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The Pope's Secrets
04 Jan 2002
For those that are comfortable in there denial, please fo not read this...this material is for the courageous only...

The Pope's Secrets
Wed Jan 2 07:06:49 2002


By Tony Alamo

Pope John Paul II

The Vatican is posing as Snow White, but the Bible says that she is a prostitute, "the great whore," a cult. She uses government agency branches in every country, including the United States, as her vicious little dwarfs. The more power and control she gets in government, the more she will fade away into the background in her "Snow White" disguise so that government will be used and blamed for all her evil deeds.
REASON: To enforce laws that harass, malign, destroy and censor everyone, and every idea that is not Roman Catholic, so she can sit as the satanic queen (the big whore).

Because of her age-old desire to control the world government and church, the serpent like Vatican has infested the world and the U.S. government with so many of her zealous, highly-trained and dedicated Jesuit devotees, that she now controls the United Nations (which she created); 1 the White House; Congress; every state, federal, civic, and social government agency including the U.S. Department of Labor, the IRS, the FBI, Supreme Court, judicial systems, the armed forces; state, federal and other police; also the international banking and federal reserve systems (called the Illuminati and Agentur); labor unions, 2 the Mafia and most of the heavy-weight news media.

This cult (the Vatican) is very close to replacing our U.S. Constitution with her one-world satanic canon laws of death to the "heretic" (anyone that is not Roman Catholic). General Lafayette, President George Washington's most respected aide and general, prophetically stated: "If the liberties of the American people are ever destroyed, they will fall by the hand of the Roman Catholic institution's clergy." 3

Today we see the climax of detailed plans given in excerpts from a speech given nearly fifty years ago in Australia by Roman Catholic Archbishop Gilroy:

"The Roman Catholic motto is ourselves alone for fellow Roman Catholics. We must defeat all heretics (non-Roman Catholics) at the ballot box. The holy father states that negative tactics are fatal. The demands of the holy father (the pope) are that the public services should be 100% Roman Catholic soon. Care must be taken that no suspicion may be raised when Roman Catholics are secretly given more government jobs than Protestants, Jews and other heretics."

Multi-millions of people have been slaughtered by the Vatican, thus saith the Lord (Rev. 18:24). History bears record to this fact. During the Roman Catholic Inquisition in Europe, 68 million people were tortured, maimed, and murdered by this huge sect. 4 The St. Bartholomew's Day Massacre accounted for the butchering of as many as 100,000 Protestants. 5 President Abraham Lincoln blamed the papacy with the Civil War in these words:

"This war would never have been possible without the sinister and secretive influence of the Jesuits. We owe it to popery that we now see our land reddened with the blood of her noblest sons." Lincoln added, "I am for liberty of conscience in its noblest, broadest and highest sense. But I cannot give liberty of conscience to the pope and to his followers, the papists, so long as they tell me, through all their councils, theologians, and canon laws that their conscience orders them to burn my wife, strangle my children, and cut my throat when they find their opportunity." 6
Because of Abraham Lincoln's many exposés of the Vatican, he was put to death, just as he foretold. Yes, assassinated by the Jesuits under
Rome's instructions. 7 The Vatican hasn't changed since Mr. Lincoln's time.


When John F. Kennedy was asked by the Vatican, "Are you going to go along with the Roman canon law or the U.S. Constitution?" Mr. Kennedy answered them by saying, "The U. S. Constitution." 8 This was President Kennedy's fatal mistake. His assassination was ordered by Rome, then planned and carried out by Jesuits, just as President Lincoln's was. Anyone who knew too much about Mr. Kennedy's assassination was taken care of too.

When America cried out for an investigation, Chief Justice Earl Warren (a member of the Vatican's secretive Knights of Columbus) was recruited to do the investigation. He did a lot of double-talking and shuffling--as he was supposed to--and then, after a sufficient period of time, closed the investigation. Like the pope says, "Negative actions are fatal." Remember that President Kennedy was a great admirer and a student of Abraham Lincoln and knew what Mr. Lincoln knew.

World War II with its casualties of over 30 million deaths (6 million Jews--the Holocaust) 9 was conjured up and sponsored by the Vatican--Hitler, Mussolini and Franco were all members of this sect (the Roman Catholic institution) 10 --to win the world, not for Christ, but for the Vatican, the Antichrist.

