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Manchurian Candidates - Made in America?
09 Jan 2002
A young man commits suicide in a dramatic way! I am tempted to ask what did Charles Bishop have in common with Klebold and Harris? Instead, the question I am going to ask you is: What do Sirhan Sirhan and Charles Bishop have in common?

Rumor Mill News
The kid who crashed the plane
Posted By: notinourgenes kid who crashed the plane
Date: Monday, 7 January 2002, 1:19 p.m.
from Jon Rappoport
Charles Bishop, 15 years old, stole a small plane from his Tampa aviation school, flew it into a Bank of America skyscraper, and killed himself.
A schoolmate told reporters that soon after 9/11, Bishop read a paper to his class which expressed "disappointment" over the WTC/Pentagon tragedy. Presumably, Bishop was disappointed over the death and destruction.
But four months later, the boy, according to officials, put a note in his pocket that said he sympathized with bin Laden. The note was found in the crash.
This smells to high heaven.
We are told the boy had no psychological problems, he was not seeing a shrink, he was not on any drugs, he was bright.
A KID OF 15 DOES NOT JUST UP AND STEAL A PLANE AND KILL HIMSELF BY FLYING IT INTO A BUILDING. (Assuming he is even technically capable of carrying out such a plan.)
Bishop flew his plane over the runway at MacDill AFB, which is the highly secure command central for the whole Afghan war. But no one at MacDill lifted a finger to stop him, even though the plane could have been loaded with explosives.
Instead, people at MacDill spoke with a Coast Guard helicopter that was already in the air, and the helicopter caught up with the plane and tried, by signals, to get the boy to land. Sounds like MacDill knew the pilot was no danger to them. Knew, up front.
Fighter jets were scrambled, not from MacDill, but from Homestead AFB, 200 miles away. They arrived at the Bank of America building moments too late.
This smells to high heaven.
Who really composed the note? Who had control of this kid? Was he an MKULTRA guinea pig?
And/or was he actually under the care of a psychiatrist who was feeding him one of the SSRI antidepressants, which can and do cause explosive suicidal actions?
In certain people, these drugs can also motivate grandiose schemes (like the crashing of a plane).
We have come to the point where the public will accept ANY account of bizarre actions by kids. The public has been conditioned to believe that these actions need no explanation, beyond the usual "he was a loner" cover story.
These tragedies serve a function. They are OPS designed to induce fear in the public, to induce passivity, to make people throw up their hands, retreat to the their TV sets, and say, "Wake me up when it's over."
And of course, such OPS also justify tighter rules and regs and laws which steal freedom from everyone.
The general area where Bishop lived has other flight training schools which apparently had Saudi nationals as students. Students who intended to use their knowledge to launch terrorist incidents.
This smells to high heaven.
An intelligence source tells me, "It is inconceivable that MacDill would just let this plane fly over its runway or get into its airspace without taking severe action. Unless important people there knew that the plane was being used for a specific reason that had nothing to do with MacDill. Even then, you would think that the jets would be scrambled out of MacDill, not Homestead."
As usual, the mainstream press is raising no serious questions.

Rumor Mill News Reading Room Forum
Posted By: Rayelan
Date: Tuesday, 8 January 2002, 2:13 a.m.
In Response To:
A young man commits suicide in a dramatic way! I am tempted to ask what did Charles Bishop have in common with Klebold and Harris? Instead, the question I am going to ask you is:

What do Sirhan Sirhan and Charles Bishop have in common?

No one except the people who programmed them can answer that question with complete certainty! But there is something that BOTH of these "young men" had in common -- the name BISHARA!

The fact that Charles Bishop stole an airplane, and crashed it into a building wreaks of mind control.
What did Mr. Bishop's "suicide note" say? We know the official spokesman says the note appeared to say that Charles Bishop was sympathetic to Osama bin Laden.
Charles Bishop, once thanked his teacher for telling the class not to be too quick to judge people on their skin color or religion. Bishop told her that "no one can be sure what another
person's background is." He went on to say, "For all anyone knew, I could be part-Arab".
The last sentence of the above article states that the family name Bishop used to be Bishara. Why did Charles' mother change the name? Was she trying to hide from the father? Or were there other reasons, and what were they?
This young man moved so often he never made friends. No one seemed to know his father, but one student remembered that Charles said his father was "foreign". Was his father a Palestinian? The name Bishara could be Palestinian!
His history sounds so similar to so many of the school shooters!
I did a search for the name Bishara and look at what I found!
The first Manchurian Candidate that the Conspriracy World latched onto was Sirhan Sirhan... a Palestinian whose full name is: SIRHAN BISHARA SIRHAN!
Sirhan Bishara Sirhan was born March 19, 1944, in Jerusalem, Palestine, the fifth son of Bishara and Mary (Muzher). The family practiced Jordanian Christianity, but belonged to the Arab-based society in the divided region.

Will Azmi Bishara’s trial see Israel in the dock as well?
From the Beirut Daily Star
"An Arab member of the Israeli Knesset, Azmi Bishara, has succeeded in luring Israel into lifting his immunity from prosecution. Bishara, who has long questioned and criticized Israel and its policies, is now facing the test of whether he will succeed in transforming his own trial into a renewed trial of Israel itself."
"Bishara... proves that one of the chapters of the official Israeli narrative is simply false. There was in fact an indigenous population in Palestine, a people with integrity. Farewell then to the myth of a land without people."
"Bishara also undermines a third chapter of the Israeli narrative ­ namely, that the Jewish nature of the state defines its democratic boundaries. If democracy means “a state for all its citizens,” then Israel is not democratic, simply because it is a state for only around 80 percent of its citizens."
The above comments were taken from an article written by Joseph Samaha who is editor-in-chief of the Beirut daily newspaper As-Safir. The article is extremely interesting! As intersting as Mr Mishara is, I am surprised that no one on this Forum has mentioned him before now. He sounds like someone we should no MORE about!! Please take the time to read the article.
If you have more time, do a google search and see if you can find out more about this man!
While you are doing this search, think about how many other "un-triggered" "sleepers" like Charles Bishara Bishop and Richard Reid - the "shoe bomber", are living right around the corner, just waiting for a "radar ring" or a TV commercial (Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star....) to trigger a program that has been lying dormant for years!
I can't help wondering how many more of these incidents we have to look forward to!
Keep an eye out for radar rings and Madison Avenue slick commercials that are designed to remotely trigger armies of sleepers! What a wonderful thought! Sadly, it is very, very real!

5 easy ways to create a Manchurian Candidate:

: This was simple cause and effect!!
: On January 3rd and 4th, Florida was hit by HUGE flash radar.
: May have been more days. Below are just the ones 'caught' on
: the Net by alert watchers of the Radar sites: Check out the
: pics sent in to Cyberspace Orbit:
: If anyone knows how to reach them, this young man's family
: should be given this information. When are we going to put
: a stop to this? How much longer can we as a nation put up
: with this kind of manipulation?! Is there not some
: government official or watchdog group with any semblance of
: integrity left that could put a stop to this?!
Operation Open Eye: Gunther Russbacher

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