billions of dollars and now Pentagon officials have said they may never be able to find Bin Laden. What gives? If you really wanted to get Bin Laden, wouldn't it have been easier and cheaper to have offered a one billion dollar reward for him and his cronies and not send any military force to Afghanistan which has killed thousands of innocent Afghani civilians, along with Taliban and American military personnel? (It is reported the US had plans to invade Afghanistan and oust the Taliban months before 911...remember the oil in the Caspian and the big pipeline project?)

Hello Americans, wake-up and stop the flag-waving already. Get yourselves a new President, Vice President, Attorney General, Secretary of State and Defense, and new leaders of the FBI and CIA. Get some people who can do a better job PROTECTING you and NOT REMOVING your civil rights and freedom. Get someone who can find Bin Laden and someone who can find the anthrax killers. Get a President who will find better ways to keep you out of wars and who works to make peace in the World - and who does not have a father who is making money from a war corporation that makes money from the wars that his son precipitates. Get a President and government officials who are honest and wouldn't start a war in Afghanistan and kill thousands of innocent Afghani civilians in order to pipe out some of the six trillion dollars of oil in the Caspian Sea, and who would gain control of the heroin/opium producing drug market in Afghanistan. Americans, please wake up now before it really is too late.

Since so much is being written on the internet about what could be the true story of the 911 tragedy and it's aftermath, it would be really great if someone organized and put together and publicized the 911 People's Investigating Committee described at the beginning of this article, with all the financing and lawyers it would take in order to do a proper and fair investigation, so that the truth can come to light and justice can be done. Maybe a case can be made and tried in a court of law and the real 911 "Mastermind" and all his accomplices can be brought to justice.
Remote Control Software
From Larry W
Everyone talks about the schooling the hijackers got to fly those planes, but no one ever addresses a simple fact. None of them had ever flown one of those planes before, and yet three of four were direct hits, the fourth being an aborted mission.
I remember the when I was 16, the first time I was certain I was going to get laid. I was driving my dad's sedan, a 60 Chevy, which I had driven many times before, and I almost wrecked it half a dozen times just headed to the lake. Think of these young men, not much older than I was in that 60 Chevy, flying these mammoth planes, believing they were on their way to meet Allah.
The adrenaline would be pumping, they would be shaking. They were flying at heights they had never experienced and several times the speed they had ever flown. They were flying over unfamiliar territory, yet three of those plane flew directly to their targets without any problems and at an enormous rate of speed they made the final adjustments (view the final bank the plane that hit the second tower made as it sailed into the target) to score direct, dead-center hits on their targets. I don't think so.
I would guess that, much like a cruise missile, those planes were managed by remote control software operated by a VERY experienced pilot safe and secure in a command center somewhere. I think that fact would be born out by the information on the CVR not being released by the Feds. It probably would reflect conversation indicating that control of the plane had been taken from the pilots and the hijackers, and they could not regain that control.
Since the passengers on that craft attempted to apprehend the hijackers by storming the cockpit, they probably became aware of that fact, too, and since they had already been in contact with relatives via cell phone, it is probably why that flight was crashed as unceremoniously as it was.
How's that for a conspiracy theory?
Larry in Overland Park
From Vince Bradley
Jeff, Ever since I "stumbled" onto this site, (Praise Allah or someone for blessing me). I've never stopped coming back...this is truly the best and "makes much more friggin sense than CNN" information around! I've been following this whole WTC/Afghanistan bruhaha since obviously 911 and it's a shame that it takes "well-oiled, media-whore" (skolnick-style) conspiracies to actually get me interested in foreign policy. I'm rambling here, but in regards to the "Global Hawk theory": no theory...Global Hawk FACT.
When I first read "Operation 911 - No suicidal hijackers" by Carol Valentine, I instantly went "Oh, my God why didnt I even consider that!!" Im a computer science graduate from the Old school (somewhere between Atari and Pentium I's) and I remembered discussing in my artificial intelligence classes. the microprocessors and the programming language used for these UAV's of the future (as this was mid 1980's..).
One thing that wasn't mentioned in this article was the fact that after the 3rd plane hit the Pentagon, all planes in the air over 145 seats were automatically grounded and guess what? Those are all 767's!! Not only that, a college friend of mine who doesent think Im a kook and actually believes this global hawk thing works for Lockheed. This guy said that the last Mars landing the US made was a "bet" made between JPL and lockheed Martin that they (JPL) could actually get the gov't to fund a mission to send a kid's remote controlled car toy (like the ones by TYCO..) to mars.. and guess who won the bet???
He's done some tenure as an air traffic controller and noted that he read that flight 93 while on route made a U-TURN somewhere between Kansas and Ohio and headed back (verifiable on the net) AT THE SAME TIME some 300 planes are scrambling changing their routes to find alternative landing because they were grounded "effective immediately." I would think that with a plane changing course that drastically (especially when pullin' a U-Turn in the middle of the "air-street").
It's quite amazing (Ripley's Believe it or not amazing) that this plane didn't collide with another plane or come close to colliding with others in the near vicinity as I'm sure there were quite a few of them out there and the "suicidal hijacker pilots" actually sucked as pilots..(again verifiable..). He's shown me before what the radar screens look like when the sky is full about needing nerves of steel!!
Keep up the good work Jeff!!!! Its good to know that there are others out there that like me, "Aint buyin it." Believe me, I feel just as everyone else does on this website about this "slimy ordeal" and I've managed to infuriate quite a few family members in the process (especially the ones who fought in Nam and WWII who call me a facist..) Speaking of which, Loved the story "Right-winged kook Thanksgiving" as I was "banished" from Thanksgiving dinner with my utter nonsense and crazy talk. It's amazing how quickly people step aside when you have a opposite opinion about "gub'ment issues" I agree on the Independent Committee to investigate this and 100 other things..but my question is how come with all that is being written especially on the net these days, We cannot demand and enforce answers??? I mean Im still learning (un-learning that is..) government fundamentals but with checks and balances, who da hell "polices the police" ???(gover
Take care Jeff and keep telling the truth or at least giving us the URL's to it!!!
Vince Bradley

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No offense intended but...
02 Jan 2002
Michael, What are your sources for all those ; "it has been reported..." Comments. Not that I am claiming anything is incorrect but I'd like all these types of reports to be grounded in, at least, what has been in the press/Gov. documents.