The turmoil in Central and South America, the tyranny under Jesuit trained Castro 11 Cuba and throughout the Caribbean, and the terrorism in Lebanon and Ireland today are the Vatican's handiwork. Now can you see why God calls the Roman Catholic institution the mother of every abomination on earth? (Rev. 17:5)

The Vatican knew that after World War II many people were wise that the war was a Vatican inquisition, so they had to use one of their famous diversionary tactics and open the John Birch Society to get everybody thinking and talking about communism (which the Vatican also sponsors) instead of the true culprit (the Vatican). This was a great success for them .

The Vatican also sponsors every major terrorist group in the world. The reason for this is to keep people's thoughts on unexplainable, insane tragedies that their terrorist groups are committing while the Vatican is busy undermining all the governments of the world so they can have world dominion (papal power). When terrorist news hits, it is so shocking that it minimizes the news of the Vatican taking away the U.S. Constitution and of people being deprived of their religious freedoms (being jailed, schools and churches being closed). This is the real thing that the Vatican is after though, world control of our religion and our government. The more insane, bizarre, unreasonable and unexplainable the terrorism is, the better. The Vatican's heavy weight news media also keeps you busy thinking about it all. Now that they are exposed with their modus operandi, they will soon (with their media and the President of the United States, who just joined them) be the driving force of a campaign to stop all this terrorism (that they have created themselves) to make everyone believe that they are good and godly, and that they could have never sponsored anything like this.

Jim Jones, a Roman Catholic Jesuit deacon posing as a Christian, was sacrificed (not with poisoned Kool-aid) murdered, along with his flock by the Vatican to make the world look narrowly and suspiciously upon innocent Christian retreats. 12

"These six things doth the Lord hate: yea, seven are an abomination unto him: A proud look, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood, An heart that deviseth wicked imaginations, feet that be swift in running to mischief, A false witness that speaketh lies, and he that soweth discord among brethren" (Pro. 6:16-19). (All these things that God hates the devilish Vatican is.)

Did you ever notice that with the Vatican-controlled U.S. Customs and Immigrations we cannot get out of this country without going through the third degree (searches, radar, etc.). But in the 1960's when Jesuit Vatican-trained Timothy Leary 13 led our nation's youth into drug addiction, Immigration and Customs seemed unable (then, as they do now) to detect tens of thousands of pounds of narcotics and drugs entering into our once fair nation via the Mafia, which launders all of its illicit, ill-gotten gain (all its black market money) through the Vatican. Maybe this is why President Abraham Lincoln said: "I see a very dark cloud on America's horizon, and that dark cloud is coming from Rome." l4

Look at what the Bible says about the Antichrist that caused all this corruption and shed all this blood:

"And I saw the woman (the Vatican) drunken with the blood of the saints, and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus: and when I saw her, I wondered with great admiration" (Rev. 17:6).

"How much she hath glorified herself, and lived deliciously, so much torment and sorrow give her: for she saith in her heart, I sit a queen, and am no widow, and shall see no sorrow" (Rev. 18:7).

"These (governments) have one mind, and shall give their power and strength unto the beast" (that is one-world government, state and federal, civic and social government agencies included, powered by Satan, giving that power to the Antichrist by carrying out her orders) (Rev. 17:13).

These are some of the very last signs in the Bible's book of Revelation before Jesus comes back to earth again, and time shall be no more. God destroyed the world by water, Sodom and Gomorrah by fire and brimstone. On both occasions God sent messengers preaching the forthcoming doom. Today, God, in His infinite mercy, warns all Roman Catholics: "Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues" (Rev.18:4). And now, when the Word quickens unto you, is the time for this--now is the acceptable time of the Lord (11 Cor. 6:2).

Many Vatican state and federal government agencies such as the IRS, OSHA, and the U.S. Department of Labor along with labor unions have destroyed wonderfully the economic backbone of our country by harassing and forcing hundreds of businesses and industries into bankruptcy and out of business. 15 This leaves millions of Americans out of work and hungry, while Vatican enterprises are not harassed at all but do flourish, because they run the government agencies. Look at what God says about the Antichrist when he will be thrown into hell:

"They that see thee shall narrowly look upon thee, and consider thee, saying, Is this the man (the Antichrist) that made the earth to tremble, that did shake kingdoms; That made the world as a wilderness, and destroyed the cities thereof" (Isa. 14:16,17).


Just one of the Vatican's many multi-billion dollar enterprises is their liquor and wine slave labor camps which have no labor problems whatsoever because they unlawfully use free labor (thousands of Roman Catholic monks). These federal government agencies will not allow anyone else to enjoy the same privileges of volunteering our labor to God, our Father, and our Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ, because we are all "heretics" (non-Roman Catholics). Yes, their enterprises do prosper, with no harm or harassment, using free labor in their Christian Brothers, 16 La Salle, and Benedictine liquor and wine distilleries (slave labor camps) and in many others, all the way from Napa Valley, California, to New York State.

The Vatican's IRS and U.S. Department of Labor cross now the constitutional dividing line of separation between church and state and in every way are attempting to destroy all fundamental Christian churches and schools--one way is by taking away their tax-exempt status. This anti-American, anti-U.S. Constitution organization (the IRS), however, has given tax exempt status to all communist organizations in America, under Internal Revenue Code 501c3. They have never made any attempt to take this status away from them. Rome's collection agency (the IRS) has also made sure that the Roman Catholic institution is the only religious organization in the U.S. that doesn't have to pay property tax or even tax on their multi-billion dollar businesses.* This is done under Sec. 892 of the Internal Revenue Code. The Vatican is the only religion that receives multi-millions of dollars of federal aid ** each year for their parochial schools. This comes out of your tax dollars. Like Archbishop Gilroy says:

"Ourselves alone for fellow Roman Catholics" and "we must defeat all heretics."

The Vatican has used the Communist Party to help destroy the Russian Orthodox churches. And she used the Nazi Party in her attempt to do away with the Jews and their synagogues. (Because the Vatican says that all others than themselves are "heretics"--non-Roman Catholics.)


The Roman Catholic Jesuits started the international banking system 17 called the Illuminati and the Agentur (and blamed the Jews for this). Rome's motto is "He that holds the money bags runs the nations." The Vatican started all the wars (inquisitions) to rid the world of heretics" (non-Roman Catholics) and then made loans from her banks to nations so they would have enough money to fight them. We foolishly permitted this cult's collection agency into our country (the IRS--which answers only to Rome).

According to God's laws in the Bible, every fifty years there is to be a clearing of debts that can't be paid (a relief). This is called the year of jubilee (Lev. 25:10). Let's bump cultish Roman canon law of death and bondage and get back to God's law and His Son, Christ Jesus. Let's have a clearing (the year of jubilee). These debts have been instigated by Satan (the Roman Catholic Institution) to hurt us and put us into financial bondage. We didn't start these wars; we didn't want these wars; and we didn't borrow that money. So why should we have to suffer?
These wars were all Roman Catholic inquisitions to mold the world, like clay, into position for Roman (Satan's) Antichrist's (this cult leader's) takeover and reign. Read Revelation, chapters: 2, 11, 13,14, 15, 17,19, 20; Daniel 7, 8, 23-25;11 Thes. 2:3-12; Matt. 24:5, 23-26: 1 John 2:18-22; 1 John 4:3; 11 John 7; Luke 21:8; Mark 13:6, 21, 22.

At the one-world church convention in Vancouver, some of our volunteers were shocked by the pro-homosexual booths and literature, pro-witchcraft booths and literature, drunkenness and total ungodliness, which this "universal" world's largest cult and sect exalts.
These satanic people call anybody that preaches the true Word, which is separation from evil, consecration unto good—they call this a cult or a sect. But they worship this one-world organization, and its cult leader, the pope...

"Who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped; so that he (or a soon to come pope) as God (will soon sit) sitteth in the temple of God (in Jerusalem), shewing himself that he is God" (11 Thes. 2:4).

"Even him, whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders, and with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish" (11 Thes. 2:9,10).

They kneel and kiss his ring and feet *** and call him holy father (which is forbidden in the Bible) . They obey his every wish. By calling us a cult, who walk in the Spirit and obey God's every wish, they have possibly committed the unpardonable sin--blasphemy of the Holy Spirit--which is never forgiven in this world nor in the world to come (Matt. 12:31, 32). But Satan does not care because he already has blasphemed the Holy Spirit.


Satan wants you to spend eternity in hell with him. And to cause you to do this look what he, through his state and federal government agencies has cooked-up for you now--government enforcement of a law making it necessary for you to take a mark on your hand or your forehead in order to be allowed to buy or sell (this could be done invisibly by using laser beams). God calls this mark "the mark of the beast (Rev. 19:20). The Vatican will use some pretty name for it "the mark of peace, love, unity, fellowship, etc." And God says, if we take his mark, we will go to hell. (Rev. 14: 9,10)

The pope, the super-boss, and his federal and state government agencies will say that if we don't take this mark, we will be boycotted (can't buy or sell). I'll trust God to feed me, just as he fed the Hebrew children for forty years in the Sinai Desert. And God will do wonders gain for His faithful followers who resist the pope, his government agencies, and the mark.

President Reagan has been bewitched too by the Vatican's craft just

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